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Fill out another 111 filomeno salatu salam O Allah shuffelin be able mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Steven Catherine kathira. From abajo My dear brother, sisters, I remind myself when you that the position of the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala compared to the position or importance of anything else,

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absolutely nothing else is like the position of Allah subhanaw taala his level is

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his greatness and majesty, compared to anything else in creating

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the map the value, the importance of remember in our loss manager, compared to the value and importance of every single thing else increase, whether it's your business, whether it's your interest, whether it's your hobbies, whatever it is.

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The comparison of the two is like comparing a loss of $100 himself

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to anything else it creates. I don't think that requires any explanation for any of us, unless rather than 10.

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As far as the vicar is concerned, he said Father Rooney, as Coco, Allah said, Remember me, and I will remember you.

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You know, this, I could see or Susana informed us, that was one of the reset, that when my slave remembers me, within himself, I remember him within myself.

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In keeping with the meaning of that, whatever Allah subhanaw taala means

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and then Allah, Allah said, when my slave remembers me, in a gathering,

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I remember him in a gathering that is better than the gathering in which he remembered me.

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In a happy Muslim, narrated Bible, hora de la and I will say that Allah,

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Allah says Allah mentioned, he said that when a guru, he said that when a group of people assembled for the vicar of Allah, remember Allah, the angels surround them with their wings. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has mercy Sakina of tranquility, on Wallops them,

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descends upon them and unless mercy surrounds the envelopes, and Allah subhanaw taala mentions them, to those who are near him.

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And this is the same Muslim,

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my brother, sister, just imagine this I want you to try to internalize and to try to

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the extent possible, experience this, what is the meaning of saying that Allah Subhana Allah will remember you

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to those who are with him, the macabre be in the Monica Rhonda shovelnose pantalla wherever they are, what does that mean? It means that Allah subhanaw taala is actually taking your name and saying there is my slave, so and so,

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man or woman,

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they are remembering me. And the attention of these Baraka of these.

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These blessed beings, who are around us without Allah is drawn towards that person. What does that mean on the day of judgment? It means that those melodica around Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allah jabril la ceramica la serafini ceram and whoever else is there, what are

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they will be the witnesses for you and me, that we gather together and we collected for the sake of Allah and nothing else.

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There's a beautiful happiness in Bukhari and Muslim

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which is narrated again by

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abora. Delano.

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He said that Allah subhanaw taala has teams of angels that go around the roads seeking those who remember.

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And when they find that gathering, they surround them with their wins and they pile one on top of each other until they reach the first step. And when the gathering is finished, the goat Allah subhanaw taala Of course knows everything but Allah asked them

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what did you see? And they say Allah, we remember we saw these people who were remembering you and they were glorifying your thursby and timey and takbeer anthem g St. One a lot.

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A lot a lot but remembering ally in any part possible way. And they were declaring your perfect ness and they were praising you and they were declaring your greatness and majesty. Unless rattler says have they seen me the agency out there not see me. Allah says what happens if they see the yellow they will want to see even more they will want to

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They will not want to leave that place. Then unless Roger says what do they want from the Indian see Allah they wanted your lesson have they seen my Gen Z at the angel see Allah they have not seen you. And this is what happens in the C major. The Arab if they see your agenda, they will want it even more they will beg you for that even more. Allah says what is it they want is a Allah they were seeking your protection losses from what say Allah they were seeking your protection from your anger from your fire. Lesson Have you seen my fire? Allah them not see no fire losses, what happens is they see my fire. So you Allah, they will want protection from it even more, they will beg you even

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more for protection.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Then I call you to be the witness, you will be the witness that I will give them what they wanted and I will protect them from what they want.

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Whatever they sought protection from I will protect them from that and what they wanted. I will give them meaning. last panel, that agenda insha Allah and Allah Subhana Xs DITA

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and then on the mission as an object, there is a there's one of the agencies is Yara there was somebody there was not really part of that gathering. He just happened to come there. And he just like whatever he was seeing there. So he just said no, he was not originally invited didn't come there as a part of the gathering. He just happened to pass by. And he sat down with them. And those were that said, I forgive him also, because these people who gathered our people, by virtue of whom even their associates will not be unfortunate, even their associates will not be forgiven. ask Allah subhanaw taala is to forgive you, to bless you to

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remember you on his ash in the company of those who are with him around us. And I request you to make up for me as the person who happen to be there as a person who happened to pass by and who loved what you are doing and who sat with you

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does not want

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to live