The Branches of Faith – Episode 06 – Islam & Iman

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Episode Notes

As we embark on a ride with Shaykh Yasir Qadhi to delve deeper into the differences between Iman and Islam, we are intrigued by our realizations and this destroys all misconceptions one may have had before listening to this talk.

Iman is something that exists in the heart and is manifested by the tongue and limbs. Islam and Iman are terms that can be synonymous but can also have specific meanings for each. We gather information that if Islam and Iman occur separately, then in reality they are synonymous. If they are listed together, then Iman is at a higher level than Islam and Ihsan is at an even higher level.

Why does Allah mention only the increase of Iman in the Qur’an and not the decrease. Why is this so and what does Allah want to showcase through this?

Watch the video as Shaykh Yasir puts a full stop to all or queries and misguided thoughts.

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salat wa salam ala rasulillah Wada, he will be here woman wala hammerberg. So yesterday we were discussing the reality of human the definition of human. Continuing from where we left off we had mentioned that Eman was something that existed in the heart and is manifested on the tongue and on the limbs. And based upon that we now today will discuss two separate issues. The first of them is what is the relationship between a man and Islam? Because we know in the hadith of Jubilee is the famous Hadith that all of us have memorized. We have learnt it as schoolchildren that gibreel came to the Prophet sallallahu. And you sent him and asked, What is Islam? And the response was the five

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pillars. Then he asked what is a man? And their response was to believe in Allah and the angels in the last day, the six pillars of a man, then he asked, What is your son? So the three levels of a man of Islam a man and their son, they are mentioned in the hadith of Djibouti? And sometimes we hear our scholars say that a man is a higher level than Islam, and their son is the highest level. So they say Islam and then he man and then your son. But this brings about confusion in many of us. How can a man be a higher level when the pillars of a man to believe in Allah and the angels and the last day and judgment, these are necessary for all Muslims? How can it be higher when it must be

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there? And Allah says in the Quran? Yeah, you Hola, Dina amanu over 75 times Allah is addressing those who have Eamon does this mean he's not addressing those who have Islam. And the response to this is, it's something that is quite simple and yet one needs to understand, Islam and Eamonn are terms that can be synonymous, but can also have specific meanings that are complimentary, like the term body and soul. When I say your body, I mean your body and soul I don't have to say your body and soul. Likewise, in Arabic If I say your enough's and full circle, means your soul means your body and soul. It's combined together. But if I were to say, Oh, the body shall remain in this

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world, the soul will go to the hereafter. Now the body and soul each one takes half the meaning of the other you guys following me? Similarly, Imani and Islam. If they occur, separate from one another, then Islam and Eman becomes synonymous. They are the same thing every Muslim must have a man must have Yes, and they are all one hole. But if they occur in sequence, if they occur in specific context, then eemaan is a higher level of Islam. I hope that is clear. If Islam and Eamonn the terms are course separate from one another, then in reality they are synonymous. And that is why in the Quran, Allah says yeah you hola Vina Amano, and he means those who have Islam

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so yeah, you Allah Dena Ahmed, who means Oh, you have Islam or you Muslims. It doesn't mean a higher level. Yeah, you alladhina amanu all of you who claim to be Muslim, listen to this. If so, yeah, you hola Dina. amanu means Yeah, you're Latina. Assalamu same thing. And in the Quran, there are other examples of this. However, there are clear examples as well in the Quran and Sunnah of Islam and human being separate and distinct, for example, so it's a lot harder to argue. arabo Amanda, the Bedouins that have just accepted Islam, they say we have a man and Allah says you have not have a man. You don't have a man Well, I can kulu a slum nah rather say we have embraced Islam. Well last

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year the holy man who ficolo become a man has not yet entered your hearts. So in this is the last page of gerat look it up. It is very explicit. audited arabo Amanda Lem took me No Well I can kulu Aslam, Allah, Allah negates from these Bedouins Iman. And Allah says you don't have a man. You only have Islam notice downgrade. They are not men. They are Muslim, while I'm holding a man who feel called to become a man has not yet entered your hearts, which means Eman in this context is a higher category than Islam. Is that clear? In this context, Islam

