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Miftaah Institute’s Conference 2021

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The importance of practice and avoiding losing time is discussed in Islam, as it is important to not be too busy. The use of words and the importance of saving time are also emphasized. The importance of privacy and privacy in publicity is emphasized, along with the need for practice and practice to find the spiritual journey. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing one's true feelings and thoughts during a migration process and not just trying to get close to someone.

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Sara my

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sisters are sleeping. Sara Monica.

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I always say this way the heat on beta here

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for her your bs na minha or do her which one is first?

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This is the book of Allah hongtai which one is first?

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us anyway now.

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Hassan your response not only you respond, but you respond better Oh reduce the minimum response so I said send alikum I just heard Wiley consider that's which one

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the first or the second that's the second No one said why they consider murottal law

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every opportunity you have my dear sisters and brothers to get closer to Allah don't waste it

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as simple as a ceremony

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and you take it from there. So hamdulillah rebranding India's akmola head for having me it's amazing gathering I love the place and I'm so grateful not because I'm here but because Allah allowed us all to be here last year is not that long is less than 12 months What is it? 4030 months 15 months when I was so excited to come because of this is a new place and everybody was telling me don't know how beautiful it is and we planned and planned and

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who was the best planner

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What did he decide you all stay home

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it's less than a year we should never forget this because if you forget it you will not be grateful to this

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and I was so worried when I got the invitation is lucky or law please make it happen this time Can he make it again

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and stay home again so don't forget to be

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grateful let in Chicago

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I don't hear it

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will incur for

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haha in other vilasa read. If you are grateful I'll give you more. The security part of this verse is actually in Surah Ibrahim

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it's not this one playing soccer Toma is even Naco because we all do that. You're good to me I'll be good to you is the second part will incur for Tom and Kufa here is not you don't believe in Allah. Cofer here you're not grateful because the original meaning of Crawford is actually you can seal something

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will incur for time if you're not grateful. In either be latia lead Look what Allah said in worldly ad RB is not my in yours. either be there is goes to Allah lead.

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He is emphasizing adventure lead he didn't say a Wayne

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and there's a lot of difference for those of you who are familiar knows the difference. Our v Misha deed, but linguistically shadid is stronger. And even the letter is in them with the alkaline or less. Shailene This reminds me and you

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Let's stop complaining let's see it'll be local hummed. Alhamdulillah when I landed Alhamdulillah when I was able to go to the hotel Alhamdulillah and then when he made it and now up Alhamdulillah and I mean it is not Alhamdulillah you know tip of the tongue. It's Alhamdulillah so all of you everybody and the way we show Allah Alhamdulillah is not just saying it's practice it and one of them is take opportunity of every minute as Shahab de la said, not only to learn, but to get closer to a loss pantalla This is my opportunity. I don't know if I'm leaving tomorrow. And you know I loved what you said how many people would love to be alive this moment, let alone Sunday the first

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day of the hedger so be grateful we are nation I'm talking about us living in the worst nation of complain.

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We have to find something to complain about. How are you not good? Why?

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So I don't want to discuss and not focus on what I was asked to talk what just came to my mind when I'm seeing this? And number two, may Allah reward the two young brothers with eternal misery Mirada would if you remember who said that are Swati salt or cinnamon he used to use a novela no master would recite the Quran used to tell him you have the voice of the award and he called it Meza Mia, the flute

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It's amazing. And you know what's the amazing there's a lot of people in this world have beautiful voices. But what are they using it for?

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And here do you go to young people to young gentlemen, and May Allah bless your parents, I owe

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See this and they are using it to

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teach us and make us enjoy his words. So panna and then the praise of Rasul Allah salatu salam, I hope you all followed what the Nasheed was all about was all about the roswaal he saw it was

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so as I have said this I want to come to what I was asked to talk about.

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Allah subhanaw taala as she had the Rohit said, talked about Satan Abraham a lot in the Quran actually in different ways. The one that really

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immediately I say, yo Allah, I would love to meet Edenic Brahim is the verse in Surah two naturally,

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it's the last page of sola to enable our Hema Karna anybody knows?

