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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Ashraf

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira Hangzhou

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brothers sisters

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on the subject of our read maruf and Al Mancha.

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Let me tell you a story.

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True story happened to me. And the story is probably more than 50 years old, five zero,

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I went to number three markets, which is a market and had

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to buy chickens.

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So they hand slaughter it right there in front of you, and then they clean it in the beauty. So and

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as I this match, the market is it's one of the old markets of about it's

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built around a square.

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So there's this whole series of shops in the rectangle, and the middle of the rectangle, it's open ground. The purpose of the ground is for people to maybe some of the stock that spills over from the shop or when they receive stock, the keep it then and then I guess to sort of shopkeepers can see each other talk to each other across the, across the courtyard.

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beautiful building. But as I entered that enclosure, as I entered that courtyard,

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I smelled decomposing flesh.

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It was stinking, I mean, pity me, as I'm speaking to you, I can practically smell it now. 50 years later,

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it was the most repulsive the most miserable, horrible smell that you can imagine.

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I gagged I almost vomited.

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it completely floored.

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And frankly, if I had and if I had had a, an alternative to go, I would have gone.

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But I had cycled to that place. And you know, my house was far away from their cycle. They didn't want to live in gold. So I went in, I bought my chicken and so on. But what I noticed was, obviously, my first thought was, why is does this thing smell so bad? There's a smell of the chicken. And these people, they never clean the place with chickens and cages and they defecate and so this is a, you know, pile of chicken guano chicken droppings, there was stinking chicken stink. But the real stink was coming from these people, they when they slaughter the chickens, they take out the entrails and throw them.

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They literally throw them just as far as their arms can throw them. So it lands more or less in the center of this courtyard. Now, it just stays there.

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There are a couple of stray dogs, sometimes the dogs come and eat something, or otherwise it stays there, and it rots and it stinks. And literally when I first saw that pile,

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it was black. And I thought maybe it's covered with something. And then a stray dog went there and this black cover flew up like a cloud and I realized it was flight. So there was zillions of lies on this on this decomposing awful in the middle of the squat yet.

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The reason I'm describing all this detail is because not not like do it but to explain a point now

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what I noticed was that here I was gagging and wanting to vomit and whatnot. But I found that the shopkeeper, the chicken sellers, they were absolutely perfectly happy. They were sitting there in their chairs and running back as the wall. They were drinking tea and they were chatting with each other and joking and laughing and so on. A nice beautiful gay atmosphere, a happy atmosphere

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around this rotting mass of chicken entrails.

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Now, to this day, I can remember that I can see that I can smell that. And believe me, that thing taught me one of the greatest lessons of my life.

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And that lesson was that no matter what it is,

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if you ignore it, if you accept it,

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it becomes a part of your life. And it is something that you will lose

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all sensitivity to.

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The same thing happens with butchers. Go to butcher

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there are slaughtering sheep and goats. There is no mercy whatsoever.

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You go to another example, my father was a surgeon may Allah bless him and grant in general for those. And sometimes I used to go into his theater to watch him do his operations. And one of the things I noticed there was the nurses so there was this nurses,

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small little girls and not little girls as in young age, but you know, they were petite and small bit lightly bit

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the you know, scalpels and forceps and whatnot, to my father, and to the surgeons perfectly, absolutely at home in the entire atmosphere. And I remember the first time I went into the operate operating theatre, and when they made the first incision in the blood came out, I almost fainted. I kept myself upright with the with a great deal of effort. But this girl is nurse nothing, I'm not sure. And that is the whole point. The whole point is, you get used to it.

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I think I was do. The reason I'm saying all of this here is because this is what has happened to us with respect to sin. We have seen it so much we are so much in the company of people who commit sin, people who have absolutely no regard for Nozman Otara, or for Islam or for is the result of seldom. And unfortunately, I have to say that this is true of both Muslims and non Muslims, non Muslim lefty at least have an excuse to say that they don't even believe in these things. But for the Muslims, what's the excuse? The key thing also to understand, even as far as the non Muslims are concerned is that what Islam prohibits is things which are the are evil for everyone, irrespective of belief.

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Islam does not private anything which is intrinsically good. Whatever Islam privates, is intrinsically evil, intrinsically bad into intrinsically something which is, which is nasty. Here in this Maryberry, one of the

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Muslim women.

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She asked me, she said, She's Arab.

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She asked me, she said,

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why is pork private? So I said, the simple answer to why is because Allah said, so that's it. And that is the correct answer. It's not because of health reasons. And isn't that because pigs either think a white divide, argue back and say, Oh, my pigs only eat almonds and walnuts. But the point is that, because Allah said so but then I told her, I said, this is something which is prohibited in every religion. It is prohibited in Judaism is private and Christianity is private, in in Hinduism is private. And evidently, pork is not something which is permitted in any religion, but people have chosen to ignore it. You said yes, that I realized, I said, that's, that's the whole point. The

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whole point is that we choose to ignore sin. We choose to Islam, privates, everything, which is intrinsically evil. Islam does not private anything, which is intrinsically good. So if you if something is intrinsically evil, and we practice it, we get used to it. And that does not mean that it will not affect us. Take, for example, this country, for example, marijuana,

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recreational use of marijuana has been legalized. I really had a big laugh. Thinking about all those poor hippies of the 60s and 70s, who got jailed, who got you know, for carrying a little bit of marijuana. They were they were put in prison for a number of years.

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They were doing exactly that. They were having pot parties and what's up our party it's a recreational use of marijuana. So now you were legalized it? So what were what about all those people who suffered or their suffering is was illegal. There argue that the the the, the attorneys argue this. So in those days, it was illegal. And so they were breaking a law. But my point is not whether I'm not talking about the legality of the point of the law to say that, that that they were breaking a law, then I agree. But my point is, that what kind of a lawyer that one day is, quote, and the next day, same thing is evil, and vice versa. And this does not happen with divine laws with

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Allah subhanaw taala because unless mother knows the nature of the thing, and he knows the future in the past for him, there's no future no past. So therefore time is his creation. So therefore, that last monitor allows something intrinsically it is good. And if we prohibit something intrinsically, it is evil, and therefore we need to leave it. Now, the reason I'm saying this is because if you stay with it long enough, you get used to the stick, you get used to it, you get used to the sin and that's what's happened to us today. We weren't used to it. We have we have accepted it. Even though we may not be doing it. It doesn't matter because we are living in that atmosphere.

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Even if you are not one of the chicken sellers, if you sit in that place long enough, then you go out of there. You're going to smell of that, of that on that string. And we have the reason Mr. Solemn. He said that we recommend being in the company of good people. He said Be in the company of good people because that's like sitting in a shop which is selling perfume. Even if you don't buy the perfume, even if you don't apply the perfume. When you go out to the shop, you want to come out smelling good. And while you're in the shop, you're going to be smelling only beautiful perfume and beautiful smells. And vice versa if you are in the sitting in a blacksmith's foundry, and you know

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he's hammering the iron in this call everywhere in this book and this fire going, he said, Nobody doesn't say that you don't have you don't have to take that stuff and cooter itself, it falls it will have embers which will fall on your clothes, buy new clothes. And when you got out of that your head was spinning of smoke, anyone was willing to sweat and so on. So company is a huge, huge, huge, hugely important thing for us to think about, both for ourselves as well as for our children. Keep good company because that is what will ensure that goodness spreads and avoid actively avoid. I keep things all the time it's a fair it's a worm actively avoid evil, because if you do not actively

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avoid evil, evil will solve it. I ask a lot smarter to help us and to be with us and to protect us and we and to please with us and never to be displeased or Solana will carry Well Andy he was so he had me and been able to get by