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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah he will be here woman whether Hammerberg in today's lecture inshallah Tada just wanted to shed some light about some of the past epidemics that have occurred in the Muslim ummah and how some of our you know, classical oedema and also our pre modern odema have dealt with some of these issues so that we can resolve to either benefit from their experiences, and see what we can do in our times. Now, of course, we all know that epic epidemics and pandemics are things that have been a part of human nature, human history since the beginning of time. An epidemic, by the way, is a the spread

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the rapid spread of a disease to a large number of people in a short period of time. If it spreads too much of the globe, it is called a pandemic. And of course, historically, there have been many, many epidemics, many dozens, if not hundreds of epidemics and where an epidemic becomes a pandemic is a bit of a gray area. But I think we should all be aware that there were a number of pandemics in our history, the two most famous ones, I would say, the last 1000 years, everybody should know, of course, the most famous and without a doubt, the most devastating plague that ever inflicted human history, or at least I should say, recorded human history is, of course, the infamous Black Death or

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the black plague that lasted from 1331, up until roughly you know, 1350 1360 or so. And in this timeframe, it is estimated that at least 200 million people worldwide, were killed over the course of the 13th. And maybe even up until the 14th century, it is said that Europe took two centuries to recover to its normal, and to get back the population that had had been lost. And that's of course, the the the infamous Black Death plague it also affected Muslim lands, as we're going to see. And a number of odema lost many irmo, who died in this plague, the Black Death and the number of Roma, they lost family members, and they actually wrote treatises and they wrote scholarly articles about

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plagues that I'm going to mention in today's lecture. The second infamous pandemic that everybody should be familiar with, is the pandemic that took place around 100 years ago of 1918, in which it is estimated, maybe up to 100 million people lost their lives, and the fact that it was exacerbated by World War One. And I was saying that the reason why it's called the Spanish Influenza is not because it originated in Spain. But because America and Canada and England, they control the media, and they didn't allow the news of the virus to spread too much because they were worried about how it might be used as propaganda. Spain was a neutral country, and Spain mentioned everything about

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the virus and everybody who's dying and what not. And so people assumed that it was worse than Spain, even though it wasn't worse than Spain. And so it was called the Spanish Influenza. Interestingly enough, the Spanish Influenza the virus of the Spanish Influenza, it is in the same family of viruses that we are now dealing with now, the Coronavirus or COVID-19. It is called, by the way as for the virus of the Black Plague, it is still being discussed. And academically, you know, I'm not an expert, but from what I briefly read, we're not 100% sure about the actual virus, but it is also most likely from the same family of viruses that we are currently facing. Now, my

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point, of course, in today's lecture is not to go down that tangent it is to talk about how our odema historically have looked at these plagues, and what have they written and their fatawa and a bit of some of the controversies that occurred in the past and I want to begin obviously, it's one lecture this is worthy of many PhD dissertations and many many books have been written and many more can be written. My purpose today is really just a bird's eye view, miscellaneous anecdotes and, and various issues and circumstances that inshallah we can benefit from. And if Allah wills, I might give more lectures about this issue because it is an interesting topic in and of itself, and it

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becomes extremely relevant given the current circumstances we find ourselves in, of course, all lectures that you've heard about plagues, they begin with the first plague that occurred in the Muslim ummah, and that is the famous plague of ama was or sometimes called the unwashed or aim was in his named after a city. Ema was e WM a U S. Mo was, and this was the fate first major plague that occurred in the OMA and the IMA was plagued or the AMA was plagued. They were some of the remnants of what are called the just Justinian plagues that began in the Roman Empire from 541 ce to 750 CE, and it came in multiple batches and it of course,

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The Emperor Justinian. Emperor Justinian is time. That's why it's called the Justinian plague. And at one point in time, it was killing over 10,000 people a day in the city of Constantinople. And the thought only ama was was one of the iterations that occurred towards the end, not under Emperor Justinian. But after the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the 18th year of the Hijra. And the story, as I'm sure you have heard from many of my fellow colleagues and speakers have spoken about this in more detail. I wasn't I wasn't able to give a lecture, lengthy lecture, nor am I going to do it today. But I'm just going to summarize some aspects of that before move on to other

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examples. In this timeframe of the 18 theory of the hijra, the Muslims, the Sahaba, were busy conquering the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and in particular beloved, the sham and in particular, in this timeframe, they've conquered Jerusalem, they've conquered Damascus. There's active battles being waged between the Muslims on one side and the Byzantine forces on the other and the AMA was playing. Of course, it doesn't just affect the Muslim side. It affects the Byzantine side as well. And the leader of the Muslim forces in the entire region was a brutal Bayda Ahmed ibn Al Jarrah, one of the 10 Sahaba promise Jana and Ahmed Abdullah hubub had placed above obey that as

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the supreme commander or the leader of all of the Muslim forces and abort obey they had requested reinforcements and aroma kebab decided to lead one batch of reinforcements and bring one batch and give them over to avoid Aveda and head back to Medina, as he's on his way from Medina to belie the sham he hears of the plague and we now go to the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari This is a Hadith and sai Bahati that rumor mill hardtop hora de la Sham, he wants to build the sham the land of Syria, and when he reached sorrow, which is a valley a city that is in between Hejaz and sham, so he is not yet inside a sham. He is on the borders of be that the sham about obey the came out from Damascus to

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meet him about to be there was excited that imitable hip hop is coming. So he came out to meet him. And that was when they heard of the news of the plague that have that had afflicted inside a sham. So they deferred, what should they do? And so it been Abbas mentions that there would have been a kebab sent him if an ibis was with aroma. Even Abbas sent him and said, Bring me the early Maha Joon bring me the first batch of Maha Joon. So he called them into his tent, he asked them, there is now a plague and beloved the sham and we haven't yet reached there. Should we go into the plague and fight the Byzantine? Or should we go back to Medina and not enter the plague. So they began

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deferring amongst themselves. Some of them said, we have come in order to wage war against the Byzantines and so we should not go back until we have waged war against them. And others said, you have with you some of the elite of the Sahaba Why would you enter a land of plague and cause all of this issue? Let's go back to Medina and protect these elite of the sahaba. We don't think it is wise to go into the land of the plague. So when they differed amongst themselves or Omar said, you may excuse yourselves, then he then said to Ibn Abbas, bring me the unsought. And so he called the unsolved The same thing happened exact same two opinions debate back and forth raising of voices. So

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I'm going to Bob said, you may excuse yourselves, then he said to Ibn Abbas, bring me mushiya How to Quraysh minimal Hydra till Fattah, then bring me the senior elders of the Quraysh, who made hijra after the conquest of Makkah. So bring me the elders, the senior members of the Quraysh, who were of those who emigrated after the conquest of Makkah, and so a much smaller group is coming. And these are older people, because they're Machito. Marsha, Marsha to Quraysh and when Rama Rama hottub, asked this third group, they were not from the early Maha Joon they were not from the unsolved they were from the third batch what he asked them, no two people different amongst them. They all reached

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a unanimous consensus. And they said, we don't think that you should take this group of people and enter the plague. We don't think so. We should go back to Medina. So I'm gonna I'm gonna have Bob then made the announcement and he said, I have decreed that tomorrow when we wake up, we're going to head back to Medina of what obey the AMA diviner Jarrah became disappointed and he said, Yeah, I mean, I mean, are you running away from the other of Allah? subhanaw taala are you running away from Allah, Allah? If Allah's powder is that we're going to, you know, face death if Allah mothers are going to be a plague, why would you run away and Bob was disappointed and he said, oh boy, obey the

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How I wish some

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one else has said this phrase other than you. In other words, I hold you in such high esteem, I have so much respect for you, you saying this phrase, it hurts me because I don't expect someone at your level to make this phrase, oh, I will obey that if only somebody else has said this. We are not running away from the decree of Allah, except to meet the decree of Allah. In other words, we are running from the decree of Allah to the decree of Allah. Then he gave an example. And he said, that, let me ask you, if you took your flock and you saw and you wanted to feed, you wanted to basically graze your flock and you saw a valley that was very green and very fertile. And you saw another

