Minute with a Muslim #271 – This Is a Theological Mistake

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Speaker 1 discusses the importance of being humble and acknowledging the actions of Allah. They explain that being humble is not just a matter of actions, but also a matter of belief and gratitude. The segment also references the negative impact of being too humble on one's behavior and the need for continuous training to improve one's behavior.

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Prophet Muhammad Allah Who Sato Salam said that Allah had revealed to him that we should be humble. Being humble is not just an action. It's a whole theological orientation. Here's the theological mistake that's going on when we're not humble when we're not humble. We think that the goodness is is us. We think that it's coming from us. Well, I studied and I know, and I read, and I learned and I memorized and I did this and I did that. That's a theological mistake, because it all comes from Allah and humbleness is the recognition in the gratitude that this isn't really me, right? It's it's really Allah working through me, he made me the vessel, he made me the repository of whatever

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benefit that you're getting from me the information if I'm teaching or you know, I said something funny and you laugh. It's really from Allah, I'm just the vessel. So this is an extremely important theological point. It has to do with attributing things to their proper causes attributing thanks to its proper source that we need to be humble because it shows that we've got the proper belief and we've got a complete belief and we need to constantly be on guard against arrogance, because it shows that we're not putting our gratitude in the proper place.