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In a Brahim I can

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on my tongue.

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Only Italia hanifin Wallonia comida shrieking pay attention to the first word oma, you know what one

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has so many meanings in the Koran here nation was one person

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one one,

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but he was equal to nation question to everybody here. Can I say I am equal to a nation?

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Can you say it? Can anyone claim it? Who was he? That Allah described him as Allah

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so this is one of the things we want to learn this weekend. Why he was oma

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and why I am not yet yet Ma. And can I be an oma? Can I be a nation all you young looking at me can you be in 10 years from now a nation? Yes, you can never say no. Yes, you can. But it's not easy. So that's the first thing when I talk about saving Ibrahim second which is related to the topic of Lhasa to Ibrahim that's why he was oma, what is infinity? Bill hiji Yeah, Touka ree Giada y la koulibaly millenia. Tina Macaulay fujinami this is also a total hedge. What did Allah said to Satan Abraham, he was only one. One. in Makkah, there's nothing there's no Kaaba.

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There is no buildings, there's no tower, there's no the clock. If anybody have you have been there. There's nothing and he said Ibrahim Ali cell call.

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And if you read the commentary on this, he says your law call what? There's nothing as they call your own mind your nation, they will come your call. I will get them there was a live nasty Bill had that's why we go How many of you are planning to go to Hajj last year?

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Show me hands. Not this year. I know. But last year,

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right. But Allah didn't allow us. But in short of Nairobi, I mean he rewarded us because we stayed because of an execute and then finance he will hedge what is hinge. What is the sacred journey we all talk about? I'm going to ask because I want you to be with me I don't want you to start sleeping. or looking at your phones.

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What is hygiene? What is the word hygiene mean? Anybody knows Don't tell me going to market I know that. What is the word mean?

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I hear it. I will cost what does that mean in English sisters? What is the problem? I know you know

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60 70% of every class is usually a woman Am I right? So what happened?

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What is the mean? I gave you the Arabic what is the English?

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I can't hear you but that's okay I'm sure you know.

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And cost is your goal your aim? Like if you moved from this stage you want to go to that door to go out and to also do BB or ntrc that BB you want to go to that door have your aim is not to go to Mecca.

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B because I go to Makkah for Amara Why is not called hunt.

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This sacred journey you're going to Las pantalla and I'm going to share with you some beautiful sayings and Imam Ibn Rajan has a beautiful book called lava a full maarif I'll translate it to you.

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If you are translated literally it's the subtle beauty of something we know. So if you look now or this and you say this is beautiful flowers, it's beautiful. We all see it lotta if we have this is there is a subtle beauty, but a few of us will see it. So all the book is about this. And he took every thing Allah asked us to do and he looked at the subtle beauty and he looked at hygiene and I'm going to share with you

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view some of 40 said applies to you and me now, because we are here. We're not in Mecca, he said, and I'm going to translate to you so May Allah help me to translate whomsoever

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is unable to go

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to our offer this year, man Fattah El Mocambo will be out of who cannot go to out Have a look what he wants you to do. He said, failure can be happy lady out of a

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stand up. It's the same word in Arabic. Those of you who know Arabic will enjoy it more. Stand up now here, let alone next Monday when it's going to be out of here. Stand up.

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As you know, a last one, Tyler. And as you know his rights. The reason we stand up in our office is not to stand up there and wearing white and it's very hard and you just make dua that's not what Allah wants you and me to go and that's not why it's called the arafa.

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Le Janata Rafa holla who, the Janina he beautified it, he actually made it smell beautiful for them. Allah said this and saw that Mohammed arafa is of time. And it's a place where you know yourself.

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So only you with a law, waiting white, standing there, wherever you are in our offer, and that heat, and you're sobbing and crying. And Allah knows what you are telling him. And what are you asking, do the same next one day.

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The time and the place is not the issue is where is your heart.

