6 Sinful Women Part 4 of 10

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of the labeling it will be even slower the need of them when

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he comes to nebulae cinema,

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is they don't have a law in word you have intended to kill my father. His father was a staunch enemy of Islam, and he had caused a lot of pain to nearly set up. When the vlsm came to Medina they were about to crown him and make him the king of Medina. Now v Strom came all focus went to the Vla ceram. So his entire position went into jeopardy. He was very shrewd. So he prepared an internal movement, that subtle hatred for Islam, apparent love and inward hatred, internal hatred.

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He had caused a lot of pain to navionics up so his son comes to nearly 70 they don't even have a lot I learned that you intend killing my father. If one ever heard, then I only have one request. If what I've heard is correct, that you have intended killing my father, Yasuda, la bella Vani, a negatory Ducati la de la even a female Bella condo for encanta la Ellen for more Nia Camilo la casa.

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If the meta is true, I have one request. jp with this task to me I behead my father and put his head in your lap.

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Why not? Listen when I say they had love for the Vla setup, then you understand what I'm saying.

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Only we have a law I am afraid look at the vision of Sahaba I am afraid you will respect my sentiments knowing it's my father saw obviously you will keep this hidden from me. You won't even mention it to me. You will mention it to someone else not to offend my feelings. That person will promptly respond to kill my father earning your pleasure becoming beloved in your eyes and hatred in my eyes which I don't want to must happen that I hate someone you love.

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And I'm afraid that men will kill my father because it's your decree. He's got no sentiments he's a copy. He will go and kill my father. I will no hate the man who you love. Finance Adani nuptse, Andorra lacantina Abdullah Ibn lbmc fineness. I doubt my aspirations will allow me to see the murder of my father walking around freely I'm going to be captured by emotions after all, I'm a human and when I will be gripped by sentiments I will murder this person. Sona Viola. The only way out is you leave it to me I murder my father. The Prophet sallallahu send them before he could respond. Allah responded through Quran Lata Tito camino Nabila

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una man manha de la hora sola.

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You will not find the true friends of Allah befriend the enemies of Allah. Even if those enemies they happen to be their fathers, their brothers.

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I often say look at the level of the man. Look at it, nothing became an obstacle. Today a person's got a Harun suite in his hand. You're telling me that's got some haram ingredients. Okay, I bought it next time owned by

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next demo, he can drop a suite for less pleasure. He can drop a suite for less pleasure. I bought it I didn't know the next time I went back.

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And the Prophet sallallahu some passes by the house of a person through it in Abu Dhabi. He asked what's happened in Europe and symptoms of disapproval. So they said no, he's renovating his plastering. He's extending the Vla. Sam said

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caminhada I think Tiamat will come before all these things will be done.

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So the Sahaba said well, we just communicated the sentiments of nearly Sam to the owner of those that look here we were walking by lobby saw some made observation and he made a remark a few days late in the big sin and walked by it was razed to the ground.

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Nearly Sam said there was some training that was being developed here what happened is I don't have we have a lot we communicated your sentiments he said if you're not happy What must you do with that building?

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What must we do what that will be? So what I'm saying is the love that Sahaba had fun to be a Salaam and vice versa. We don't know love with any human like that nevermind wouldn't be a reseller.

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Can you imagine the pain with which nearly tsunamis mentioned in this?

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Then he says I seen a woman blah blah blah so things in Ba ba ba ba ba

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ba ba Believe me she was disfigured. She had the body of a donkey and upon her was every form of Azov that you possibly could think of.

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What I do in Brighton Allah surah tickle, one Naruto, Holloman female with a rudimentary ha and I seen a woman disfigured also

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Given the form in the shape of a dog

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fight, the amount of the Alona became emotional. And she started crying segnale to be alone and started crying, and then he said only be over la

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Makana Amato hartwood What was the claims of these women? scholars have written that the vision and the scene that prevailed before now via a Salaam was that a woman however, the crime is committed by men, they will face the same consequences.

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Fatima the olana Look at her mind. She said only over law what were these crimes so we can avoid it? Allah forgive today it is a woman whose mind and whose thought pattern has been dominated by Western ideas. Again, she will take out an issue of gender bias your white woman, why would a man

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why would any woman be punished? That is the pattern. It filters and it features in everything.

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Today, unfortunately, one young girl speaking to her. So she says no, I want to study. So I said no problem. You want to study very good. What's the reason you want to study? She says no, my mother told me You must have a degree. So one day your husband dumps you at least you've got some money.

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I said that should never be the reason for a Muslim woman study. Even if she studies there is never the reason why she studies the hadith of Nibiru Salam says the manner in which you will expect your according to your expectations from Allah. That is our law. We'll deal with you.

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It is correct within the jurisdiction within the parameters it is correct for you to pursue a degree and rightfully so. But let this not be the motivating factor behind it.

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I want to be able to law what is the crime of this woman?

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Nearly salams in with a heavy heart said I'm more likely to be sorry. For in LA con la to LA Tisha homina. Rizal.

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Oh my Fatima Oh my God. What can I tell you? That first woman who I seen hung in janam lo Anna soba Minh at Wabi

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Sabi in a summer. lamotta Jamie Dimon attorney ha if one government from the vendors of jahannam has to be hung on to the sky, the foul smell that will emerge from the government will cause the instant death of every creature on this earth.

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Oh my god, the mob that first woman was hung by her hair simply because she took pride in exposing her hair to strange men.

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Simply because she took pride in exposing her hair to strange men. And that's not all to the woman. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam has said that the youth will never enter Jannah Saba said Who is it they use only Viva La La via a Salam said that man who is very casual about his woman. That man was very casual who was not possessive over his wife. How sad This woman has become possessive over material things. A man is possessive over his phone that's my got my computer my laptop. My wife is casual. I don't know where she I don't know where's my wife? She was somewhere on my car. He knows my phone he knows my laptop he knows and his wife is casual.

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There are so many youngsters

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who are pursuing to get married and will emphatically tell you one I'm looking for a girl but I don't want a girl

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and there are so many sisters and like even if it will say I'm looking for a good partner but I don't want to be added men when the very key dangers of selecting a partner is violation to endless commands then how can you ever expect prosperity in that marriage? When you're telling me I want to go but I don't want I want to model it girl

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I went to Madrid good and I went to Madrid boy for a knock on it lotto hottie Shara homina

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levy la Salatu was Salam asked Ali. Are you saying how you don't live Nisa? Let me ask you a question are you what's the best gift you can give a woman?

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I don't know. Viola, you got me thinking?

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And you ask yourself, what's the best gift you can give your wife? If it wasn't live on radio, I would have said a joke with you. But in case I insult my sister so with utmost respect.

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I say this brothers, Alice joy and Alice displeasure doesn't fluctuate.

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What please the law