Ramadan Reminders – Day 28

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Hola Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah Shafi lambay well mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallAllahu, it really was I was alarmed as even because

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I wasn't just I hope you know that is going beautifully. We are nearing the end of it.

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May Allah subhanaw taala enable us to maximize the benefit of Nevada, we've just have maybe two days left, maybe one day left.

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And so I remind myself when you don't waste a single second of your time, spend your time on hamdulillah you fasted all month, you read Koran, you pray tarawih, you made ethika and whoever whatever you did, 100 labellers rantle accepted. You we have Zachary who gives us a call to give more than what you needed to give hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah hamdulillah. May Allah, Allah grant you the best of rewards melos mantra, grant you reward and keep him with his majesty and grace, not in keeping with whatever you did because what Allah gives us is far, far more than what we deserve. When we ask Allah subhanaw taala for this, you were talking yesterday about da and times to make it

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and how to make it a couple of other things I want to say to one,

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which is, as I said yesterday,

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when you make the remember you asking Allah you're asking Allah who's quadrate who's

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power whose glory Majesty is boundless? So don't ask drawers with constraints don't ask drawers, which are limited and and which have which are impregnated and infiltrated with your own fears and anxieties. Don't do that. You are going to allow us to remove all the fear and anxiety Then why do you take don't take it on this matter? This is this is this is the main thing which piles are the

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number two Also remember, of course in Nevada hamdulillah you're probably not doing it but remember, the thing that destroys da is haram food and haram income.

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There was a man in the masjid who care who was making gwrc Allah, Allah Allah give me this give me this. And also rasa Salaam said how is Allah willing to accept his da when his food is haram and his clothes are hoorah and his earning is right. So be very very very careful about what you eat and about what you are pleased. If you have interest based earnings, if you have earning from sources which are hoorah please I beg you Don't fall into this trap of

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some people who will tell you and May Allah protect them from themselves and protect you from them. And they will tell you that what Allah has privated is halal. And they will tell you that oh some part of it in the in the hole is okay

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10% of your income if it is haram 90% is halal it is fine.

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As them

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that if you gave them a glass of water, clean pure water and in which you put 10% or 10% if you put 10 drops, or if you put even one drop of urine when they drink it

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you didn't even put the average if you just tell them you give them the glass of water and say it was pure water. But it has one drop of urine will they drink it? Even the doubt I mean they can't see it. If there is only one drop of urine in a glass it is invisible. You can't smell it. You can't taste it.

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But just the fact that you tell them that this glass has or you might even say this was may have

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one drop of Europe. Do you want to drink it? What will they say?

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Or tried out there as them that if you cannot even drink something which one drop of urine in it and it's just a thought there's just a suspicion and you are telling me that 10% of my income if it is haram It is okay 15% is okay 20% is okay, how is it okay? You want me to give to Allah subhanho data, you do something that you won't accept for yourself?

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What do you mean is this

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don't destroy your dogs. Do not destroy your dog. Do not destroy your mother by eating haram or by earning her interest based earnings earnings from alcohol earnings from cigarettes and other tobacco products, earnings or lottery tickets earnings from pornographic literature.

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earnings from all of these sources are hara hara hara

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do not from these sources get out of these sources, your rub geladeira, who has the power to feed you halaal Allah does not didn't ask for your help to feed you.

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Stick to her artistic to halaal Allah will find and will open the doors for you for Halla.

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Number one, so, therefore, do not eat halaal or we do not eat Hara and do not have these are the two destroyers of that.

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Then remember that da itself is rather the result of Zed a DA o Macaulay rather in other places, a da vida is a device the brain of a body of worship and why itself is better because do i is talking to Allah dois asking directly from one knows about and so therefore da to anyone other than Allah is privated it is shirk.

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So don't go and stand next to our grave and say whoever is the cyber cover please make dua for me please give me this please give me that. This is openshift do not do this. ask Allah Allah subhanaw taala told us all only a study blocker wasn't asked me I will give you Allah did not say as so and so and tell that so and so to ask me Allah did not say this. If you if if you have that if show to me, if you don't have that either and you cannot have the right because it does not exist. Then if you are doing our stuff, I don't care who told you it is okay it is not okay.

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Your call you know you want to continue to do it, do it and meet Allah subhanaw taala and that's it not by problem. I am telling you very clearly.

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Don't ask anyone other than Allah subhanho wa Taala della della You do not need to ask anybody Allah did not tell you ask me through this one that Allah did not say tell so and so to ask me No, you ask Allah. Oh, the only a steady block of Allah asked me I will give.

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So ask only Allah Subhana

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dwis. So when you're making do I remember that door itself is Nevada. So you are getting this. You are getting the benefit of that Eva, no matter what do I you asked. Allah did not put a condition on the door. As long as you're asking for something IRA. Obviously, you will not do that.

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But anything you can ask for a gold plated Cadillac. I mean, whether like use it to or not is a different thing. It's a stupid thing to ask. But anyway, if you want to ask ask

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without limitations, because we are asking the one who has no limitation.

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The best way is to ask Allah for forgiveness, not for material stuff. You can ask there's no there's no problem with asking for halal material stuff but the best door is to ask Allah for forgiveness to forgive you.

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How do I say that? Because this is what Russell was taught his wife, our mother say the agency does not allow and she asked Allah if I get Laila to cuddle, if I get a little color, what should I ask Allah? Every one of these not just God is at the best of times. If I get later to cover what do I should I make? He said ask Allah Allah my nigga for one, to hit ball up for five and Allah you are the You are the forgiver You are the one who forgives, and you like to forgive. So forgive me. Now how beautiful is

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so best what is forgiveness? As I told you, the two conditions have to obey Allah and to have faith in obedience Allah subhanaw taala starts with is the fun starts with asking a lot of anesthetic to forgive you. So ask Allah to forgive. So Oh Allah, you are the one who forgives. So for you.

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Right? Make this

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then of course ask Allah subhanaw taala for anything you want. Ask for relief. So protection as for Allah subhana wa tada asked him for yourself, for your family, for friends for the whole oma of rasulillah salam, one of the biggest and best and most beautiful sonars of Rasulullah sallallahu is making that there is another language to make lots and lots and lots and lots and lots

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of what for everything.

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Right. So make that into habit. Make a lot of especially now in Ramadan, especially now as we are trying to close in Ramadan. Ask us to accept your glass to give you what you asked with alfia and to add to that from His Majesty and grace and generosity, whatever you ask whatever you did not ask or you didn't

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Not Know to ask masala curry while he was away