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AI: Summary © The importance of death and the need for perseverance in the context of COVID-19 is discussed, including the use of words and phrases like "will" and "willing," and the importance of avoiding spitting out words and being mindful of one's words. The speaker emphasizes the need for understanding and embracing the material things of the world, as well as the success of Islam in shaping the world and unlocking one's potential. The importance of acceptance and embracing one's own successes is also emphasized.
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salatu salam, O Allah Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. So thus far we have been speaking about the importance and the need of perseverance at the point of affliction, difficulty and challenges etc. We now move forward in the discussion and we try and address the aspect of death in a pandemic. So someone who passes away in a ballroom then what are the rewards mentioned in this regard? Also, I just have a flash of an idea where Allah subhanho wa Taala says intercon OTA, Ala Moana in Lumia Allah Muna Kamata Allah moon, what are we doing? I mean Allah him Allah Yo, john, what can I love my demon hakima and I heard that gives a great sense of comfort and consolation to a

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believer into kuno de la moon if you are in pain, difficulty and experience in you know, challenges hardship, exit adversity for inner homea lm una cama de la moon This was revealed in the context of a campaign then surely your opponents, your your opponents are also experiencing pain and difficulty and loss of life, etc. What are you doing Amina lahemaa your June but oh believer, you know that something for you in the author? You know, at the end of the day, there's something called Death there's something like where I will leave this world and I will be compensated I will be compensated, so that it gives a believe a great sense of hope and comfort. What are we doing Amina

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lahemaa you're Jude and you hope in the mercy of Allah which is exclusive to you, which is exclusive to you. When, when a Buddha had said in the expedition

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or Aloo hobo right that may the idol of Hubbell be glorified and honored and revered. So the messenger sallallahu wasallam said Allahu

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Allahu Allahu wa jal that Allah is far greater and far superior. Well every method will Allah as Allah says in the Quran, for Allah is the loftiest of example, to Allah ma aku Luna Lulu when Kabira Allah is Exalted and way above what they ascribed to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he then replied by saying Lenin Rosa de la Rosa Lacan, Lenin Lord Zavala, Rosella calm, that we have Rosa which was one of the gods. So in Surah to najem. In the 27 Jews, Allah speaks about it, how they used to refer to it as a tabula rasa woman, at least at Aloha, these were the more main gods and in the footnotes of Tafseer Othmani, under this it is written which tribe would reveal which God more often so on a

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general note, these were the dieties of all of them, but then particular tribes had an allegiance to a single God over the other God.

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So he said Lenin Lord Zavala, or zelican right? boasting bragging oh we have Rosa you have no Rosa. Wow, what did the Nabi sallallahu wasallam say? I love him. Oh la la la la la la comme Allahu la la, la la come, oh my Allah. Oh Allah. Just the word. Allah is so tranquil. It's so tranquil.

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Allahu molana. Allah whom Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah is our guardian, our protector, our Creator, our nareesha and you don't have that you don't have Allah. You don't have a line in the sand you don't believe in Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah de la mano en el cafe de la la Mola home, you know, it is just soothing to take a last name. It's so comforting. You walk in you're in pain you cry and you just say Allah just to see you just articulated. Sometimes you are gripped in so much pain, emotional, financial, whatever it is, and you barely verbalize it in your mind you're thinking and you you're articulating it in your subconscious mind, and the tears are trickling down and that itself is soothing. So that's the

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comfort of a believer that when you are in pain, you know you know that is the reward for you there is an Allah for you. In fact, there are them I have written and I read this in in marathon Quran under the ayah. When say the nayaka Valley is Salatu was Salam had lost his vision because of lamenting the separation of his son Yusuf alayhi salatu was Salam Subhana Allah, I'm harping on this in all my episodes, and I hope I can stimulate someone to feel the

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Now the passion to understand the deen, you know in order to they say just not just collagen at their hair, just collagen at the DNA is for you to taste it. Once you taste it, then it's a journey of its own. So say dinner Yaqoob right I'll first say what I want to say and then share with you the subsequent reflection that I had. When Satan I Yaqoob. Allah His Salatu was Salam had was separated from Eastern use of Allah Salam. He cried so much to his eyeballs, the pupils his eye had become white, for who were Kareem and he had swallowed all his grief. So government literally means to suppress and subdued and government laden wahaca de una una Fado Tao Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah

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Rasool Allah at Yahoo. arena Masha oka Mata, the famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. For the profound reward of someone who can subdue and contain his anger in English, they say he who angers you conquers you, He who angers you conquers you. And they also say in English, that pride gets us into problems. But anger keeps us there.

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Right? or anger gets us into problems rather than anger gets us into problem and pride keeps us there. Right in a fit of rage in a fit of rage. What they say you spit out things.

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Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.

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Beef Be sure to taste in other words, assess it, analyze it. You know what microscopically look at it. What am I going to say? Taste it yourself? If this is told to me? Is it palatable? Is it sweet? Can I digest it? No. So then don't spit it out? Then don't spit it out. So anyway say dinner Yaqoob alayhis salam he had suppressed so probably means where your anger is or your grief is right at the pinnacle. And you're the * that will cover them you contain yourself totally right. What we have is a woman named Phil who was lovely.

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So at that point, he says the Yeah, as far as the use of I promise you my brother and my sister.

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This journey of understanding Koran is just another journey all together. It's it's La ilaha illa Allah, may Allah grant it to everyone May Allah I'm not saying I have it. I'm not saying I'm having it. I'm just saying May Allah let each one of us enjoy. I have another idea.

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So in the third Jews, right in Surah, Allah I'm Ron, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the things of this inshallah I'm going to come back to this ayah I I hope so. May Allah keep my pattern of thoughts focused and aligned. So in the third dose in Surah, Allah imraan Allah subhanho wa Taala says about the material things which humans are intrinsically attracted to. So Allah says de nlnac Boucher YT Mina Nisa well benina Well, panoply makan para Mina de hubby welfare buddy.

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Well, an army well how Delica Mata dunya Allah marinda who?

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Those who devoted their lives to Quran how meaningful were their lives imagine your morning or evening your night is just put on you wrapped up in Quran that's it the whole day focus by night by mornings just understanding and deducing. So Allah says Xena, it was made you know it was beautified It was a dawn it was decorated. And that that's what the devil does right fuzzy and Allahumma shavon Amala home that the devil odd he does he cannot mislead you. But he adores sin. So it makes it looks nice glitter glamour, beauty striking, appealing looks you know conspicuous catches the eye. And that's what the devil does. So your own spouse will not look attractive to you but the devil will

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decorate and adorn someone else. halaal will not look attractive to you but the devil will adorn something forbidden for you. And that's what his talent is. And that's the that's the maximum he can do. When they say he lay him in availability shade, but he cannot mislead Holika you believe somos de la se la him in a banality. She is maximum talent is adorning and decorate in enhance the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that her family agenda to build Macquarie waterfront in Nairobi Shahada, that paradise has been covered and surrounded by things that your your nephew dislikes, right. And somebody said in the order language care, Rita kazoku, Pura, Karna, Kemal Kiba here, I

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sell camelhair takasaki helaas karna. To do things, what your ego provokes you to do is no accomplishment. Or I could sleep for 20 hours, or I could eat for 10 hours. Or I could you know what, sit on a couch and just lie as a lazy boy for 12 hours. Or I could just say, You know what? read the paper for X amount of hours. That's to do just to lay and be lazy. There's nothing I said. Come on.

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W takasaki elaphe garnacha was made in sanka Joe harinama yawata the person skill and ability becomes vivid and manifest. So Allah says

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that Xueyan le NASS unit beautified for men was horrible Shahada love of desires. hobo Shahada minion Nisa min Barnea right women have been attracted made attractive towards men men and Nyssa well Benny into have sons to have children welcome Natalie real makan Parra and treasures while highly muscled mama branded horses well an arm well her and then capital and plantation and vegetation in today's terms, it's your cause it's your wealth, it's your assets, it's your fleet. It's your reserves etc. vaniqa mata piety dunya La ilaha illAllah

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Danica Matera hayati dunya This is but the mundane things of this world this is but the items of benefit right you know, there's a whole explanation on meta as well from a UI perspective but anyway in in a loose translation it's the material things of this world while we're in the hood personally my job then Allah goes on to say call our own FB o con behind him in Valley come, should I inform you of something more superior, more greater than the above? So Allah said, you know what you are attracted towards women towards children towards well towards assets. And this is how this world is and this is mundane, it's trivial, it's transitory, but hang on Messiah tell you of something more

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superior. The Latina tottering Dora became Jana to remain tactical and her holiday in Athena was one of Mata hora worried one woman, Allah, Allahu basura, and Bella rebored. So when Allah highlights the things that we are attracted to, then Allah speaks of multiple things. And then Allah asks a question, should I tell you something superior? And then when Allah discusses superior than Allah doesn't say superior sons and superior wealth, and superior horses and superior plantation and superior cattle, yet Allah said, should I tell you of something superior? Allah speaks of rivers in general, and Allah speaks about the damsels of Jana. And of course, according to the eye on the

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commentary of Miss Alma de la implica, theatre is expounded on it in great detail. And I've spoken about it in many of my dogs, you know what to to address our sisters in particular, that the beauty that Allah will give the the woman of this world will excel the beauty of themselves of gender, right? And Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin Lee as heavily I mean, you can open up there and see, there's a question of a profound dialogue out of the alignment and hub tackles these questions directly to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And she even asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that if a woman has multiple husbands, then who would she be with in general, and then one narration says she

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will be given the choice to choose. And another narration says that she will select the one with the best character, the one with the best character. So the question is, I'm saying the beauty of the Quran. And how the scholars deduce from everything is that why did Allah not mentioned a better horse or a better son or better this, they say, because all these bounties in this world are not objective by themselves.

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The aim of a sun is not a sun per se. It's the aim or it's the honor of having someone around you to be around you to give you that sense of security protection serve you. You can rely on as Allah says we're benina Shu ooda, we're benina Shahada, The Guardian when he didn't know he had 10 sons, three of whom had accepted Islam, they were around him, the aim of wealth is wealth is not an object per se, currently in the crisis in which we see the wealthy and the poor queue up in the same line to buy bread and milk. Right, you might have more in your reserves, he might be breaking even living hand to mouth but essentials have now become dire and limited and restricted for both. So Allah did

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not address more superior to that simply because these things are a means to a greater goal and they are not a goal per se. Hence in Jana, they are difference of narration some narration say the occupants of gender will not deserve the desire children. And some narration say they will desire instantly the child will be born instantly the child will be born. The point I'm saying is that they deduce a cue a message, a hint and inclination from every area from every idea. When say now Omar stood up and he said law to hold up more in NASA. Don't give him an exorbitant dowry, and then a woman from the congregation stood up and she said, Omar, are we bound by what you say Are we bound

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by what Allah legislates? Said normal said of course you're bound by what Allah legislates. So she said well, then I find inconsistency in your claims.

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And the words of the Quran. So Omar the alarm said and which verse Are you alluding to? Oh, sister, and she said, we're in our Atomos table. zoji McCann has Odin, Tatum,

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Baron falletta, who's a woman who say that if you dissolve in one union, and you had given your former spouse a large treasure, then don't claim it. So the Quran the message was driven to impress the prohibition of reclaiming what you had given your spouse. But on a subtle note, it indicated the permissibility of giving a large treasure because Allah said that we were in order to step down at a time

