Mirza Yawar Baig – Fajr Reminder – The ugly reality

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history of anti- accompanying racism and the use of animals as symbols of beauty. They share their views on the use of color in history and the importance of correcting connections with Allah and taking strategic action without causing harm. They emphasize the need to be aware of potential anti- accompanying racism movements and to keep eyes open for potential anti racism movements.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Obed.

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I'm walking on this golf course here in Florida. And

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I'm headed towards a place called Mallard Lake, named after mallard ducks which are run by the residents here. They don't migrate anywhere.

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And in those in the whole flock of mallards, there are a couple of Muscovy is Muscovy, ducks.

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My first encountered Muscovy was when I was in Ghana and South America. I used to have some

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you consider them to be your pets, but

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they usually have another idea.

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And they're highly intimate, independent. They are almost federal, almost wild. They come to you because you feed them

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but nothing more beyond that.

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they have these wild colors I

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unfortunately, don't photograph any here now. Just not too far away. And this, the foreign cameras are wonderful for the kind of panoramic views that I hope we can get much and not particularly good for close ups. Having said that, there are

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two Muscovy is which are headed this way that we see if they come.

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And if they come then you are going to see a Muscovy applause. The reason why they're headed here is because people feed ducks here.

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I don't know what's permitted or not permitted must be permitted. Because usually, people in places like this do not do things which are not permitted. So

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these two musketeers are headed my way and you're gonna see them animals.

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here to

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really, I'm thinking that this whole trip has been so unexpected. On the one hand, we have all that is happening in

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in Feldstein

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the most recent is that a bill was presented in, in United Nations,

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which is anti racism,

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against racism. And

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first, it didn't go through.

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And guess who voted against the bill, the United States of America and all the major European countries, and the so called minor European countries are people who have strained

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there's your lesson that is as good a close up of Muscovy, says you're going to get see the kind of what's on their faces.

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The coloring is also very distinct.

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The amazing ducks, they're, as I said, completely feral. They fly very well. And they're extremely aggressive. So they are capable of defending the young and so on. In the distance, we have a whole bunch of,

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mallards, which I think some of them will probably head this way in a bit.

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Anyway, I don't want to spend too much time here and give them give this poor things, you know, deceived them, I have nothing to feed them with.

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So the bill was presented in the United Nations against anti racism against racism.

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And guess what you and you know, no money for guessing what happened.

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And no money for guessing. As I said, it was opposed actively by these people by the big ones. And was in this in the younger men and the small ones, the

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minor European countries, they say they abstained from voting.

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And at the same time, we hear all of this

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they call it garbage would be good. What do you think?

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All the talk of

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anti racism is that you know,

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and then the freedom of expression, the freedom to be what you want

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whatever and I don't even want to waste my time and waste your time

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talking about this stuff, because it makes absolutely no sense.

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But just it's a good idea to keep for those whose eyes are still shut

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for them to maybe open their eyes it would be right to keep eyes open. was not very smart to go around in life with your eyes shut.

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On the one hand, we have received all this happening, honestly.

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There was

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a note that came to me and saying, What do you think

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we should do? Meaning?

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Religious leaders?

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And we're talking about all different religions?

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And how do we understand what's happening in Philistine? And you know what is? Right and what is wrong? And I thought to myself that really even the question and if you are at this point in Chinese you are seeing, how can we understand what is right, what is wrong, and there is something very wrong with that.

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Something very, very, very wrong with that. But

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my answer was, change the color.

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Just change the color of the people who are being deprived of food and water, are being deprived of medicine are being deprived of

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everything that they need. And we're being slaughtered out of hand. And not just not rather than people who

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who slaughter is being

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actively aided, and abetted by all the powers that be.

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You know, they say in history that there is no dishonor in being killed by

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a powerful enemy.

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in today's world is the people who have not just one, but an array of the most powerful forces in the world are the policies.

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People who are innocent men, women and children.

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is trying to keep their

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dignity and the headwater

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and what has happens,

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the dignity is boosted.

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Because dignity is not a factor of your bank account. And dignity is a factor of your courage.

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And somebody said it very appropriately.

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I don't know some people come up with some absolutely fabulous course.

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This one I heard was, I thought to myself, what was said that is an absolute genius.

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And the person said that, in today's world, everything is made in China, except courage. And courage is made in honesty.

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So um, I mean, that is, you can you probably can never think of anything that is more prepared and more correct than that, that isn't it in policy.

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These trees that are working under our oak trees with moss hanging out hanging from them

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so I said to the person change the color of the people, and you will know who's right and who's wrong.

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What I'm going to show you just now is

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sandhill cranes.

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Absolutely amazing birds, migratory birds, but here they're almost tame.

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And that's a very nice shot of

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these two

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beautiful birds and see the red caps on their heads.

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I think all of these birds are used to being fed and so they tend to

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allow people to come up quite close to them.

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I don't want to go closer than that because we don't want to disturb them.

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I don't want them flying away

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that's a very nice close up of the Sandhill Crane.

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There's so much beauty in the world

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they say that every puddle and

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Florida has an alligator at least at least one in it. I have no idea this is a pretty big policy if you ask me.

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But my guess is that probably people

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who run this whole Golf Club in housing

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society I think they probably are, this is my wishful thinking that they keep tabs on

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what's in it and what isn't. So maybe there aren't any

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quite, I think,

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you know, choose your what to eat.

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And I'm not high on their

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usually they will not attack anything that's not in the water. So

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you could be quite safe

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if you're not in the water

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that is the final last closing of this video.

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I hope

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I've given myself a new some food for thought

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in terms of navigating this world, and in terms of not being led by the nose, by all the

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PR garbage we hear and listen to.

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Contrary to what many people say, and think I am one of those who has, I believe the realism to understand the truth of what social media is.

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Social media does not change the world and if it could, the world wouldn't be the way it is now.

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The purpose of social media is to

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help the advertisers sell as much as they can and that's what algorithms are

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designed for anything that you click on, you get to see more of that and that's all there is to it is

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if you want things to change, then you have to do two things. One is correct your connection with Allah subhanaw taala because he was the only one who could change anything. And second thing is take some concerted conscious strategic action

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without that

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if you still want to believe that

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forwarding a few messages, tweeting or accessing some of them and so forth will change your and my destiny. Then I just do that you also start believing in Santa Claus

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there is a sandhill crane

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in the air that's far too too far away for you will see

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some hola hola Nabil Karim Allah. He was a member of Tikka.

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