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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen

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Even mousseline, Muhammad Rasul Allah in some of the holiday you already use over Salam doesn't even consider for my

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mother and sister I found him I asked me the other day we were doing a seminar on leadership.

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And I mentioned that wrestlers are seldom

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prohibited us from seeking authority and seeking

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positions of leadership.

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And he said that if you, if you go hunting for it, if you ask for it, then you will be on your own. And Allah will not help you and Allah will hold you accountable. But if Allah gives it to you, then Allah subhanaw taala will protect you. And Allah will guide you.

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So he asked me one question, he said, What about for example, if I have a business, I'm trying to promote my product or services, or you know, these kinds of things.

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I'm talking about myself. So is that permissible or not? Let me share with you the Hadith. In

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integrity there is a Hadith say Hadith narrated by cabin Merica there are no who said that. So Elijah sallam said to hungry wolves sent against a flock of sheep cannot cause more damage to them than a man's eagerness for wealth and prominence, wealth and fame and authority causes to his religious commitment. So let me repeat that. Rosa Selim said kabhi Malika Delano reported there are so licensor him said to hungry wolves sinned against a flock of sheep cannot cause more damage to them than a man's eagerness for wealth and prominence or authority, causes to his religious commitment.

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Now, Scheffer, Islamic no Emir Abdullah Ali, he said that also as a Salam explained that the damage that eagerness for wealth, greed, and prominence, which is

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authority and leadership positions, fame,

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causes to one's religious commitment,

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damage, which is more than that the two hungry wolves would cause in a ship and, and this is obvious. Now if there is a, if there is sound, religious commitment, then there cannot be this eagerness. Because once the heart tastes, the sweetness, of servitude, of being a slave of Allah, and love of Allah subhanaw taala, then there will be nothing dearer to the individual than that, and he will give it proceeds over other things. Now, it's very important to understand these things in context. Because today we live in a world which is the opposite of this.

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We live in a world where

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can canvassing for votes and standing for election and trying to, you know, gets the Get get the attention of people in one way or the other. All of this is normal, it is done, everybody does it. And people think that this is nothing wrong with this.

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But as far as Sarah was saying here,

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in another place, Salam said if somebody asks for Imam was derogatory,

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if somebody says I want to lead, don't even if someone says I want to give the whole prorodeo

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For that reason,

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because he's seeking this, like,

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if Allah gives it to you meaning, so therefore, what must you do, you must do your best, do your best do your work

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and let results speak for themselves. And if through that means meaning that the work that you do, then people recognize you, people respect you and so on. And then they ask you it's to lead them or give them to give you a leadership position. This is occasion that Allah subhanaw taala will

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help you and guide you, but not if you run behind that.

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See the if you if you think about the damage that this seeking of leadership is running behind.

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What we will call solta, which is authority.

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To become a Sultan is somebody who has authority will become a king.

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If you

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See the right from the beginning of the history of the Muslims This is the single thing which has caused

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unbelievable amount of damage

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right from the beginning within 30 years of the passing away of our sorrows and salah, there were battles between Muslims power

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for authority for power for the throne

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and nobody was spared nobody was spared

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so then I was farming a farmer there are no he was killed.

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This is one of the greatest of the Sahaba offers racism.

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So then it was killed agora

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right one of the shades

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and in that period between southern asthma as well I know the kind of

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massacre that happened in Medina.

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It almost wiped out the Sahaba for sorcerer.

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The Sahaba of rasool Allah Azza wa sallam,

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they chopped off their hands and legs and they just through the body the living dorsals on the on the rocks on the lower plains of on one side of the

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living bodies with the Sahaba who did this Muslims

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most of them do this

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for about

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the first session earlier they learn how to become a believer.

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He said I don't want to be easy these days. And if you don't be then we will kill more people

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to divorce him.

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And then he also O'Shea.

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And this continued

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the next line after Sarah Baba

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whenever Sofia Avila passed away and he certainly has been married to over

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the grandson also Cecil say that Jose realia the alarma he and his whole family was allotted

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including a little child who was still nursing.

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His son who was one Lucille doesn't even he was killed.

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The idea was to wipe out the complete line so that there is no claim to the throne. And they didn't think that this line is the line on Bahama survive.

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And see the evil of that because of this. It created the Shia Sunni divide in those days there was a Shia that came later. But this was the reason that created the Shia Sunni divide, which is there till today

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ajeeb 1400 years we're still fighting over a battle which has gone wrong, but

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the whole of water level how evil is this desire for power?

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How evil

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and the same thing applies you you look again in the Muslims, the dynasty is the moguls the Safar with the Osmani or the Ottomans right you take any any dynasty.

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Brother killing brother son killing father.

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This is a standard standard Muslim behavior with regard to

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authority and kingdoms.

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And it's not restricted to one you can't say only the Arabs, you know, everybody, everybody does the Arab. The Turks did it the Indians did it the everyone in

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and that is what wrestlers have warned us against. He said don't seek power, don't seek fame. Do your work has invested algorism the most

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fortunate the luckiest person in the world is the one who was born who grew up choose to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala quietly by himself. Nobody knew him we had no name no fame, nothing he lived his life clean and worshipped Allah subhanaw taala and he died and nobody knew that also.

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It said that man is the best man is a most likely if most fortunate man.

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So I remind myself when you let us do

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the work of the let us help each other retinas try to spread goodness around us

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and don't seek position and authority and deliver

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Continue to your

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And if Allah subhanaw taala wants to put you in a particular place Allah will make the way for that let let Allah do it.

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And if you get that then you must spend dry Minister foreign door.

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So the number goes up Allah the law says that the entire duration of his Khilafah

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he never lay down to sleep, not even one day he will sleep sitting or he will sleep even standing, you will lean against the wall like this. Those of

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you never later he's there no time because I am busy working or I am making stuff autosol

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That was a fear of being a felon

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No, no desire for wealth. And

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he's gathered the clothes used where

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it got so patchy. He had so many patches in it.

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That one day, some of the other Syrah, they brought some cloth, and they gave it to his daughter Hafsa bins. Omar Emser Satara Delana.

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And they said, don't tell our name to

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say don't tell them who gave this, but give this to him. So he can make a new

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shirt for himself. So

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So Wednesday the Haftarah gala gave gave him the class he asked her who said Who brought this? Who gave it? She said no, I cannot tell you i

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I told the I gave them my word.

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So he asked, I say tell me, how did your husband this?

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Whose husband was a processor?

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He asked him How did your husband is what was interesting.

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He said, I am afraid that if I change this, if I make a new thing, that Allah will not allow me to be with my two companions when I

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am when I'm raised before Allah worldwide is two companions. Muhammad Salah man, I will get to see their father. He's I fear I That's why my fear if I if I do this, then maybe Allah will not allow me to be with them.

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That's a different level of dukkha I agree. I mean, I'm not saying you have to wear clothes, which are that annoy hamdulillah has given you good wear good. And make sure your hand and Tagalog

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but these are standards for us to think about and say this is how people who had authority

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the caliber of Islam was in under whose

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rule Islam spread the you know, all the way from from Medina all the way up

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to Jordan to Phyllis the

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first Firstly, it was it is in his time Villa thing was, was relieved and for those AXA was not there yet. But it was

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Jerusalem itself was, you know, ancoats was, was liberated and conquered.

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And that was a relief.

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A man came to see to see the set. Where is the where's the holy visor there under the trees? Sitting there, close your

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eyes? He asked. I was rather the middle of the road to learn from these beautiful, fantastic examples that we have in our history and to learn to do that which pleases and to live our lives in a way that pleases us.

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And to stay far away from all of this. The attractions of this dunya

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was Allah Allah Allah Nabil Karim Allah Allah He was a member of the government