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Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Steven Casita, casita for Movado we continue with our series on data.

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I want to say to you that think of our as agriculture

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as a farmer things of planting.

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So what are the steps that a farmer takes?

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If you want a great crop, what do you do? What is the first step?

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Ground preparation, exactly.

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The first step is the preparation on the ground.

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If you are if the planting medium where you're planting, if the ground is not conducive, if it is toxic, then no matter how good the seed, it will vanish, you will never get the right harvest.

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The second step

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is to plant the seed.

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And then remember, not every seed is planted in the same way.

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There are some seeds which are planted deep, there are some seed which assembly scattered on top, how to plant grass in C machine, no, here's

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how to plant rice.

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You throw the seed

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it was put it in a in a nursery, then you take it out and you transplant it, backbreaking work.

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But we don't run into the same way to development.

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Corn is planted deep.

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So each seed is planted in a different way.

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Right, so first you prepare the ground. Second, you plant the seed in the way that suits the seed.

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And the third thing is

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watering. Watering without irrigation, it really no matter how good the seed no matter how good the ground was, if you did not water it, it's gonna

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take the same and then of course, continuously also looking after that drop right. So, maybe need some pesticide spraying at some point, it needs some extra maneuvering at some point and so on. So, all of this also has to be done. You can't just run the z one day whatever it is go you know, it has to be looked after until the harvest comes. Right. So this continuous engagement with the crop is also part of planting that take this and bring it to the issue of the

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exact same principles. First preparing the ground what is the ground myself?

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The case of the ground is two parts of it first yourself

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does get the national survey the local half mile my own knifes

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correcting my class correctly, am I near? correctly? My sincere Am I doing it for the sake of Allah? Or am I doing it for Facebook likes?

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What is the course the score? Right? So

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you internal verification.

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Second thing is learning. As we mentioned before, I should know enough to be able to convey things correctly.

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So what is my learning? I was worried what do I do? What do I do? My own hazard for example, as I said make that is for the user. If you're serious about our there's no downtime.

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And I bring the Hadoop every single day or not when we are not. When it was specifically for the people that I'm going to.

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Second part of preparing on the ground is the people themselves.

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Making friends with people our own as well as the external part of it. Our own glass making friends with people being open with people.

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Right we have on 21st we have on Sunday we have this open Masjid day, right open mosque day.

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Please, every single one of you must come for them. And don't come alone. Bring a non Muslim friend with you.

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is not part of the game. It's not as a matter of simply saying well, I gave some donation to the budget that way Oh no.

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We have to come not just the board and a board over the board members must come obviously.

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But other than that other people

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come and bring at least one non Muslim friend.

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Right until others

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this is how we prepare the ground for them.

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When people come they will ask questions they will get answers and so on and so forth.

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second part is planting the seed

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and planting the seed is within ourselves as well as to others and who will see it of course we have is the color of Allah subhanaw taala

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so recite the color of Allah subhanaw taala let them hear the sound of the Quran

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and in planting of the seed is also to remember what to say to the people when you speak to them.

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Stick to the things

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don't water that formula.

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What is the first thing to speak about?

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To others Versa, whatever thing.

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Allah subhanaw taala exactly taurine

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though he Allah is Rana Hoda

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the unity of worship of Allah is one of the audience what is the second one

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so you're gonna Mohamed Salah Ali when he was I was a little result

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that there was a Salam is a messenger of Allah and He is the last and final of them have told him there is no other assume and that we as Muslims also believe in all the other Gambia have a Allah subhanho wa and the third one is

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just spoke about it just now.

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What do you

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I just forgot

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what did I say? What are the two biggest Namath then you're after exactly death and Yatra

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Dory rissalah akhira

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though everything that's coming up to them Eva basics of Islam everything the only result

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this is what is the fundamental foundation principles of of the

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right that's the planting of the seed and then what is the what is the watering in the in the context of the

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water water water we need water what is the water

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yes friendship Waterman Water Water water

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standing and I'd one logistic one over standing and night and crying dears before Allah subhanho Bella Water Water water unless water flows I mean water literally water

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not symbolic literally water crying tears before a lot of Anoder and the era The hearts are in your hand nothing to do with me. I did what you told me to do beyond this is not my control Yeah.