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Then eemaan, then the highest category is what is an. So, once again, at some level, every Muslim must have a man and must practice your son. At some level, all three must exist. And at another level eemaan is a higher level than Islam and your son is an even higher level than a man. We also have the idea of a body that a man was with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Prophet sallallahu ideacentre was giving sadaqa to people and he didn't give to one particular person in the audience he was giving to others so the one next to him said Dr. rasulillah Why don't you give to that guy for well law he in Nila raha movement, well law he I am positive he's a mcminn. The

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prophets are seldom said, Our Muslim, maybe he is a Muslim. Notice, the guy said the Sahaba next to him said Wallah, he I'm positive he is a min. And the prophets have said maybe he's just a Muslim. Notice once again, a distinction between men and Muslim. So in this context, when you have a man in Islam next to one another, then a man becomes a higher level of Islam. So Islam, all of us have it. And at some level all of us have a man. But when Allah azza wa jal, for example, says, We love the human movement owner how these people have the real ear, man, he's not talking about every Muslim. He's talking about the elite category. He's talking about those who have the real Eman. Therefore,

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Eman and Islam can be synonymous, and depending on the context in mind can have a higher level than that of Islam. And this also then leads us to our second point of today, and we'll continue this talk tomorrow. And tomorrow will be our final academic talk that will jump into the actual pillars that we began with the 70 branches of humanity. Although tomorrow will be the final academic these are the precursors we need to know them before we dive into the the actual pillars of eemaan. So the second point today, which is a very, very necessary point, even though it's self evident, it's known yet there's some confusion about this and that is EMA, and as we already said, is in the heart and

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the tongue and the actions which automatically implies a man changes with your actions, your state Eman can go up and it can also go down. A man is not stagnant in the heart. This is again a common misconception that some people have and it's contradicted by the Quran and Sunnah. We In fact, we don't even need the Quran and Sunnah right now as we sit. Our EMR is at a different level than it was two weeks ago. In fact, right now in Tara, we're listening to the Quran. In this audience. Our demand is higher than it will be tomorrow morning when we're getting ready to go to work and driving to work. We feel the difference of a man we sense the difference of a man so he man goes up and it

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also goes down. And the Koran mentions explicitly in multiple versus the reality of Eman going up. lias da de la Vina armano imana so that Allah can increase the people of Eman in their eemaan Lee has that alladhina amanu imana also in the Quran, when a surah comes down the hypocrites say who amongst you that hoo ha de mana for a Mullah Dena and offers that term imana every sutra that comes down as for those who believe their eemaan become zyada. Their Eman becomes more than what it was. There are multiple verses in the Quran that explicitly mentioned a man increasing now if you were to read the Quran carefully, you will never see the term decrease of a man on an image. It's not in the

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Quran. Nakasone Emma is not in the Quran. And question arises Why doesn't Allah reference the going down have a man and some people have therefore concluded demand only goes up it doesn't come down. But of course that goes against common sense because what comes up must come down, that which is going to go up It must have been down to begin with, obviously demand goes up and down. Why doesn't allow mentioned the decrease of the amount because it's not something to praise. You don't want to mention the decrease of Eman. Allah praises the increase of a man and a low one says to increase our Eman And Allah says when we do more deeds our email becomes more when we read more Koran our Eman

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becomes more when we obey Allah and His Messenger Iman becomes more So Allah is telling us how to increase in demand. Why should we talk about decreasing demand so it's not in the Quran? However in the Hadith, we do find nakazato demand we find various references of human being less than it should be that's in the Hadith, but the Quran only mentions increasing Eman. So the goal therefore and this is one of the main goals of my series that I'm I'm teaching you here and for myself and all of you. The goal once we know that demand increases is how do we increase the amount What do we do to increase our demand? What do we do so that demand continues?

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To increase year by year the goal is every year every Ramadan I want my email to go higher and higher and higher so that the best Ramadan I have the highest amount then I meet Allah subhana wa tada

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at that plateau that is the goal of this series inshallah we'll continue talking about the levels of demand and how we can attain the highest level of demand until tomorrow inshallah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.