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valley that was barren. And you know, you have an A basically what he's saying is, would you not choose the flock? That would you not choose the valley that is barren? Would you not choose? Excuse me not buried? Why would you not choose the valley that is green? In other words, you have a sheep, a group of sheep, a flock of sheep, and you want to now graze this flock of sheep? Are you going to choose the barren Valley? Or are you going to choose the fertile valley? And are you then going to say, oh, it's Allah's Kedah know you're going to choose the fertile valley and you will say, Allah gave me a choice and the other was that I chose the right one and that is of course, further. So

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this is the point of the analogy that he is basically saying that look, we are not running away from the color of Allah, we are choosing the color of Allah, it is the color of Allah, Allah wants us to make the wise decision and this wise decision is indeed going to be in accordance with Allah's cada now before the army departed of the Rama and even now, also one of the 10 promise Jana, he was away on an errand. He came back, he heard everything that had happened. And he said, Hey, I have something directly from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that resolves all of this, I have knowledge directly from the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them so they said, What is it he

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said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that if the play comes, and you are in the land, then do not leave that land running away from it. And if you are not in that land, then do not enter the land of the plague. So I'm going to hop up thanked ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for having blessed him with the correct decision. And then hearing the Hadith that of course, affirms his decision now, this hadith in Sahih Bukhari and it is important in many books of Hadith. There are many, many benefits to derive from this famous incident about the plague of Emma was the plague of images of them is that the Senior Companions themselves were conflicted about the best course of

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action of them, the Mahajan and the unsolved did not reach unanimity which should be done some of them are saying this, others are saying that of them as well, is that one of the greatest of the Sahaba of obey the army, liminal Jura, he is one of the 10 promise Jenner, that is the highest MACOM of all of the Sahaba is the 10 promise, Jana, that he felt that piety was to wage was to

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go into the land of the plagues, and that to go away from the land of the plagues was somehow was somehow not the proper theology was not something that should be done, because there's something that goes against the codon and that's why we're more of the Allah one was disappointed is that how I wish somebody else has said this? Now, the fact that he said this does not negate his piety, his piety is at one level, his opinion is something else. Piety does not make the correct opinion about obey the is one of the 10 promise Jana, but his understanding in this particular issue was something that the other Sahaba did not agree with, and it turned out to be the incorrect one compared to what

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the other Sahaba said. Also notice over here, and this is very, very important and it needs to be said.

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The first two groups of people the MaHA Judah, the unsolved occupy the highest level in terms of piety. The third level in this group would be the last batch of converts those who converted at the conquest of Makkah. Allah says in the Quran, la yes, that women command and Falcon mill commonly referred to as a cartel. Those who accepted Islam before the conquest are not the same as those who have accepted Islam after the conquest. Those who accepted before the conquest have a higher delta in the law. This is explicit in the Quran. So the Daraja is for the MaHA Jun, and then the unsolved and then number three, the very lowest or those who converted after the conquest of Makkah. Now,

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this is one thing. Their correctness of opinion has nothing to do with Dukkha. The more Haji rune and the unsolved have more Taqwa than those who embraced Islam after the conquest of Makkah, that Taqwa did not give them the correct position that

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It has nothing to do, you can be the most most dirty person and you will get to a higher place and Jana, it doesn't mean your opinion about a political issue or about a medicinal issue or about an epidemic issue is going to be valid. The more hydrocodone and the unsolved had two opinions, then one would have no hubbub brought in the third category. And what were their two conditions mushiya to Quraysh. They are from the senior level, the ones who were the the ministers in the days of Jackie Leah right. These are the elders who did not accept Islam until Makkah was conquered that batch who has what wisdom, experience, seniority of age, knowing how to control people, they have

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something that the people who are of the MaHA Judah and the answer, generally speaking did not have. They had policy knowledge, they had knowledge of what is called CSF, or whether it's called basically pragmatic knowledge when they were brought in, guess what, there was no difference of opinion. They all agreed, even though in terms of Iman and Taqwa, they don't occupy the same status as the MaHA geranyl Our the way our ill, or the unsought because as we know from the Quran very clearly, well, more hygienic. Well, on Saudi, we're letting our own BSN the highest level is the more hydrocodone and then the unsought and then those who followed them with your son. It was the

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third group, the ones who embraced after the conquest, who actually got the right answer. And again, this is really, really important because when we say a policy and a person of Eman, a taco disagrees, and they might be right or wrong there, Iman and Taco has nothing to do with the correctness of the policy. This is on one angle and one aspect and the policy is another aspect policies don't come from Eman and Taqwa they come from experience and from worldly knowledge. And this is what we find even in this narration, And subhanAllah then what happens actual knowledge comes that demonstrates the wisdom of policy knowledge. And this is the famous Hadith that we now

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know of Abdullah Hadith now, and it was Allah's other he wanted to demonstrate this has been played out because Allah has covered wants to demonstrate here that indeed, actual knowledge of this dunya is never going to conflict with the knowledge of this religion. The two are always in harmony, what Allah has revealed, and what science and what we learned from medicine, that is a fact. They can never contradict one another. And we show this in this hadith here when Abdul Rahman now came, and he is also one of the 10 promise Jenner. He says, Hey, guys, hold on a sec, I heard from the process of exactly about this issue. And I'm going to narrate to you a hadith that you guys obviously

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haven't heard, because if you had heard it, you wouldn't be debating, and He then tells them the Hadith that solves the whole problem. And Obadiah Mahatama says that hamdulillah who guided me to the correct opinion, this this guidance to the correct opinion, it occurred before he knew the actual Hadith. And this demonstrates as well as we said that the correct opinions when now imagine what would we do if Abdul Rahman who now had not come and if this hadith if Allah had willed that it was not mentioned to us, the position that Omar would have followed would have been the same as that is mentioned in the hadith of Abdul Rahman even out and that is why Omar praised Allah subhanho wa

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taala. So Ramona will return to Medina, the play gets worse and worse, but still it hasn't affected the army directly. It's in the surrounding areas and would have been a hot dog is scared of losing a bow obey the army diviner gyro because a bow Vader was an effective leader and abort obey. There was one of the 10 promise Jana and Omar was very, very concerned what am I going to do if I lose a boy obey the and so as soon as he got back to Medina, maybe a month or two later, he wrote a letter and he sent it to aborto Veda and he said, Hey Aveda, something very important has transpired in Medina and I need to speak to you Mushaf ahead and face to face and I need you to come back immediately.

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And so, do not even allow this letter to leave your hand until you have begun preparations to return to Medina right. So or whatever will help Bob he did not explicitly say why but in his heart What he wanted was that Aveda not to be affected by that plague and be saved in Medina so that he could then be used him in a future battle and in a future procedure when a boy obey that got the letter A boy obey the understood that aluminum Nakata really did not have any actual need. There's no crisis going on. There's nothing he just wants him to come back so that he doesn't have to face the play so about obey the then replied back and he said, I am amongst the army over here, and I find peace

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being over here and I have no desire to leave them until Allah

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All decides and decrees what is going to happen. So I ask of you, I beg of you to relieve me of the commander of the letter O Amira, meaning don't force me to come back and allow me to stay with the army. So I will obey the response back and says, Yeah, Amirul Momineen please don't force me allow me to remain let Allah decide that if I'm going to live or die, let it happen over here. And so when I'm gonna be, the messenger came and said, Here is the reply. He opened it up or might have been a Hapa began crying in public, and everybody knew the letter is from aborto VEDA or from the camper Babu Aveda. So they said, Yeah, Amirul Momineen what happened? Why are you crying? Has a booster

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obey the died? And Obama hubbub said no. But he might as well have meaning no, but it's going to happen he in his heart he felt that sit now it is too late. And of course, that is exactly what happened that within the camps of the Muslims, the plague began to spread. The AMA was plagued with the Justinian plagues or the iterations of the Justinian plague. And eventually Aveda, his army began to fall man by man he stood up to give a hotspot and he said that oh people, this plague this disease. It is a Rama from Allah do not get irritated by it. It is a Rama from Allah subhanho wa Taala and it is the dua of your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what are scholars of different

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What did he mean it is a dua Some say it is a prediction and it is through the process and predicted there is going to be a calamity that will take many of you and many people interpreted this to mean the plague of Hamas, or others have said it is the dua of your prophet, meaning it is the dua of shahada because our prophets though is seldom said as we some as I shall mention in a short while and we've already should know this by now that whoever dies in a plague dies a Shaheed so aborto Veda is saying, this is the dua of your Prophet system that we should die as a Shaheed so we will die as a Shaheed so back to the abort will be the old people this disease is a Rama from your Lord,

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and it is the dua of your Prophet SAW Selim. And it is the way that the salah Hain the righteous they died before you and I have what will be the I'm asking Allah subhanho wa Taala to give me a share of all of this. In other words, he is asking ALLAH to be afflicted by the plague so that he dies the death of a Shaheed and soon after this. And of course, he is one of the 10 promised Jana and his daughters are at a higher level than ours. So soon after this, he caught the disease. And he was on his deathbed and he appointed why they've been juggled to be in charge, and he passed away. He was buried in a place that is still known to this day in a village in Villa de shara, they still

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know to this day so why they've been juggled and took charge. And he barely lasted according to some reports, even less than a month, maybe even a week or two. And he as well made dua to Allah subhanho wa taala, to indirectly making dua to to grant him as well, the death of Russia he and why they've been juggling in front of his eyes, by the way, his son as well died and other family members of his died and why the bingeable as well he gave a very moving sermon, which is reported in the books of history. And then he as well on his deathbed, he knew who was about to die, he appointed Ahmed of that house, and then he passed away. And by the way, elbow Veda is one of the 10 promise Jenna, and

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why they've been Jebel our promises and praised him by saying he is the one who knows how Raman had the best of my ummah. And why they've been Jebel was that companion whom the prophets have some the only companion that we know of that the Prophet says, He accompanied outside the city. And while it was on the Mount, and the processor was walking, and they're just the two of them, and he turns to him and he says, Yeah, more od in neat little hip book, oh my god, I love you for the sake of Allah. Our Prophet system said this, to me, that is his MACOM and why it broke down into tears. And our Prophet system said that oh my god, this might be the last time that I see you and why there's no

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already you know, in tears bowling away. And and, you know, he says to me, when you come back, perhaps you will not find me and you will find my cover. Can you imagine how my eyes would have felt and he's being told this? And that's exactly what happened when wife came back the process and had passed away. This is why they've been Jebel. And now Murad in the 18th year of the Hijra he to and his family members, they all die Ushahidi death, because of the plague in the plague of Emma was and his grave is also in that region as well. And he appointed somebody been allowed to become the leader. And in this timeframe, over 25,000 of the Sahaba and the Muslims of the army passed away

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25,000 That is a massive number for an army that is already struggling to fight against the Byzantine Empire and their graves are still scattered and I myself have seen some of these graves when I visited Jordan and beloved the shaman other places and we see the graves of the Sahaba scattered in small villages here and there because of the plague of him. I was there. They're camped in the various regions over there. I'm the Dibner house takes charge

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And I'm additional house is not anywhere near the level of abort obey the Ahmadinejad rock on why they've been Jeopardy is a Sahabi. And he is a Mahajan. And he is a great a worthy of indeed great honor and respect. But he is not to the level of Murad in terms of makalah of the sahaba. And he is not to the level of abour obey the Ahmadiyya genre, but more. But I'm with him the last he was someone who was from the well known people who was involved in leading in politics in CSS in control. And that's why when, eventually why we became the Khalifa I'm going to the house was his right hand man, and I'm going to ask did a lot for the early OMA yet dynasty and Empire that really

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benefited the dynasty. And he is called the statesman of the Arabs, the statements of the statesman of the Muslims, that this is the politician who knows how to run and rule and that's unrebutted house, when I'm gonna ask him and took over, he stood up, and he said, that this, this disease that is that is happening or spreading over here, this is something that spreads like wildfire, and I advise you all to go and scatter in the hills and to basically, you know, split up into smaller groups and the Companions initially some of them rejected this, one of them stood up and he got very angry and would have been lost. And he said that I swear, you are more misguided than my own donkey

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like you don't know what you're talking about. And essentially his accusing him of being a coward and doing something very ridiculous. And I'm going to allows, you know, despite the fact that he was publicly insulted, despite the fact that he was the leader, but see leaders they have to bear with this type of insult if you really want to bring about benefit and hair to the Ummah, you have to have the bigger heart you have to overlook this, this impetuous rashness that we find you know, a common it is very common. In the end of the day, this rashness is not going to do anything other than just you know, it's air expelled from the lungs, people that are in charge and people that are

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senior in knowledge and in positions of leadership, they have to learn to have a thick skin and let the people do what they're doing and I'm going to have in the house basically said to him, I shall not dignify you know what you say with a response meaning that that's your business if you want to, if you want to call me more misguided than a donkey, that's your business, I'm not gonna punish you let it be, I need to save lives. Basically, I can't be involved in this pettiness I need to save lives and the policy was enacted. And rather than being congregated together, the Sahaba split up into smaller groups, and each one is now basically living in small camps and whatnot. And guess

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what, it did not have any negative impact rather, it saved the bulk of them and went over them no hottub heard the what I would have done is had done, he did not object to it at all means he tacitly approved of the policy of amber Ignace. And this shows us dear Muslims and I mentioned this in a post on my Facebook as well. This shows us that the concept of breaking people up when there's a plague what we now call social isolation. It was known to some of the sahaba. And they implemented it. It also shows us that some people are going to get overwhelmed. Some people will react emotionally, some people are going to say things here, the leader I'm going to have done a house is

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publicly insulted. He's accused of being a misguided donkey by another famous person and his name is known and whatnot. And he's also so happy and he's basically very angry. How dare you tell us to go and run into the hills and live separately. You're all stupid and dumb and foolish and whatnot. What am I going to do? He needs to save lives. He needs to save the army. He can't listen to this typos. I said look, you let you be I need to save the people and the policy was done. And that's what exactly ended up helping the community. feelings don't save lives. Emotions don't save lives, policy save lives and those that are in charge is one of my main points of this entire lecture. You cannot

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be bogged down by people getting angry and irritated. Your goal Your duty is to effect the best policies to save lives as Ahmed if nothing else did, and also realize and again this needs to be said this solution was not given by Abobe ADA or more other of the Allahu Anhu despite the fact that their most common agenda is higher and they died the death of a Shaheed and may Allah azza wa jal bless them with for those that either as insha Allah they are in right now. But their policies they didn't they didn't enact them. This policy came from someone who was not as senior to them in knowledge of Islam, nor in Iman and Toccoa. But Amma did have knowledge that the two of them did not

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have and that is knowledge of Scioscia of politics of leadership of crowd control of what is to be done as a military statesman as a person in charge. That is where I'm gonna came and once again, I said this in my yesterday's talk, and I'll say

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Eat again, taqwa and of the Sharia is great in its place. But that is not the same as leadership for a community. That's not the same as politics. That's not the same as running and managing a corporation. Taqwa is one thing and then having policies that are effective or something else. And the two are not necessarily sometimes they are not necessarily found in the same person have obeyed the NY or higher in their macabre doula who I know that I'm the house, but it was I'm gonna build on ours who came with the solution that actually brought about some benefit in the armies of the Muslims in this timeframe. Now also mentioned in my Facebook post yesterday that we don't know what

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happened to Joomla and Jamara. But it is reasonable to assume that if everybody's camping in smaller groups, it is reasonable to assume that they no longer had the communal Juma prayer that they would have had because that would have defeated the purpose because literally the rewire or the narration says I'm upset in the fall Roku split up into smaller groups in the mountains and hills don't all congregate together, they had this knowledge that people all living together is going to spread the virus is going to spread the plague. So I'm gonna go outside go split up into smaller groups. And they did that and after a few weeks or months, when the you know, the viruses had basically gone

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away. So then they then resumed their war against the Byzantine Empire. So this is the famous the famous plague of Mao was from watts or Amma was or M was all of these names are called in English. It's in Mao was E M, E Wm. Au s, it's a small little village in in the modern country of Israel, but it is of course be that the shaman Philistine according to our interpretation.

