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Indeed the ends you seek are diverse.” (94:4) Muslim students are more than just “Muslim” and “students.” How do different parts of our identity play a role in who we are, who we become, and how we embrace different parts of identity? Recorded at the 51st Annual MSA National Continental Conference in Detroit, MI on Friday, August 29, 2014.

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Bismillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy he was suddenly rubbish really sorry wasted the Emory Hello Dr. melissani you have comedy and my bad I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to reward every single one of you for spending some time to learn about your deen to learn more about your own identity and what shapes it and what influences it and what's the best thing you can do to basically take it to the next level which you will gain a lot of pleasure in this dunya and ask him about it. And with this being said Sharla it is 556 and inshallah I will end within 25 to 30 minutes maximum Sharma sounds good.

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So what's the maximum I can take?

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626 26 and I'll say it was a very boring lecture, like very boring, no, that that devastation will end by 626 inshallah, and it was a really, really good one, then you will start being sad at that time shall holla bye Bismillah Ar Rahman

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AR very Mara and first of all, I sincerely thank all of you for coming. I thank the organizers for allowing me to be taking a session with Chef Osama May Allah bless him say I mean, may Allah bless his organization, bless his speech and bless him wherever he goes in the world. So I mean, I mean, talent, Allah reward you all for your attendance, because it means a lot to me, to those who organized and all the all of them, isn't that right? And we also like to thank who those who are behind the curtains, the volunteers, the organizers, may Allah elevate their status in dunion as I say, I mean, I mean, Allah subhanho wa Taala Shaku the most appreciative, appreciate the work they

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do. And that's what matters the most, no one may ever follow you up to this convention. If you're not famous, as long as I recognize you, that's what matters the most, I have to also thank our respected lady who is working on the sign language. So thank you very, very much for doing what you're doing. You're a very special person.

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And I just like to tell you that you have increased my spirituality as a Muslim, even though I'm not sure if you're a Muslim or not. But the point being, is that your dedication to your job, even though no one is sitting in front of you, who needs it?

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I guess think attention this is a life lesson right here. This is more powerful than the entire talk I will give to you guys. This is serious stuff. This is son. There's no one that needs a sign language. He's still keep going with it.

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This is my talk. I can will lie I kid you not I can end right now. I'm dead serious. Because I can speak as long as you want. watch all my YouTube videos as long as you want. But the thing is, the most difficult part is applying what I'm preaching.

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We ask Allah to allow us to apply the good that we learn, say I mean, we ask a lot to grant us knowledge that is of benefit. I mean, there'll be no Bismillah so the topic is how do different parts of our identity play a role in who we are, who we become and who we are how we embrace different parts of our identity. That's the topic. The way I will tackle this is as follows in Sharla, it's about three segments. The first one we will talk about identity from a general perspective. identity, you'll hear it in my notes I had mentioned 31 times, so be patient and Sharla colossae 31 times you hear the word identity, including the one I just said right now, and it

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shouldn't be boring in Sharla Justin Bieber one of his most viewed videos, a second most viewed video on youtube, over a billion views he says the word baby over 45 times in three minutes and 45 seconds, we're talking about Dean and so on. So be patient. Isn't that right inshallah beautiful. But let's not go anything beyond that and shall play. And the second thing with this being mentioned with the identity, then I'll focus on one specific aspect

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that influences everything about yourself.

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Then I'll go to the last part on how to embrace all the identities that is which is good for us as Muslims. Sounds good. So that one identity in the middle of the talk, which is the most and the biggest portion will do like a nice filter process, I guess, right inshallah, with the questions, I have three questions for you, number one, and I want you to help me out inshallah helaas The longer you take, the more time is going away from us. Number one, simply what do you think constitutes identity this Mila

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and remember, while you're answering that there's different ways of defining it so you have the social psychology aspect, the cognitive psychology and so on. But just from a gender perspective, when I say identity what constitutes identity Bismillah Go for it.

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So location great Okay, what else raise your hand this middle ah

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religion great. How you look exactly left here.

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Justin Bieber and stuff like right

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Excellent. It's a huge thing By the way, what else? Bismillah? What?

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culture? ethnicity? Beautiful. What else?

