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filarmonica Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala Tasha. filmbay Well mousseline Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does Lehmann cathedral cathedral Movado.

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My brothers and sisters

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what is it that distinguishes Islam from any other religion?

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What is the key thing?

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Salah obedience, obedience

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the thing that distinguishes Islam from any other religion all these answers are right but the key thing the what was the fundamental way below that

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is the direct connection between Allah and the slave between the abdomen.

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There's no intermediary, there's nobody in between.

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I do something wrong. Who should ask to forgive Allah? I don't go to a priest. I don't go to somebody I don't I don't go to my father. I don't go to

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If I need something

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who do ask Allah.

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Nobody in between

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Allah. That is what we say in Salado in every seller every Raka and zoodle Fattah II Ikenobo we are going to stay

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no one in between. No clergy, no priesthood, no, no no nothing. The Andhra

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Allah said although any study will have asked me I will give you

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now this is the essence of it.

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And that is why it is very important for us to work on our to unlock with Allah subhanaw taala

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what is my we have a connection everybody has a connection, even the person who denies Allah the atheist has a connection because Allah created him.

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So that connection, we're not talking about that connection, we talking about the connection as in a connection of love as an a connection of the hope of Allah subhanaw taala as in a connection of the suchiate of Allah subhanaw taala in our hearts.

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And that is why Allah subhanaw taala when he mentioned the believers, and we ask Allah Samantha to include us among those events that

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he talked about, and he mentioned that connection.

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In number Gumina Lavina either Luca Allahu wa Jalla Kulu the believers are those truly they are those who, when Allah is mentioned their hearts, Shiva with the glory and majesty and all of Allah subhanaw taala that is the distinguishing feature of the Muslim man or woman, that something happens to his or her heart. When Allah is mentioned, that's it. We're not talking about a whole ban on when Allah

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that is why our mother says I said, these are the Allah.

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She said that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would be with us at home and he would be you know, playing or with the with whoever the children and so on and we're doing something and, you know, joking with us or whatever.

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And as soon as he heard the first word of the other, Allahu Akbar, she said that he would become like a stranger it that like he did not do any of us completely cut off instantly.

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Because he heard the

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sound of the Name of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So then I don't even know

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when you hear when you heard the other one is the blood would drain from his face, he would become white. So they asked him why why would you Why why'd you look like this? He said into here what the mother is saying. He's a law hog.

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The question is the connection with Allah Subhana Allah.

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Now what is the benefit of this connection? This connection has two fundamental major benefits that nothing else can give us. The first benefit of the connection with Allah subhanaw taala is awareness that Allah Subhana Allah Allah is in my life was Samuel bazille. He is the one who hears he's the one who sees real time. Whoa McGuane Makoto, he is with you. Wherever you are Allah, Allah is with you wherever you are.

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The biggest benefit number one benefit of that is it is a shield against disobedience. The exhibit is shield against disobey, because if I know Allah, I'm aware. We all know in the head.

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We all know that we know

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laying in the head is the first I won't say to us as it is it is some use it is the first step, but unless it goes into the heart unless it becomes part of part of my being, Allah is watching me Allah is listening to me right now. It's a protection against all forms of disobedience all forms of sins. If I know I'm aware that Allah subhanaw taala is listening to me, Allah is watching me. Can I backbite somebody can I do? Can I slander somebody? Can I tell lies? Can I deceive somebody?

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Can I curse? Can I use bad language?

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Right? No, you can't do the Buddha you are aware this Allah is watch how can I do that?

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We don't even do this with our own elders or our own teachers.

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Right No matter how much nowadays, the unfortunate thing is that you know, the environment is so corrupted and polluted if you go to schools or colleges isn't filled language being spoken, but any child no matter how, no matter what a baton, you might have in school, in in his home and his parents are there and the parents are with him and parents are watching will use the same language.

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I mean, if you if he's using the same language, and there's something very, very seriously wrong with the parenting,

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even though he may and I'm not saying it's a good thing, you should never use that like but even if he uses it somewhere else, he will never use it in front of his parents. How can you use it before Allah?

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What kind of human is that?

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So the first benefit of knowing Allah is with me is it's a shield. It's a protection against sin. Sin deservingness Allah is the biggest danger. The danger is not tigers and lions. The digger that danger is not you know, people who are going to mug you or thieves or whatnot. The biggest danger is sin because all the rest of it

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what can they do for it, whatever harm is temporary, whatever harm is for this world. If somebody steals my wallet, my wallet is gone. I can replace it.

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If someone injures me or I'm injured I go to the hospital I get cured I don't get cured I would die die that ends with that.

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But if I commit a sin if I commit Cooper commit share if I commit a sin, a major sin and I do not make is the foreign Toba and I die with that thing and if Allah wants to punishment that that is forever

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So protection, second biggest benefit as a two benefits. Second biggest benefit is this is a means of the greatest confidence that a person has.

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Because Allah is with me, oh my God. Allah said this, He is with you wherever you are. It's not something I'm saying. This is our hola todos de La Jolla. Louisa. I am with you wherever you are.

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In our enormous confidence, how can anyone harm me when my rub is with me? I don't care what's in front of me. Nobody can harm me. unless Allah wants that to happen.

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Huge confidence.

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The the confidence the bravery of a Muslim does not come from his or her

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reliance on their muscles or on their money or on you know what weapons they have. And I'm carrying this this gun with me? No, it is my rub is with me.

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I don't need guns. I don't need weapons. I don't anything. My rap is with me.

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If I if I want I call him instantly he listens to me. He knows real time.

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And he said he will answer.

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Where's the doctor that

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I know is hearing me? I know he will answer. Where's the doubt?

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The question is do I know

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and again knowing is not in the head, in the heart.

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In my heart in my being do I know this?

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This transfer from intellectual understanding to visceral understanding that is what is required.

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And when you have that, then there is total confidence.

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Caliban only or the learner

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is going. He comes to a village.

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And as he's going through there is a man who is the man has got something in his hand and he's trying to hide. So you grabbed him. He said what is that?

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He had a bottle in his hand.

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He said What's this? He said this is a poison.

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There will poison

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them man said this poison is so powerful that one drop is enough to kill you. One drop. And he said this bottled his whole bottle is enough to

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Kill this entire village this whole tribe

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this poison can kill the whole village the whole tribe Harlequin whereas others are the poison can kill ha

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the poison can kill

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you so let me see how the poison can kill

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that don't try this because this is what how we're gonna do it. You have to be 100 more wary to try this, but this is a documented

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piece of history. He said this poison can kill the monster Yeah, the poison kill. He said let me see how the poisoning we get. He opened the bottle he drank the whole thing. The whole bottle

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he's appointed again kill

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the Allahu Allah. Allah, Allah subhanaw taala Nothing can harm

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and nothing can benefit

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except Allah.

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The whole level of water level.

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This is the meaning of being Muslim.

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We fear nobody.

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We don't look for help from anybody. For us, a lot of habitat is efficient.

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And we thank Allah subhanaw taala for whatever state he chooses for us if that hamdulillah

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Allah kuleana

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in every state that we are in, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among his slaves who are middle Shakira in war always have sugar when we ask Allah to fill our hearts with His glory and majesty and remove every fear and every depression, every stress and every worry and whatever is that except the note of Allah. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us the souterrain the people who follow Mohamed Salah Ali he values himself will ascend in the best way in our lives are some of the hara and they will Karim Allah Allah He was a member of the Guatemalan