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And by the way, in the plague of Emma was, as we said, 25,000 Sahaba and people lost their lives. Not all of them were Sahaba 25,000 people, many of them are Sahaba. Many of them were senior Sahaba were obeyed, and more amongst them. And so Haley, Ben amor, the famous Sohail that came in the baton 3d of her debut, so he lived AMA and Yazeed Ibn OB Sophia and the older brother of Malawi had been abused Sophia and and by the way, just a footnote here. Yazeed was appointed by Ermitage Nahata to be the governor of Damascus as soon as Damascus was conquered, he sent more years even be Soufiane, the older brother of Malawi. Yes, he died in the plague of MOS. So, OMA terminal kappa then sent the

00:32:23--> 00:33:01

younger brother, why are we to become the governor of Damascus and of course it was ALLAH has other that set the stage for the eventual establishment of the OMA yet Empire because more our we remained in Damascus, and then eventually took over and eventually established the Omiya dynasty, the power base of Syria and of Damascus. This was the plague of Emma was indirectly caused the power base to come to the biddable media. And then of course, you may dynasty Kimber, that's a separate point that maybe perhaps one day I'll give a long lecture but Islamic history, but that's another topic altogether. Anyway, so this is the plague of Mr. Watts. Now I'm going to skip over many other

00:33:01--> 00:33:45

plagues that occurred regionally. There were many epidemics if you read any classical book of history, Teddy autobody, or much later, Ibn cathedra wrote his book or you have the Yakuza hammer. We are Jamel Buddha, you have many different you know, treatises and history books written. And you cannot read a book of history, except that you come across a number of plagues. For example, in the year 218 hijra, a plague affected Egypt and not a single household was unaffected. In fact, it is said that all the governors and leaders and statesmen died in 218 Hijra in Egypt in 228. That plague reached Azerbaijan, and they said that so many people died that they ran out of cloth to cover the

00:33:45--> 00:34:29

bodies, and they could not bury the dead in Basra as well in the year 406 The plagues became so deadly that the graveyards were full and the bodies were basically in the streets for a few weeks. It is said that in some cases, the entire family has passed away and they would simply just you know, close the house and that would be their burial for many months until the plagues finished in the year 448 Hijra. Another plague swept through some lands including Egypt and Andalus. And because of the sea mama the hubby mentions in his car Adam and rubella you can look this up, volume 18 page 311 For those who are interested because this is a very interesting quote here, your mama the hubby

00:34:29--> 00:34:59

says that's what got the muscle will endoskeleton well we're back on Kabir there was a plague in a feminine and the dose and muscle that people never had seen before had bucketed massage do Munakata and Billa Musa Lin until the masajid remain shut without anybody praying in them. So this is very explicit here in the year 448 Hijra. The plague was so severe and the famine was so severe that the masajid were shut and not to say

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

Normal saline remained in certain areas and lands. And this is expressly mentioned in Sierra Maroubra, and other books as well. And there are many other incidents as well. But I want to jump to now, of course, the infamous Black Plague or the Black Death that swept through the eighth century of the hijra, corresponding to the 14th century of the Gregorian calendar, and it swept through the Mediterranean and then de Lucia, and it affected the entire globe. Of course, the epicenter was Europe, but it affected the entire globe. As I said, this plague the bubonic plague or the black plague, it was the greatest plague that recorded history has ever seen. And once again, in a number

00:35:42--> 00:36:20

of regions, the plague was so severe. Let me quote you from the famous historian al McAleese, who writes in his book a salute volume for page eight and I give these references because again, sometimes people doubt like oh my God, how can this be true? Look this up yourself, and McAleese writes in his guitar. So look, the on the black plague that occurred in the year 749 hit Europe to add Paulo be Sebby Hill, then mini de tema, while they're in a number of regions, the Yvan was stopped being given people stopped giving a run in entire regions. Wolbachia fill mode, there must surely be a van in waa head and in the famous place that he's going to mention our he said

00:36:20--> 00:36:50

mentioned, only one Adan was given in the entire city where all the liquids UK thoroughly massage it was. And the majority of massages and the majority of monasteries were Sufis would gather together, they were closed down, they did not remain open. So I'll McAleese is saying the plague was so severe that the majority of massages and in some places, all of the massages and some regions, they were shut down. So this is something that is not new. Now.

00:36:51--> 00:37:29

The the the issue of us being proactive, is something that is new, it is true, because those people were being reactive. In those times when it's too late, then they're reacting. We're trying to be proactive and shutting the messages down before it gets to the level where there are no more slowly and we have to shut the masjid down. But the point is that it has happened in Islamic history that regions have had to shut massages, and stop the event because of the plagues that were happening, no doubt. And I will be the first to say, I don't think it has ever happened to the global scale that we are witnessing now. But it is because we have more knowledge and we understand the reality of

00:37:29--> 00:38:13

plagues and we're being proactive because of that. Now, back to my series of anecdotes here that because of the Black Plague, a number of great scholars they wrote books about plagues, and of them is Dena Sookie, he wrote a crusader for power on a poem about plagues. And this is in 1355, another famous scholar YBNL worthy he witnessed firsthand the Black Plague of the Black Death occur in his regions and he was in Syria and he saw what's happening and head up at the time. And he wrote about it is the result and never ideal weather. The the treaties of telling you what is plagues decided to never annual whereby basically an abandoned WABA the information about plagues the famous scholar

00:38:13--> 00:39:00

Ibn hedger, of course the greatest commentator of Sahara Bahati. In the year 833 hijra, he lost three of his daughters to a plague that affected all of Egypt during the reign of Sultan Ashraf of the Mameluke era. And because of this, he wrote the encyclopedic work by Dylan maroon, fought the Tharun, the bundle, the bundle and my own fault, not our own, it is an encyclopedia, over 400 pages, it is printed, you can buy it in classical bookstores, or in books and bookstores that sell classical works, excuse me, you can buy it in the bookstores that have these types of books. And it is a very big treat is 400 pages. It's an encyclopedic work that covers many aspects, the theology

00:39:00--> 00:39:37

of plagues, where plagues come from what to do in times of plagues, the Hadith about plagues, the fifth of plagues. And this is a very interesting book that maybe again, Allah knows what my future lectures are going to be. But maybe we will summarize this poker lecture I don't know. We'll see. In any case, some of the takeaways from this book, but in my own fee, for the total never been hedger. And he wrote this book SubhanAllah. What tonight and what a genius, his family has died, he seen three of his daughter dies, how does he react, he takes that grief, and he channels it to write one of the best books the world has ever seen about the filth of plagues. Look at this, the mindsets of

00:39:37--> 00:39:49

how to love these great orlimar in any case, so of the things that we can derive from this book that he mentions, he has chapters that plagues are a mercy for the believers.

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

plagues are a mercy for the believers and the punishment on to others. And he mentioned the famous Hadith which is a slight body that the Prophet SAW

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

Something was asked about our own on our own is the Arabic word for plague. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that the thought rune, it is an adverb upon whomever Allah wants. And it is a Rama that Allah has made for the believers. So this is our theological understanding of plagues. It isn't either. Notice, by the way, he did not say on either on all kofod He did not say this our Prophet system, he said, it isn't either on whomever Allah wants it to be. And it is a Rama for the believers. So this underscores our mentality, dear Muslims, all that is happening around us. Now. We need to understand this as being a Rama for the movement. And we ask Allah were amongst them what

00:40:44--> 00:41:24

meaning we want it to be, even as we suffer some of the pains and the pinches and the consequences in our heart of hearts. Our attitude is whatever is happening, there's a greater wisdom, and in the end, it will be a Rama for me. Also, even hedger mentions that he has chapters here about those who die in the plague. And of course, these chapters are very emotional, very powerful, because of course, he's lost three of his own family members. And of course, he has in this the famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that anyone who remains in a land of plagues and he stays there saw better and more DESE been patient, expecting the reward of Allah subhanho wa Taala knowing

00:41:24--> 00:42:03

that nothing will happen, except whatever Allah has willed it to happen, then if he dies, he shall die the death of a Shaheed and he'd been hedger mentions therefore the famous you know, we all know this inshallah hope we all know this now that whoever dies because of the plague with iman and Taqwa that death will be considered the death of a Shaheed and this is a great blessing from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And it is also a comfort and a constellation that had been hijacked, felt much consoled that my daughter's my family members have died, the death of a Shahid and he also mentioned many chapters about the issue of running away from plagues, feet fleeing from from plagues, and, of

