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Even Hungary

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salat wa salam ala Mavin we'll send it to her mother Rasul Allah his

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son, Steven because he and

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I both sisters,

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Allah subhanaw taala defined us

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he defined as Muslims

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and he said

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to her own mutton

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rejet leanness

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that Amarula Bill Maruthi was an Hona in monkey

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hollows Ronda Rousey said you are the best of people

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and you have been extracted selected

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for the benefit of all mankind

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or humanity

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you enjoying, you encourage you facilitate you order

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all that is good Amaro.

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Amount of minmetals

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ordering something which is good.

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And how can I move

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a needle monka

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STOP volume

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or EBIT on evil

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or Tumino Nabila

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and you have faith in a loss man have

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you had this off, I will say that, the alarm

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who said that he heard a sort of lie. So, right. So I'm saying that,

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if you see anything, he will stop it with your hand.

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If you cannot do that,

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if you are not able to do that on one moment,

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then speak out against it.

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And if you are not even able to do that, he said, consider it

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in your heart,

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and that meaning, not stopping with your hand, not speaking out against it. But considering it hateful. In your hand. He said, This is a sign of the weakness of your faith.

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This is a sign of the weakness of your faith.

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I want us to think about

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what is meant by this.

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Because today, we seem to have

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in especially in this very permissive, liberal war culture,

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we seem to have it by we I mean, practicing Muslims.

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I'm not talking about people who have all kinds of therapy to do and don't want people who are practicing.

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We seem to have taken the position that as long as I'm not personally involved in doing something which is harm, right? I'm not doing it.

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That's all that's what

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I'm not doing.

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Please, let me make this very clear to you from the Quran and the Hadith from the height of overlanding one, I want her to return which I decided for you and the Hadith of I will say that holy grail Delano which is to say this,

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it is very clear that

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not participating in evil

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is not even something we just consider or mentioned. Because it is a given it is understood

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is like for example, if somebody asks you

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what is the thing that you will consider if you're comparing two airlines to travel? What are the things that you will consider

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to choose between the two airlines? So you might say well, you know, price of the ticket is one thing I would like I would like to go with the airline which has a cheaper ticket.

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And at the same time, I would like to make sure that the

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in flight services go that the food is good that the

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planes are neat and clean, that the staff are well trained. So you know they're not rude to you and things like that and, and so on. And so now if somebody stops you in that and says to me, How come you didn't mention safety? How can we didn't mention the fact that

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what is the safety record of the airline?

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Is the plane likely to crash?

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You didn't talk about that.

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So does it mean that safety is not important for you? What would you say?

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At least I will say that safety is so important that I don't have to mention it.

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And just happen in life. There are some things which are so important that you don't need to say that

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it's understood.

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It is understood, for example,

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take you to read about the histories of the

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great scholars of Islam.

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You know,

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any other classical scholars, the Imam, the Imams, and

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many of the scholars of the Abu Sayyaf

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I can proudly say with confidence,

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that in the biographies of those people

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there is nowhere that it says that so and so was a half of the Quran.

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Imam Malik doesn't say any biography anywhere that he was half as far as

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I want to shove it, how do I know if I'm a money guy, you know,

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allows a

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man but also you don't have the

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protection of the

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deck anyway. And integrates calls?

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No, it doesn't say that they were fossils, the Quran. Why does it mean that hedgerows are not important?

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It means that in those times, here's the Quran was a given to such an extent, that it is not necessarily to mention that

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that was a given all of them Rufus, because

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making him and memorizing the Quran was part of the fundamental education.

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children in primary school, Mother's Day, deliver a Quran. By the time they were seven years old, eight years old. They knew the Quran by heart. This was the way education was structured. So you didn't have to say.

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So also, in this in the case of this, this ayah and Hadith,

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not participating in evil

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is not mentioned because it is not, not because it's not important.

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But because it is so important

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that it doesn't need to mention

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it is something which is simply not expected of a believer, that he or she deliberately will do something which is haram.

