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C'est la vie re Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen salatu salam ala should have been okay when was

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it he was able to send them to see him. And

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let me give an example to finally round off the topic that I was talking about,

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which is the idol of the Quran, where Allah said to Pharaoh Mateen rigidness, that maroon roofie 101k.

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And the hadith of

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say, The Holy Father,

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who said

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that also, someone said that if you see something evil, stop it with your hand. And if you cannot do that, you do not have the power to speak out against it. And if you do not have the power and hate it in your heart, and that last one is a sign of the weakness of your faith.

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I want to give an example of this.

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And say to you that say for example, you were appointed as a police officer.

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Now, you are a police officer, you are in uniform, you are on your rounds,

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you are on your beat.

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as you are walking,

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or driving in your car, you see somebody throwing a rock through a jewelry store window,

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and the window gets smashed. And this person goes inside and steals jewelry, fills his pockets, fills a bucket and they leave.

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And all this while you park your car. Or if your work you use a standard and you watch it on happening

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and then maybe you even write a report

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and say that I was in this place at this time on this date. And this is what I saw happen.

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What do you think will happen?

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Put yourself in that situation? What do you think will happen? Using your superior your supervisor, your commanding officer will call you and give you a medal and say fantastic. What a beautiful report

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is a great job

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to do there was a crime in progress and you watched it happen. Fantastic.

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I would like to get kicked out of a job.

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are you likely to get fined? are you likely to get punished?

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What was your job?

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As a police officer? What is the job of the police officer to watch crime happening?

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Or to stop crime?

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To fight crime?

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Ask yourself the question.

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We need to ask ourselves this question.

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Allah subhanaw taala made this very clear for us. Mr. Bill maruf ne anil munkar

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do something about good. Do something about evil, action, not just consider it to evil, not just watch it happened, no, do something about it. So Allah is Allah, He surrounds it, stop it with your hand.

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Do something about

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not just let don't just let it happen. Or just watch it happen. Do something about

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as Muslims, if we see evil happening, if we see evil happening, and we do nothing, we just watch it happening.

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And on top of that, we have this attitude.

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In some cases tacit, expressed by our actions by our lack of action, in some other cases, even active

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expect external balance speech where we say it's okay. It's okay. Everyone has a right to live the way they want.

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And this should be respected.

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I know you don't have executive authority, we're not judges, you're not enforcement officers. We are not kings.

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So we cannot enforce something. But definitely we can talk about differently. We can advise each other about it. Definitely we can act to make sure that evil doesn't spread.

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And, most critically importantly, we can keep ourselves safe and away from those influences.

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At an individual level, at a collective level,

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believe me, we have reached a stage. What if we Muslims

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do not take collective action?

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If we Muslims do not stand with each other, and if we do not stand in many cases, even with people who are not Muslim, but who have

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the right values and ethics in these matters,

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if we don't do that, but instead if we take this

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easy path, and we say, well, you know, what can I do?

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Not in my control, I can't do anything. Sure, you cannot do anything, but you can speak. So speak, you can write so right, you can remove yourself from that company. So do that. You can make sure that you protect yourself and your dependents, whoever they are your children, you others from those evil influences. So do that.

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Are you doing that? Or are you participating in that evil in one way or the other,

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either tacitly, or actively.

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And I give you an example of a police officer. I think this explains it very nicely.

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That a police officers job

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is to actively

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forbid, and stop evil from happening.

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Even at the risk of himself, risk to himself.

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What will get him a medal is that

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what will justify his service?

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Here Today we live in a world where we live. Every breath we take is because of the Mercy of Allah.

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every morsel of food, every grain of food that goes down and correct is because of the mercy of

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our health, our wealth, our influence our friends, our relatives, or family. You name it, the environments in which we do everything is because of the race.

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And yet we have no hesitation whatsoever.

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In disobeying Allah subhanaw taala openly, blatantly, loudly and clearly. And as a matter of right

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is a witness has never weren't reading the history of humanity that people did not disappear. They did and the very, the evidence of that is the fact that Allah, Allah sent His prophets

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from the beginning to the last and final of our solar cell.

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The Prophet came because there was in the prophets came because there was wrongdoing.

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If there had been no sin and no wrongdoing, there was no need for a Prophet.

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Allah sent them.

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And then I give this responsibility to the Amato Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to continue the work of the prophets, which was to enjoin good

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and forbid evil.

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So it's not as if

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evil and sin didn't exist until today. But today, what has happened is that not only does it exist, but it has been raised to the level of virtual, it has been raised to the level or right. It has been raised to a level where if you speak against it, that you are punished.

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And this is where

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the taskforce we feel a lot more the fear the meeting of a meeting with a lot of our data, where we will be questioned why we claimed to believe in the Quran, but we do not act on

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why we claimed to worship Allah. But we did not obey Allah. Why we claimed law Muhammad salallahu Salam, but we did not make it

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and we did not obey Him.

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We will do question

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though the time has come to question ourselves before these questions are after us

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by myself and you that that day will come

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whether anyone believes it and believes in that or not is immaterial.

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Your own will Hawk Valley Carl Jung will talk for one shot at

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And I said if somebody that day is a difference that they will have, that is the truth. And if you want to make a way to Europe

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if you want to

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make sure that our lives are in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala and under sunnah

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This is your opportunity.

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And believe me

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we will

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Not yet another opportunity.

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Because when this life ends, it ends.

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That's it.

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There's no second

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there's no injuries, no reincarnation, no second chance, when it ends, it ends

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hamdulillah until it ends, it is not enough. So, let us take advantage of this and make sure that we do what we are supposed to do. Stand up and act and speak out against all evil

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for the capacity for the communication ability, and for the

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focus on Him and His pleasure, alone