Dangers of unsystematic study

Mirza Yawar Baig


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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala mostly Mohammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah He wrote it he was have you send them just even proceed on Amago

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My dear brothers and sisters

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hamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah gives us opportunities to learn about his religion.

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And these opportunities are important because what we learn about the religion

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and what we do

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or not do

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affects our eternal life.

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If you have an opportunity to learn about this dunya, which is also good hamdulillah

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what we do and don't do will affect this life,

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the duration of this life

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is fixed and the duration of this life is temporary and short.

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Whereas the duration of the life in the hereafter is forever.

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Question is, do we take advantage do we use those opportunities?

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The tragedy is that

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when it is for things about the dunya we will take the time in the travel we pay money and we go here we go there we travel.

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But when it is opportunities for to learn about the Accra to learn about what to do,

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which will help us forever

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we don't want to make any efforts.

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Muscular because

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at the end of the day, it is our life.

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If I learn it benefits me if I don't learn it doesn't benefit me. That's it.

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For the last three, four days, I've been talking about the importance of learning Islam systematically follow the process, not randomly from this place that place this video that we do this YouTube that you do,

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but follow the process.

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And one of the issues for example,

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as I mentioned, I think yesterday or today, these warnings for them, which would have come to this one in the for the reminder that somebody sent me an email said that he quoted a hadith and he said is confusing me. So either How did you find this or this? He said I was reading Lulu or Marjon?

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I don't have any of you about this. Have you heard his name? Lulu or Bertha? No, you're

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a lower margin is a book of selected Hadees from Bukhari and Muslim, very good book Marcela Hamdulillah.

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So you might say, well, what is wrong with with reading a lower version?

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Nothing wrong, except that we able to understand Lulu or Maria and what is in it,

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or below Bara, for example, another one,

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I wish it was currently luckily, his GitHub

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to be able to understand these books, you need to have a certain set of fundamental knowledge.

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Otherwise, you will confuse yourself and everybody else.

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Now give you an example.

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In Buhari, there is a say this

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man came to Jerusalem.

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And he said jasola I have committed a great sin.

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So Sam asked him, What did you do? He said, I was fasting.

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Right? I was fasting.

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suddenly I had a great desire

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to be with my wife. And so I had a relationship with her

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in the first thing

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now what should I do?

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First is broken obviously, but what should I do? What is the kufra?

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XP expiation of the sin it's a major sin

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as well as a result of sin free one slave.

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The matter here is Allah I'm a poor man. Where do I was I don't have any slips.

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Listen carefully to this right

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here I don't have any slaves. So rasa serves to him then.

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Feed 60 people.

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He's a year as well Allah I am a poor man.

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I'm able to barely feed myself my family where I will feed 60 people. I have no wealth.

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So as soon as I said to him fast for 60 days continuously

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he said one day is fast did this to me 60 days

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so as soon as

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as soon as I'm left with these vans and this is a COVID So he went and sat down, that is sitting there with his head in his hand. He's genuinely sorry, he did something right. On the spur of the moment, He's genuinely regretful he's making his the dollars while there is

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some time passed.

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Somebody came into the budget, they brought on big basket of dates.

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And they said yes, this is South Africa. Please give it to whoever you like.

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There is an asylum said to people where is that ban? So they call them

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Rosa Rosa and set him here. Take these and feed 60 people

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that matter Yasser Allah I am the most miski And of all the Masai

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you want me to take this infield 60 months ago I am the most Miskin of all the Mirza Ghulam

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Rasul Rosanna them laughed and said okay you take it and eat it.

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Now, here is how to say this right? There is absolutely nothing wrong with Hadiya they say hey, this

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may Allah protect you and me if somebody is fasting and he does this thing and he says I have the daleel to say that I must now eat well for 60 days. This is Mike AFAM

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out loud or whatever you're crazy or what's wrong with you mad is a no I bought this.

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I have a Hadith from Buhari to says I can eat 60 Eat

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nicely for 60 days.

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Are you dead for 60 days

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in Mandalay when you see what I'm getting at

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randomly picking something from somewhere and extracting on top of rock that this is Halakhah

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This is Halligan, this is depth this is horrible.

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Is the medulla calm which is the extraction of Helcom. From the Kitab of Allah from the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salam is not a game it is not something for ordinary people who do not have the knowledge

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to do it on their own. I pick up on Hadees from somewhere and I make my own hook or when I'm living my life and somebody says what like how are you as for example how are you praying like this is very funny way of praying? No, no I have this

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please don't do don't harm yourself.

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This Dean is not again

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right here this will be right nothing except that the way you are understanding that. So what must you do? You will need to learn this first

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before you try any kita before you take any book or this learning also referred you how should you approach this

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for example if you before you read Quran what do you do you will learn the sort of touch middle color what's the pronunciation? How to make the correct sound right.

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We problem is people rotate through that so when you learn to read while yours read anyway like and then make mistakes but ideally speak correctly speaking what must you do first and foremost is you learn the Dutch we have the Quran when you are reading the Chi when you're reading the horror of what are the Mahara is how is the heart of hearts How is it we pronounced and so on all this is the fundamental basic you cancer I know I want to recite in wash. You will recite it verse one day you will descend house one day you will recite it whichever rewire. But before you get there you have to learn how to pronounce the letters of the of Arabic especially with relation to her

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today one of the big problems and you know when I was growing up, if you wanted to learn Quran you went to and we'll start you start with your study taught you the ITAR to the G then you read with him and then if you wanted the FC you went to the SA was tell somebody else and they taught you the FC 30 They also and then they taught with the tafsir and so it was a long process

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today on this one I have

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So if I want to go this is okay now I know the mean

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Hello now I will make hakab Now instant move the right free move the order were moved to get our free

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so move T is the one who is free

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in that 11 is not so funny.

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It is not funny.

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We just take one item from somewhere and then use it and make this long. Oh you know this is what it means therefore this is halal that is haram. In that Allah whenever, please

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do not do this harm to yourself and to others.

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Read the Quran, read the ad is also a solemn for yourself, understand them for yourself, apply them on yourself. If you have a doubt go to somebody who knows, ask them clarify or doubt apply it on yourself. Don't go and tell it to somebody else. Don't go and teach somebody else because you do not have the authority to do that.

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To close I'll give you another example to illustrate this.

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Say a man is accused of murder. Right. So he is brought by the police. They have a case they present the case before the High Court judge and the high court judge he pronounces a dead center, this man has to be executed because he's a murderer.

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But the High Court is not the highest court in the land, the highest court in there and a supreme court so now the man goes appeals to the Supreme Court. So in the Supreme Court when the evidence is seen this evidence is overturned because the police have not got the right evidence, there is more evidence and so on so forth. So therefore this man now in the Supreme Court is freed he is he is not a man. He did not commit the murder. He is free. What do you think? Do you think they will do anything to the High Court judge who pronounced that first sentence of execution of death?

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Yes or no?

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You don't know the law, right?

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They won't why?

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But why? That's his job. He is working within the purview of his authority. Given the evidence that came before him. He did his job. He's not God, right? He's not God. He does not know everything. So whatever was brought before him, he did his job. If he was right, he was right. hamdulillah if he is wrong, okay, so he was wrong.

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That is why rasa Salam said the mooch the he's the one who has the authority to make SDR, the one who has the authority to make a decision in the if he is correct, Allah will give him to Hassan and if he is wrong, Allah will give him one Asana for making the effort.

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Does that apply to me?

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I don't know about you. Definitely does not apply to me. That's why I never make a car then never give you pronouncements. I never make fatwas. That's not my job.

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So this is one case, Judge pronounces judgment, judgment was overturned High Court. Second case,

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a policeman or you yourself, you see the man, you know, okay, this man, I know he is a murderer. I have evidence that this person is a murderer. So I pull out my gun, I shoot them and

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now what will happen? So I get caught? I go to court, I tell the judge, look, I did your favor. I did a favor to the whole state. Because I saved you all the trouble of catching them and finding the evidence jailing him all the expense what not wise, finished everything. So give me a middle right?

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What would you say? Am I right or wrong? Wrong, why? I am not about that. It is not my job. It is not the purview of my authority. Even though I am correct in the sense of my judgment was right This van is a murderer. But even though my judgment is right, I am the one who is going to get hanged for murder instead of that guy, because I acted outside the purview of my authority.

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Believe me, this is going to happen to people who sit around and make this pregnancy pronounced. pronouncements and you know about this and that in the D this is halal. That is haram. If you do not have the authority before Allah. And believe me, it's not a matter of saying I have a degree from this one or that it's your question of it before Allah do you have the authority? If you do not have the authority before Allah subhanaw taala fear Allah believe me?

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Fear Allah anyway, but in this case, definitely, please don't do this to yourself.

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Do not pick one Hadees from here when I from there extract sub ruling and make pronouncements that is not our job. Let us read with the idea of understanding and applying ourselves and improving ourselves do not make pronouncements for other people. Right? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and guide us on the path that leads leads to his

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Mercy into his pleasure and save us from that which is harmful for us was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was in Africa