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personality. Some people agree and disagree with that it depends. But see, but general aspect, personality is included. Some people say no, don't put personality in terms of his generous, his kind is not a part of identity. But the general understanding is that yes, you can put it in there. So identity basically, to summarize, in a very simple term, it's you who are you. So you go and you write the whole essay about who you are, including personality, including looks, culture, race, religion, everything sounds good for you. The second question is, how do different parts and this is part of the talk that titled specifically, how do different parts of our identity play a role on who

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we are and who we become paying attention? So how do they play a role with that, you can argue on both sides, you might say they don't really play a role some of them and some of them do for example, skin color, palette, skin color colors means translate that English philosophy is okay. Or in English a okay or Canadian, because I come from Canada. So the point being is that when it how does it work out, some people may argue it should not affect who I am as a person. So for example, if you have a certain skin color, it should not dictate whether you should be promoted in your job or not. I worked as HR. And when I was working with the stuff with the resumes and filtering, if I

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filter someone due to their skin color, I will be fired in no time. Makes sense. So skin color should not dictate whether you are welcome to an NBA game or not hashtag Don Sterling. Okay. So your skin color should not dictate, as a final way to say whether you're approved for a major marriage proposal or not. But your skin color does dictate the amount of lighting that is used for your photo.

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your camera's racist, come on, relax.

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But you see how you can see yes, it does play a role of who I am and what it will take me your skin color can actually change when I did a whole series about a lot of beautiful names with a piece TV. So I had a thought that is black, a thought that is white. So we'll change every couple episodes, we record six episodes a day. So when I change from the black folk to the white thought that the people are responsible, the lighting, they go crazy, because they literally have to change the whole thing. Just because of reflection and so on. Is that clear? So how do skin color your ethnicity, your race play a role? Yes, it does. But how are you going to look at it? It depends. It's very subjective.

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The third and last question is, do you embrace yourself?

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Are you happy with the way you're identified? Are you content enthralled? Are you that's a very, very, very serious question. Are you content with the shape of your nose?

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So those that look down, they're not?

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Are you content with the shape of your head? The color of your hair of your eyes, your height? who your parents are? What are your roots? And what's your race? And what's your skin color? And how big of a site of a shoe that you wear? Are you content? Do you embrace yourself? Is it clear, just think about these questions. And in sha Allah as you're thinking, please, throughout the way, be appreciative save Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, sukanya, Allah and so on. Now I went and I finished with the first out of the three, correct. The second part, I'm looking at specific identity, which one of the brothers mentioned, which has an influence and all everything that we mentioned, and the

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way you look at every one of them? And how afterwards with that one identity, you'll be able to filter the good and the bad, which is right and which is bad, or paint paying attention? What's that one identity on a focus on religion? Beautiful religion? And is it any random religion? No, it's specifically about Islam submits a bidding to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah appreciates and Allah considers that we are different. But Allah tells us very, very clear in the Quran, and it's also mentioned in the sutra of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Remember csula he will seldom will law if the only thing you get out of this talk is to say civil law and he was selling 1015

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times is enough of a benefit. Say something along the bottom of your heart every time you hear it, never get bored from it. Is it clear? So Allah says no put on or the lives of rajim Bismillah darkmatter him? Yeah, you have to fall upon a coup. The Korean

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War john Kim Jong

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Il le cha foo, in a coma coma de la he at home. In the law Holleyman Saudi

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Sharla says I've created in different nations, different colors, different backgrounds, all these kind of good things a lot. Everything's different. But Allah says the best one amongst you is not the skin color.

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is not your height. It's not your grades in school. It's not about this. It's really about taqwa

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piety. That's identical. Our Deen that was in the heart. And what's amazing is as if you guys watched the inspiration series by chef almost a month, and by the Mohammed's era, one of the episodes was about piety. And he said, sure how many says was amazing. I'd like to read word for word for you. The ultimate measure of men and woman in the sight of God is the one thing that can't be that cannot be seen by anyone. I'll say it one more time, one more time, beautiful. The ultimate measure of man and woman in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one thing that cannot be seen by anyone else. And that's what different differentiates whether I'm better than you or you're

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better than me, the only one who really knows it best is who Allah Allah Muhammad, Allah subhanaw taala are knowledgeable. Is it clear? So Allah tells you, you need to focus so much about the technical aspect. And also olusola law it was sent him also said he will end the lesson somebody will sell them so that's lesson number one from this talk, inshallah. Every time he was a beautiful name, he said, it's a little it was in this lesson number one, he said, Yeah, are you hiddenness all people, everybody. Now you help me know everybody, all people in our bakoma head, your Lord is one. Allah Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah. Jamie, what are the agony in Arabi? There's no difference.

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There's no there's no one superior or over an Arab and an another over other than the Prophet emphasizes on the skin color. He says, Well,

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I guess my attention Allah is the one that like a reddish color or white versus the black and the black over the white. Then he says in a chroma komenda lie at home. The difference between us is taqwa. That's what it is that determine who's better than who is it clear. That's the one identity you want to focus on so much. It's your dean now so you can do whatever you want to me. Whatever you want to do to me, but you shall never and you shall never and you shall never take my one identity that will always hold steadfast to which is what my Dean and the only time you can, quote unquote get rid of it is the moment I die. Take everything that you want. Look at someone like so hyper

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rooming so have a roommate or their loved one. He or rooming in Arabic He won't translate to English what would you say, of Rumi, the Roman right. So he lived in Rome for some time he went to Mecca very poor person, very poor person, and completely he embraced Islam. He worked so hard in the business industry, he became one of the richest people from poor to very rich. When he embraced Islam and the command from Allah came that they shall emigrate from Mecca to Medina to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam city, right. So what al as he was leaving what happened, people from Croatia, the non believers, those who rejected the truth, what did they do? They said, So hi, what do you think

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you're doing? euros, you came to us as sorry, Luke, you came to us as a poor, non worthy person. And you got all that wealth from us from doing business with us. You think you take all that wealth and go to a dinner just like that? No. So so have said what is it that you need? What if I give you all my wealth? She's about to get rid or sacrifice the identity of being rich gives me attention. What if I give you all my wealth? Would you let me go to law school my son

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said sure. In another narration, it adds upon this that as he was going, he left all his wealth. Imagine I'm telling you, okay, take my phone, take my car keys. This let me go and practice my Dean. Allahu Akbar. He didn't praise to rock as Tara

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is they take care of you. I go, there's no there's no point of cause it's clear. It's in the heart space strong and clear. May Allah strengthened our emergency. I mean, yamo cannibal kulu kulu bana allergenic amicable, alameen Monica steadfast upon the truth, so so I have to take it. So the only thing he has now is the vehicle, the camel and his Garmin Dabba that is on him just for the 400 kilometer trip. Allahu Akbar as he was traveling What did they tell him? And the ride that you're using that money that when she bought it with his from our business, to give us the thing back? Is that what take the camel and now he's walking from Mecca to Medina.

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And as he was walking, they said, well, Alexia lake and the ABA that you're wearing, Give that to me as well. He's like well ABA and Latina. Allah He rigo Allahu Akbar, take everything stripped me off everything but not from an identity which is the main one is our Deen Allahu Akbar. May Allah strengthen our Deen immutable anime? Well, I want to die is being mentioned. And he say I mean, what does it mean mean? A lot. Accept, right? You never know maybe someone who's so sincere in your audience that would say I mean, and Allah just because if you would accept it, so don't belittle a single loss. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam told me and you make dua while you're certain

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allow, accept or allow and don't move. You know, now what, Bill ijarah you get a response a lot. So hey, by Rumi after going through this, he went all the way through su la sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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In the moment, the prophet SAW him What did the Prophet say? In this hadith? He says Robbie held by Abba. That was a successful transaction, Allahu Akbar, what transaction How do you know Allah inspired him through gibreel that so he did one, two and three, and he sacrificed everything. So he bought a lot and he sold everything in dunya he maintained his identity, and the Prophet told them Congratulations, this is what the thing that we're trying to focus on, focus on the identity inshallah, it will influence everything about you, your personality, even the way you look. The level of contentment in your heart, the way you look at yourself, will light it has a huge impact

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and shall I'm gonna go with it with this, I'll go and clarify more and more and more, what happens when you embrace now look at this. Now the third part or within the identity part a lot. Look how when you have this so strong and clear how it influences everything about you, including your health, including your everything

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with Islam, first of all, Allah subhanaw taala with the knowledge that you'll be getting through maintaining the identity because that's a prerequisite, right? The one time Allah tells me and you to ask more of is what in the Quran, you're corrupting. Zinnia Allah, Allah increased me in knowledge, because that's a prerequisite of gaining a man is not the only one you have to also be sincere and so on. But the point being is that there will also increase your sincerity and will have your actions accepted by Allah subhanho, wa Taala, etc, etc. As Allah says, we'll have at the ending two conditions to be fulfilled Allah will accept your good deeds, what are the number one it has to

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be correct acquainted front and center and second has to be what? sincere so are you sincere right now? are doing things correctly? I guess sitting in each other's lap controller No, everything is nice and clear. inshallah me Alexa from us say I mean, may Allah grant us in searching that will work and then they can check by that alone except from this. So the point being with the identity that Islam, the filter process starts you being stingy. Islam tells you be generous. You being a coward, Islam encourages you to be patient.

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You're being a person who is racist. You learn from the dean from the identity that you should not be racist. It adds upon your filter innate nature. Someone says, Well, I don't have to be a Muslim to know that great. But Islam emphasizes if you had such good traits, it takes it to the next level if you never had it, Islam brings it I guess paying attention. So it adds upon So number one, it filters number two after you filter now your content, right? you'll handle that because that's what the dean tells me to be content. And when you once you content, what happens pay attention, once your content, you will taste the sweetness of a man and realize Allahu alayhi wa sallam will take

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every woman and man to gender insha Allah with it while their content and number three Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells me and you that you will be the richest women and men once you are what content you embrace the identity you can take with it. What's your proof? other beautiful question number one Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said work optimally man, you will taste what the sweetness of a man when you're also a lot when will this happen? We would wish to experience that Don't you wish? Of course how can we taste a man? The atomic unit Monrovia Villa? Islami Dino Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the Hama rasulillah salmon obeah so you will

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taste the sweetness once you are content you embrace you're happy with yourself that what that Allah is your Lord Mohammed sauce is your prophet and Islam is your deen and once your content and handling the identity is being really strong of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says you will be the richest person walked in the face of this earth. How was that? The prophecy the world the demon awesome Allahu Allah techwin earnestness, be content with whatever Allah has given you. You'll be the richest man ever walked the face of this earth or woman? Because the wealth is in the heart. Then also a lie sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam say pay attention. Whoever had dunya as their main

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concern this worldly life materialist life about main concern Jalla La Habana it alone MC poverty between your two eyes, you'll always feel poor No matter how much money you have in your pocket. Even if you have a Samsung s5 you'll always feel poor colosse whatever it may be, you have a million followers, you'll always feel poor. The guy Ray William Johnson, if you guys know on YouTube, he used to be one of the most subscribed channel to his channel, your YouTube channel, he said and it was the person who said um, don't think it's any more fun when it comes to all these 10 million plus subscribers. It does because sopra who Bane is you'll always feel poor. Well for rock Hello Alicia

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Allah and Allah will disorganize your affairs if destiny is all about dunya doesn't matter how to get the money As long as I get it. I suck people's blood. fake passport doesn't matter. I'll get money. Allah doesn't accept that exactly. Oldfield poor. Then Allah says whatever you do dunya Islamic Kabbalah and only what I was already destined for you. That's what you will take. You're running around east and west and all that you are going to take whatever Allah has written for you. Then the Prophet says, When cattle asked me to humble whoever asked that here

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Getting a lot of pleasure is their main purpose, main goal, then what will happen? Jolo, Lena who feel called Allah will make you the wealth and the richness were in the pockets

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in the heart so no matter what your financial status will always feel rich Allah May Allah allow us to taste the sweetness of a man. See how beautiful it is? The brother You said about the holding the hands to gender is that like, Are you trying to rhyme with your statement? No, it's the Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he seldom sees my son. He says mancala either us or whoever says in the morning second action item was the first one to say some of lolly was in right. Second action item whoever says during the morning ready to be late raba will be Islami, Dina will Mohammed in Libya. Whoever says I am pleased with Allah as my Lord Islam as my Deen the Prophet as

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my as my Prophet, what will happen the Prophet says for an exam, the hidden area d has to do with gender. The province of Assam says I'm the leader, and he says I will hold you by your hands and take you to gender a lot. What an honor. The Prophet takes with it with his own hands, you think you will take it to the lowest level and gender is like a key requirement all the way up there. You will go all the way with him in sha Allah, may Allah allow us to experience that holding of his hands to us. I mean, terrible enemy, but be content to work on identity, be proud of it. I wasn't a convention.

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back a couple of weeks ago in Peoria, Illinois, in a convention, a sister came and they really appreciate her honesty. And she said I have an issue with the whole thing about Allah existence and so on. We asked her to make a steadfast say I mean, I mean, terrible, I will lie. You never know how your state will be tomorrow will lie You never know. Well, I might be giving you a talk right now. But at night will lie. You never know I might have to be picked up from a club right by this place. We asked her to make a steadfast say I mean, I mean, terrible. I mean, so that sister, she had an issue with the whole athlete, the man and so on. And then she said, Can you please help and explain

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and so on. So the point being brothers and sisters, I asked her some questions about how much effort to be put to learn. General, I'm not being experts in some basics, and how much did you put effort to learn about this? As he says not much. That's one of the keys we just mentioned, right? alienvault probe is in the IMA knowledge gives you that a ticket to the next level and so on. So one of the keys is that need to learn more and more to taste the sweetness of email. It doesn't come from net randomness. It takes some serious hardship. Is it clear? You need to work really, really hard with it. Look at that statement from shift. It's not even Tamia, Rahim, Allah says, Ma, he has

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no other AB look at that statement like what will the enemy ever do to me? Number one, an agenda to understand if you suddenly basically Paradise is in my heart Paradise is where in my heart, he says, If I leave,

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then that Paradise is always with me. I didn't like leave it back home. Then he says, and if you put me in prison, it'll be a nice isolation where I can worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if the exam is away from the city, I take it as a tour. Look at the understand like what levels of handle law and then he says, If no claim says that my teacher told me he says, I swear by Allah, I will never trade whatever you guys have like in terms of dunya and joy and so on with the joy and the sweetest I experienced while in prison. How can a human being is this Hello Akbar Allah, may Allah Allah was to taste the sweetness and have steadfastly I mean, I mean, terrible. I mean, and when you have that

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strong identity with Islam, the way you look at marriage is different. Isn't that right?

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So, first of all lesson tells you how to identify. So he tells you what's the what's the Buddha's, what's the best way we can take what's the conditions

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you're not getting married, man, I'm telling you, you have to memorize like 100 that'll be I mean, that's you know, the Hadith. So So the problem teaches me there's like criteria of marriage right? For her what for her? Well, beauty

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so religion, and like lineage or family right? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says what fought for me that it didn't Terry Bhatia duck. He says make sure you pick someone that has the deen stress on the deen factor. Otherwise, you'll be humiliated. Lockport gives you a nice definition right Who told you with Islam? It will give you the ability to identify the proper identity that you want to have in your house. That way you don't have your children Is it clear? When you have a proper stand the way you look at what's beauty is completely different.

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How can you beautify yourself when you have that strong identity? For sure lays on a law Allah Allah wa sallam gives you not one the best makeup tutorial every Halloween explained in terms of beautifying yourself rasuwa lays on a lot he was in Santa Monica central forget when a beautiful yourself all that people had. The Prophet already made dua for you as long as you do one thing. He says not that Allah May Allah beautify the brother or the sister with Allah reject such a beautiful drop me Allah make you handsome. May Allah make you beautiful, glad brother Bismillah what is

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Not that allow me to and semia makalah T for wha wha wha wha Allah May Allah beautify the person who heard the proper message May Allah make us in that category right now look better and better at least for my wife and stuff. I mean, I mean, you hear the knowledge and you teach the knowledge. So those who give dour

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I one of the fastest ways to actually look good.

