Fasting In Shawwal 10-4-09

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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam. And let's say that we were sitting Savion on Hamelin Raja Ali Salam. Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. This is Imams a chef. And this is the second of our weekly

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broadcasts in sha Allah Tala. The first was related to thanking the supporters of zaytuna College for their support during Ramadan, this one in sha Allah Tala will talk a bit about shall well and then from next week onwards, we'll read a little from it now far less book, titled our rules, and we'll explain the book and give an introduction for it at that time. So as I said, this week and sha Allah, we're going to first of all, congratulate all of you who fasted six days of showare. This is a wonderful practice that's been encouraged by many of the earliest Muslims and that has been handed down to us by those early generations, a self a solid, and a practice that we should engage in

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fasting six days of show well, there are a lot of benefits in it. The first is that fasting or six days combined with the fast of Ramadan, is like fasting perpetually, and the good deeds and multiply 10 times over and Hassanal to gradually and fairly here. So fasting, the days of Ramadan, 30 days of Ramadan is like fasting 300 days, and then fasting six days of showare is like fasting, an additional 60 days and that covers the entire lunar year. So that's like fasting 360 days. So that's one tremendous incentive to fast these days. Secondly,

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the festive show Whad as it's been explained in various ahaadeeth and aerations from our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and expounded on by the rhythm that is like the Sulan neuroactive for our obligatory prayer, those nano blue supererogatory prayers, they meant and patch up was defective and lacking in our obligatory prayers and your little piano, they will complete those obligatory prayers so that they are whole and complete and acceptable to Allah subhanaw taala, the six days of show and serve that purpose for our obligatory fasting and Ramadan. So those six days serve to patch up what's defective in our obligatory prayers we might have engaged in loose or inappropriate

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speech, we might have done things that undermine and negate the purity of our obligatory fast, the fast of the six days of Shell while comes the patch up into mint, we should be able, that which is defective, and our obligatory fast just as our proactive of our supererogatory prayers means that which is defective, and our obligatory prayers, another benefit of fasting six days of show added brothers and sisters. This is a sign of acceptance for the fast of Ramadan, those who have been blessed to benefit from Ramadan, those who have been blessed to love, the flavor and quality of life that they attained to and Ramadan, those whose lives were infused with the spirit of servitude to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala during Ramadan, one of the signs that that fast has been accepted is that they can't wait to begin fasting again. So immediately after breaking fast but Google Torley for the day of eat, they immediately start fasting again during the six days of showare and this is a sign of acceptance and many of our scholars such as Imam Shafi and others rational law may Allah have mercy on them encouraged fasting immediately after the day of aid and there's a difference of opinion in this issue. You can find a detailed discussion of this and other issues related to show well on my blog at www new Islamic directions that calm or you can get there through www ze

00:04:40--> 00:04:55 And there are postings concerning fasting during showare also fasting six days in shall well is a thanks for the blessings that Allah Tala has given us some reason the poor and

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lack in ministry upon the regime when he taught me that

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I was ready to camp below her and under Hadouken when I look contest guru, so some of our scholars so in order that you complete the designated days of fasting during Ramadan, and then you extol the greatness of Allah and that's during the day of eat, and that for what he is guided you to undertake and that you give thanks. So the completing the while he took me Loretta involves the fast of Ramadan willing to take to Allah Allah have island that had happen, that you extol the greatness of the law for that what for what is guiding you to, this is the day of Eid, wala Allah contest, Corona, and then the shocker for that blessings in the prizes we mentioned last week. And ad is your

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job. Where is though, to thank Allah from both for those prizes is to resume fasting again. And that's the six days of show when, in the opinion of some scholars so that fasting these days is a sign of thankfulness. And then finally, and there are many, many benefits but our we want to keep these presentations brief. So we'll say by way of conclusion, that one of the additional benefits of fasting these six days is that it shows that we're not just glad to be done with Ramadan a lot of people they get Ramadan itis I'd rather eat itis. It's as if they want Ramadan to go away. They want the shape time to be unleashed again. They want the gates of mercy that were flung open at the

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beginning of Ramadan to be closed shot. They want the incredible multiplication of the DS that occurs during Ramadan to see like is it Egypt? Is it easy to see the moon yet that see the moon yet, so people can't wait to be rid of Ramadan. Some people may Allah Thailand may not make us amongst those. But when it is gone,

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one of the great blessings that the servant can have is to be encouraged to start fasting again. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa suddenly mentioned a humble and early Ilahi and handblown mortality, that the most beloved deeds or actions with a lot of those which are completed and then resumed again. So we'll make continental core and as many of you were blessed to do during Ramadan. We don't just stop at nests, Malkin naskila in as Michelle was calmness and the deal was with official ruling Nancy Mina and dignity when nurse Alhamdulillah I did it and that's it. No, we started the Fatiha and we've read a little from sort of Bukhara and handling more than that which is completed and then

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immediately started again. So just as we do that with the core end without custom of the core and we deal with our custom of Ramadan, we complete the fast of Ramadan, we celebrate Eid, and then we immediately start fasting again to engage in this beloved and bless it. sunnah. sunnah that's associated with Ramadan, the implementing the handle and more time to complete an action and then immediately started again so we don't complete the corral and put it on the shelf until the next Ramadan we keep reading and we don't complete the fast of Ramadan and then that's it until the next Ramadan. No, we keep fasting. So brothers and sisters, these are some of the benefits of fasting six

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days in Chawan. There's the entire month those who haven't fasted yet we encourage you to fast during show while to get the benefit of fasting these six days. May Allah Tala bless all of you. May He bless your families. May you enjoy the blessings of this great season that extends from Ramadan until the Hajj it's a blessed time of the year for the Muslims watch zakat, moolah Tehran was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh