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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim are hungry layer of Billa Alameen wa salatu salam ala sugarfina meuble Cirino her mother Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah Who, who so seldom does live in Casita, Casita, humble.

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Brother, sister, we were talking about the issue of learning and teaching and how to approach teachers and how to best benefit from teachers. And I mentioned to some famous teachers and students. Let me talk to you today about as a student, what should be our approach?

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First and foremost,

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it's important to get clear about what exactly do you need?

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What is the need is not a question of say, how to learn learn what?

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For example, if you have pain in the chest, you don't go to an ophthalmologist. So but he's a big doctor, he's a big doctor of the wrong guy, not the one you want. You need a cardiologist you don't need an ophthalmologist. Right?

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So it's you need a doctor or his doctor, depending on depending on what the problem is. So also in learning, what exactly do you want to learn, especially as far as the dean is concerned, very important, to be clear in your mind about the nature of your

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Number one, number two, what is the level of that need?

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How badly do you need to learn

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as badly as you need a vacation, as badly as you need lunch

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as badly as you need a drink of water at the end of a fast

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or as badly as you need air, if somebody dunks you in a pool,

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you know different degrees of need.

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You need a vacation. Sure.

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But if you don't have vacation won't kill you.

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But if somebody is done to head down into the pool,

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right? I mean, there's

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there's only that much you can stay and after that you're dead. So you will thrash around, you will desperately try to get out of that. So the the degree of severity of the needs, that's first First of all, what do you need? Secondly, how how much do you need?

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These are these two are important to clear in your mind, because that will determine the determination, the dedication, the focus, the concentration towards the learning that you will have.

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And that's the reason that's one of the big reasons why many students will go to a teacher.

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But not all students gain the same thing.

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The teacher the same, what the teacher is teaching is the same. But when they come out of there, one student will gain far more than another student that has nothing to do with the teacher is nothing to do with what was taught it has to do with a talent. With the ability of the students with the need of the student. You pour water on a rock and you pour water a sponge, which retains the water more

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This punch is not a question of saying the rock is stronger than this is not a question of what is stronger what is weaker. This question is what has the ability to catch that water and to retain the rock has no ability to catch what it says the rock is rock.

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But as a sponge will absorb the water we hold the water.

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Third thing is your ability and willingness to engage with the teacher and engage with the learning.

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One is to simply sit there like a pot somebody is pouring water the pot is filling up.

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That's no good.

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Engaging with a teacher and engaging with learning means that you understand you do your best to understand you do your best to apply it yourself. Then to clarify you ask questions. If you agree disagree, then you do that you agree or you disagree.

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You take notes, you retain you try to put it in your own words, whatever be the nature of the thing, that degree and the ability to engage with the teacher and the learning.

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And finally, last is the degree to which you apply the learning in your life.

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You're all learning the tool.

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That is my last word that I mentioned about

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the so called learned people

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last rounds that I said they are like donkeys bearing books

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he said they are like cameras they will Mr. Jamelia was far he said they're like donkeys bearing books doesn't matter the book does nothing to them they've got so many books

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so in the head is filled with guitar guitar guitar guitar guitar what what is coming out of that nothing

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because there's no application of that in your life there's no understanding of that there's no you're not getting any benefit out of this it's just

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and this is especially true with regard to the learning of Islam

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because unless we engage with the knowledge

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we get nothing with it nothing out of it.

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People are a lot of people are focused on no I want to go harvest Quran Okay, very good. Good intention

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so now you memorize the Quran

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then what

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is there a difference between you and this for this what is also app is going on,

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because it has the whole Quran on this.

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And if I turn this one on,

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I may make a mistake, I probably will make a mistake, the whole will make a mistake. It's a machine it can make a mistake, whatever is recorded is recorded.

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But with this whole board agenda

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so very important, our engagement with

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the knowledge, I always deliver the story I was in a muddle sevens in India. And I went into the dark office.

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And the study told me please listen to one of the voice. So I sat on the bike and he sat on front of me and he says something so he was reading easy reading from Surah drongos.

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So he came to the ironless Raja I said well zero will are the one the rupiah Hulk

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called zero will or the one zero Khiva whether Alcock

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so I stopped him he's dropped.

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Now where you are sitting

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to our right was a door open door and then it looked out onto the courtyard of the mother side and there were some chickens grazing there.

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So I said to him, Look at the chickens.

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What do you understand about this? I'm looking at the chickens.

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So he looked at me like I'm crazy or something.

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So I said do you understand what Allah is saying inside? He said no.

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Because he's memorizing nobody taught him the meaning of it.

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So I said Allah rather than as a cold zero go, roam around travel, fill out in the in the on the earth, fun zoo go and look, gave a model called how I have created the creatures.

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You understand the meaning is it Yes.

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It's another look at the chickens. What do you understand Ceylon he still doesn't understand? Because there's no engagement with the knowledge

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is memorizing it correctly, residing in correctly, but no engagement with the knowledge he doesn't understand. So as the master what is the chicken eating?

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So he said it's eating grain or maybe it's eating some insects and so on. So I said if there is a small lizard

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will the chicken eat and he said yes.

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I said what will happen to the chicken he said nothing.

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I said if you eat the lizard what lamb would do is I'll die.

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I said but you will die but the chicken will not die but after the chicken hits the lizard, then you slaughter the chicken. You cook the chicken tandoori chicken and you eat the chicken what happens here nothing.

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I just do something which is poisonous to you passes through the chicken

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and the poison is nullified and you can eat the chicken and nothing will happen to you. Now what do you understand what the if called Zero fill out the founder Obama was also his eyes opened his mouth open reasons to Hala user I never I never thought of it like that. So that's the problem is this is not your fault. It's our fault. We don't teach you like this.

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We don't teach you to engage with knowledge we just teach you to memorize we teach you to pronounce correctly. This is the Dewey This is the Bukhari and this is the archive and we know the workup and so on and so on. All of it is good but that is not the max of the of the kalam of Allah subhanaw taala

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and that's why there's no engagement with the government and getting rid of the kalam there is no baraka and develop.

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remind myself when you please let us remember these things. What exactly do you want to learn?

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Right? Specifically, what exactly is it?

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Number two, how badly do you want it?

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Number three,

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engage with the knowledge. Ask questions, clarifies ones also.

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Number four, practice the knowledge.

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Further engagement

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then you start seeing the benefit of the knowledge.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala geladeira to open our hearts with the help of his deen and to enable us to excel in this life to become walking talking models of Islam standard bearers of Islam. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to spread the message of this Deen through our actions through our lives and through what we say and do in we have in our society are Salah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was away remember article