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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala serene. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu, ala URI leaves son of the Stephen.

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Today we live in a strange world which has all kinds of dichotomies. One of them is that there is this very positive thing that people want their children, to come to the masjid, to want to come to the masjid, to love the masjid, to want to be in the masjid, and so on. So this is entirely positive, there's nothing negative about that sentiment.

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But in that anxiety, that the children should love the masjid and so on, one want to come in.

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Parents forget their biggest responsibility, which is setting up boundaries, which is tarbiyah, which is training.

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And we have this phenomenon many masajid of children coming to the masjid, and completely creating havoc,

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running around like wild animals and screaming and, you know, disturbing people who are were praying,

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pushing and shoving and all kinds of things. Now, and if you say anything to the parents and say, please control your children, or, you know, they're the you cannot allow them to scream like this. And so they get very uptight. So brother, you know, these are, these are angels, these are Malika

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and don't stop them either they will hit the masjid

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my brother sisters, I want you to please understand that

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setting boundaries, creating,

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giving tarbiyah to the children is your apparent primary responsibility. There is no responsibility that is bigger than this. And that is the reason why parents have been given the position that they have been given in Islam, not because of biology, it because of the fact that you introduce your children to Allah, and you introduce your children to Islam. And that is why Jana is beneath the feet of the mother. And the father is the door to join. So let's have a son upset when one dies, one door closes when the other guy is out the door process. That is a level of respect the level of

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there's a word of the parent for the child. And I say this not because of biology, the biology even animals do it.

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Not because you gave birth to the child is because of what happened after you give birth to the child, the kind of tarbiyah you do to this and

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embolic bananas round Zulily one of the greatest of the fossa

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of Islam,

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a man who's

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who was known for two things, one, he was known for his love for us or vice versa. And the respect that he had, and he showed every single time always for a supervisor Salah and His Word and His teachings there had this also

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when he wrote his water,

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he took a long time. He took many years to compile the Hadees in the mortar

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Sometimes people also to told him, they said, Look, you know, you need to get this book out. You're taking so long that at the same time, there are many other people who are compiling a hadith of a sorcerer Salam, some of them have called them also water and your water will be lost, if you delay if you delay more. So get it out. Now malerkotla said my idea of writing this book is not to become popular. My idea of writing this book is for the pleasure of Allah. And I will do my maximum to ensure that this book is the best of my efforts.

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Whether it is lost or it is not lost or whether it last so it doesn't last to the polls.

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And of course I lost that as witness there is only one board. And that is what Mr. Malik when it was actually published. The embassies live all the time he was so impressed with it, that he came to Medina he met Malika.

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And he said to him, I'm going to give you the poverty provision. And I will issue a decree to say that this is the only book of Hadith that should be taught across the empire in every Manasa in every place.

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Because this is the most the best and the

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And then the most accurate resource, I mean, his His thing was, nothing else will be taught. And then he said that I will have this book, inscribed and written in pages of gold.

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And we will place it inside the Kaaba. And imagine anyone in the place of Malaga. I'm saying all of this in the context of therapy of children, so bear with me.

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So in the, in the anyone in the place of family, what would you say this is the peak of achievement, you know, the ruler of the time, he is completely flawed, and he's a marriage.

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Malik said no to both. He said, I do not want this book to be inscribed in gold and placed inside the cover. And he said, I do not want you to issue any edits to say, any format to say that this is the only books that should be taught.

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The man said why? He said, Because if Allah subhanaw, Taala chooses to keep every son off is in a really sad MRI. Who am I to say that only the ones that I collected are correct and the others are wrong? Isn't that is not correct. I will not say that.

