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Ceylon river river hamdulillah habla mean

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Allah should have been able to move serene Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this demon because here because this is a series of continuing a series of our reminders on Dawa.

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One of the things that is done a lot nowadays in terms of Dawa is debates,

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right debates. So people challenge other people who debates. Sometimes they challenge, you know, the leaders of other faiths, the priests and this and that. And in the Jelena debates, the German debates in public debates, which is on big stages, you know, obviously, if you are challenging that person to a debate, and the crowd mostly is your crowd, maybe that person has some supporters, but obviously, it's your it's your meeting, so you must do. And of course, there's all this usual stuff that happens, right? Whoever wins and loses. Now, I want to submit to you my position is that

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public debates, if you want to ask me a list of ways, list of bad ways of giving data,

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in order of priority, please list the bad ways, which means you should not do this, in order of priority as in number one is a public debate.

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Never ever do a public debate.

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Now, tell me why?

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Because of a very good reason.

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And the reason is, first of all,

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any debate whether it's public versus private, a debate has always won focus, what is the focus on a debate to win

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to win right? See the difference? Supposing I am not always here, supposing there is some masala overreach, overreach, he has an opinion, I have a different opinion. And we want to come to some you know, amicable solution, we want to understand that both of us sit down together. And we have we discuss it I explained, I explained to him, this is the situation he explains to me and so on, we can come to a conclusion. But suppose if both of us stand up here and say publicly, now, we are going to debate believe me that there will never be any solution, it will always he will see, he will try to see how we can make me lose how we can win and I will do the same. This is a natural

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human tendency, tendency. So the first thing to ask yourself, Is it our Are you there to? Is it a boxing match or something? Are you there to win and lose? Or are you there to win over?

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When the other person over to your side? Or are you there to win over that person which one? Winning somebody over to your side means that this person becomes your friend, this person understand you? Even if he doesn't sort of convert or something he at least understand you better? And, you know, there's a good feeling.

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Now, in a debate, this can never happen. There's no way that can happen. Secondly, in a public debate, it's even worse, because now in the public debate, you already raise the stakes. Because if it's only one on one in a closed room, what is the worst?

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There is? No, there is no there are spectators, right? Okay, so I lost an argument I lost, right when we go back and we go out of the room. But if there are 50 people,

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stakes are high.

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Especially now with the media, especially now with the media, right? We have those 50 people, I've got 50 phones, and they're they're recording, and then it's probably somebody's got

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live stream on on YouTube or whatnot, or Facebook.

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And then there are the means. So it is very negative thing, it cannot give you any good results, because the results are always negative. And I can I mean I don't want to go into all that now. But there are many actual live examples with names and places where things have gone very badly wrong, because somebody debated in public for no other reason. The same thing it goes through people had sat down and spoken privately nothing would happen but in public, completely out of hand and with very, very negative results. Now, to close, let me give you according to me, the biggest and best believe that I can give you because the biggest and best proof of this. And that is again they had

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is a very beautiful Hadees Rasulillah Salam had one of his favorite

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students and one of his favorite Sahaba was a young man called mod bingeable avellana he was a he was an insanely savvy and they say he was a very handsome man or very good looking man, highly intelligent. He was I was Quran he was never given him the permission to make fatwa in his lifetime itself. So he was such a knowledgeable man. Well, you know, my visual knowledge of of Hadees of Allah

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Out of all this, now wrestlers or Salem chose him and appointed him as the governor of Yemen. You sent him to Yemen as the die of Islam and as a kadhi in Yemen.

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That's a it's a long Hadees very beautiful Hadith.

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I will speak only about one piece of it. Maybe later on, we can look at the other parts of it

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as well as asylum

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as well to multisource might be Java vellano mod. It is also the processor held the bridle of the horse. And he's walking him outside out of Medina sending him on his way.

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And as I said, it's a lot how this I won't go into those parts. Just the issue of the of the, he said

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the country you are going to is a country of the al Qaeda. It's a Christian country.

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Yemen was a Christian country ruled by a Christian king, and it was a tributary state of Persia of Iran, which was a idolatrous country this to worship the fire, the Sabians

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so those are some sent to me. I've heard you're going to this country which is a Christian country, he said invite them to La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah,

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invite them to Lila Hill Allahu Muhammad Rasul Allah, if they accept

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then teach them salah. Tell them to pray, and teach them how to pray, teach themselves and when they have started praying, then tell them that they must pay Zakat and he said take the cart from their wealthy and give it to their poor

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take the cap from their wealthy people and give it to their own poor people and he said do not take from their wealth when you take the card Don't take the best

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right see this this whole thing in discord and there's many other things in the service which we will later on Inshallah, but this

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first of all, invite them did he say to them and now as I told you, I I gave you the build of our mod be able to show you that mod liberal Java rather and who was a scholar, he was highly capable Rasulullah sallallahu could have said to him, go there and challenge their bishops to a debate and on the stage destroy them completely and show people that they're Akira is false and they are there they are kuffaar and they are in the hellfire. He didn't say any of this. He didn't say debate with them. He didn't say curse them. He didn't say go and show them up. You know prove that their ideology is false nothing.

