Emulation is a sign of love

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filarmonica Rahim hamdulillah her beloved Amin

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi the VA will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala Lee was able to sell the slim and cathedra and cathedra from Abbado.

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Our sisters we

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we have the

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example of the

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of the Syrah of Rasulullah salah.

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Which Allah subhana wa Tada

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mentioned for us and the insert lockup Cara la ko fi Rasul Allah is what Hassan

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Lehmann Ghana years Allah Allah Yahweh Allah Hera was aka like Athena Allah said that an excellent example for you. The best example for you is the Sierra is the life of Rasulullah Hassan Salem salam for the one who

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even Cara EULA, the one who looks forward to the meeting with Allah, while Yamanaka and who looks forward to the day of judgment was going to Allah cathedra and who remembers Allah subhanaw taala a great deal.

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if you think about this and say that Allah subhanaw taala described the Day of Judgment in very terrible terms, it's a place of time a horror type of great trial tribulation he does Villa de la luz is Allah you know, there are

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so many things.

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Why will somebody look forward to that?

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How can you look forward to that event, you will be afraid or afraid of this you will you will want to run away from this. Why will but Allah is saying for though and yours Allah while you're well after

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the meeting with Allah again, you may Allah make it easy for us in my last mantra, make that the best meeting. But the meeting with Allah is not an easy thing. For anyone who has belief anyone who has faith,

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the meeting with Allah subhanaw taala is the most difficult thing because we spent our whole life

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may Allah protect us one way or the other to some extent or greater extent or less extent, disobeying Allah subhanaw taala.

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But when we meet Allah subhanaw taala we will be held to account we ask Allah to save us from this and not hold us to account. So why will anyone look forward to that?

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And the answer is the same I have Allah set

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for you the best example is the life of the NABI SallAllahu Sallam for the one who looks forward to these two weeks meeting with Allah and

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which means Inshallah, that the one who follows the life of rasa salaam, the one who emulates him, imitates him, the one who obeys Him,

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this person will not feel and will not have to fear the terror and the horrors of the judgement because he will he will be protected We ask Allah to make us among those who are protected who have the share of his arch on the day when there is no shade except ppreciate.

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So therefore, when we look at this and say,

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the value of understanding again, you know, ABC study the Syrah obviously we study the zero because without studying how do you know what to do?

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What did you use to do? So we need to study.

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Now the issue is when we study the Zerah

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is emulating as well as Asana

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is to obey him is to do what he used to do, the way he used to do it

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is something we forget which is that it is not easy.

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It is not easy. It is very tough. Especially in today's world where the whole environment that we live in

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is an environment which is the opposite of whatever the zero represents.

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It's an environment of disobedience is an environment of,

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of, you know, badolato knifes of worshipping the self worshipping us to our worshipping desires.

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So if we in that atmosphere, if we are living, then to obey rasool Allah, Allah is obviously not easy. It is very difficult.

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The only one who can obey there was also a Salam in this environment is somebody who

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is convinced

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that he will meet Allah one day.

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So Allah gave him this route.

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What we need to mentally prepare for this now

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out whatever the one who does this

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a lot rather than a gave the best possible promise the best possible

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good news and the best possible news of reward, very set, political term Taheebo and Allah fat Fatah rione Ubik Malawi have a look on Google 104 way Allah then say to the those who claim to love Allah subhana wa Jalla make my Atiba emulate me,

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not obey me.

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Allah did not say what your needs are for the peony. Make by emulate me make my diva then what will happen just will go through a formula or rave Allah subhanaw taala will, how you will be born Allah subhanaw taala will love you if you imitate me if you emulate me any emulate resources Allah, Yahweh, Allah will love you and then the minimum minimum benefit the boundary can Ivana loves you, Allah will forgive you.

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He will forgive your sins. Well over a man Allah is the most forgiving, Most Merciful.

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the question of the difference between obeying and emulating in obedience, there is a hakab that we are following in emulation, there is no emulation is a sign of love.

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You emulate the one you love.

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There is no need for any How come like you see today, all the trends and all the you know what they call influencers, and they have all these you know, funny titles, icons, influencers. And these people are influencing for what every kind of hovers, as you can imagine.

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Just self indulgence and you know, all kinds of shameless behavior. But people follow that, because they love those people. And they think that following them adds value to themselves.

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So my question advisor when you is, what is our view of resources?

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Do we think he is worth emulating? My of course, but you know, we with our time, we always we will all say yes, everybody should say yes, but is it happening? If I say that, I believe that also Salem is worthy of emulation, then

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his emulation should be in my life.

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Nobody's perfect. We all make mistakes, we all have something we don't have. That's okay. Right? And Allah did not say set anybody to judge somebody else. Judging is the work of Allah. Leave it to Allah don't don't get into that.

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Look at yourself.

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The only person I need to judge is myself.

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Not somebody else. Right.

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So if I look at myself, am I seeing the emulation of the rasa racer in my life? If I If the answer is yes, I'm seeing it may not be completely to whatever extent I can do that I was trying to improve this and try to increase it as much as I can throughout my life.

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With the and again this is a loss of Arthur's Rama were Allah's words that I said,

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Tell them emulate me. Right. He said, calling on the doorbells Allah wa Tony

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he did not say what the peony gamelan.

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Obey or imitate me emulate me completely, totally. No, he didn't say that.

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Because these are the these are the the signs of the Raha philos monitor Allah has not put a condition to say that you have to know that does not mean we don't try to emulate food we should try to emulate completely. But because we are weak, Allah subhanaw taala knows this. Therefore Allah subhanaw taala has Buddha has didn't specify

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whoever emulates

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to whatever extent you can emulate. So let's try and improve this.

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And the reward is what the reward is, you're welcome Allah, Allah will love you.

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Really, we should synth venture we should reflect on these ads.

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And ask yourself this question If Allah loves me, what is the sign of this? What will change in my life?

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What will improve what will happen to me? What about any fears and as apprehensions I have in my heart, what about my family? Whatever whatever it is, right? All the negativity in my life? What will happen to that all the positivity tomorrow? What happens?

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If Allah loves me, what else do I need? And I'm saying get granular with this thing. Don't don't just have it as one of the

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Was nice things to say no that we all know

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what exactly does it mean in your life?

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Try to get as much of an understanding of that as possible. All of this will help us to emulate the Rasul Allah is allah sallallahu sallam.

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The more we know him, the better we know him, the more we love him, the more we are able to emulate and imitate. And when we do that, Allah says Allah will love you. And the minimum reward of that is Allah will forgive your sins. Jaffa law comes over.

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Ivana forgives Arjun Angela Jana this Jana is Chen.

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He has a last round data to help us to fill our hearts with the love of Rasul Allah is on Santa and the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Illuminate our hearts.

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So that we will be in sha Allah on the day of judgment, without fear and in the protection of Allah.

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Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was named rom to go