00:42:03--> 00:42:06

course, the famous Hadith, which is the hadith of

00:42:07--> 00:42:50

Homer. And I've got 100 Now that if you hear of a plague in another land, don't go there. And if you're in that land, don't run away from it. And then he mentions that when is this hadith applicable? And when is it not applicable? And he actually ends up concluding. And this is the opinion by the way of the vast majority of aroma that it is allowed to travel to and from such lands, if there are pressing reasons to do so, what you're not allowed to do when the plague has come to your land, you run away in cowardice and fear, thinking that running away will save you that is how long, but even hedger mentions, and after him a SUTI, and before him other scholars as well,

00:42:50--> 00:43:30

if you're in a land, and you have a genuine reason to go somewhere, for example, to protect your family, for example, for medical treatment somewhere else, and so you leave one land to another land for legitimate reason. Ibn hijo says this hadith does not apply to you now, should you leave should you not leave this also goes back to the experts of our times, and we listened to the medical experts. But the point is that if we are in an epicenter, where our experts have said, this is an epicenter of disease, and we are told we should not travel to flee thinking that running away from it is going to protect us that is obviously going against what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

00:43:30--> 00:44:12

sallam said, Now one final point of this book before we move on to the next. The next issue, and this is somewhat problematic, but it needs to be said. Even Agile has many chapters, discussing the issue of diseases being contagious or not. And was it two or three weeks ago, you can log on and check on my channel and the epics channel as well the YouTube channel, I gave an entire q&a about trying to explain the Hadith ladwa that there is no contagion now I do what about the Rottweiler ham matola suffer the prophets ism negated four things The first of them I do, and I do it. What does it mean? I mentioned in that q&a, please listen to it. I'm not going to summarize it all over again,

00:44:12--> 00:44:59

that people have different about what this means. And one group of Obama said that lie to one means there's no such thing as contagion, ie, there's no such thing as diseases being contagious. And if somebody who's sick is in the vicinity of somebody who's healthy, and the one who's healthy become sick. It has nothing to do with the one who was sick before it just so happened it was ALLAH saw that it was a coincidence. One should not assume that the sick person has anything inherently that will cause a healthy person to be sick. And this is an interpretation of n i mentioned in my q&a when I gave it many odema and even hedger is also one of them in disregard and also many famous

00:44:59--> 00:45:00

odema Be

00:45:00--> 00:45:44

Before, such as auto Howie and Emile kotoba, and others, they all held the view that what this hadith means is that there's no such thing as contagious diseases, and that a sick person in and of himself does not carry anything that is inherently going to make a healthy person sick. And so we should negate this completely. And even hedge it also felt that, if there is any causality, it's not because of the sick person, rather even hijo said this is because of the effects of the gin. So he felt that Jinns are the ones that are carrying the disease on to other entities or other people. And so we should understand it from that standpoint. Of course, that is his opinion. And that's the

00:45:44--> 00:46:22

opinion of some of the classical ulama. In my q&a that I gave, I actually mentioned, that's not the only opinion. And there are a number of scholars that said, No, this hadith actually does not mean that there was no such thing as contagious diseases. They interpreted the Hadith separately. And they said that this negates a pre Islamic superstition that diseases are inherently bad luck around other people. And I mentioned that in the q&a, you can listen to it over there, and I said that that is inshallah the correct interpretation. Now, that might be indeed the correct interpretation. It doesn't change the fact that many of our greater odema, including Ibn hedger, including alcohol, we

00:46:22--> 00:47:06

and others, they had different interpretations. And they did not believe that diseases are inherently contagious. And that's something that needs to be said, even though it is awkward to say, because once again, this interpretation is simply not correct. We know that diseases are if Allah wills them to be contagious, they are contagious. There's it's basically suburban ASVAB, there are things that cause diseases to spread, and have them as sick people being in the vicinity of Healthy People. And this is something that is well known. And we did have doctors and scientists from within the lands of Islam, clearly mentioning that diseases are contagious. This is well known as well,

00:47:06--> 00:47:52

some of the greatest scientists and doctors that the lands of Islam produced. They wrote treatises on medicine, they wrote treatises on contagious diseases, and on plagues. And all of them, almost without exception, they affirmed that contagion is real and contagious diseases can affect other people. So we have, for example, Mohabbat, Zachary Razi, who died 923 C, and sabotage and Cora who died 901 C, they both wrote treatises regarding contagious diseases regarding plagues. And they mentioned that things like leprosy and others, they are inherently contagious and that if a person who has leprosy or a person who has a contagious disease is brought in the vicinity of a healthy

00:47:52--> 00:48:32

person, then it will affect by nature of some issue between them. And this is something you've been seen as well in his cauldron and others, they mentioned this in the medicinal books, that this is something that is well known. Now, we're all of our scholars against the issue of against the theology of contagious diseases know many of our Allama they try to reconcile what they knew of medicine with these are Hadith that some Allah interpreted to negate contagious diseases. And Ibrahim is one of those odema. And he has a very detailed discussion in his famous book Xad, El Mirage, and for the advanced students, you can look it up in my edition, the famous edition, it has

00:48:32--> 00:49:17

volume for page 35 to 42, go look this up and have a detailed discussion. And I'm not going to summarize it because it is a bit too advanced for our lecture here. I just want to say that if you read this, what you will find is no claim is doing it. Now I am quotes, the medicinal experts of his timeframe, he quotes the doctors of his timeframe. And he then quotes these ahaadeeth. And he tries to synthesize them, he makes a theory that, in hindsight, with what we know, now, it is obviously wrong, because his knowledge of medicine is obviously coming from a different timeframe. But what I'm more interested in is not whether or not claim said, what I'm interested in is his paradigm.

00:49:17--> 00:49:35

What I'm interested in is the what we call a soul, what sources and what was his methodology, if no claim understood that we need to go to the experts in the field, and he looked at the experts in the field now, in the timeframe and I'm not going to go into the history of medicine, but those of you that know know that

00:49:37--> 00:49:41

there were outdated theories back then coming primarily from Galen, the famous

00:49:42--> 00:50:00

ancient doctor of the Hellenistic empires, Galen had certain theories of the humors of the body and whatnot. And by the way, the our Indian Pakistani people they know the BU 90 Right, the hacky medicine. This comes from Galen, that's from that strand that goes back over there. And Galen has

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

had his his notions and theories that somehow the the these types of diseases they transfer one is called bad air. So, I mean, again, I'm being simplistic I'm not being technical so please don't jump on me Oh critics who want to criticize some phrase you just be a bit more broad minded I'm trying to educate people, when you educate people you need to teach in a manner that people will understand what Galen believed was that essentially a person has something called bad air. And by this he meant like the ambience around the person, not virus, not microbes, but basically, they're going to be absorbing just the vibe or whatnot around the person, and that is going to cause the disease to

00:50:40--> 00:51:23

transfer over. Now, what I am is saying he's trying to synthesize what the scientist and the medical experts are saying with what the hadith is saying. And what he is saying is that the scientists they're talking about one word, which is the knowledge of his the knowledge of experience and of material and the Quran and Sunnah is talking about in middle heap. And of course, ultimate authority is given to Quran and Sunnah. But he manages in his own way to find a way out to interpret these Hadith in light of the knowledge of medicine at that time, and in his other work myth die that Assad Ibaka young clearly argues that there is such a thing as contagious diseases. And he goes against

00:51:23--> 00:52:07

what many aroma before him said, and he says, No, we have to understand there is such a thing as contagion. But the Hadith means something else. And he then has, of course, the version that are also mentioned in my longer q&a. And he's not alone in this regard. A number of other odema they clearly had different interpretations, and of them is the POLYMATH, and the vizier and the politician YBNL hoccleve ibn a hottie who died in the year 776 Hijra or 1374 ce Ibnu hoccleve. He wrote a book mocking the artist in an animal model Ha, IL. And the this book translates as answering the difficult questions regarding the very evil disease, meaning the Black Plague answering the very

