Mirza Yawar Baig – Cost or investment

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the misconceptions about spending and encourages people to make up for themselves. They stress the importance of investing in one's mindset and avoid wasting money. The speaker advises giving a loan or gift to a friend to avoid wasting it and gives an account for $10 million as a loan. The speaker emphasizes the importance of investing in one's own happiness and avoiding trying to get everything they want in return.
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without a mother or even somebody that will be done to me, that was so damn right, I should be able to salute

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, because he and

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her other sisters, I always make this guy.

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And I say, Oh Allah,

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if you send anybody to me to ask me for something,

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give me the ability to fulfill his needs.

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Yanni fulfill his need to me,

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because the one to fulfill the need is Allah Samantha.

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So I asked me go Allah,

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fulfill the need of the person to me,

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and let him not go anywhere else. There should be no need for him to go anywhere else.

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I can't tell you also make up for yourself. I mean, that's up to you. But I thought, let me share this video.

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The reason I'm saying this is because

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there is a big misconception in our minds

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about spending.

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We can choose ourselves

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in this way,

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think about this, for example, a person comes to you

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with a need, he says I have, I need to, I need food, I need shelter, I need to pay my hospital bills, I need whatever right? He has needs.

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now you're you're faced with this thing that this person needs XYZ

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you have the ability

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to fulfill that person's need, for example, if that person needs $10,000.

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To do whatever it has to do,

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I'm talking about essentials,

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you know, dire need

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that the person has.

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And you have the ability to pay that.

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How much will you pay?

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Will you pay the full 10,000 You pay a part of it?

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And for both of these answers to both these questions,

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my request is ask yourself why?

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If you say I will pay the full 10,000 Then why would you pay the whole thing?

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And if you say I will pay? Maybe 5000? And I will let him go find the 5000 somewhere else? Or I pay him 1000? Let him go find the 9000 somewhere else? That why would you do that? For both these, I would like you to think about this.

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Now compare this with another situation.

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Another person comes, he's your business analyst, he is your financial adviser. You know, that kind of person.

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And he comes to you and says, Here is a script, here the share, which is of this company, which is going public. And the expectation is that it is going to hit the sky and it will multiply

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you know, 10 times 15 times

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20 times maybe.

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So put $10,000 into this.

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What will you do?

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Will you put on?

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Or will you say? No, I'm going to put 5000

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I'll put 1000 Which one? And again, ask yourself why? If you're gonna if you say yes, I will put 10,000 multiplies I will get 50,000 back?

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Or will you say well, I will put five and I'm happy with 25,000 I put 1000 I'm happy with 5000 which What will you do?

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This is the the issue what I am talking about? This is a

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mindset that I asked Allah subhanaw taala to change for all of us.

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It is a mindset between cost and investment, cost and investment.

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What is cost

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even if it is $1 What is costs? Cost is cash outflow

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for which there is either no return or there is a minimum return.

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So best thing in a cash outflow is you will get what you paid for.

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So I pay

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$10 And I get a thing worth $10.

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But hamdulillah nothing wrong with that.

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What is the investment

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and investment is something which gives me a return.

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So we are not talking in when we are looking at a cost in regards to looking at cash outflow. When you are looking at an investment,

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you're not looking at cash outflow, you're looking at

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cash inflow, we're looking at the return on the investment. Right?

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So, if I tell you invest $10,000 in this company, and you turn you will get back $10,000. You say that's insane? Why why would why would I? Why would I even go to the trouble of investing? $10,000? And why do you even call it an investment?

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You know, a waste of my time

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and wasted effort? Because I'm putting $10,000 I'm getting it back, I already have to build on it. Why would I want to do this?

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So for investment, you're looking for a return. So I invest 10,000 hammers get more than that. Now. This is the mindset that we need to think about, as far as charity is concerned.

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When another spin on it, and what is that spin, that spin is,

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in the case of

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anything that we spend for this dunya for this world, we go back to our investment thing, we're not talking cost anymore, we talk investment.

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We go back to our Investment

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Analyst, our business financial advisor guy, he says here is this thing on which you will get a five time return, we get a 10 time return,

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we'll get a million time return, right let me be generous myself.

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Here's the investment.

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You make the investment, you get the return,

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you invest $10,000, and you get $10 million.

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Brilliant, fantastic. I've never seen that happen anywhere. But you know, nothing wrong with using imagination.

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And then you die.

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Now what,

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before you died, you would have you would have had to give an account for $10,000. Now you have to give an account for $10 million.

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That's what it means.

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Because that 10 million, you will leave it here.

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You are going to leave it right here in this world.

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Where are the $10,000 that you spend, which you consider to be an I consider to be a cost. And so maybe we didn't even spend it. When somebody came and said please help me.

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We consider that to be a cost because here's this guy in need, I give him 10,000 bucks, he's not going to give him he is not going even if I lend him the money, more than likely he will not repay it because he hasn't he doesn't have the capacity to repeat. And obviously I'm not going to try to force him to repeat and so on so forth. So effectively, like my grandfather were given general philosophies to say

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never lend money to a friend.

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So I asked him, then what's the friendship for? If I don't, if he is in need, I don't any money. He said, No, don't lend it, give it

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given my and consider that to be a gift.

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So I said no, but I want it back. He said no. Don't tell him it's a gift. Give it as a loan.

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But in your mind, and in your heart, consider it to be a gift. Because otherwise he said you will lose your friendship. Because you will expect that gift to come back. We'll expect the loan to be repaired. Most likely it will not be repaired because he probably doesn't have the capacity and you will lose a good friend. So don't do that. He says give it to the Lord

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as a gift. Right. So even if you want to call it a loan, call it or otherwise just sell here is the only take it as a gift. If you can pay back pay back if you don't can't pay back, no problem at Hamdulillah you have a friend

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Your friendship is more important to me say something like that and leave it and give it to him. That's it. Right? I think beautiful advice. Hamdulillah. So hear this man who came to you or this lady who came to you with the need and you gave them that $10,000 Now you're comparing these two things right? You're comparing investing $10,000 and getting 10 million

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in this life and dying and and giving 10,000 in charity

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and then we die because here we are not looking for any return in this dunya most likely you can't get it anyway. So you gave it was gone. cash outflow look at your bank statement. It shows a debit of 10,000

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and you die now what

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In the first place, you are going to give

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an account for $10 million. Inshallah, if everything is well, you get through but you still have to give the account for the money.

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In the other case,

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Allah subhanaw taala will inform you about the reward he kept for you for giving this

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for giving this charity.

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Right I don't say Allah will give you a count. Now, Willa, this is not in the not in keeping with the glory and majesty of Allah. But Allah will inform you about what reward he has for you, and what is the reward he has for us for this? Allah subhanaw taala said it is like planting a seed from which you will grow seven years of grain each year has 100 bins. So ceramic 700.

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For one

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700 for 110 1000, multiplied by 700. Do the sums and then Allah subhanaw taala in his glory and majesty doesn't count and give. So what does he say? What you will die Who Lima Yeshua and Allah will increase that as he wishes, how much era in keeping with his majesty and grace. So here we invested 10,000 Or we gave $10,000 the charity bank account show the debits then we die there, we have credit for all those numbers. And I told you to do the do the sums and four numbers which we cannot even count because Allah said I will give in keeping with my mind just in this.

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Now tell me

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which is a cost which is an investment.

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This is the mindset that we need to inculcate in ourselves. This was the mindset in those people who the word knew was the mutawa kiloohm

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the people who had tacos

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and people like

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him, Allah, some how to learn and others, they had this principle in life, they will not keep anything which they consider to be desired of the ruling. And just showing this as a as a standard. May Allah save us from ourselves.

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At least for myself, I can say I'm not even I'm not even in the same ballpark.

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Competing Now, with these people. So have just started looking at the sun Hamdulillah that we have such standards.

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That is something which is more than what is necessary.

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Everything which is more than what is necessary. He would give away and charity, meaning he would invest in his akhira. Think about this. We have to make this mindset change

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from sacrifice to investment.

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Don't even think about the word sacrifice and I will talk to talk about that in the next for the reminder.

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Investment sort of costs, it's an investment. It's an investment, the return of which is guaranteed by the one who has the power to control that guarantee.

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More to orange Shala or Salalah Anna will carry while he was able to get on

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