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He said invite them

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to lie lie lower.

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If they accept you not saying force them if

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then Sarah, because salah is the manifestation is the physical proof of Lila Hi, Lola. If I say Lila Hi, Lola, and I'm not praying that there is no proof that I believe in the caliber. What is the proof? It's in my heart. I don't know.

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Salah is proof. And then the third piece of advice. See what the hikma of the Naveli Salam so beautiful. He says take the guys Rob they're rich people did he say things like ah and send it to Medina

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take the gap and build your palace. No, they exact card from their wealthy people and give it to their own poor people.

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Think about this in any in any society. Throughout history, the wealthy are few, the poor are many. And you can do go across the world wealthy are few poor many number one number two, there is always a distance between the wealthy and the poor, the wealthy will live in big houses, they will have big compounds and walls and this and castles and palaces and the poor are living in slums or here there there was the there was the go in there transportation, whatever it is chariots or you know

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Ferraris and gardeners what right? So they are going in their in their in their transportation, the poor are walking on the ground, they're walking on the on the road, and so on and so on. So there is a distance between the wealthy and the poor. There is where there is a distance there is resentment. The poor people always the thing bad about the wealthy people, they always return the wealthy people. Now when you take the gas from the wealthy and give it to the poor, what's going to happen

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this distance will come down. And our principle of zakat we don't just take and give you invite them you please come with me give yourself so now these poor people suddenly find these wealthy people are giving money, they are being nice, they are coming to my house and so on and so forth. And what is the reason for that is Islam.

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This is very clear. So that

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How to Islam is happening without saying one word about there is no trade and there is no more America and there is no wise and there is no hardware. Just the charity which is being given from their own wealthy to their own poor is the biggest or most powerful Tao of Islam even though this guy was the he was sitting in his palace till yesterday nothing happened today he started he's coming to my house and giving me like a why

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because of Islam he became Muslim.

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So this Islam is a great thing.

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And then and this is the cherry on the cake.

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The pseudo southern said don't take the best from their wealth. Because these are new people they just come into Islam right so this is my brother here is a wealthy man he loves horses. He's got his fabulous tables so I can do when I said you became Muslim Yes, I became Muslim. This is exactly what we just do on you which is what you got five horses that you have to give us most welcome please. Five horses now I go into his table I pick his absolutely best stallion and I'm

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sure Allah I mean but I got 500 Horses pick something else right? I mean this is the most valuable loved I love this horse more than I love my son you know and you are take this off

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as was said don't do that don't don't put people to a test. Right don't make life difficult for them. We make it easy. He's giving us I got hamdulillah now don't don't make the giving God into our into a test for him. Now he has to think Whoa, did I make a mistake? I mean, why why did I become Muslim? You know, I became Muslim and nothing's happening to me.

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Think about that, right?

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This is the this is the heckler of our

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today when we give them a week and we become tough. You can't do this you can't do this haram that Allah Allah Allah Karim.

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So first and foremost what is haram is what Allah subhanaw taala decreed in his column

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people like you like human Ambassador Alon who is to say and Imam Malik for example. They used to say whatever Allah called haram in this guitar is haram. Other than that, if the boss was to say I do not know whether this will be in your good karma or bad karma

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he will not even use the word haram. Now this does not mean that there is that something is not haram right? But the point is they were so careful with this terminology.

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They didn't get on bronze intact with this guy for that scaffold he's got no they didn't say

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all of these things are very sadly, this our modern way of presenting Islam mela productores which comes out of arrogance which comes a gum out of lack of knowledge. So little bit of knowledge and you know, this goes to your head like gas

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so it's very important to have humility and humbleness and know that I'm not the I may be giving out I'm not gonna be where he is not coming on me. Right. So let me share some humility and be humble with this. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to present Islam in the most beautiful way. The Deen itself is hot but the way it is presented if that becomes battle, then immaculate they were not accurate. He said this he said do not make the cure. worse than the disease.

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Don't make the cure worse than the illness. You are. The illness is the is whatever you're trying to correct but the way you are correcting it is so bad.

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That it is better to leave the guy alone I will let him have this let him have his problem. You know this insert right to character when we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the hikma to present this D in the most beautiful way so that people it becomes clear to people what a beautiful being we have humbled for someone know how nanometer anyone early he was a paid member I'm sure