Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Importance Of Sunnah Part Vi

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Alhamdulillah alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen

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he was happy he is writing about

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the letter inshallah the last of a series of reminders about the importance of the Sunnah

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and importance of obedience to realize a lot is

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the secret of success

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in this life, and in the era

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is that Allah subhanaw taala should love us

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and not saying that we should love Allah, we should of course love Allah. But the secret of success is that unless you love us

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and Allah Subhana Allah told us how he will love us.

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And Allah, Allah said very clearly, colon condom to Hebrew and Allah, Rooney, yo businesswoman La, La La, la kumanovo wala or

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less rodeada said say to those who claim to love Allah, say to those people who say that we love Allah, tell them make my ativa

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Follow me imitate me in everything that I do, do what I tell you to do, and do what I do even if I do not tell you to do it.

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The meaning of it and the meaning of it that I've already explained the difference between these two. So, I will not mention it here. But there is a difference it has depends on order and it is purely a sign of love.

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For example, a solar cell has allowed us to use the miswak but it did not order us to use

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so anyone who uses the miswak is doing it

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even though there is no Hong Kong

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on the other hand, give us the Hong Kong to pray two rakaat I had the budget when we entered the budget

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he did it himself we also

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kept a beard and he gave the Hong Kong to say keep a beard.

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So the big difference, the beard and the other images are how come and interact together

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whereas the swag is equivalent. So there are different kinds of scenarios. So now which I used to do without ordering and there was one that we did a solar solar film ordered and also did.

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So Allah, Allah told us that the secret the way to get Allah subhanaw taala to love us is to be on the sun. Muhammad Rasul Allah Subhana Allah services

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and what is the benefit of that? What is the benefit of Allah loving us? The benefit of Allah loving us is was the wireless router as in Allah, Allah ekata who saloon Allah maybe? Yeah You are levina amanu sallu Allah He was sending with us.

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This is an array

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on whom Allah Subhana Allah, Allah

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when desire dm the Sahaba

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has ordered us they will live in Amato's Allah

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said he was celibate. So how should we do this?

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And this is the difference between the Sahaba and us. We invent the savages to ask

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they did not invent

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so they asked how should we do this? And as well as alongside say, along with Indiana's even a mama

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Wiley mama Come on sala de la Rahim Allah Alabama can be a law my daddy Kala Muhammad Ali Muhammad, Allah Ibrahim Allah de

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la sala Los Angeles.

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Now we invent JSON tells us that the way to send the road and Salama rossano is not how he told us, but how we invent it.

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And we invent all kinds of ways. And within those ways, many of them are shipped

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from doing something which is more or less random data and gaining rewards. We are actually committing shirk and doing something which is haram and getting the Azov Allah

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and inshallah in the class I will explain this in detail what is you can what all is done in the name of sending the rules and so on.

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But the only authentic way that was taught is this way.

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Now, what is the benefit of this

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man give to him and his ideas Allah sallallahu sallam.

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I, out of all the time that I spent in Vicar 25% of that time, I spent in sendings alaikum Salaam, on you

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Rasul Allah, Allah told him if you increase it, it is better for you. He did not say

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If you increase it's better for me.

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Because if Allah subhanaw taala is sending the Latin Salam on him when the melodica sending salatu salam on him, how can your Salah Salam make any difference to one way or the other?

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He said if you make if you increase that if you increase the amount of silica and silica sand on me, then that is better for you. So he said jasola Angela from today I will do half of the scar that I do the time I spent 50% of that I will send salatu salam ala rasulillah salam said if you increase that it is better for you.

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And he said inshallah, then I will 75% three quarters of the time I will spend sending salatu salam al Hassan said that is better for you.

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What is the benefit of sending salatu salam ala rasulillah salam, and remember, all of this applies if you are doing it in the way he taught, not in the way you invented?

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What is the benefit was the one who sends the law on me once Allah subhanaw taala will send Salat and Salam on him 10 times

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as either our laws Rasul Allah did not say I will give you 10 times the reward No. Allah will actually then the lamp and there is a difference. Ella Delgado said was en de la on my interview once and I will give it under words, not under words. 10 times are up and said I'm on you. But once again, if you do it the way Rasulullah sallallahu not the way you invent you all stand in a circle and say salatu salam alayka Yasser Allah salatu salam O Allah subhana wa salatu salam ala, this is sheer,

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the sheer fee as well as the van de ley de Allah.

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It is haram. Because you are saying Yasser Allah and Rasulullah sallallahu is not present that you are giving the Seaforth of Allah subhanho wa Taala to the NaVi which is haram.

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You are saying Yeah, muralla there is no neurona the knower of Allah is Allah Himself Allah who knows some Artie, what are the fact that there is no Sheree In the name of Allah? Anyone who will

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