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Hello, Ava Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala even Selena, her mother was with

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this evening because he's in the theater from my mother's

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sister's. Today one of my

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good friends from UMass asked me a question.

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And it has to do with the same series of others we are doing on the

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sunAt we deal with that question. The question he asked me was, he said that he listens to a lot of

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bands and, and lectures by different view.

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And he says that some of them

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when they talk about

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when they answer questions, for example, from people, and if the question is a little, you know, funny

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or it's not asked in the with the right other,

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they are very rude to the questioner

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also, if they are talking about some

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difference of opinion,

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then they are extremely harsh with how they deal with it, how they speak.

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So, he asked me, What is my opinion, what do I what do I think, is it? Is this permissible or not permissible? Should I do it? Should I not do it and so

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So, before I go there, let me

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tell you a story too soon.

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There was a very big Islamic conference happening in Lucknow in India.

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And the chief of that conference, the Emir was with the Indominus and Ron Kalani

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while the ratio of Indian

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and this was a Sunni conference NFE, the Obon the, you know, so a very strong Sunday company

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one day three day conference, one of those days he was the head of the Shia in locker room.

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the person current marijuana, cannabis.

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He's also a member of the Muslim personal law board and

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so this on him his car coming to he got out of the car, and then he asked somebody where is the Amish?

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People are very intrigued, what is this man? He is the chief of the year What is he doing in this hardcores only conference.

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Anyway, they took him to there.

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So he said to him, I don't want to take much of your time I just have one question two which I want you to give me an answer then I will be one.

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So is there what is the question?

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He said you know and I know the habits of Rasul Allah is Allah is Salah Musa that the people before you they split into 72 groups, he said you will split into 73 groups and only one will go into Jannah all the other 72 Will version

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so either my question is, you know, this or this I know this or this, you believe it? I believe it.

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Which group is this? Which will go into June?

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That's a question that came with it. So which is the group which we were done.

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So this is a Shia van head of the Shia asking the

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one of the great Sunni scholars

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see the answers or the beautiful answer

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of the novel was around the valet he said to him, the group that works to take the other 72 into Jana will go into

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the group that works to take the other third meaning to everyone. The group that works to take everyone into Jana will go to them

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and I think this thing so beautifully illustrates the whole spirit of the

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thing about this. Why should you do that?

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For example, if I tell you here is a man or a woman

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who is a Kaffir is a denier of Allah.

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Call them by whatever name you are the deviant is a bit naughty is Mushrik he is a idolatry is worship

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beguiles right he's doing this he's doing that

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so natural tendency is what? I hope he dies like this and I hope he will go into Jahannam forever yes

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but what is not telling us

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our was him

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is that he's telling us the opposite. He's saying you work to take this fella to Jana.

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Take who into Jana, somebody who is doing all kinds of evil stuff

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this is a spirit of love. And that is why

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it true die of Islam a true person who wants to invite people to Islam is somebody who wishes the best for everybody.

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Not the worst.

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Not the worst. And that is why Rasul Allah that is alien to the Bacara Oh ma rueful Wallmark Fira, dual high room means others.

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Lots of others said that kind words good words and forgiveness is better than charity.

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Better than charity.

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Now, how do you get there?

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So, I've told you what we need. How do you get there?

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You get there by asking one simple question.

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And the question is what is my goal? If I am presenting Islam to somebody, what is my goal?

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I can have one or two goals my one goal can be that this person should be attracted towards Islam, I'm not saying necessarily converted may not be converted, at least open heart should open. They should be kindly disposed toward Islam, they must be attracted towards this one goal. Second goal is I must put him down I must show him what a nasty piece of action is. I must show my superiority, my knowledge and whatever.

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So I remind myself when you first question to ask ourselves is this what is my goal

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because if my goal is to show my superiority Oh, I know so much Quran I know this I know that I know this football that football this or that or this and I'm going to you know, destroy you do it the world there is no doubt the resultant potential.

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This is not the power of Islam.

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But if your goal is I must attract the other person to Islam then our whole approach will be completely different. To start with what start with patience starts with listening.

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Let them say whatever they want.

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Let them do whatever they want. Let them say anything No.

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After they finish everything, then you present your

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side of the story

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then you will see hearts over

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if you don't listen, if you start reacting and believe me this is why it's easy for me to say this very very easy to say. But when you are actually in the actions very tough

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because naturally you have your own commitment to Allah subhanaw taala to the deed universal Salah and so on. You don't like to listen to things which are critical which are abusive and you know I've seen some people who OH MY GOD, ALLAH

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over the duck

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but I remind myself what is my goal if my goal is to win over that person?

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Zip your lips don't quit

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no matter how difficult it is Mexican

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what works for me the best is Sarah Sarah on resources.

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Let them courage to do what they want you inside you keep on making the rules and

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continuously Allah will use strength

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produit Allah Tiara you're seeing what is happening. You are giving patients hola hola, hola. Hola. muchachos all or nothing is easy, except what have you.

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So Allah help me give me the words.

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Then you will see how lives will change.

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You all must have heard the name of Mother Teresa.

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This lady here does not she had a

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organization in Calcutta in India. And these two take destitute, dying people, bring them in there and then give them treat them with dignity and let them die there.

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So it runs on charities you choose to go in the streets and see

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You will make should go to shopkeepers and so on as for charity stories in one place you went to the shopkeeper Hindu shopkeeper and she her hands are like this, like that. And she says, Please give me something for my people.

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Please give something for JESUS

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IS NO MAN TO JESUS please give something for Jesus. So the last part in our hands, the two

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that you handed like this He spat in her hands.

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She took that she put it on her clothes. She said this is for me. Give something for Jesus

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that man broke down. He started weeping he fell at her feet.

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He cried please forgive me

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and he became one of our biggest donors.

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Again easy to

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do true stories I didn't make up all this this true story.

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The reason I'm saying that is that it was rather recreate his world in a way where you do the right thing with the writers or to even whether it for Allah or anything else but for Allah if you do that, you get the baraka and you get also the reward isn't but even people doing it for others other reasons they will get the result because two plus two is four no matter no matter who's saying that Bucha guaranteed becomes sweet

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that is why it is very important in our it's not a question of what argument and you know which the legal and

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our demeanor, the smile on your face, the patience, kind words.

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These are what changed the heart and not on the lips.

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This desire this delete this fatwa is what I've been for longevity said that.

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That cuts no ice with anybody.

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It's one on one. It's kindness. It's patience, its ability to take abuse for the sake of Allah.

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Not given anybody who's rude. Anybody who's being harsh, believe me.

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Not only is that useless, but I advise people stay away from sick people. They can't teach you anything. They will only drive you the wrong guys. Don't listen.

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He asked us around during the developer to give us supper and sugar and we ask us to open our hearts to his eager to give us the sweetness of love for Allah subhanho data and love for Muhammad also lies

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and real and true belief in our day in our life. So Allah Allah, Allah he will say