00:52:07--> 00:52:37

difficult questions regarding the very evil disease unmodeled. Ill Ill. And in this book, by the way, Ebola, Hatim he was an alum historian, he lived in de Lucia, he was a minister for the the Gnostic dynasty of Granada, we were just there for some of us in my group, we were just there. Last week, we saw the the remnants of the nostalgia dynasty, and even a hottie was one of those people who was an alum, and a historian and a person of great intellect. And he writes this book about

00:52:38--> 00:53:29

the Black Plague and what's happening over here. Now, even though hoccleve says, And he writes from, from his book, he says, that one principle that cannot be ignored, is that if our experience and our senses clearly indicate something, and a text that we find indicates, you know, another another interpretation, we cannot ignore observation, and we have to interpret what we know to be true, we have to interpret it in the light of our facts, and he then mentions that, that in the the issue of contagion, we can observe this to be a reality it is his see, it is something we know that a sick person transmits the disease to healthy people. And therefore, we cannot interpret the Hadith ladwa

00:53:30--> 00:54:13

to mean there's no such thing as contagious diseases. Rather, we need to interpret it in another manner. And he then of course, goes into the interpretation. I also by the way, the same interpretation I said in my lecture is the same thing that hoccleve said as well. So he's not I'm not the only one or many of them have said this. Now. He then says, To summarize, this is him saying, to summarize what Bill Jumilla to play death to ignore that contagion is a reality. This ignorance it is something that is blasphemous, and it is something that will consider and damage the lives of Muslims if we ignore that diseases are contagious. And we say that there is no such thing

00:54:13--> 00:54:59

as contagious diseases. We are playing deaf, dumb and blind to the reality and we are going to follow a position that will cheapen and harm Muslims, Muslims will die if we follow this wrong opinion. And he said this is even a healthy way of saying a group of pious people in North Africa and the Maghrib have changed their minds testifying that their previous fatwas were wrong. And they now say that there is such a thing as contagious diseases because they understood their previous fatawa made the lives of Muslims cheap and harm them and cause them to destroy themselves.

00:55:00--> 00:55:14

And Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran that you should not destroy yourself. So may Allah protect us from such nonsense and grant us success in both speech and action and quote now, dear Muslims,

00:55:15--> 00:55:26

even a hot leap is saying, there were some early AMA, who gave fat to us because of the Black Plague. Those fat was caused people to die.

00:55:27--> 00:56:10

They didn't take into account that diseases are contagious. They had a theoretical abstract religious opinion that was devoid of validity. It didn't take into account modern knowledge because of their opinion. People died. They realize their opinions were wrong when it was too late, and they retracted and Alhamdulillah they retracted but the damage had been done. This is even a hottie writing because of the Black Plague. You all understand where I'm going with this. We all understand we cannot ignore reality. Eman and Taqwa is one thing and ruling over groups of people and having policies is something else. policies don't come from Eman and Taqwa policies come good policies. I

00:56:10--> 00:56:50

mean, they come from experience and it is possible that a person of less Iman and Taqwa frankly, it is possible that a person of no imminent Taqwa has a more effective policy because he or she knows policies better because Imani Taqwa is one thing and policies is something else, if no healthy was not the most famous alum of his time, there were many more famous odema but didn't know how to hit the nail on the head when he said those are them or were wrong in their fatwa because of their fatwa. People lost lives. And they realized it too late. But at hamdulillah at least they did realize it and he literally says and you can read this passage in his book, looking at the site and

00:56:50--> 00:57:25

the model that you can literally read in his book, he literally says that those fatwas were akin to telling them to commit suicide and Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, don't be the cause of your own destruction will have to obey a liquidator. helewka D, don't cause your own destruction with your own policies. This is a political theory writing in the era of the Black Plague, let's quickly fast forward and I know time is also coming up and maybe Inshallah, if you guys can put in the comments or footnotes, if you really are interested in this stuff. I don't mind going into more detail. But I feel very strongly about this. And I want to be very clear here. But I'll say that at

00:57:25--> 00:58:05

the conclusion, one other anecdote or issue, obviously, let's fast forward to pre, you know, pre modern times in the 18th 19th century, the early 20th century, with the advent of modernity, with the advent with the advent, excuse me, with the advent of interacting with Europeans and the color colonization powers. And you see now modern science, you see modern medicine, and you still have, of course, you know, them ruling over us in the colonized lands, we now see once again, a similar tension taking place. It's not the only time throughout our history, we've seen this small tensions between two opposing groups are kampsen. One of them might have a lot of Humana taco a great good

00:58:05--> 00:58:47

for them. But Eman and Taqwa does not in and of itself, save lives through policy, you have to have good policy. And we find this issue over and over again, let's talk about one or two other cases before we conclude and have them is that another plague erupted in Algeria in the middle of the 19th century. And Algeria at this time, as you're you should all be aware, Algeria was occupied by the French and was it 1832, whatever the date is, but Algeria came in and occupied, sorry, France came in and occupied Algeria and the French are now ruling over Algeria and a, a mini play, you're not a pandemic of the world, but an epidemic, because plays happen all the time, it did occur in France.

00:58:47--> 00:59:29

And once again, we found groups of aroma with different positions about what is to be done, I am interested in a particular item by the name of Hamden, even Earthman Hajah Hamdan bin Earthman, Hoja, who died 1842, and have done was an Algerian Lim, who was a 40. And he was trained in Hanafi law, and he studied in Ottoman lands in Istanbul. And he came back and add him in his shift. He then lived in France for a while, and, you know, learned French and saw the people of, you know, the customs and whatnot. And he came back and he became very famous person, not just for Islamic knowledge, but for advocating the rights for Algerian Muslims. So he's trying to fight for the

00:59:29--> 00:59:31

rights of fight here, meaning within the framework,

00:59:32--> 00:59:36

fight within the law for the rights of Algerian Muslims now.

00:59:39--> 01:00:00

There is an issue that happened that there was a plague that is taking place and in Algeria at the time, and he wrote a treatise called it to half and multifeed Well, good ABA, Phil, Phil Rossi, I need to ABA and that is basically a gift to those people that are fair, and those people that are have letters of in

01:00:00--> 01:00:39

intelligence that we should quarantine people when there is a play going on what is going on here. So the French at by this time Europeans have discovered there's something called quarantine, when somebody is sick, you pull them away from their families, you pull them away from other people, and you put them in a special place a special hospital away from the people. A quarantine is something that by now Europeans are well aware of, and they are adopting. But the Muslims, were not happy at this. How can you take somebody away from his family, from his wife and children? This is a person he needs the love of his family? How can you take somebody away from the community, he's not going

01:00:39--> 01:01:20

to be praying in his Masjid anymore, you're going to put him in a place that is far away. This is an injustice. This is a type of imprisonment, what has he done, they would say, and so he wrote a treatise that is arguing against the Roma, who are saying we should not put people in quarantine. And this treaties he writes it, and he is over 60 years old. And so he basically is very emotional here in this treaties, because once again, he needs to save lives here, he has seen the effects of the plague of the epidemic, he has seen what happens when you quarantine people, and he wants to now make his case to his fellow ruler, that hey, guys, you need to follow this practice of quarantining

01:01:20--> 01:01:59

people. Now, what were his other Allameh are some and again, this tension is nothing new, dear Muslims, it's been there from the beginning, it will remain forever. This is the reality. And my message here is to those of you that are in positions of policy, you need to make decisions, look at what the Obama are saying. And then go with the camp of aroma. Go with the camp of scholars whose opinions agree with that of the experts on the field. And don't let emotions cloud you. And don't let the anger of those that are on the maybe even more pious side, don't let that anger get to you. Because you need to save lives here, you're always going to find aroma that are with the

01:01:59--> 01:02:33

understanding of what it needs to be done. And you're going to find the other group as well. So he writes this book here, I'm going to summarize it for you. And he basically has nine principles that he wants everybody to under. And by the way, in the introduction, he basically says, Guys, listen, I'm a good Muslim, I'm a faithful Muslim. I'm a person who observes the prayer. I mean, I'm you know, I'm an I'm paraphrasing, but he's basically saying I follow mainstream activity. I'm not some crazy lunatic here. I believe in Islam, I believe in Allah. He's a trained Adam, by the way, he is trained in Hanafy law, he trained in the lands of the Ottoman lands, now he's come back, everybody