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I don't want to mention names like Lucas she has one so Isn't he handsome? I don't do it on the sequel. salatu salam ala blessings Amira, so all that stuff, but you would notice a panel lumea Allah make us onto the sincere one say I mean, but giving Dawa is what beautifies your marks the fastest way is because the profit already made? All you got to do is take action and be certain like okay, I'll give a YouTube video so I can tell them the makeup tutorial and so on. Give it as a YouTube video why not have that nice edit and Bismillah go with it. May Allah allow us to believe what we preach say i mean i mean terrible. I mean, with this being said brothers and sisters

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inshallah, what time we're going to end

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so that was the one thing I memorized Mashallah 626 Okay,

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the moment you let go of your identity, now, the opposite is that the moment you no longer know who you are, the moment you leave that that religion aspect, specifically Islam, Allah says in the Quran, while at CU can leadin and assume la huffines home fusa home will echo home when

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you say I wish I will, you know I will ignore this whole Islamic identity part is this complicated a lot as if you leave that aspect of the Dean of belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala then you will forget about your own self you will not know who you are, you will no longer have a purpose in life. Then Allah says law is telling us habanero was horrible. Jen is horrible jannetty homolka his own the people of hell and the people of gender are they equal? No. So that's the promise telling you are those who have that identity of Deen and belief in Allah are they equal to those that don't have it know how far I have a different gender now

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Allah May Allah increase our email immutable I mean with this being said brothers and sisters hunted out we have about four minutes left I would like to mention an action few action items Sharla and if there's time permits we'll mention a story because reading Sharla action items what was the first one we learned today? Say civil law it was them every time you heard the beautiful name sallallahu wasallam number to

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say it means that like when you say me like belief like MC drywall, you can like you're certain allow accept the actual invalid dimension is that we need when we need to be practical. How can I increase my email? You know, make it steadfast and strong, is learn who Allah subhana wa Taala is. So if you noticed, Allah says Don't be like those who forgot patents is very important to us. Since Susan Hashem. Allah says Don't be like those who forgot about Allah, which caused them to forget about the own self in the same Surah At the end of it, Allah tells you what's the best way to know him?

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And what's the ending of it

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16th of Alice's Beautiful Names so one of the best ways to know lost contact is by knowing his Beautiful Names who won't log will let Isla Illa Illa who at the end of the end of the soul have 16 different unique names. So I just told you the issue like okay, Allah to help me help me the same sort of learn my beautiful name that's how we get to know me really well and you can't help but love me afterwards. And you obviously learned that within the Koran and my advice and the action item is to go for being a TV he has no Bank of America go for this game Allah bless him say I mean did he pay you to say that in the lecture No, he didn't pay me to say that. He didn't come on cover to

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cover Bismillah go for it $10 a month you can't do it.

00:28:42--> 00:29:04

It will be worked out inshallah I was he like telling me they don't like him No Don't tell me he's like bignum venture it'll be worked out inshallah helaas number four in Charlotte dimension terms of action items brothers and sisters is that this is my my opinion I can back it up no problem Shall I have a almost an hour lecture on YouTube you can check it out. What do you think has a huge influence on the identity of Islam?

00:29:06--> 00:29:08

What has a huge influence on it?

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I would come to give you a high five

00:29:13--> 00:29:31

your friends, they your people that the people around you they play the biggest tangible role ever. To your level of Dean to your level of impact your level of commitment to your deen that's why it also relies on Allah Allah He was a lump sum not to send me says Allah Allah Dini Hari Allah you are upon the identity of your friend.

00:29:34--> 00:29:59

You're upon the religious identity of your friend. So your property also Allah give me advice. He tells you right after failure to come a new holiday. So pay attention who you subscribe on YouTube for it's not only just like the physical watch, will you follow on Twitter, watch out who you like on Facebook watch who you hang out with who you sit by. For younger I had to come in your heart and it plays a huge role with your identity as a Muslim. Is that clear? And it asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to allow me and you to be

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Among those who act upon the good that we learned, say I mean, and obviously the main order of the main action items five is really to be like Europa pibil Islam Medina, we Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam three times in the morning, and May Allah allow you to witness the experience of the province holding your hands and going to gender I mean alameen Baraka Luffy calm 626 arranque Mashallah zachman La Salle salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.