Allah Will Ask To Come Closer On The Day Of Judgement

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Then the angels will call to the believers. So the angels grab them as well and they come to a loss pannacotta and then a hadith it says that Allah will say to them come closer, he will say I do ignominy, my servant Come closer to me. There are some special sevens in my last month that will say to them would nominally Come closer to me.

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That sermon keeps coming closer and closer and closer until finally the nori covers the hijab, covers him and there is between him and Allah, avail a different type of veil. No Angel can hear or see, only between him and Allah. Allah speaks to them. In a speech, Allah speech, we know that Allah has a speech, he told us this in the Hudson, yet he speaks he has a speech, but we don't know what the speech is like Lisa can be funny, he she was seminar last year, there is nothing like him. And he is a seasonal thing. Just like he says, he hears and sees. He speaks. But how does he see how does he hear? Not like us?

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in a manner that befits him, he knows soprano what data we accept that as it is. And Allah says to him, Abdi, look at your records, and he sees sins. Allah says to him, didn't you know that you did this sin? And I could see you he did it in secret, and I could see you didn't you know this day will come? Didn't you know that today? I will question who Didn't you know? And he will say, Robbie, I did I did I did last month I will say to him, why did you do it? Finally the servant will say,

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Oh, my Lord for you to throw me into Hellfire is easier than to judge me and me standing before you with this sin. So then he looks at the other next page, he sees another sin worse than the other one. Same thing happens there. It looks no worse sins and sin keeps growing. And this poor believer is sitting there saying My Lord. In the end he says fellas,

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I'm actually going to help.

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My deeds haven't been accepted.

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I've done all these wrong deeds, and that's why my good deeds have been invalid.

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So when he's certain that he's going to end up in hellfire.

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Allah says to him Abdi,

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you know how you kept it a secret in the formula says yes.

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So why did you keep it a secret? Says because I was ashamed of my sin, my Lord. He says to her like if it didn't you see, I kept it a secret in the former life. I didn't expose you. And that was part of My Mercy. Well, Yama is true.

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And today, I will keep it a secret. I will not expose it.

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In one other Hadith, Allah says to some of them, you knew a fault of your brother and you covered it today I will cover yours. He turns the page and he sees his first good deed.

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Then he turns and sees a bit of deed and his deeds keeps growing.

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Then he turns back and the records are empty. The records are empty of his sins. The angels don't know it's wiped off. The sins will be forgotten.