01:02:33--> 01:03:10

knows him, but he needs to prove his credentials and points. And he mentioned nine things, I'm gonna go with him very quickly. I said, he says, number one, Allah created everything, both the good and the bad. Number two, Allah created things to be causes to other things, Allah created the cause, and the effect of the cause and the connection between the cause so there's nothing wrong with affirming causality. There's nothing wrong with saying that a virus causes the disease, Allah created the virus. And Allah created the disease that is created by the virus but not great. Allah created the virus and Allah created the effects of the virus. The fact that the virus causes the disease does

01:03:10--> 01:03:51

not negate the power of Allah subhanho wa taala. Because again, the other element we're saying, Allah is in charge of everything you say, of course, Allah is in charge of everything, but Allah is telling us that certain things cause another thing that if you would like fire onto this cloth over here is going to burn. Allah created the fire to light things, it doesn't mean that you know the fire is all powerful instead of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala number three, he says, Allah has decreed that death and danger are to be avoided. Allah is not telling us to be foolish. Allah is not telling us to walk into our debts. Allah wants us to protect ourselves from death and danger. And medicine is

01:03:51--> 01:04:34

one of those things that protects us from death and danger. Number four, he said that to work cool is indeed important, but it is spiritual to work cool, has nothing to do with taking the ASVAB and of course we all inshallah know this, number five, he said, and this is really important. The knowledge of the cause and effects is not always found in the Sharia. It is it can also be found from human experience. In other words, viruses and where they come from, and diseases and how to contain them. This is knowledge that we can discover ourselves. It's not it doesn't have to be found in the Quran and Sunnah. We can discover it from other sources. And, and then he I'm not gonna

01:04:34--> 01:04:59

mention all of them, time is limited. Point number seven, he mentions that and he's writing this by the way in 1830, something number seven, he says the Europeans have attained superior knowledge to us in the natural sciences and in medicine, whereas we have better knowledge in the Religious Sciences. Okay, so there's nothing wrong with taking the knowledge of the Europeans and applying it to

01:05:00--> 01:05:19

to us when it is effective numb. And this is an important point because one of the points that there are the Marvel Jira, were saying they were saying, where'd you get this knowledge from quarantine? Who told you about quarantine? Is it found in the books of filth? Did any other group have to about quarantine, quote me a share that says you should take somebody away from his family and put him in a faraway place. And

01:05:21--> 01:06:03

our alum here of Hamden is saying that, listen, just because it hasn't Hamden hajus His name, I'm done with that, just because it's not found in the classical book doesn't mean anything. This is knowledge that we can discover on our own. And we know that quarantine works. So just because the Europeans have discovered it doesn't mean we cannot apply it in Algeria. Then point number eight, he says, and now he's addressing the the political powers, he said, Listen, you are in charge, or you who are in charge, do not be persuaded by the emotionalism. And he says, The fanaticism of the ignorant you have to put policies that are going to protect the living, that's your responsibility,

01:06:03--> 01:06:48

you're going to have to ignore what these people are saying when it's wrong. Don't be persuaded by their emotionalism. That's not what you need to do. And he then concludes his point number nine by saying that the Europeans have demonstrated that quarantine works, we know it is effective. Just because Muslims didn't discover this doesn't mean it has no basis in Islam. It's works, we can take it from the Europeans, and we can apply it. And this is an item who is basically understanding what is going on. And he is appealing to his other odema that hey, look, guys, just because we don't find it in the classical textbook doesn't make it wrong. It is something that needs to be done. Now,

01:06:48--> 01:07:00

there were a number who opposed him. And that is the reality, what are you going to do? You're always going to have these two opinions. And one final opinion as well. One final anecdote, and then inshallah we are done for today. And I apologize for the length. But again, this needs to be said.

01:07:02--> 01:07:39

And I mean, all of today, I was going back and forth with people that are angry that How dare I say something, it's automatically implying my position, which is to, at least in these lands, to close the masjid and whatnot, it contradicts the position of their chef, they said, because it contradicts the position and their chef is older than me and more senior than me, this implies I'm disrespecting the chef. And I said, No, I'm not disrespecting at all. Some of my own teachers that I love, and I consider to be better than me, they held views about the modern world and about science that were just wrong, just plain incorrect, that doesn't negate the fact that they're better than me. And they

01:07:39--> 01:08:16

have more knowledge than me when it comes to many aspects of film, and many aspects of al Qaeda, but with my utmost love to them, and respect to them, they did not know the sciences of this dunya as much as somebody who's born and raised in another land, I have a degree in engineering, my mind is different. I understand science in a different way. And they understand many aspects in a different way. The fact that I hold the different position than them is in no sense, a disrespect, but this notion of emotionalism it's not just becoming right now, because of Twitter and Facebook, go back to the time of Ahmedabad and hours when he is accused, you're worse than a donkey because this is

01:08:16--> 01:08:54

running away, go back to the time of many other of the earlier people go by the time of the bundle called theme when the scholars are basically saying What are you saying about contagious diseases go back to the time of Algeria. Now, when they say to hajus I have over here is that you're taking this from the French this means you don't have to work put in Allah and he has to defend himself. I'm a believer, I believe in Allah. This is terrible Quran, Allah subhana wa Tada. And I'll mention one final anecdote as well, that in the time of Solon moved the third in the 1840s, as well, a plague of cholera, it struck Muslim lands in the lands of the Ottoman lands. And once again, we have a little

01:08:54--> 01:09:37

bit of this tension over here as well that took place. But the sole Ottoman Sultan ignored the cries of those who are saying we should not quarantine and he established what is called the Imperial Council of health, which did take many of his policies from European models of quarantine, and it did implement them in Islamic lands. And it proved far more effective than other policies. And one other example as well as that it will be the last one. But again, so much needs to be done here that half a century later, another plague broke out in Morocco. And in the 1890s, the Sultan of Morocco, he once again wanted to implement the policy of quarantine, if somebody is sick, any symptoms are

01:09:37--> 01:10:00

observed, take him out of his of his city, take him out of his house and take him to a separate place and put him in there by force. But you understand what Quarantine is in those days. The guy would not want to leave, he wants to be with his family. No, the police are going to come or the army is going to come and say hey, look for the betterment of all of us. You have to get out and you have to be living in that camp over there. That's the type of punishment but it's not a punishment.

01:10:00--> 01:10:35

mean, let me rephrase. It's not a punishment, you get my point, the person is going to feel deprived the person is going to feel this is forced jail time. Nobody wants to go into quarantine. But the Europeans were doing it for over 100 years quarantine comes from Italian word by the way to sequester for 40 days, the word quarantine, that the Italians came across this in the 1700s, basically 100 years before this, where sailors would come from ships. And if they were sick, the Italians would take them and put them for 40 days. Quarantine comes from 40 days by yourself. And so they would put them into 40 days, this proved to be effective, the science has developed the French

01:10:35--> 01:11:12

are doing it and now it is being introduced to Muslim lands. And you have many Redeemer who said no, this is from the kuffaar. And I'm not exaggerating, but that's exactly what they said this is from the kuffaar we cannot take this and other Allama said even if it is from the kuffaar. So what it's not knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah it is knowledge of medicine, why cannot we take it so one other issue broke out as well. And this is in the 1890s, that the Sultan of Morocco, he wanted to implement a policy of quarantining sick people, and many of the Roma, they were opposed to this. And they accused the Sultan, the Sultan was not popular generally politicians and every popular I'm not

01:11:12--> 01:11:50

I'm not defending the assault on at all I really don't know his political policies. I don't know what he did or didn't do. But he was not popular with the people for many reasons. When the plague erupted, he said, We need to quarantine the sick people, the aroma many of them not all, many of them said you are a puppet of the French No, he might have been I don't know, I'm not knowledgeable of that you're a puppet of the French. And you're taking this notion of quarantine, and you're implementing it from the policies of the kuffaar this is something coming from them and it's not from our Sharia. And we oppose this Well, as usual once again, we find an AMA that or not, here's

