Mirza Yawar Baig – Enjoin is a verb #5

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Salam Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should be able mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was

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the Sleeman Cassina.

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Think about this,

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talking about the issue of our will Morrow went ahead and mukha

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what is it that cause the maximum amount of within quotes grief

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and trouble for a soulless person?

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What is it that

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gained for him the maximum number of opponents and enemies

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and what is it that eventually change society completely

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and took the Muslims in those who believed in him from being the most despised the weakest, the most oppressed people to becoming role models and becoming the leaders of society.

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From then,

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for the next

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500 years,

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same thing, which is Mr will borrow one hanger until the sort of laser wasallam stood on sofa and he called out wasa he called out the people

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and he warned them and he said that if you do not leave, the worshipping idols will not leave shirk, if you do not leave adjoining parcels or loss Mantella then you will have trouble on the day of judgment you will be in the Hellfire until he did that.

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People knew he was a Muslim people knew he had received why people knew that he had received revelation.

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He had even

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before that he had even privately invited people for his own family to a meal and then he announced his

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his his prophethood

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and he announced the message none of that cause any

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great problem or

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the problem and trouble started when he proclaimed it publicly. Now,

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therefore, what does it tell you?

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It tells you that this is where the rubber meets the road. This is where the

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the issue of

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effect happens. Z Zee the thing we forget sometimes is that

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Muslim the word Muslim is a verb again.

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Now I'm not going into the barbaric grammar. Witten says a decent Morgan fell but I'm saying the Muslim who is a Muslim. A Muslim is not somebody who knows about Islam. A Muslim is somebody who practices Islam. In Islam, there is no such thing as a non practicing Muslim. So if you are, if I say I'm a Muslim,

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that will be true. If I practice Islam, if I do not practice Islam, I'm not a Muslim. I maybe I maybe that's why I have always had a Muslim scholar and an Islamic scholar are two different things. There are some Islamic scholars, there are some people who are extremely knowledgeable about Islam, they have more knowledge about Islam than I will ever have my whole life. But they are not Muslim, they are non Muslim.

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On the other hand, you have Muslim scholars, who is a person who is a Muslim and he follows Islam and he has learned something about Islam therefore, he is called now, the Muslim therefore is a verb to understand this better.

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Who is also somebody who is praying or has prayed who is assign somebody who is fasting, right? Somebody who knows about Salah is not suddenly he can be an ally Musala he can be an alum of the Salah you can have we can we can write a whole book on salah, you can write 10 books on salah, but if he is not praying, he's audible solely. Similarly with fasting. Somebody who is not fasting is not a same. He may not know him and know about fasting. So also somebody who does not pay zakat, maybe they're not eligible to pay.

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They may know all about zakat, but they are not people who are paying zakat. So in Islam * who is who you have Ooza was a * somebody who has completed Hajj was done. Hajj is not someone who intends to do Hajj. It's not someone who went for Hajj for example, we have a lot of people who go to help the Hajaj hamdulillah beautiful thing to do. They go to help those guys, but many of them don't actually make

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hedges themselves, so they're not in alarm. They are not fulfilling the

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kind of hedge but they're there to help the judge in May Allah reward them is a beautiful thing to do. But they will not call them * because they did not do much. The same thing applies as far as Islam is concerned, a Muslim is one who practice Islam. Now, what is the meaning of practicing Islam? It means that this Islam has to be in our lives. And that's why I said when I was a solemn, what the reason I'm saying trouble is because this part of what happens when we

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want to practice Islam is that you you face opposition. So, opposition is not something you run away from not opposition, not something you are afraid of, when you and you avoid opposition is something that you expect and you will face it, and you find the best way of combating that that opposition.

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Please understand one very simple thing, which is that you cannot convince people by force, nobody can convince anyone by force.

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Conversion by the sword is nonsense, because no one can force someone to change their mind. Try that with with football, for example, or soccer. Right and, or cricket, get someone to change the team that they

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that they support by force, you cannot do that it's simply not possible. Minds and Hearts change when there is actually

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a change that happens that happens in that it happens in the mind, where a person is convinced that this new method, this new theory, this new ideology, this new idea is better than whatever they believe before, unless that change of belief happens, the mind will not change.

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So same thing applies also to our switch as far as we are concerned if we think that we can change people by by you know, beating them or murdering them or whatever we know it cannot happen. It's simply not have Allah's father didn't send us into this world to to oppress people to beat them up or to kill Allah Swatara sent us into this world we introduce a lot of people. So let us learn the best way of doing that and do it.

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So action, and again it is

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proclaiming Islam, but the Surah Surah Selim opposition, but that is also what changed the world. Because until you have a flag what's a flag a flag is not a colored piece of cloth. A flag represents an idea it represents an identity it has an identity, it represents another identity because in itself, it represents a nation. It represents a people and therefore it is followed a flag fly a flag is a flag when it is high up on the flagpole flying in the breeze, a flag is not off, and that is what it is saluted. A flag is not saluted. When it is drying on a clothesline, along with a whole bunch of other clouds, red flags get dirty, they have to be washed. And if you

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wash the flag, we have to dry it somewhere and we would write on the clothesline. But that is not where the flag is really a flag. It's a piece of cloth. Therefore, as far as a Muslim is concerned, a Muslim is a Muslim when he is proclaiming Islam when he or she is doing ama will more often hear monger.

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And that is what changed the world. They changed the word change because Rasulillah Salam and the Sahaba preached and proclaimed Islam, they practiced it and they preached it both go hand in hand you cannot track preach what you don't practice. And you cannot and if you just practice it and you do not preach it, then this is not part of Islam. Preaching I don't mean give me a call. But I don't mean making speeches. I mean, preaching as in talking to people, convincing people obviously also giving birth and speeches and nothing wrong with that. But it must be preceded with

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with with practice in our own lives.

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The way of the media was they would preach Islam in the day and they would make Buju Illallah in the night they would pray the Hadoop they would cry before TL before Allah subhanaw taala. That's what we need to do. Today we have changed we have converted even this into well up, protect us and forgive us and protect us from ourselves. We talk about that later. But you convert this also into a game into a product into a propaganda machine into a popularity seeking thing where we destroy our own class. We destroy our own sincerity and our own intention, where we are more focused on you know, Facebook and this and that and taking pictures and proclaiming instead of actually doing the

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work as the number of people ask yourself or others ask us if you are if you think you are preaching Islam, you think you're doing the work of doubt. Do you stand in the night and you cry in the Hajj before Allah subhanaw taala for those people who you spoke to that morning, if you're not doing that, then believe me your way is different from the way of the nvra musona and that is not okay. So please let us understand this. It does make sure that we do our will maruf and Animoca number one, number two, that before we

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Do that we practice it in our own lives. And number three, that we do it in the way of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the view of the NBA was not in our own invented ways, which can never be superior to the way of a sorcerer. So, this is not about logistics is not about technology, this this is about the whole attitude towards presenting Islam to the world, that attitude must change.

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May Allah Swatara give us a topic and enable us to do that which is pleasing to Him and save us from that which is not pleasing masala Bukhari while he was able to get away

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