Will Palestine Triumph

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Will the people of Gaza succeed? Will the people of Gaza repelled their enemy? Will they be successful? Will they be victorious? It's a question everybody wants to ask. It's the elephant in the room.

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The answer, it may surprise some of you

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is not a yes. And it's not a no.

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The answer is, they have already succeeded.

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The people of Gaza

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were already victorious, they have already triumphed.

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No amount of cannon fodder. No, a lot of depleted uranium, no amount of white phosphorus gas, no amount of bombs, all 12,000 Tons of them that is that have been dropped up on none of this, can you raise the fact that the matter is settled, and the people have risen, have already triumphed, Allah has already given the victory. But here's the problem. The problem is that we limit the understanding of victory to certain parameters. And when we don't see those parameters, we assume that Allah has abandoned us, focus with me, please, because this is a happy lesson.

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We limit sometimes our understanding of victory to the defeat of the enemy,

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to the dismantling of their occupation, to the protection of our lives and our children's lives, to the protection of assets, to the preservation of land. And so when we don't see these things happening, we assume Allah has abandoned this, and he has not given us victory, who told you on who said that victory isn't limited to these things. These are minorities.

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In the Islamic conceptualization of victory, victory is something much bigger than this.

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Victory is when you live upon Islam, and you die upon his

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victories, when you are given shahada martyrdom by Allah.

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Victories when you are content with the color of the decree of Allah. And that's why I say to the people of Gaza have already triumphed.

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They were already given victory, the matter is settled, done, dusted and sorted, that can never be erased, allow me to demonstrate

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that people have already triumphed.

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Because they have stood next to one another. And they have not thrown each other under the bus. The people of Gaza Have you not noticed, have not leveled the finger of blame at each other and said, this is because of you. Or this is because of you. Or this is because of you.

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Whether old or young, whether they're educated or otherwise, they are all standing hand in hand in front of aggression. And no one blames his neighbor. And they are a unified solid front. And they are paying the ultimate price for it losing their families and children. And they are saying we are unified. That is victory. You're not too sure about that. Look on the other side of the pond there in Tel Aviv. What do you see? You see disunity. You see them throwing their government under the bus when petty worldly return he doesn't deliver to his to his people.

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Whilst the people of Brazil are standing as a unified front, not blaming one another, supporting one another, aiding one another, reassuring one another. So therefore they have already triumph.

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They have already triumphed because they met the decrees of Allah with contentment with happiness. They have not rebelled against Allah. They have not questioned the decision of Allah to keep or to take away their children or homes. Wherever you look, you hear nothing but the Hand of Allah, the praise of Allah, thanks to Allah, the glorification of Allah, contentment with the decree of Allah. And therefore the people of us who have already tried.

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The people of Gaza have already triumphed, and were given victory. You know why?

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Because it came at a time when the whole Palestinian cause was brushed under the carpet. Just a few weeks ago, nobody was talking about Philistine unless Zell was forgotten.

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And then mesial AXA, was being desecrated every other day. And the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam was being insulted in the Baja in these spaces of utmost evil Luxa and not all Muslim around the world was batting alighted. No one knew about it. In fact, in our countries in the Arab world, there are now the curriculums of our children were being adulterated were being changed, the word finished clean, and OXA was all being removed from the curriculums. Did you know this was happening? Certain verses of the Quran were now being emitted from the schools as well, because they were seem to be a little bit extreme. All of a sudden, October happens, and guess what? Palestine is

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thrusted to the top of the agenda globally. And now every king, every president, every prime minister, every PM, MP, every household, every individual is talking about Philistine is talking about Al Missoula that is diseased. And he's talking about the

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oppress people of Gaza. And they're talking about the apartheid state of the so called country called Israel.

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In Allah, so their blood has not gone in vain. And therefore we say, because there has already triumphed.

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And we say that because there has already triumphed on the day that Allah Almighty chose from that small strip of land 10,000 martyrs for himself, that, you know,

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how much must Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu not a people when he picks 10,000 martyrs to enter Jannah without any accountability, to experience no suffering in the grave, and all of the horrors that you read about on the Day of Judgment, they are spirit of it, as you and I perhaps stand for 50,000 years not knowing our fate in the scorching heat of a sun that is only a mile away from our heads. They are given a backdoor quick entrance into general Ilaha illa Allah, and he chose 10,000 of them within 20 or so days, how much he loved them. And that is why the Quran said Wyatt definitely they've been come Shuhada he chooses from Humanitas.

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what's the implication of that? The implication is that when the bomb comes crashing down on the house, and you see some people are dead, and others who made it alive, that's not an accident. It's not arbitrary. It's not random. When the bomb lives, and they pull out uncle and they pull on it, but so and so died as a martyr and they choose this sibling and he's, he's well, but the other sibling die. None of that is accidental. Allah chose who will live. And Allah chose the martyr he wants for himself. In Allah. He said, I choose from you martyrs. And that's why the Palestinians in Gaza we heard this, they said, We know that every martyr from every family who was taken when they

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were still alive, we recognize them as being the finest in the community.

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Those who died as martyrs from our families, we knew when they were still alive, that they were the best of us. It's not random, therefore that Allah chooses them as martyrs. By the way,

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a staff will allow to really as the arrow poet he says even no new data to study, he says none of them Yamo to be safe in order to be hired he dad that is bad, but well known to our Heydo he said, Whoever doesn't die by the sword will die because of something else. He said the causes of death are many, but the outcome of death is the same.

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Meaning if you don't die for a noble cause, you don't die as a martyr, the outcome is still death.

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If you don't die today, and we grieve when we see them being pulled out of the rubble as martyrs, or battered and bruised bodies, children, men and women, we grieve, but we say if they lived another day, would they not die tomorrow, and if they lived another year, would they not die the year after it? Death is the same. We are here in the life of this role. My brother, my sister, remember the big eviction, we are passes by we are visitors in this dunya we are not residents here

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we are passes by

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we are here for a very short period of time in dunya. To carry out a short exam, to see whether we will pass it or whether we will go to hell. Whether we will glorify Allah or forget him. And when we finished that short exam, we make our way to the next phase. And that's called eternity. So whoever does not die today, as a matter will die tomorrow anyway. So let's manage our grief. When we talk about one and a half million martyrs in Algeria, killed at the hands of the French, that is what liberation, costed them 1.5 million martyrs. And I asked you the question, if they were not martyred back then may Allah have mercy upon them. And the death of every Muslim is tragic. But if they had

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not died all those years ago, would they still be alive today?

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No. But they died as martyrs. Allah chose them as martyrs, and they were given liberation as well. So manage your grief when you are seeing the seeds of martyrdom.

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And that is why I say to the people of us that have triumphed, because Allah has chosen for them the ultimate success and that is to die as a muslim as a monotheist. Pleased with the decree of Allah subhana wa Adana. And on top of that you are a martyr

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that success, I'm sorry to say that's how we understand success.

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And you remember the story of haram abnormal Han, one of the delegates whom the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent to a place called be Ramona.

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A man by the nickname of Abu Bara, requested that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sends a group of men who would teach them Islam and the Quran. So the messenger Alayhi Salatu. Salam said 70 of the finest companions they were called, and Quran the responses of the Quran dedicated to the worship of Allah, people have remarkable purity.

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And when they came to teach them, they discovered that it was an ambush, and they encircled them

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and the X

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cuted them one after the other.

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And one of those men who was executed his name is haram. Some of them have

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and a man came from behind him by the name of Jabari blue sanma with a spear thrusted through his back, and the tip of the spear came up in the front.

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And when haram, he saw what had happened to him, he'd been punctured. He put his hand on the wound, and he covered his face with the blood to show Allah Almighty that this is for you. And then he sent in a loud voice for was to what I will gather, I swear by Allah I have succeeded.

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I swear by Allah I have triumphed.

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And then if you fell to his side and he died,

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those words continued to haunt jump bar in New Salma. Ever since that day. What does he mean? What does he mean? Like he succeeded by the Lord have Allah by Allah? How did he succeed? I just killed him. How was he victorious? What is he talking about? was haunting him.

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And he continued to make his inquiries

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until he was told by some people that nice Islamic understanding of success, martyrdom is a great accomplishment.

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So he made his way to the city of Medina. And he made the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Allah has pledged allegiance to him, and he became a Muslim. So that is why don't say to me, well, the people that has the triumph or not, don't ask the question, because they have already trialed. Allah has already given the victory. The ultimate test they have passed it don't ask me about land and material that is secondary. They have files