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and hamdulillah Hello Beloved Amin.

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So now there was Salam o Allah should be able to answer the Mohammed

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Abdullah highly he right early use of your Salah this will be one cathedra on cathedra

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on my Bible my brothers and sisters

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I remind myself and you

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that Allah subhanaw taala gave us this

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beautiful month of Ramadan Kareem

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so that we become the top one.

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Now I love them the top one Allah subhanaw taala said coochie bradykinesia come up with the ballerina mean COVID eco, the Isla combs of the home so that you will become the home

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and what the key is somebody who is concerned

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and whose only concern is the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala he is not concerned about anything else. His only concern is is Allah subhanaw taala pleased with me or not.

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This month is a month, which is a month of great opportunity

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and opportunity to literally reboot and restart our lives

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an opportunity to

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restart our lives and put them on the path leading to the result of Allah

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whatever we did till now, this is the month which has the opposite gives us the opportunity to erase it clean it and start fresh.

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The question is do we take advantage of that or not?

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And that will depend on only one thing and that is our dialogue with Allah subhanaw taala our connection with Allah subhanaw taala

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as I say all the time the purpose of Riba is not the word itself.

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The purpose of unfortunately we have changed that for example if you ask somebody why are you why are you reading Quran is a false our. So Allah give me a reward. And we quote the results for every letter 10 Hashanah, olive lamb is not one letter, it is real, it is 30 years, all of which is true. But Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam did not say that this is the reason for the Newser of the Quran. He said this is the saliva which

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he did not say this the reason Allah did not send the Quran so you can enjoy

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Allah subhanaw taala sent the Quran so that it can be understood and it can be applied in our lives.

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Now that will happen only when we have a connection with Allah subhanaw taala when we have a toddler who the last one has

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not told us a very beautiful story

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about somebody who had the star look somebody who was Holly Rolla

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Ibrahim alayhi, Salam.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us the story, he told us about this and I want you to put yourself in that place.

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What Allah has told us, I want you to put yourself in that place and see what is happening see what you can see.

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Allah's Rattata told us the story about his colleague, Dr. Ali Salam maybe at that time he would have been

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my guessing is maybe he was 1012 years old can't couldn't have been older than that because of the nature of the story.

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I'm not about that I said I was with Avery straight on the regime is when

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he was called I brought him over a beer in a cave to hail motor call to main call Avada or Achillea to my call we call as a whole arboreta may not play the phosphor on a custom module Allah Allah collegia volume min Han

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Sol Maduro, nya Tina casa y lemon law har Aziz on highkey. Allah subhanaw taala said

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and remember whenever a haven a Salam said he asked my Arab rugby or renaker Eva to heal Mota O'Meara show me how you give life to the dead.

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Now see the answer of Allah's Valder

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he's asking a question how do we like to read so what should we answer? This is how I get back to them.

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How do you do list is good.

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But Allah is not answering like this.

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you don't believe

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You asked me this question

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what does that tell you? When somebody asked this question

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for example, my brother is

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not as yet

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somebody he tells me sure if you have checked our Where is your house? If you ask me, where do

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I get what? You ask him? Well

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how can you ask me? Where's my house? What does it mean? It means you are my close friend. How is it you don't know where our houses

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you asking me when a stranger asked me okay, why are you having to buy a house?

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What you have in Las Vegas

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so he's saying A B Arnica to Hill water. Oh my Rob, show me how do you give life to the

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anagram listeners responses.

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When I'm talking, you know.

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It shows the closeness, the attachment.

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The affection the love that Allah's one hotel has for is hurried.

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Anywhere is a long response. Of course, I believe it will increase my faith. As soon as Aristotle said, even

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he said, Well, I killed yet why can we? He said revival is seldom said but it increases my faith. He said if Ibrahim alayhi salam could say that then we have even more right to say that

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you want to say this?

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he says are they in my feed now? So what is the last one is the

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simplest thing Allah subhanaw taala could have killed something maybe make it alive? This is this is how it happened? No. Allah Subhana Allah gave this young boy a whole project.

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Allah subhanaw taala said, Go and find four birds. Then incline them towards you, meaning tame them. So they love you, then you become your pet birds.

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And he says for birds, he didn't say for chickens. He didn't say for ducks, because these are these are agrarian communities. They are farmers, they will have animals and birds in the farm. So they would have chicken they would have, you know, ducks and geese, let's say no, not those wild birds. And then Allah did not say catch them out, put in a cage. No. It should be free flying. Let it remain wild. But when you call it, it must come to you. It's not magic, do it.

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Now what does it mean? How do you do that? Can you simply go catch a sparrow and it will come? No.

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If you want a wild word, if you want to tame a wild word, and have it in a situation where did you call it? It comes to it has to be done when it is a chicks ball. But

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so what does it mean? Now it means that you will have an exam first has to figure out for different species of birds, then he has to figure out their lifecycle. When do these birds nest. When do they lay eggs, he has to find the nest he has to keep watch on the nest. Then he finds the borders laid eggs. Now the eggs are hatching, it takes up except take some time. It's not an overnight, take some time. Each bird has a different cycle. Gestation cycle, it takes so many days for the chicken it takes 21 days.

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So many then,

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when the chicks hatch, if he takes a chip out of the nest when it is too young, it will die.

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If he waits too long and the chip becomes too old, it will fly away. He can't catch it. Or even if he catches it, he cannot he cannot train. So exact time he must know.

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You've never done this before hours in all this. You can't go to Google and say what is the time for a start?

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So Allah is guiding him. That's a badge of honor getting him.

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So he's got now these four checks. How long does it take? We don't know. Maybe months?

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Not years, but definitely is not days also.

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Maybe several months, he's asked the question. He's got to wait months. He's got to work for this question.

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So now he's done all that. He's got these four words, and His Word, come to him and he calls me feed them. And think again, another thing for different species, the different things

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all birds don't eat. The same is about green eaters. Our warm eaters right now here and I got you. You got the Americans by the American Robin, which eats earthworms, almost entirely earthworms, nothing else.

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Then you got chickadees you've got cardinals, you have got not hatches they eat seeds.

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So if you get a Robin and you want to feed it see do you want it because that hasn't tried to feed it? Was it what it so Eva

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Whereas I was to figure it all out which what species what are the heat's on feed of different things.

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Now we've got the word now, Allah subhanaw taala says then what you do, you slaughter them,

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all four of them, you chop them up, mix it all up,

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separate it into piles. And the Quran does not say how many maybe three 410 15 God.

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And then he says each little pile of mincemeat which has blood and bones and feathers and the head of one bird or the tail of another bird or whatnot,

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take it and put it on top, each pile on top of one hill. Now we don't know how many hills there was, whatever it was. And then Allah says, come back and stand in the middle and call them we will come to you

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can think about this, as is the head there, the tears somewhere else the all of this will go into catch. They want to match up, join up again, come alive, and they will come to you.

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Now what is the purpose of the stories of the Quran? It's not some fairy tale or it's not some entertainment. time pass until if there are no

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it is for us to reflect

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on the Hadith and majesty and glory of Allah and say this is Allah. Now imagine what is happening to Bramalea salaam, this little boy who's standing there to whom all of this is happening?

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What is it doing to his heart? What is it doing to the strength of his belief, strength of his Yaqeen?

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Now think about this. There was also another man who asked the same question, how can Allah bring back the beanbag that people are like, and that was rattler put that I

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in the Quran in the simplest sort of the Bogra

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Allah's words that I said Ocula the marala Korea thing we're here we are to nada Whoo. She called Anna you he had the healer houbara the motif for Amata hula

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for Amata hula hula Miata. I mean some

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color come lovest color to yo MANOVA yo, Audubon Levy, Samia the IMEI or Isla Tara because we call me a dozen wells or Isla

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li da da da chi attend in US was our Isla Arizona Makai Fanon She's no she's una semana to la

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vida Mata Jana Okada Allah one a lot right I called Alicia Euclidean

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I was one of

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the I had before this before the I have already said there was a man

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who came he was on his donkey running his donkey and

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he passed by a town and his town was a ruin all the houses collapsed roofs roofs collapsed everything completely dead nobody's dead.

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So the man said how can Allah bring back to life this thing?

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Let's see the see the throne K for to yield Moto is different from how can I bring this back? Very different tone Caifa to your motor is dialogue with Allah he's asking you out of pollution. There is AIDS.

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There is humility, there is humbleness, there is love there is the US Azama of Allah subhanaw taala and the heart

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how can I bring this back to life is almost on the point of cover.

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By saying how can Allah do it? It's almost it's almost like saying I really don't believe it can happen. He's not saying that is the tone is either even though he's not using the words don't how is it possible meaning what is not possible?

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How can it be means it cannot be?

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So what I'm gonna do now same question, I mean, nature of the question is the same, which is how will you bring back the dead?

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Response is very different. What is the response? Versus die?

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You want to ask the question day, actually.

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And then what happens 100 years is dead.

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100 You'll meet and

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then you come back alive.

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Lesson How long were you did your one hour day or maybe one day, maybe half a day? Maybe a part of a day? You know? You were dead for 100 years or this one a year.

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Look at your food and what food and drink no judge just like this. You'll get your donkey donkey is dead gone, finished disintegrated bones. And then in front of his eyes this donkey comes back to

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the flesh come back on the bones. Dog is done.

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Now, think about this. The story is if we have read the stories we have, think about this, if I drop down now,

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on the left, I'm happy because I'm going into talking about the name of online. So in the state of Abdullah, but I'm saying if I die now, and I come back to Allah bring it back to life after 100 years.

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corpsman I see.

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Every single person I know would have died. Everyone, without exception, right? Nobody I know today we'll be alive. 100 years from today. From today. They're 2123 This is 2023 in 2123 Every single person I know today would be dead. No matter what their age. Right?

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So when I come back to life 2123 I have no family. I have no friends. My cards don't work. Maybe money doesn't work. Gadgets don't work. My ideas don't work.

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I have no identity.

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And then we don't know what the world is going to be like and what the world will be in 100 years from now we have no idea

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whether this West Springfield will be at the bottom of the ocean we don't know whether maybe water has risen or something along those

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see the test? He has the same question. We'll see the tests

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you remember listener has a question it's all love will have less they already are it is.

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That whereas the question a different tone of voice, you got the answer? Either I know Allah subhanaw taala can do whatever he wants. But now what? What about you?

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different strokes, different folks.

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Like myself is to say,

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don't believe that whatever is natural to happen will happen to you.

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What will happen to you depends on who you are with Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala has got some rules

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for the general public for the general world. Those rules apply to whoever is there.

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But for special people

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that especially the same rules don't apply

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to them like Jana used to say, supposing a man has in the in our country we do for festivals, and so on. We call it data.

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So we have

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to make food, lots of food. And then there's the

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open invitation anybody can come. So there is this big sofa, the sofa anyway, you could just walk off the street come and sit in sit and eat like along the robbery will stop.

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So I definitely say supposing this damage has been done by my friend your mouse.

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So I see this house I know that I walked in from the street. I'm sitting there. Suddenly Mahmoud sees me.

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Right? He sees me sitting there. I'm about to study. He sees me what does he do? He comes in gradually come get up.

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Get up

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so what should I feel?

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This man I thought he's my friend. He's depriving me of eating is preventing me from it is what I should think. Or I should think that no, no, because he's my friend. I'm just a close friend of his he doesn't want me to sit and eat with everybody. He's picking me up when you come you come you will eat here inside our house with us with a special table.

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This general thing is not for you is specialty. Get up, get up get up.

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I'll have my Allah

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general rule for the general public for Allah subhanaw taala people who Allah loves different rules.

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And the key to that is what what Allah subhanaw taala said

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when he said we'd call it a horrible name, Allah Aslan.

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He said submit.

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He's upset himself etc. We have submitted. Our algorithm comes to remind us to submit Allah subhanaw taala. We asked him

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to make us among those of his slaves who he considers to be submitted to him. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to interest of those who he loves, and who love him. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our dogs especially at this time. We ask Allah subhana Pharaoh to give us whatever we ask. And to add to it from His Majesty and grace. We ask Allah subhanaw taala in a generosity to forgive us to cover our faults to make sure our faults are not exposed.

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Always before anyone we asked him what he's with us

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he was