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All are dead do not let this person die without the man

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in your control. Do not let him die without the man

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crying before the if the deer don't flow he that will not

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do you

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And if your tears are not coming cry to Allah before that, because it was all as a result of the Hadees our Avila no sign of the hardness of the heart is the dryness of the eyes.

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Sign of the hardness of the heart is the dryness of the eyes. And remember one of the biggest

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games of shaitan is to involve you in the intricacies of knowledge you think you're very very knowledgeable and you get complicated in that

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and you look for faults everywhere and then the end result is you destroy

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broken dua knowing that I'm nothing

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nothing and then even that is a bit different.

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To say I'm nothing itself is

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That is the truth.

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And the final one is nurturing the bra.

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It's already nice to bring somebody up here and say, Please give him shahada and everybody Allah got away that way Lila illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah after that. You don't even know the name of Allah you don't know where he went and what happened to him.

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Did he learn anything? Did he not learn anything? Is he having difficulty? Nothing, nothing, nothing. We are great at business. We are very good at this.

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So that is why people come into is that we have a massage or symbolic is being everybody doors. He comes out and he goes out he comes out and goes

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There's over brother that is no good.

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Somebody told me I don't know if these figures are true but num there's something some fire where there is work is there as many people leave Islam every year in America as they join.

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So that is our resume

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and one of the big reasons is this think about this. Imagine we have the Quran Allah and the Bani Giri

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and when we require we are all making mistakes

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we are even people who know that has been roped in mistakes you're not making them deliberately and I'm not saying that if you're if you make a mistake that we would have done and nothing will happen to you you will not want to jam your Salah is valid everything is well but we have to still read it properly because this is the right way

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but we all make mistakes

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we many who people who are born in for me

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whatever it may

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be we have here in Islam for hundreds of years, generation after generation The Bible says what do you think happens to somebody who just came into Islam yesterday

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it's not his language it is not his culture is never seen anything suddenly you dump Arabic on top of one of the most difficult languages

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How does he survive

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then when he becomes Muslim what happens to him I mean for us it's it's dissolved whereas now we got it for in inheritance

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for them it became Muslim he gets kicked out his family he nobody wants to see him he's he's he's got no friends anymore he's got I mean he might have friend but he certainly has no family anymore

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he's he's rejected thrown out.

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And then what happens here?

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Nothing nobody even cares, it will come you don't come where is this person what is

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nurturing of reverts

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is a very, very, very important part of the it's not romantic, like bringing somebody to shadow that's very romantic, all big, big people take videos and whatnot and lover of water level.

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But the nurturing is a daily thing. Teach him how to pray, teach him how to read for and teach him Tahara

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the whole series of things.

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So you must do it.

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You bring the person to Islam, you are responsible for that person.

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Spend time with that person, by all means the material is there the issue are there people are late Well, we will have to but somebody's gotta take responsibility for that individuals then deal with them and sit with them and help them and so on and so forth. Right? Very, very important.

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So four steps are the prepare the ground prepare the soil meaning ourselves, plant the seed.

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Grind, right, irrigate the crop, then take care of until harvest. What is the harvest?

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Exactly that harvest we will see in January. And then you will see how all of this become sadaqa jariya

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when we are in our graves and you will see how beautiful it will be because of the effort that we put into it in this place.

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We ask a lot of raw data to help us become real farmers. Farmers will grow the crop for the day

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and bring everybody to Jannah

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Allah's rather than centers into this world for that reason to take everyone into Jenna. Not even when nobody left behind. No One Left Behind, right.

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Really nobody behind we take our word

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for some of the Havana victory while he was envisioning that article