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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be evil mercerie Mohammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah you ideally, you will save yourself from this event because you don't because you

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have other than sisters, the important thing to remember in terms of crisis in times of stress and difficulty and so on,

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is the

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criticality and the

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importance of

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keeping our focus on.

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The essentials are essential goals.

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Now, all of us have two kinds of goals.

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And those of us who are,

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who take the time to think it's not a question of being lucky or unlucky, it's a question of do we take the time to think, if you take the time to think then we will understand that the ideal situation is to have these two worlds which I will talk about the same, which is that what you do in one contributes to the other.

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The two walls are our goals

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in a worldly sense, which is financial goals, academic goals, for studying and so on. Those of you who have families, goals for your families,

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children, and so on. So these are worldly goals,

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career goals, all of these come into the worldly goals. And the second set of goals are not in an order of priority, because that's the first one is the reader of Allah, it's to please Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So, these two goals must remain

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top of our

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consciousness, and these are the two words that we must never lose sight of, especially in times of crisis in times of difficulties,

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where obviously, for external reasons, the attention will shift and attention will

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will be distracted. And

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then we lose,

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lose touch with with reality, the benefit of keeping focused on these two goals, one is that no matter whatever is happening, at the end of the day, these will still be there.

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And time taken away from them is

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detrimental to us. And because it, you know, delays, the achievement of that goal, it is not helpful in any sense of the term. And so time was not be taken away from that.

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So that's one thing. So not allowing

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external events to distract is very important for that.

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And that can happen only if we not if we do not lose focus on those goals. And we say, these are the goals and I'm going to pursue them, no matter what else is happening in the world, because these are very important to me. So that's very important.

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And as I said, the people who think

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it's not a matter of luck, I'm not saying the lucky people, I'm thinking people who think

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work in such a way that their family goals, financial goals, career goals, academic goals, and so on.

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dovetail into the overall

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Super Bowl of the river, have the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And so when you do that,

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one feeds into the other. The benefit of that also is that when you when when we are thinking in those terms, then the question of

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disobeying Allah defying Allah in our

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race and in our attempt to reach the other goals will not happen. Because whatever the other goal is, you and I will think of it in the context of does this please Allah subhanaw taala or not? Is this matter of mine? Which I'm contemplating or somebody's advising me to do? Does it please Allah or not? Most common and

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most easy to understand, example is of course that of interest based loans. So the moment it comes to that you say, Well does it please Allah answer is no. Therefore what do I do? I don't take the loan.

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I find other ways of financing

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or I changed why

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I changed that goal itself because if something is in in in Islam, the principle is very simple. If something is not achievable in a halal permissible way, it does not make the Haram permissible. So this is very important to understand that if something is not permissible in the in the halal way, then achieving it in the Haram way is not an option. That's not permissible.

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that's why I want to make this clear. So now, keeping those goals in mind keeping focused for that, it's very important to have a daily schedule.

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It's not just simply enough to say, well, this is my goal. So if this is your goal, what is the evidence of that the evidence is not to show to the world, it's to show myself. So if I say that my goal is

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the studying is academic excellence, then I must be able to measure that and say, in the last

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year, 12 months, this is what I did to improve myself academically. So I got this certification, I read this book, I attended this course I got his degree, or whatever it is, because what you don't measure you do not know. We only know what we measure.

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And what we do not know we cannot change. So all

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work related or any

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related any excellence related to anything

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is finally it boils down to what are your metrics?

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Supposing you say I want to improve my health, what is the metric of that? It might be it might have to do with losing some weight or gaining some weight, but have to do with,

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you know how many miles you walk a day might have to do with how much exercise you need to do in terms of an aerobic exercise. So there's weights and so on, it might have to do with your diet, what you what you eat, how much or how much you eat, what are the foods you eat, and so on. So all of this is measurable. It's not simply enough to say, I want to improve my health, I want to become stronger, what is the meaning of stronger? What exactly do you want to do? I want to become stronger meaning I want to be able to lift 10 kilos with one hand, right? I mean, I'm being very modest.

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Stripe, you have to start from somewhere. So 10 kilos one. So the point is that

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everything is measurable,

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whether it's studies or not, you name it, I mean, you know, you just we need to sit down and work out the metrics for anything and said these are the metrics. If we want to improve our, our

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improve our ourselves in any way, then these are the metrics that we need to follow.

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What is extremely important is to is consistency and consistency is doing the same old boring thing every single day because that is what is important. That is what is

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that itself is a metric, like it's, it is necessary to do that.

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When you're walking, I mean, believe me, one of the one of the, for me, at least one of the most

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difficult thing about exercise is not the physical effort. It is the mental boredom, of doing the same thing again and again and again, around and down and down.

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To until I get those, you know, number of steps, number of miles, I'm talking about walking. So

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either either go through that, you know, or find a way in which you really that boredom. So one of the ways one of my ways of relieving that boredom is to walk in interesting places, I'm very interested in nature and so on. So I go for a walk in actually, there's a wire which is has lots of birds in it and specific birds, which I am interested in,

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in checking out and seeing and to the wonderful grey Heron blue heron pair.

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And there's a wonderful pair of giant egrets, which is there, you know, and of course,

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more gifts than you can imagine. And since there is drinking water for the folio, I think

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you know,

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that has probably equal quantities of goose droppings and as it says water what I'm sure the purification system takes care of that. But anyway, the point being that I do this I go to the second thing I do is I

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listen to podcast right now I'm listening to which I mentioned in another reminder earlier, I'm listening to a wonderful podcast called Empire

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which is Anita Anand and William tolerable and very educative very interesting

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So listen to whatever you whatever you like to listen to.

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The other wonderful thing to this listen to Quran, which is anatomy like yesterday in my walk here in New York, I,

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my whole walk I listened to sort of the Lisara and certain calf completely,

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very, very nice, very beautiful hamdulillah you're getting in the Hassan atta as well plus, you know, to this, it takes away the boredom from the exile, but it was it has to be done every day if you're doing that. And that consistency consistency is to do the same old boring thing every single day without

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without get up or go. And that is what builds strength that is what builds excellence that is what achieves results in the end.

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People tend to is a very common tendency people start with things and they give up because they are looking for results. They want results very fast. And they say oh but you know, we just we started this just now and this is happening that's happening and we are not getting the results no oh and stick with it. And the results will come and also the importance of of asking yourself what are the results you're looking for?

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Don't I mean aim for the sky? No doubt but don't try to get to the sky. On the first attempt. You can't do it, but gradual improvement. If you do these two things, Inshallah, you will find that

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you can get through a lot of external crisis with your sanity intact, was a LaLana Bukhari Marathi. He was a member of the Corolla