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when you had given one of them a treasure. So the mind is just hopping from there coming back to this year, when Satan I used jacoba salaam lost his vision. He said, Yeah, so far, oh, the way I lament the way I cry. And these words in Mari photocurrent is innervation mentioned. He was the Nabhi of Allah, how is it that he did not say in Allah, he were in LA Raja own but he said yeah, so far. You know, I yearn I pain I cry. I think of my use of I think of my use of

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that is why even when Binyamin when that's the time he cried for use of because that this is a human nostalgia that is evoked psychologically, if you've lost someone and you visit a another family who've lost a child, it rekindles your own pain, right? What did the host know what they did? So when he lost Binyamin it revived and rekindle and evoke the nostalgia of use of again, and he said yeah, use of or monomodal use of bo yadava I'm like crying over my use of so why is it that he did not say in the law, and this is what's written there, that in the law is the speciality of this oma.

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And now I'm having another flesh in the 23rd just in Surah, two sorry, under this ayah in Atlas nahoon, Bihari swattin vichara de la ilaha illa.

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Allah, I was just saying to my wife yesterday, I said this Quran is just too beautiful. It can only be divine deprivation that someone cannot enjoy it. By Allah, it can only be that Allah seals your heart and we ask Allah never to seal out. Otherwise it just doesn't make sense that how can someone not enjoy Quran for me it's just beyond I, I cannot comprehend and understand. It's just that when Allah has blocked and seal and, and and and and you know what denied such a person which Allah refers to at times as Baba, and Allah refers as hot Tama and Allah says Allah kulu Akina and Allah says Allah beside him Russia, these are different verses Allah says the blockage there's a very

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there's a scene there's a stem, it's it's shut off. That's the only time so in the 23rd just in Surah to sod Allah says we made the prophets exclusive in the remembrance of the letter world. In Atlas Nang Bihari swattin v QRadar. So the MBR mo Salatu was salam, their mind their heart, their existence, is exclusive to afra. So under this ayah intercede, remember, hurry. The pertinent question is then raised under this ayah. If the NVR, without exception, are exclusive in the remembrance of the latter world, then how do we read consign over Yaqoob lamenting of his son to the extent that he lost his vision?

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When this is categoric? I'm saying that yeah, it's like yeah, this is just beyond me. This is just beyond me. In now I'm giving you a verbatim in Oculus now when the hot is hot in the corridor, right 23rd to suicide, you can open a microphone Quran and read it there. And then with reference to tafsir, Missouri, and then the quotation of mujaddid Lf attorney Rahim Allah is mentioned that in which he says that

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the love of Yaqoob alayhis salam to use of was just not fatherly to a son, but was a nebby to a nebby. So that had the spiritual dimension to it, which became part of the latter world because that was the bond of mbsr.

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So then, you know what further iscala so there is no objection, and it fits perfectly in absolute harmony with the declaration of the Quran. Anyway, we, you know, 20 minutes gone and we have in comments with what I wanted to speak on. So we just look at one two ahaadeeth to quickly understand or the Allah tala Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Ooh, Shahada to Kowloon Kula muslimin mata Hakuna de la langue, who says that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said plague is a means of martyrdom for a Muslim. And yet in another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said a Shahada Hamza Alma. Tarun well well

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Hurry Masahiko had me was Shahid ofis de la. This is one narration where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said five in other narrations, he said even more people are martyrs. five categories of people are martyrs, those who die from a plague. So this is a clear Hadith, and those that have passed on from amongst us in this pandemic, we are optimistic that they will fit the description of martyrdom and Allah will reward them accordingly. Of course, they are at the forward end they are stages of martyrdom, they are different stages of martyrdom, and accordingly they will be you know compensated according to the categories. The person who dies from a plague The one who dies from a

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disease in the stomach, right nowadays, we talk of IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, and then you have IBD Irritable Bowel Disease. And it's become a common condition for many people may Allah grant ease and apphia and if anybody passes away due to a condition of the the, the the tummy or the abdomen, then this is also a form of martyrdom, the one who drowns The one who drowns, you know, often there are tragedies that happen and someone drowns. This is also a form of martyrdom, and the one upon whom a building falls, sometimes some structure collapses, a pillar falls, etc. That is sahiwal head dummy head to me. And of course, well Mujahid said what shall he do feasibility law, the one who

