Be Strong! Do Not Give on Yourself!

Haifaa Younis


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two things. Number one do. Don't give up on yourself. Even if you see yourself low, we all go up and down. No one is perfect. No one stay like this. No one including Rasul Allah saw to a sap Otherwise Allah would not have said to him, stay steadfast. So don't give up on yourself. But also don't be too lenient. It's okay. Don't keep saying it's okay to yourself. When you are too tight on yourself. Say it's okay. When your neffs is too loose say come on. Da, da and DA and don't give up and make dua for each other.

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And one of my favorite dua is done misdemeanor Illa dini kamaruddin GeoMedia your Allah bring all the Muslims back to your deen, beautiful way of return your ebme Allama Jana Nickelodeon SME en el cola faith to be Santa your lawmakers from those who listened to the word of admonition and follow the best of it. May Allah subhanaw taala make us of those steadfast now steadfast tomorrow steadfast yesterday and steadfast next year, your ebme