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Accidents happen, mistakes happen, forgetfulness happens,

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even temptation happens,

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despite knowing everything, somebody may do something which is haram, because of the moment what happened there at that time, how they their emotion and how shatta and overwhelm them. All this is possible. And that's why we have stuff on top, but to deliberately knowingly do something Allah subhanaw taala prohibited that person and prohibited This is not the Lokar the Shan the position of a Muslim. So this is not mentioned. What is mentioned is the action.

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You are the best of people why? Because of what you do. Not because of what you believe. What you believe is a factor. It's an understood if you didn't believe that you wouldn't be doing this. So there's no point in talking about or no use of talking about belief there is no need. It is understood that you believe this. You believe in La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, what does that mean? It means that you believe that there's no one worthy of worship except Allah, which means that you will not worship anyone other than Allah that you will not join partners with anyone partnered with Allah with anyone and you will obey Allah subhanaw taala in orbiters.

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Well, Muhammad Rasul Allah, what does that mean?

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That means that you believe that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was at is the Rasul of Allah, that there is no so after him

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and that we follow Him. We make him a diva. We obey Him and we emulate him and imitate Him in everything we do. This is the meaning of Muhammad Rasul Allah.

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To give you an example,

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I looked around and said, Okay, Musa establish Salah.

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You see us nobody

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I will establish how should I do that

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sort of sets a low MRI to when you Sally is a pretty like you see me play like you have similar brain. So,

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the Kalama is when we are praying this is a physical manifestation and the proof and evidence of Lyda Hill Allah Maha Mudra. So, we stand in Salah, because of Lila heilala And what we do in Salah, the actions are because of her mother. So.

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So, now,

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lot of data here says that you have been created for a reason, that reason is not only will you believe that is understood, but you will take action, to spread this good word

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around you

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to whatever extent is possible by you in whatever means, by whatever means are available to you.

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So in your family, your surroundings,

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in your place of employment, your visa, Visa study in your city, in your country, in the world,

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you will spread goodness.

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What is the goodness that goodness is the ethos of Allah the obedience to Allah subhanaw taala in the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is only one definition of goodness in Islam.

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And that is definition obeying Allah in the way of Rasulullah sallallahu.

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It may come to you from different places, different people may do that. Different cultures may have these things as part of the culture. They may not even be doing it because they believe in Allah or as a matter of obedience. But Hamdulillah we are fine with with doing that. We are fine with following that. But as Muslims, we know that we are obeying Allah Spano that in the way of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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For example, if I Spy that somebody

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said the smile.

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So smiling is a good thing.

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But I'm doing it with a Nia with the understanding that this is something that pleases Allah Jalla Shanno. And it is something that was done by Sol Sol sol. Sol I'm emulating the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, Salah Salem, when I'm smiling, and I'm doing it for that reason.

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With the

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with the expectation with the

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desire with a dua that Allah subhanaw taala should reward me

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action I want a bit of Morrow is a word it

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may or monka is a verb it's a fair

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amount when maruf is not simply considering something to be good it is acting on it yourself. And I ama build models not only Amell will model MLB models wearable him

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Liana who a suburb

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ama remodels

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the Amazon action of goodness is important because it is the reason for and joining something which is good. But if a person

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only believes in good things and he or she does those things, but they do not make any effort to propagate that

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to spread that

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to enjoy that.

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To facilitate that, to encourage that

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to persuade people do that.

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Then they have not gone and they have not obeyed

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they have not fulfilled

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the condition the definition which is in this

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they are simply motorcade in build models or Amylin Bulma roof while lacking home laser

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room Iran be model.

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They believe in good.

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They may even do good themselves, but they are not enjoying it. They are not propagating it.

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In Islam.

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This is a major problem.

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Because Allah told us specifically that we have been sent to spread the

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word Warren, shall we Salalah Vickery why

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to use