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passes away in the path of the Almighty. So

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as believers, as I mentioned, for us in our pain, and our difficulty, the comfort is we take the name of Allah. And we know that the death is a tapa. It's a gift for a believer, it's a gift for a believer, I want to share with you quickly,

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this profound couplets of a Sahabi and actually it was the advice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the messenger sallallahu wasallam, one day gathered his Sahaba and I often use this address at a funeral because it's a point of reflection, the hearts are soft, and it's a point with people are, you know, receptive on a greater level. And he sallallahu wasallam said that you know, what a person is on the throes of death and then he summons he's three brothers, the first being his relatives, the second being his wealth and the third being his good deeds. So he speaks to his brothers and he says less than his siblings his family and going on in this crisis what can you do

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so they like you know what, as long as you live in will get you the doctor will arrange this will nurse you will soothe you will comfort you will pamper you. But as as the pangs intensify, I'm afraid our gap becomes louder and clearer you move your way we move our way. But we'll do all the rituals will bury you will come back anybody come home will praise You, etc. The messengers Allah ism as the Sahaba what's your take on this man? He said, no joy, no joy, he's gonna launch us. So in Arabic you have a word called a doula. So Allah refers to the devil as hadoo. Allah in Arabic means Turku Nusrah to, to abandon someone at the time of need, what kind of shape and who live in sunny

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badulla and the devil is a desert, he will launch we will teach you you will forsake you so you like you excite you come the key moment he drops you Tough luck, you find your own way and move your own way. And Allah says he answered como la, la la la la la comida. La he no one can overpower you

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know, serata calm. And if he doesn't aid you from an LED and shortcoming body, then who can assist you after that? Nobody.

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So the prophets, Allison said then is the second brother and he's the one. He's your wealth. And you speak to him. He says, Listen, as long as you are alive, I can do a lot of things for you. I can arrange the best doctor, best physician best medication.

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I was years back in California, How can I forget this. And then I flew to LA so I was in San Francisco for Ramadan. And then I flew to LA to do some type of seed and conduct program. And we were having meals at a particular brother's place. And I met a man from Africa who had flown over to LA as well at the table when we were invited by someone's house, and I have a thought of another day, probably I'll just touch on that as well.

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So I met this brother, and we, you know, got introduced each other and I was told that he had flown down to take three or four injections. Each injection was something like 40,000 red. And he was promised that you know what, hopefully this is the cure, and it's the ultimate and in that there's life. And of course when when when a person, you know when life is is is compromised, then you realize how valueless everything else is because if there's life there's meaning to my house, my wealth, my assets, and if that goes then nothing else remains.

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So, yeah, you know, that was a reflection of how wealth can can do for you while you're living while it can do for you while you live in it.

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I have another flash of another incident. It was on that same trip and how can I forget this? You know, may Allah bless that sister and May Allah keeper well, wherever she is. So I was invited for a star at someone's house. And they arranged this bar. It was in the Bay Area, the Silicon Valley at that time, it was the hub of it, and it was thriving, you know, it was in its glory days. And he says that, we're going to have a Faria and I'm bringing the sister. She studies at Berkeley University, and Berkeley is one of the top universities in the US, and Masha Allah, she comes from a staunch Hindu family, but Subhanallah, she has taken the Shahada privately, and she is fasting the

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entire month of Ramadan, but her family is unaware so she eats by night. She eats by night, because she cannot get up for Soho, because that will get the alarm bells ringing. And she just has some questions. And I said, this is a man this is a man. Well, Colorado may not mean alifair own mean, NFL,

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NFL own.

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There was a person who accepted a man from the family of Pharaoh from the family of Pharaoh from the place where a man was been destroyed within that family.

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A person accepted Islam within that own family. And I you know, I met with her and then she asked few questions and I gave her courage I gave him a I congratulated her and she read the Shahada formally, because she was kind of doing the rituals without having formally made not so not is essential as well as we say Acropolis and Belgian Melville are gone. The three key components of accepting Islam is the articulation by the tongue conviction by the heart and display of action by the limbs of the body. Anyway, I thought we're gonna get through with this incident. The second person was the one who was wealth and he's like, Okay, you know what, I can help you as long as you

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breathe in. But once you're gone, that's about it. The prophets Allah is and said, What's your take on him? He said, Now he can't do much he can't do much, he's have no good luck. Then came the third person. And this was his good actions. This was his good actions. And

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he said, he said that I will join you when others launcher when your family walks away and your money moves away. That's the time I will come in when nobody is around you. Generally, you speak to a widower or a widow and May Allah make it easy for one in all. They say you know what the day passes by nicely and easily. But when you get into the bedroom, and you close the door, the emptiness that haunts you, that moments are the most difficult moments. Those are the most difficult moments asked, may Allah make it easy, may Allah make it easy. And I often say that a segment of our community that hasn't been adequately recognized is single parents. I honestly we have campaigns for

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the old and the frail and the weak and the sick sick, but I think there's little being done there. There's little out there. And I'm not trivializing I feel in my own capacity, but just in my social cases, single parents be it male or female, that have to multitask you know, do chores this way that way, and and when you get into that bedroom and you shut that door, and now there's nobody, that emptiness that haunts you is a scary emptiness, and may elect comfort and console all those that are there. Suffice to say that all the spouses and the consorts of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were widows. I was in Toronto giving a talk and I go to the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu

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Salam Alikum bill abacha for

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Warhammer, WC, were the prophets Allah Islam exhorted the Sahaba to get married to young woman who are unmarried, a bigger unmarried woman who were not deflowered who were not married.

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So a sister came to me, large audience, and she was tearing, and she said, shall you gave the encouragement according to the Hadith, that the prophet SAW some exhorted, we must admit that men should marry young girls. What about me that I've been widowed?

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And a lot put the answer in my mind at that time, and I can only credit it, you know, and that's why I say we need to be sensitive, because there's so many people in the audience, but it's the Hadith at the same time, and it's the balance of our dean. And I said my sister, correct. And I empathize with you and I sympathize with you, and may Allah be with you. That's the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam way he encouraged us, but his own action was that he only married widows apart from each other, the Allahu Allah, that his own action was that he only married a widow's right?

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According to the relation was widowed twice, it could be naive and abou holla it could be naive and avala. She was married to it. Then he passed on then she was married to a bahala and he passed on. And then the third one was of course the exclusivity with the number of Allah sallallahu wasallam. So the third person is your Ahmad, the third person is your Ahmed and he says I will be with you. I will stand with you. I'll come in your grave

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Come in your grave. What happens you know when you go somewhere they say, fabricated that 200 God odor Cohan God and God unit company, someone a woman goes to the doctor surgery Bhairavi hon god, she's just there just to give moral support just to give that comfort that this brother says, I will come when everybody walks away, I will escort you I'll walk you're not alone. You're not alone. I will sit on your scale of good deeds and who is that that is the good actions, then this the profits or losses and kind of gives us theory, then Abdullah Nakuru, Salam says attack then Li an akula Allah has a big data, or have you ever Will you allow me I want to take this theory, this message

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and I want to give it a poetic form. And the Prophet of Allah says yes, for my brother in law, he went back one night gave it thought, you know, and gave it a poetic form. It's like a full page of Arabic poems. inshallah, if time permits tomorrow, I'll share it with you. The point I'm saying and the takeaway message today is for a believer it's it's comfort, Allahu La la la la la la la la. Come talk to you Allah, take solace with it. Cry to Allah chat with Allah. This is what Allah loves. May Allah give us that in a bond and link and closeness and affection and relationship with him? I mean, your bladder mean masala masala Madonna Bina Muhammad was he was happy here tonight.