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Now, these are the famous story of America,

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where once he was doing that some of these and people saw that his face suddenly became white. And he seemed to be intense pain. But he didn't stop and he didn't engine, you know, show any sign outward sign of pain apart from what was involuntarily on his face. So that his students were in a quandary whether they should interrupt him and ask him if everything is okay, or what. But obviously, the other was the teacher was such that they did not stop him. And when he finished the dollars, he collapsed, the rest of him and they, you know, they tried to revive him and so on. And they saw some blood behind on the back of his shirt, and they lifted the shirt of the founder, there

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was a scorpion, which had stung him 30 times 30 times never had an intense pain of that the poison of that going into his blood. But he didn't stop the rating the heaviness of resources and sell them. They asked him they said yeah, man, what what is this? Why do you do that? You could have stopped you should have told us we would have helped you, we would have gotten rid of this thing.

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He said, I consider it to be against the other two, the lawsuit or the set up against the respective resources that I must that I interrupt his word, because I have some pain, said I'm nothing.

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The reason I'm saying all this do is because the same Malik when he was a little boy.

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His mother used to send him to machines and wh Sheriff every day to study under his staff, whose name was Robert alright. Orderly, another great scholars lab.

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But when she used to send it to the masjid, she didn't just you know, send him

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anywhere he was dressed.

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T shirts and shorts and whatnot. She used to dress him up in proper Islamic clothes. She would tie a turban on his head.

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A little boy, she would tie a turban on his head. And every day when she sent him the messages she would she would say to him take from the luck of Romeo to right before you take from his in take from the manners the other o'clock

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overview right? Your teacher before you take from his before you take from his knowledge. This is the meaning of target. This is the meaning of

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of setting boundaries. Don't you think that Imam Malik loved the masjid was going to the budget was eating the budget.

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But he was not running around like a wild animal in the machine.

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He was not screaming his guts out to the machine. Because this was a target of a mother. So he loved the masjid in a beautiful way. Every place has its rules.

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The same parents who send their children to the masjid. And they get offended if somebody says Don't scream don't.

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They take the same children. They go to a restaurant. Those children are not running wild in the restaurant. They are not screaming their guts out in the restaurant. Those same children the same parents take their children on a train on a bus on a plane. Those kids are not running wild and those kids are not screaming they got some. The same parents take the same children to a library and they tell them to beside it. They take them on tours. Maybe they would see a great cathedral or something. Every church and they tell them to be silent when they go inside.

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But in the house of Allah, everything goes you can

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screaming and rave, you can run you can, you can yell you can run around and so on.

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Your job is to be parent, your job is parent Your job is to parent children

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do that properly,

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to be able to deserve what Allah subhanaw taala gave for you.

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Love of the masjid must come with the other of the ones. It's not free from the other or the ones

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and saying that children should be allowed to do whatever they want in the masjid because you want them love them as is complete and total nonsense. There is no need for this either in the Quran and the Sunnah, or in the flock of anyone who's worth following.

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So please,

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have mercy on yourselves and have mercy on your children. This is how you raise them. Or this I don't even I don't think this is because raising them there this being loose like animals. If this is how you deal with them, this is what they're going to do with their children

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and their children and so on.

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The Masjid is the house of Allah.

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By all means, come to the masjid be happy in the masjid.

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If there is a specific place designated for play for playing for example, a basketball court or soccer pitch or whatnot in the magic please go ahead do that play that no problem.

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But inside the magic, especially when people are praying

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believe me every person whose Salah is destroyed because your child screamed

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that person's destroyed salah is in your country.

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May Allah protect you Allah subhanaw taala may question you about why you allowed your child to distract his slave

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from focusing on him and his worship.

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Don't do that yourself. The primary purpose of the masjid is not for your kids. The primary purpose of the masjid is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that primary purpose was not be compromised and destroyed for any reason whatsoever.

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I see this happening so many places in so many places in so many and all kinds of these, you know not funny excuses are given. So please raise your children don't leave them wild. They are your sadaqa jariya they and their actions and their children's actions and their actions will all be inshallah we hope it means of goodness for you in your grave. Do not tamper with that. Don't turn that into the opposite. Or some of the Halloween very rarely use I remember octagon