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You could be there but your heart is here.

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And you are here and your heart is there.

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Don't take it like every other Monday are like any other Monday. Don't take it literal, deep. If you don't know what I'm talking about, or you think this is very hard. ask Allah from today, your law whatever you thought, a man even Roger, teach me let me feel it. ask Allah to give you the out of that you know yourself. And you know whose last panel Matata, you know, when I started my journey with the Orion, and I remember the first time when I was studying in Saudi the share who was with us, I remember the first lecture. And he used to say when you open the book of Allah, and this is for the her father, specifically, when you open the book of Allah and when you're reading it, don't

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just open it up. And he literally made us do this. He said, open up the Quran. I want you to put your finger on the Quran, don't read anything. Just say this to yourself, had calamar ob.

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This is the words of my Lord.

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We don't feel this way when we open the aura. Now.

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The Quran is somewhere there on the shelf. When someone dies, or it's Ramadan, we pick it up.

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Even when I am a happy one, I'm reviewing it reviewing I'm focusing on did I do the while that Father word. So the same thing, let's deep Let's go. Let's go. Let's dive deep into things. So our offer next Monday, is the time that you know who you are. And if I can ask everyone here who you are, don't tell me your name. And don't tell me what you do.

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And if you ask me, I would love to tell you that I am and I want to be the servant of Allah, Abdullah,

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Emma to law because when I'm going to be standing in front of him, and you and this private interview, who you will all have

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you know that we're calling it your multi Amati

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each one of them will come to him on the Day of Judgment. single one.

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I need you to feel this. We get so nervous when we have an interview for a job or for a college. How about when I had the interview with the mannequin

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with the one who owns everything

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so how do you go this is what you need our offer next Monday your law make me be your servant I don't know how.

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But you can you can teach me so he's was saying if you cannot stand up in our office in the place, stand up in front of Allah buys the rights that you know. Then he said whomsoever cannot sit cannot sleep in was Delhi for for those of you who went to hygiene that night, that you are in the middle of nowhere sleeping massages and in my beauty we must refer whomsoever cannot go and sleep in Missouri. Look at this one and I'll say it in Arabic family obey you to asthma who Allah Allah He was a robber who was left

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It's the same word lets him or her have this resolve as

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to make Allah through is you're worshiping him to get closer to him

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because he was delaford I don't know if you know the meaning of it was very fast it's the place but actually the meaning of it is the place that's close. Let's just take a break and let's look back when you go to hij had you starts in our offer,

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the harm is here.

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So we start from the floor to this point.

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And then we come towards Delhi for we're getting closer.

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Then we get to Mina or Mona. And then we end up in Makkah, the day of aid. So it was definitely we're getting closer. So what the Imam Ibn Rajab is saying when you cannot physically close to Allah in that place, have the resolve that through the worship you worshiping Allah you will get closer to him what will bring me to Allah close to Allah spawn Tada. It's not the way I look or what

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degree I have or how much money I have or or what car I drive, who I am in His sight on my remember Ibrahim Alma. He had nothing.

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He had nothing but he was oma nation. Then he said millennio Makino haltia mobi Ajay folio, combi haka Raja, he will hold if you are unable life is a mosque in Minar. Beautiful place, it's so crowded, you cannot even get there. He said, If you cannot be there, physically, then stand up with the same word. Stand up with a law with the hope and hope because it's an heif. ask Allah and I really mean this word. And I asked a lot personally. Let me be afraid of you Yama.

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were so scared of people. were so scared of human beings. What they will say about him. What do they think of me? Will they give me what they fire me? Right? Do they love me? Do they not love me? we're so focused on people.

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But how many of us have asked ourselves this question? Your love Do you love me?

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Yama, am I afraid of you? Am I scared of you?

