When SIN is Within Reach

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As salam o aleikum, wa Rahmatullah my brothers, my sisters, Allah Almighty tests us by dangling something in front of us that we're not supposed to do. And then he says who is going to stay away knowing that I have prohibited it? And I've made it such that you could do it but you should abstain because of your love for me. You should abstain because of your connection with me. And because I said that you shouldn't do that. So verse number 94 of surah. Toma either teaches this to us in a beautiful way.

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Yeah, I knew Halloween. Manu liability one Kamala, who be che in Minnesota Ed Tannen, who ad Kumari mahakumbh lea lemon law who many of whom were being bullied for many

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other Anika fella who early Allah says, Oh, you who believe Allah will test you with a little bit of the hunting animals. That will be a close reach of your hands and your spears, your arrows, close reach, which means in the condition of haram, which is in the condition where you are fulfilling the pilgrimage or the minor pilgrimage, you are not allowed to hunt animals. So Allah says at that time, we're going to make these animals come close, or we will make it such that your hands can reach them or your spears or arrows can reach them, in order to test you who from amongst you. is conscious of Allah fears Allah in the unseen, no one's watching you besides Allah? Are you really going to

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because of your connection with Allah abstain? When there is a beautiful hunting animals, something you want, you want to eat or you want to consume, you want to hunt it, and it's right there. And Allah says, Don't do it, are you going to go for it or you're going to go for what Allah said, that happens. And Allah says, for money, the valley, Whoever crosses the limits after that, for them is a painful punishment. From that we see in life also, Allah Almighty has prohibited many things. And sometimes when he wants to test us, He allows those things to dangle in a way that we're at close reach, it's doable. You can commit the sin no matter what it is drugs, or pornography or adultery,

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or alcohol or gambling or whatever else it may be. Allah says, Well, are you going to stay away because of me? Or are you just going to jump into it because you can do it? If you can do it and you just jump into it knowing that this is prohibited and defiance of Allah. That's very dangerous. It's very dangerous. So that was a beautiful point of benefit I thought I'd share with you may Allah Almighty grant us goodness Akula Kali ha ha SallAllahu wasallam albaraka ala Nabina Muhammad