01:11:50--> 01:12:32

the point this is the blessing of Allah, whenever you find groups of differing about an area that is not 100% Classical theology or 100% You know, issues of fit that don't deal with modernity you find them differing about medicine, about this about that go with the aroma who seemed to be in conformity with what everybody outside of that field of classical Islam and in the field of their whatever the issue might be are saying, and this is a classic example over here, another item comes along and his name is Khalid and now city and he writes a treaties or a fatwa, in which that the sorry another sorry, not this, I'm sorry, another item comes along and he says that what the salon

01:12:32--> 01:13:18

is doing is valid. Now let me rephrase. I heard in harder than now City was the was a great acronym, who opposed the issue of quarantine, I flipped it around. And now city wrote a fatwa that said that the soul Bong is wrong in effecting quarantine. And the Sorbonne is following the laws of the kuffaar. And taking this from France, and it is not allowed for Muslims to be quarantine based upon what the French are doing. Because this is not something that is found in our sources. It is something that is found in European sources. And of course, we understand that at the time, put yourself in the shoes of the of the Algerian and the Moroccan people. They were very angry at the

01:13:18--> 01:13:58

French, the French had done many, many things. I mean, just read what the French did, and Algeria and the North Africa and you would understand the level of hatred and anger that is there. Now, the French are doing all of these human rights abuses. Quarantine is coming from the French, what do you think many of them are going to do? And now Sonny was one of the most famous I had it mistake when I said that he did not implement quarantine, he opposed it. And he wrote a fatwa saying that the Sorbonne is doing something that is haram and sinful by imposing quarantine on the people, because this is not something that Islam allows us to do. So the point of all of this is to summarize and to

01:13:58--> 01:14:38

conclude, the point of all of this is from the very beginning, since the time of you know the Sahaba were number two the Fatah was wanting to enter or the Allahu I'm wanting to enter Villa de Sham, we find there's been some tensions, some differences of opinion about how we should deal with contagious diseases, how we even understand contagious diseases, what are plagues? What is the origin of plagues? And to what extent can one benefit from knowledge and experience of the outsiders? Should we just accept the color of Allah and do nothing? And many of our seniors so habit did that, or should we do something and be proactive? And I would have analysis did that. And you

01:14:38--> 01:14:59

had some aroma, many RollerMouse Dare I say perhaps the majority in earlier timeframes, who actually denied the concept of contagious diseases, they actually said there's no such thing as diseases being contagious and if a sick person and a healthy person interact together, and the healthy person becomes sick, the sick person's presence did not

01:15:00--> 01:15:37

In any way, shape or form cause the sickness of the other, it's simply a coincidence or other of Allah, that it just so happened that that the two of them were in the same vicinity, you had some aroma saying it is the jinn that are involved and the jinn are the ones who transfer the disease from one entity to another. And then you had another group of aroma. And these are an AMA, they're trying to reconcile they're trying to bring about, look, we know what the Quran and Sunnah says, we accept Allah and His Messenger statement, we are believers. But we also have experience and we have what doctors and scientists are saying, and let's see if we can find a balance and see if the they

01:15:37--> 01:16:11

come together. And I would say very clearly, if not IAM is one of those if not, hopefully, is one of those have done. Hoja is one of those that they're looking at what's going on. I didn't know how he was saying, Hey, guys, you cannot be deaf, dumb and blind. You cannot just cover your eyes and ignore that diseases are contagious because you misunderstand the Hadith. He is saying, fact teaches us that your understanding must be wrong. Let's go back and reinterpret the Hadith. And if you listen to my q&a that I gave two three weeks ago and you can listen to it online, how do we understand the hadith of contagion? This is even the hadith is understanding it is not the

01:16:11--> 01:16:50

understanding of human hedger. It is not the inserting of the how we it is not the understanding of ruler ma that frankly are more famous and well known that they will hottie but with my utmost love and respect to those great Rhoda MA and I'm sorry for saying this so bluntly, they were wrong in that understanding diseases are contagious if Allah wills them to be there is something that inherently causes a sick person to harm. A healthy person if Allah azza wa jal wills, in the end everything is Allah is susceptible to stab but Allah created us Bob and one thing is linked to another. And that linkage is discovered by common sense by knowledge by experienced by experiments.

01:16:50--> 01:17:29

And if a Kaffir discovers the linkage, it doesn't make the linkage haram or bid aquifer or anything to do we still understand that linkage and we affirm it. And listen, I'll be honest with you here, I mean, I'm we're dealing with this for the last two, three days and all of today I was going back and forth on Facebook and Twitter and whatnot. Really it's frustrating and I have to remind myself of what even though what they've said and of what have done Hajia said is that leaders need to ignore the the the anger and the frustration because they need to save lives. Leaders need to just ignore that that be kinda gentle and they are sincere people. They think they're defending the correct

01:17:29--> 01:18:04

interpretation. They think it is a matter of Eman and Cofer. But that's their view in Sharla. I'm a believer in law and his messenger I believe in light armor with this rule. I pray five times a day I memorize the Quran. I'm not negating anything. When I say that diseases are contagious. When I say that we should implement quarantines to our realistic possibilities, we should take the advice of our experts and our doctors, and I sympathize with people like I'm living in a household of the Allahu Anhu had to hear people call him a donkey and still said, You know what, I'm sorry, I don't have time for you. I need to save lives here and to have policies put into place here. Throughout

01:18:04--> 01:18:47

our history. We've had this this this tension, and we still have it today. Dear people in charge of communities dear people who are effecting policies, please do not allow emotionalism to sway you. Don't be harsh, don't be nasty. Understand that these are people they love Islam. They love Allah and His messenger. But that love of Allah and His Messenger does not in and of itself translate into correct policy. Correct policies have to do with empirical evidence they have to do with what we know of this dunya and sometimes some of our Allama they might be better than many of us in the room and their Ibadah and their Taqwa they might be better than but in and of itself.

01:18:48--> 01:19:33

Taqwa does not tell us technical policies in and of itself, you know, piety doesn't bring about policy you can be more in with Turkey, but you can be wrong in the opinion you hold about what needs to be done for this dunya and so, as we conclude today's lecture and talk I reiterate to everybody here please tensions are at an all time high. I understand. People are very emotional and they want to follow their Lemma and whatever Mufti so and so said and chef so and so says, May Allah azza wa jal give you more amount of tough will give me more amount of Taqwa your Mufti and share is not a medical expert, I am not a medical expert, go to the medical experts. And if you find a group of

01:19:33--> 01:19:59

aroma giving fatwas that agree with the medical experts, choose that group of aroma who are agreeing with the medical experts. And this is what we find in history as well. And dare I say, not only is this the more correct position in terms of it, you know, what we look at historically or not? It is definitely not just the wisest, the correct opinion in terms of how we need to go about managing the affairs of today. Dear Muslims may Allah subhanho wa Taala guide

01:20:00--> 01:20:33

All of us, all of us to that which is pleasing correct May Allah subhana wa Tada grant us all hikma and wisdom in these testing and trying times ahead of us, this is not going to be the only issue that's going to be happening about closing the massager than closing whatnot, there's going to be many other issues that we might potentially be facing. If that is the case that you find groups have aroma with differences of opinion. And you find the experts in medicine pretty much unanimously agreed, go with those aroma that are agreeing with the experts and love and respect the other camp and know that it is very possible that the other camp has more Eman and Taqwa and they might have a

01:20:33--> 01:21:12

higher MACOM in the eyes of Allah. It doesn't make their policies correct policies and see us is not based upon Taqwa. It's based upon knowledge of the fields that one is dealing with, and that is a separate science altogether. May Allah subhanaw taala guide us to that which is correct and beneficial. And may Allah azza wa jal use us to guide other people may Allah subhanaw taala keep our hearts united keep our hearts pure May Allah azza wa jal grantors the best of luck so that we rise above any type of irritation or frustration. May Allah subhanaw taala make us all to be role models of piety and Eman and Taqwa Robin, Allah Jana fitna, Talia Lillian over them, we Allah, we ask Allah

01:21:12--> 01:21:29

subhanaw taala for us to fill in the claws and to protect us in our families from other we're about to face and with that insha Allah Who Tada I will conclude and perhaps another day we'll do q&a Time is already too late. So there's no time for q&a. So with that, Joseph from Allah Hi, Ron, was salam ala Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh