Yasir Qadhi – Is it Permissible to Purchase An Extended Warranty on An Expensive Purchase? Ask Shaykh YQ #215

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The caller asks if it's possible to purchase an expensive electronic device and extend a warranty on it. The representative explains that it's allowed to be purchased at the time of purchase, even if the item is from a third party. They also discuss the importance of avoiding overlooking the warranty and the need to purchase a separate warranty at the time of purchase. The representative provides more information on insurance and the importance of avoiding mistakes in the future.
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Our final question for today, brother na sera from Minnesota says, Is it permissible to purchase extended warranties on a product? I'm going to purchase an expensive electronic device, and I have the option of adding on an extended warranty. Is it permissible or not? One

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hour to sell me Kobe, deca Reja learn No, hey, lay him first.

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The response to this question is actually, as usual, very, very complicated. You can have two or three opinions out there, believe it or not, there's actually three opinions I can give you. Meaning two would say it's, it's allowed

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to say it's not allowed to give different reasons. And when we say that it is allowed or you can even not afford so depending on who you ask. But again, the rapid q&a, it really goes back to a person's position on insurance, and also a person's position on horror or uncertainty. And because this is rapid fire q&a, let me simply state that the position I endorse, and it is the position of one of my teachers, it is also the position of one of the specialist economic fatwa committees based in the Middle East. And that is that if, at the time of purchase at the time of purchase, a warranty can be added, either from the manufacturer or from the buyer doesn't matter to us. But at the time

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of purchase, you connect the warranty to your purchase price, even if it's more in this case, it is permissible to purchase a warranty. However, if you're going to purchase the warranty afterwards, not related to your contract of purchasing the item, and it is from a third party, in this case, you are directly purchasing insurance. And generally speaking, we should not directly purchase insurance now somebody can see what's the difference, the difference between the increasing of the price of the product in return for extending the warranty versus purchasing the separate coverage is that the warranty in the first instance, it is directly linked with the sale of the transaction, the actual

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transaction. And the basic principle of Islamic field of Islamic transaction is that things may be overlooked if they are connected to a transaction in a way that they will not be overlooked if they are the purpose of the transaction. Okay, so

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you'll definitely terbang murder, you gotta follow that that which is secondary can be overlooked, but if it was primary and the intended then it cannot be overlooked. Okay, now this might be, you know, considered to be a technical cop out. But in reality, it is what it is. And it is a valid point. And there are many examples from Hadith. To prove this point. There are many examples from the Hadith about sales and transactions that prove this point. Hence, the scholar state that the ambiguity the horror that is prohibited is that which has to do with the item itself, the main object of the transaction. So to purchase an extended warranty separate from purchasing the item

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from another party after you purchase the item. Now, that is the goal. And so that's going to be not something that is encouraged. And generally speaking, I have a much longer video on insurance, it should be avoided, however, to purchase the item. And then you say oh, there's a warranty. Okay, let me just add it on no problem. Now this is now attached to it is consumed by the goal is the item and then you've tacked on something and that wasn't the goal. That wasn't the intended point. The item is the goal and you've tacked something on that is overlooked. I'm not saying it's encouraged, but you asked Is it allowed, it's allowed because it's overlooked because it is subsumed by the actual

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item itself and it becomes something that is Tauber that is a corollary and that which is a corollary can be forgiven, whereas that which was intended might not be forgiven. This is the ruling that a number of famous alumni including chef have been Jubilee and others they applied it to this to this case. So the bottom line if you are offered a warranty at the time of purchase, you may pay more for the warranty if it is included in the purchase price and it will be considered to be a corollary however, you should not enact a separate transaction at a later date in order to have the warranty and a lot so kinda without it knows best. And with this we come to the conclusion of

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today's q&a and inshallah Tada. We will continue with our regular more detailed q&a next week. Zack will low fit on why he was too low, he will bought a cat

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