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Do I love you? The real love not the claim. The real love do I ask Allah in these 10 days starting Sunday in sha Allah that He gives you these feelings will lie he will give it to you. Don't ask how is for you and me? Maliki Mulkey do with right away. And then he said my Lamia Allah nathalia de Hebei Muna, Felipe Hawa, hoonah wakad Bella well mana spawn Allah, you cannot slaughter the animal Vir in mana, the last station of HUD, slaughter your desires.

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You know, what's my desire? I'm going to ask you a question. If you want to raise your hand is Aquila here if you don't you answer, how many of us are have made the intention that they will fast as many of these days of the 10 days of the ledger?

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Not only out of

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again, don't show me hands. It's not about it's the question I want to ask you is, why not? You know why? But I missed this my morning coffee. You know, sister, if I get this a lot. When I don't have this coffee at 10am in the morning, you don't know how much headaches I get true or false.

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And then I say so what do you do on Ramadan? Oh, that's from Oman.

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I was like, what does that mean?

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You're the same person. It's your house. It's your inclination is your desires, slaughter your desires for the sake of Allah. You cannot get close to Allah. Allah, Allah, the eye level, Allah is my witness. Those of you who memorize the Quran, you know what that mean? You cannot do things to get you close to Allah and you are in your comfort zone. It doesn't work this way. True or false? You sit down and review your Quran for three, four hours and Allah knows I want to go and do something else. But I do it. Do it. The best days is coming. Yes, we are not in Makkah. And may Allah subhanaw taala invite us all. And may Allah make us of those who he knows if we were allowed.

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We will have been there and he will reward this but let us be they call it Hydra lube. Your hearts migrate to Allah. You know, what's the name of Hydra? What does a Jeremy anybody knows? What does migration really mean?

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I'm sorry.

00:19:58--> 00:19:59

Yeah, but what exactly, it means

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So I'm going to Allah, but you know what it really means. You change your state, or you change your place, you move from one part or one place to another. This is physical, spiritually, literally, you will migrate from everything that this obeyed Allah, everything that Allah doesn't like, and you move

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to everything Allah likes and love, so you really don't move physically. You can be right now, right now here, and you are in a state of migration, and you didn't even move what in your own home.

00:20:38--> 00:21:03

That's another thing you want to do. In these 10 days migration is when I change, what did he do? All he saw was that he loved his home, everything changed. This is what I need everything in me, externally, everything in me internally, even my feelings, when I love and when I hate when I get upset, when I'm so happy. Why?

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What makes you happy? What makes you sad? Is it for Allah? Is it because of Allah, then you have migrated? And the last thing he said Actually, this is, again, slaughter your desire, slaughter your desire, meaning, anything you want to do that will take you away from a loss pantalla The answer is no. And then you have migrated. And Allah subhanho wa Taala. He knows again, I will say this, and before I end up, Allah knows, if we had the opportunity, and I definitely I'm speaking about myself. And I know a lot of you probably the same. He knows if we were invited, we would have been there. Now I have close friends who lives 40 minutes from Makkah. They live in Geneva, and they couldn't go

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and they cannot go not because of the COVID. But because there is rules there. You can't go every year has to be every five years. So I was telling my friends it's only 60,000 people what a hedges this. So you're going and she answered me I wish but they do not allow us. So it's not only us, there's people there which is even harder, because you're so close. But Allah can reward you and me. Let's make this 10 days starting from Sunday evening, my migration to a loss pantalla and I'll practice it every single day. That's when aid comes in. I'm not only celebrating the aid, I'm celebrating my freedom from my own desires and I'm celebrating my station close to Allah subhanho wa

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Taala Allah Marina and resort motiva we're in El baltierra belt in a warzone st Norbert robina to superluminova is hi Daytona habla nominatim kurama in naka intello hub, Robbie, Johanna, Allahu Allah, make us on the path of Satan Ebrahim who would you tobacco? He chose you some Mark when was leaving them in Cabo have he heard he say even Abraham called us Muslims, not Allah Swati salatu salam, your ob I mean Subhana Allah homovanillic a shadow.

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Esta Furukawa tabouli sallallahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was how we test them and kathira duck Malawi run