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Bismillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been even more serene Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah, Allah Allah, he won't it

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doesn't even

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let me

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talk about the issue of hunting for jobs.

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You know, as far as we are concerned, as far as Muslims are concerned, we have an advantage, which is that we know where our results comes from.

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There are two fundamental things we know one is we know who provides us who is the provider.

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And the second thing we know is that what has been written for us has been written for us,

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nobody can change it, nobody can give us more nor even this.

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Now, once we know these two things, we know that the provider is Allah subhanaw taala.

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And we know that what has been written for us we will get

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So what must we do? First of all, should we do anything at all? Yes, because Allah subhanaw taala told us this, he said what Allah salaries are in love as Allah said for the human being is nothing more than what he works for.

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This refers also to the Accra

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in the Accra we will get agile we will get the reward from Allah subhanaw taala based on what we do, but it also refers to the dunya as Allah is saying here, you will get what you want. So therefore we should work

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we should have we also have the tsunami with Santa who also worked, so he didn't just sit there and say let it come down.

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So this is clear now. Therefore, how do we approach this work? So what is the choice for me? Number one choice for me is that the sustenance that I get thanks to my work must be from Halal means

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that this is a non negotiable

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and it's a non negotiable because the criterion of Halal and Haram has been decided by loss of habitat. And he's the one providing and Allah subhanaw taala has no there's no deficiency in his treasures.

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And Allah did not tell us that you know, take some shortcuts and help me to feed you or you know, it's okay to do a little bit of haram doesn't matter no.

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So, non negotiable for us is in the pursuit of our sustenance, whatever the means. We only take what is halal.

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Now, we have the hadith of

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Hazara Alia Vilanova Ozette sola sallam said, leave the doubtful for that which is not enough. So not only will we need will we not take sustenance from nor haram means but we will also not take sustenance from doubtful things. Without food, believe it,

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by all means check and find out whether, you know clarify the doubt, we don't have to live with that out. But until we clarify the doubt, we don't touch that. So

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then we say well, how do we or what is the what are the best ways, of course, broadly speaking to is one find a job the other one create a job, entrepreneurship or employment, two broad areas, right.

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Both of the ways it's allowed to work for somebody as well as it's harder to create jobs. But between the two like the Hadees, Rosa Selim, he said that nine out of 10 parts of Baraka is in entrepreneurship. He said it is in doing business yourself.

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So we have this Hamdulillah this assurance.

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Now, what happens to a lot of people is, they study they train, they develop skills and so on. But their mind is focused towards seeking jobs. So you're looking for a job. Now, what is a job? Look at Think about that. What is a job? A job is not somebody paying you money, because he likes your face? No. Right? That's called marriage.

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So it's not a job. A job is something where you are creating value for somebody else.

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And he is paying you a part of that value.

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Right? If I'm creating $100 value for somebody and he pays me $1 That he gets nothing.

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So obviously, you'll pay me $80 or even 50 Doesn't matter what you buy, depending on what it is right?

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So I'm creating value

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due for someone, and this person is paying me a percentage, a part of the value that I created for him.

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So, in theory, if all the employees of a company stop working, this is the walk away, what happens is the company shut down,

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the owner of the Capitol cannot create more capital if nobody's working there. So somebody's got to be working there, right.

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So now therefore, the thing to ask yourself is, when you're looking for a job, most people I have trained, I have the ability to create value. So I'm now looking for somebody who will pay me a fraction, however big that fraction might be, but a fraction of the value that I will create for him. Now in my way of thinking, that makes zero sense. Because if I'm actually creating value, why would I go

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to somebody else and say, I will create this value for you give me a piece of that? Why?

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I don't creating the value without saying I mean, you know, why would I take a piece? I want the whole thing?

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Why would I give it the value to you and say, give me back

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10 bucks out of eight by eight bucks or or 10 or something? I mean, that makes no sense.

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But we do it.

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The reason my thinking is the reason we do it, and I did it for 16 years until it opened my eyes and I say oh my god, we bought what stuff I'm doing. And I left it never and never turn back again.

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1994 I became an entrepreneur. And that's it.

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Now the reason we do that, most of the time is because we are not clear about what value we are actually creating.

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Right? So I know I'm doing this job okay, this job is job but what this job what value is the job creating this I'm not clear my mind. So what do I do I just go to other assemblies, you have your company, give me a job.

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He knows what value I'm creating, that's why he's hiring me.

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So I need to put myself in his head and say, Well, what is it that he sees in me that I don't see myself?

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The whole issue of entrepreneurship is to recognize your own value number one, because if I don't even recognize my own value, how am I going to sell it

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that I can sell something which I which which to me has no value

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so number one thing to do is sit down and think and say what is my value proposition?

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So when I'm going to somebody asked me for a job what is the value proposition that I'm putting to this person?

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Why does this person give me a job?

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Right? And then what you do is given this value proposition what is the actual market for this value proposition in this in society in the world so I'm not looking to for armour to give me a job I'm saying what is the value proposition that I'm going to take to this gentleman here who holds this company for him to give me a job take this value proposition and say How about me taking this value proposition to the overall market and say here's what I can do for you

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know one of the finest examples of that is this is this

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Han Academy you know, the Khan Academy now imagine what what is this guy doing? He's doing what every day he does in India India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, they all they all do the same thing which is that they are tutoring somebody right

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so he all he did was he took that took a little bit he took some amount of technology and he went over and next thing you know he sells it for millions of dollars to Bill Gates

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it's not it's not a it's not a rocket science idea is wrapped up in something with nobody I don't know. He's tutoring children in whatever subjects

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physics chemistry math blah blah blah order right that's already doing

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but the way he

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positions it

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take some places right? So very probably the guy understand this is the value proposition. And then you also realize is that I don't need to teach everything myself

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so just like Uber for example, yesterday I was given I was giving the example in my in my classes today.

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The largest taxi company in the world doesn't own a single car.

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No cars. So if I tell you start a taxi company will say oh, what can I do? I have no money. I've got to buy cars every car cost this much and so on. I can't go to the bank. I can take bodyweight Eric for God's sake.

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Loyalty told you by God blah blah isn't start a taxi company. So what does this guy do? He has a business proposition where he does every car owner into an entrepreneur.

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know, you got a car, I got your car just sitting in the garage, you're not driving the car 24 hours, right? So I'm going to give you a proposition, your own free time when you are free drive the car I pay

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the beautiful, fantastic.

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So think about what is the value proposition? What is it that I do?

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How does it help?

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Who does it help? How does it help? Then work from that and say, How can I monetize that?

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So instead of I tell people, instead of looking for jobs, Do this, do this, sit down and do this exercise for yourself and say, what is it that I do? What is the value of that?

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What is the market of that?

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Put yourself in the head of the guy who's running the who's potentially your employer, right? Put yourself in that in the mind of that person, say, I want Sony to give me a job. Why? Because this is what I provide to that person, that when I provide this to that person, what's he doing, that he's selling it, who is selling it to, I go directly to that.

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Never look for a job again, and then you now become a job creator, the people who come to you.

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So instead of running around, you know, going from place to place and then getting most of the time in my experience. If you get like 2% You know, positive successful intervals that you're you have to go to a party or something right. So 98% of the time you're getting only negative stuff. Failure is paid for what?

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No need to suffer from all that just sit down, do your do some mind work.

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Create a value proposition. Talk somebody else, let me know if you can see the value of that, sit over somebody else, talk to them, show them show you, you're done. Because Allah is the one to provide. I mean, how does we start from that Allah is the one to provide. I am now in a situation where Allah Subhana Allah has given me options. Either I take a Saturday from somebody or I create my own, I'm getting the same thing. I don't have to. If I get if I do my own, then I am my own boss I have I have control of my time I have control of my environment. I can if I want to do something else, I have time for all all of this, the whole budget and you don't have if I want to take two

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days of leave, I don't have rush hour please get it right for God's sake. Not only take leave it go

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sure there's a cost to bed two days you won't have business that you have to do that how will you deal with that but you don't have to stand before somebody in a line and said application please get I have lived all

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right. So this is what I

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said let me share this with you and the whole world.

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become entrepreneurs stand on your own feet create jobs for here but job hunting.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to put Baraka in that and to give you great ideas and to help you see the value in yourself and see the value in what you provide and we are asking this monitor to give you rewards which are multiplied through generosity and Grace Salalah Alana Vickery while he was a paid member, before I before I close, also there is this dua, Allah McSweeny we had a gun Harami whatever you need before the government cvac I'll put it in the description of this alarm mfine be highlighted and haram ik whatever Nene we fought the current month Ziva Allah subhanaw taala give me and reach me with Khaled

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and save me from haram. This is the other resource of salaam talks about the land when he said if you are if you are in debt, you do this door Allah will settle there even if your debt is the size of the mountain or Allah will certainly it for you. The same applies also to get a job and you know for for the for the benefit of risk hamdulillah and also USADA that's another way of opening the doors for so give some sadaqa every day and make this God pray the Hodges ask Allah, Allah will open doors

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for sal Allahu Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was a member of hatha yoga for Rahimi Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh