Mirza Yawar Baig – How to do the Juma Khutba

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shadow pmba Well, mousseline mohammadu Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira and kathira. My brother, my brothers and sisters, welcome to our course on how to give the Juma Hooda.

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I begin by reminding myself when you that the Juma is forth

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered us to leave everything else and to rush for Java. So Allah subhanaw taala said yeah, you are loving Ah no, either no de la sala de mi yo mille Giamatti. First our Illa decree luck was ruled by the

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moon which see which means all your will believe when the call when the other one is made for Friday for the Juba Salah.

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Then rush towards the Jamaat go diligently go

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energetically don't loiter. And don't delay,

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towards the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala towards the Salat of Juba and leave your business Allah Sparta is saying whatever you think is important is not important the Salah is more important leave your business was all by that you come hi welcome in condom tala one that is best for you If only you knew. So I remind myself when you that the Juma is a sacred duty and it is extremely extremely important. Now the Juma fought by itself is a key component it is the record of the Juma prayer. It accounts for the Torah of Salah because the Juma Salah is on to rocket normally we would have prayed for a cat and Zohar, the hobo accounts for the Torah cat so therefore the other of the

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of how to listen to the hotbar are the same as the other we maintained when we are in Salah for example, you don't move around you don't look here or there you don't read something else. You pay attention to the Ummah we listen to the Imam and even if somebody says Salam Alaikum you're not symbolic of Salah because you are in Salah. The same also apply the same principles rules apply also to the Juma This is an aside You are the this is a deep training program. So you are the people who are going to be inshallah giving the whole back. But anytime you are listening to it, make sure you follow these rules also, this is one of the things that you can educate your congregation about in

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terms of how to listen to the Juma how to attend the joy.

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As I told to the without the hotbar the Juma Salah is invalid. Now you may encounter two kinds of two ways in which the hotbar is done. One is where the buyer or the lecture is done from the floor or the budget is not done from the member and after the hottie has finished the buyer they usually give five minutes or so for people to pray and you know offered and so now and then the hottie will

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send the member and then the other end for Juma is called and then the Habib delivers the

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dhammapada which is he delivers it only in Arabic He does not use any other language on the member when he's speaking from the floor, then he speaks in whichever language of the place that is the lingua franca, the people languages people understand that is one method hamdulillah This is a good way this is a good way there is nothing wrong with that, usually you will find in most happy massages. This is how it is

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the other way which you will find the Shafi massages and others is that is that there is only one

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well there is always one foot by one in the lobby. But the the two are combined the Arabic and dinorwic are combined from the member so there is no separate lecture from the floor of the masjid it's only from the member and there you will find the hottie will ascend the member The other is called and then the caddy will do the first part and the second part and sit between the two which is the method of the observer. And in that the beginning of the of each part the hottie will speak in Arabic He will recite something in Arabic And then he will

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do the hotbar his message in whichever language and so also the second part of the hotbar both of these betters are hungry.

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Okay and inshallah your Juma is good.

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Now, who can give the hotbar please understand the hotbar is a specific about the hotbar is not just

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lecture is not just a talk or a chat or something that anyone can is allowed to do or you just decide to be nice to somebody or you know, some big boss in the place or whatever it is and you give the member to sup that is a very wrong thing to do never do that. The hotbar is a rather and it's specific, it has rules, and the person who does not know those things is not capable of giving the Holborn whatever that person is. So, therefore, who can give the robot I am giving you the basic fundamental framework if it if the person doesn't fit into that, that person is completely unsuitable, right so make sure that the person fits into that act is that basic framework Who's that

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is a practicing Muslim man, women cannot give the job is a practicing Muslim man who is saying who is mature meaning has attained puberty has no mental issues, has a good reputation and strictly practices Islam strictly follows this lab fulfilling the right fulfilling whatever Allah has made obligatory and adhering strictly to the halal and haram meaning that in his in his what he or we eat eats or drinks or what he earns must be halal, otherwise, this person is not fit to

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do the job make B and just be very, very clear about this. Second thing is that the person must have the knowledge of the rules of Jeremiah the rules of Salah rules of the Hara and so on. It is not the scope of this lecture to go into the details of all that but all that you are supposed to know already.

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And 30 very important is also should be able to recite Quran correctly I don't mean the land I don't mean the tune, I mean the Tajweed must be correct. It is not okay for the Habib and the Imam to make mistakes in the street. If a person doesn't can't do it or something, you know, forgetfulness that's a different issue, but I'm saying is the person has not learned and and does not notice with and is reciting wrong, this is wrong. This is very bad. So please make sure that you have somebody who understand that. So that's why the Juma is not for everybody. It's not a general open invitation thing. Now, preparation is absolutely key, your hotbar is only as good as your preparation. So let's

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start with your parents. Remember that you are standing in the place of our souls are solid, you are the member of the soul in the house of Allah. There's nothing that is superior to that there is no place in the earth. There's no place on this earth. There's no place there's no throne, there is no Parliament there is nothing which is more sanctified, which is more holy, which is more more powerful, which is more magnificent than the member of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, in a house of Allah which is the budget. So hamdulillah Allah has given you that tanglers Ronald Allah, let the author and the majesty of that enter into your heart. Remember that you are that place and behave

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appropriately. Behave always, always, always with dignity. It begins with wearing proper clothes in your clothes do not have to be have to be Middle Eastern or Arab or Eastern. You can as long as you're wearing something which is decent, which is appropriate is no problem. Always, always, always cover your head. Do not ever give the hotbar without your head being covered.

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Again, if you find somebody who is giving a fullback without a cap without a trouble, it is not Haram. The foodbuzz is valid. Your Salah is valid but it is gross disrespect for the position of the member of the NaVi Alayhi salat wa salam always wore a turban. That's why I make a rule for myself. I will I always wear a turban when I'm doing Jamaat, but you don't have to go there. If you don't want to at least cover your hair with a gap. Do not give the hotbar with your hair uncovered with your head uncovered. Right Please understand, this is our Deen if we don't respect it, then who is going to respect it? So, do not take shortcuts with a deep dressing as I told you whatever is

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appropriate to your culture, but it must be chalet which means that must be it must cover your full body. It must not be transparent. But of course you can wear you can wear a shirt and trousers you can wear a soda garbage sherwani, you can wear a thong mitula whatever. It doesn't have to be in. It's not that it must be Middle East or anything like that, right? So make sure that it's appropriate. But make sure that you behave always with great other great dignity on the member.

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Now we come to the issue of topics. How do you select a topic I have, I have a my what I call my four rules of selecting a topic. Consider your objectives. Consider your audience

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Consider yourself and consider your time and space. What is your objective?

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What is the occasion? Right now if you are giving a hot buy in Ramadan, for example, speak about Ramadan, if you are giving a hot bar close to each other, maybe you can talk about the life over Emily Salaam, if you are giving a hotbar after some, you know event, for example, last year we had these big black lives matter protests all over America. And we give hot buzz about racism about Islam, his position on racism, about how rossano salam was very anti racist, he was not only not only was he not racist, he was very anti racism, his whole life was, you know, his actions were focused on,

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on countering racism every for every form. So whatever is current, that is the very important thing, What's the occasion?

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And then ask yourself, what is my purpose? What do I want people to do at the end of this hotbar? So if I'm speaking about racism, for example, what is my purpose at the end of this? What do I want people to become conscious of the

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of the of the

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effect of stereotyping, the effect of conditioning that every one of us has really well, I won't even say may have we all have it, we the best we can do is to become conscious of it, and to counter it. So this is the important thing, what is my my purpose of my message? So this is the consider your objective. Second thing is your audience.

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You I was

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unaware how to Lala, he said, not every

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truth needs to be broadcast to everybody.

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Even if it is true, the what you say must be appropriate to the audience. If you're speaking to children don't speak in a way which goes over their heads. If you're speaking to older people don't speak in such a simplistic way that they think they're being insulted that you know, you really need to say something that simple to me. I mean, what do you think I'm ignorant, I mean that to be very, if you have a group of women for example, majority of women speak about issues which are touched their hearts something which makes sense to them, depending on the knowledge level of the audience, the education of the audience, the culture of the audience, gender, age, all of these are things to

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be taken into consideration when you are giving the hardback so consider your objectives. Consider your audience. Third thing is consider yourself What are you passionate about? What is your own level of knowledge, sometimes people get into trouble by trying to speak about things which they are really not knowledgeable about, they would have heard some line somewhere and they want to, you know, impress the audience. Please do never get your ego into the place. You did the hotbar the member of the resources alum is not a stage, you are not play acting there. You're not showing up there. You're not there to show people how learned you are or or you know how fancy you can speak

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no. be completely and totally sincere. Have your class in your heart, completely clean your heart of focusing on anyone other than laws rather, speak only for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala nothing else. That's why I make a rule with myself and I'm telling you that also never ever take compensation for giving the Juma heartburn

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Do not ever take money don't take fee. If even if the force it on you take it and throw it into the into the donation box. Right. If you find somebody give it away to them Do not touch, never, ever take money to give a Juma hotbar because you will lose all Baraka from that.

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Never take money to glorify Allah subhanaw taala never take money to give Dawa of Islam. Right? This is a very very horrible thing that we do today. Which is why there is no there is no

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roof. There is no soul in our data.

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Never ever take money. This is the glue the fact that you are standing on the member of a service or salon is something which is so incredibly amazing and incredibly honorable that to take money for it you if you take money for it, you are reducing that honor, you are destroying that on that don't do that. Do not do that. Never take money. So in your you're considering yourself. If you have that level of knowledge speak if you don't have that don't go into areas which you are not knowledgeable about. And the last one is consider the time and place never exceed your time boundary if they give you 25 minutes before 23 minutes. Never ever exceed your time boundary. And please be conscious of

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where you are which country. What are they

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The rules what is the culture of the place, don't go into areas where you can get yourself and your dough anyone who invited you into trouble.

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Right? Be very careful. Avoid topics which are controversial. It is not your job to get into controversies you're not it's not your job to raise things which are beyond the purview of your authority. So knowing which topics to avoid is a very important thing. If you are in doubt, ask the local people ask the people who invited you.

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Please advise me What are the taboos? What are the things that I should talk about? What are the things I should not talk about, right? I'm not telling you to tell lies. I'm not telling you to hide facts. I'm not telling you to, you know, modify your,

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your message to please this one or that one. I'm not saying any of that. I'm just saying, Don't unnecessarily speak about things that that are that are not your concern, and which can unnecessarily create problems for you and for others. Now, what are the sources of information? Number one is Allah Subhan, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Himself, your connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala is your biggest asset, there is nothing that is bigger, bigger and better than the connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Now to make sure that you have this connection with Allah subhanaw taala. And for that, make the hazards for gun yourself. If you are an immigrant, aka when you're not praying to something is wrong. So make sure that you pray the hard way every single day. And ask Allah to give you the Anwar and to give you the muzzle to give you the topic and to give you the substance of what you have to say, ask Allah to give you the words to reach the hearts of people. ask Allah to to guard your tongue so that you do not say anything which is harmful. ask Allah to inspire you to say only that which is beneficial, underline inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will do that. Have your class in your

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heart as I told you, don't do it to please anyone other than Allah.

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Now sources of information for our hobbies, local news, the internet, history zira lives of the lives of the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Talk about science, talk about Allah talk about the rights of neighbors, talk about the importance of

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importance of presenting Islam in a way that is that is beautiful, to do Dawa through actual physical conduct of how we conduct ourselves how we deal with people as well, as the world is open, you know, do any thing that you have, find any source or hamdulillah. The key thing is, do your research well, because without proper research, you will not be able to survive, will bring me to my next point that I want to speak about, which is I called I call it by three R's. Research, record, and rehearse. Good research means a good hada if you have not done your research properly, you will get into trouble. Make sure that you have your IR the eye view or hobbies or whatever else. Key

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dalla il your key evidence, make sure it is written out, make sure it's in front of you. Right? If you don't need to refer to it no problem no hamdulillah you have to memorize it good for you, but have it with you. So that you if you need it, it is there that you are not looking up in the air to find it from somewhere. Make sure that good you go to a second one is record. always write down your

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writing has two benefits. One is that it clarifies your thought. And second thing is that writing is much you have written now. It's a big aid for you when you're delivering the hotbar if you if you lose track somewhere, it is there in front of you to refer to feel free to refer to it feel free to read it there's no problem whatsoever, especially if it is Koran. Even if you know the I always read it because of two things. One is the if you if you just resided then there is some more sometimes a

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you know there's a chance of Ria the chance of you may have a thought to say oh well people should know that I'm happy with what I know. You know, I know so much. If you're reading it, then the thought always got Oh people may think I don't know this I that's why we didn't let that be there. Let people think that you don't know the eye. Right and you are reading it. The reading has two benefits. One is it gives you double benefit. There's a benefit of looking at the forearm and the benefit of resolving the hora hamdulillah. Second thing is if you are looking at it and reciting it, you can't get it wrong. So you will also resolve it correctly. So have it written down read it and

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recited by looking at it.

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Less of course you know the very well and you can do extra port But usually, this is something that I advise you to do which is record and talk

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One is rehearse, always, always, always rehearse. The best way of rehearsing is to set up your phone, record yourself and then listen to it yourself at least once before you go on the member. If you have not read, if you have not rehearsed, believe me, you will see that you will see the difference of that. And you don't want to learn these lessons the hard way.

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Impact is directly proportional to the preparation. Now,

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the hotbar as you as you know, is in two parts, the first part and you sit down and then you start up again and you get the second part of the whole. So we let's look at it in the two parts. You begin the first part by greeting the people by saying salam, ascend the member, and say a Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato and consider the muslin. We'll call the other end for Juba. And once the design is over, then you recite durood Sharif, do the Rahim and then you recite the DA for other

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and then you make dua for you know for your own self rubbish rally Saturday. Where is it lambri Hello? Hello, Tommy lasagna, co holy mixes da and then you stand up and you start your hotbar you start your hope by saying al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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begin with the you can say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim that's even better. Start with Bismillah Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen So start with the name of Allah subhanaw taala and then with praising Allah as well, and then recite the whole bottle hijjah which was Allah says Allah always used to recite now when I start, you know, when I stopped through one, amin will be one autoworker rally. One out we love him in jewelry. I'm fusina amin say yeah Dr. Molina, Maria de la Vela mo de la la. Mama you will follow her the other one eyeshadow La ilaha illAllah hula hula Jenny Kala one eyeshadow one number Hamada Abdo hora Su. This is the

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orbital hija which please recite

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after that, say farmaajo and then recite the IOD reminding us to have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then one or two I had this. Usually the ad we recite is the ad from sort of Oliver, where almost Roger said yeah armano takala hochkar Ducati motor, LaWanda Muslim one which says all your believe fear the displeasure of Allah subhanaw taala as he should be feared and do not die except in a state of complete and total submission to Allah subhanaw taala and then the other is to have two other ideas of socialism. Your login Armando taco la colocar la salida. Usually hella Kamala Conway after locos Roboto mama UTI Allah wa Sula, who forgot First of

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all, you will believe that the who follows Ronald direct and always speak the truth. He will direct you to do righteous deeds and will forgive your sins and whoever obeys Allah subhanaw taala and His Messenger sallallahu Sallam indeed that person has achieved final success has achieved great success and viral success. These three Ayad recite them and then you recite this hadith of Russell Russell Salah you can recite anyhow this this is the one that we usually do hamdulillah it's a beautiful are these were a visa sir. Maria de lo fella mo de la Who? Baba Yaga lil who follow javiera in US Dhaka la de tabula. Well, Arsenal Howdy, howdy, howdy you Mohammed in sha Allah Allah Holly was salam, why

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shun Rollo Maury, Mahabharata, Doha, Baku llamada, de Missa wakulla visa it Malala wakulla Malati infinite, whomsoever Allah, Allah guides, none can lead him astray. And whosoever allows rather than leaves to go astray. None can guide him. the truest word is the book of Allah. The best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. The worst of things are those that are newly invented, every newly invented thing is an innovation. Every innovation is balada it is a misguidance and everyone's guidance is in the fire. And this isn't so unless I once you have done that, then deliver the first part of your message.

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You can budget say this, you can say my brothers and sisters, and whatever you have to say, say that after you finish the first part of your message, you say stop for Allah Holly welcome Wallace. I'll muslimeen

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First of all in the whole world of Rahim Allah holy other stuff for Allah Lee welcome

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in the love of Rahim something like this which is you're making stuff for yourself and the people and you sit down and then you make is the far the ideal one is to recite this Idol is the fire alarm and that'll be late I learned a lot anyone abduch when Allah had a karate master that I was becoming Shavasana tabula caminata, Godly wisdom, bivouac fairly fine No lie of Arizona wild land. recite this for yourself, or simply says the Four Laws of philosopher Allah. You can also drink some water, your thought may be dry. You can do that. spend about a minute or so minute, minute and a half and then stand up again and begin the second part of the harbor.

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Now again, second part of the same thing, you will begin with alum Alhamdulillah Roberto alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah Salallahu salam, WA salatu salam O Allah azza wa jal MBA well, mousseline was urato, Salam ala rasulillah, whichever you want to say, you can say that, begin with that and then the and then and then say, farmajo,

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and then beside the ayat, which is where Allah subhanaw taala told us to send salatu salam and Ross was our Salah, the ayat of surah, Al has in Allah how of Allah he got the whole use of Luna Allah nabee yeah you alladhina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with a sliver, Allah subhanho wa Taala send the salaat and blessings on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and also his angels. They ask Allah to send blessings on him sunrise, Solomon to forgive him. All you will believe send your Salah. Send your blessings on those who also love ask Allah to bless him, and you should greet him with Salam. And then you say, do the Rahim Allah Wa salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Muhammad

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chama Salida, Alabama Hualalai. wilhemina gamida Majid allama, Vedic Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad, Allah, Allah Allah Allah in the Gambian budget, and you can add to that and say, what Allah has watched he was a reality. While he wait, he was happy as rain. And you can also add

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there the names of the Holo via Rashidi and you can see why Allah, Abu Bakar su D are the Allahu Allah Omar Abdel Fatah wa Jalla know Allah Almighty many of them are the Allahu wa Allah I live in Abu Talib or the Allahu anhu ajibade you can add this also. Once you have done that, then you complete your message the second part of your hotbar and then you make duac and you call for the establishment of the Salah aka masala. Now, you can make any dua that you like. In you do the do the advice of the Quran Alhamdulillah Ravana attina dunya has entered our Villa cara de Ravana Robin Allah to jacobina bodies Hadith Anna will have an amulet and Gara minor cantle Wahab Robin Allah

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Krishna in as you know Tara, Robin Allah Mohammed Alena is Ron gamma hamato Allah. Polina Robin Allah Mohammed Nirmala Takata Elena, we have one of our Hamza and Alana of Ensenada and homolka Vereen, or you can share about Allah Medina female Hadith while I've been a female fate, whatever Lana v1 Dawa late abiding Lana Viva La working hours financial Rama herdade. Vinogradov the well I have the leg for in the hole is illuma violet. Well, I zoomin added Tara Tara burn our Dalai Lama one or two Willig was Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah He was I remain always end with sending salah and Salah mondo, Allah says Allah any of these drugs you can do any other way you can

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do you can also do in your own languages right? So no problem with that usually the form the good form is begin with the doors of the Quran Arabic And after that, you can make that make dua for yourself make the for the people your congregation their families or people who are saved for people who are in difficulties make dua for people who have passed away, right? Anything hamdulillah and then you end up as I said, and with Sullivan Sullivan Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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And then once you have finished all that, say I mean, and then you end with this final idea, which is the idea of sort of denial. You say in a lot in the La Jolla moorambilla dlsr. What eata is corba when her Anil fashi Well, Moon curry well bury your eyes Oh, calm La Laguna, Kuru and then you can say oh go to law school calm. Although yesterday lagoon while a zikalala Akbar Allahu Allah wa does note and you say a famous Sarah

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You can even say once you have resided his eye you can say okay Mashallah even without resetting Ziba still Jaffa masala

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Holbein Salah is valid. We just tried to see how can we make it more beautiful and more complete that's all right. If you if you don't even recite this if it's okay hotbar is complete, but if you decided by Salah it is even better so try to recite it and then see if you will select that means the two you are ordering the people to establish the syrup. Now

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when you are praying you then you will decide the member you start with a masala the Muslim will call the cover and then you pray. Now when you pray make the Nia that you are the Imam for the congregation that's important for you to make this near. And then after you can recite any part of the Koran that you like, in the first record whatever you recite the second rocket recite from something that comes there after No sir I'm used to recite surah Allah in the first book as well, Russia the second rocket used to recite different surah you can do any of that or you can decide from anywhere else in the Quran. What? Try to follow the order, which is that in the first record

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what you recite in the second record you recite from something which comes thereafter. Don't reverse that. If you do reverse it by mistake, no problem is always valid. No. So this I was involved, but try to follow this.

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Very, very important on the member. It's a

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place of enormous dignity. Don't joke, don't become frivolous. Don't make wisecracks in the course of your conversation in the course of your speech. If you say something humorous, it's okay. But don't make jokes. Don't start with a joke. Don't try to don't do any of that. Right? Very important.

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remove yourself from your ego from between you and between Allah subhanaw taala and his lips. That is very important. Don't Don't keep yourself there right. Now, quickly. Those are dots. One, Be brief wave and to the point. Never make the Honda more than more than 30 minutes. Usually 20 minutes is the is a good framework to have. Even if you exceed by one or two minutes, you're okay. be optimistic and positive. Don't complain. Don't moan and groan. Don't say depressing things be up no matter how bad situations. Look at the positive side of it. You are there to encourage people you're not there to drag them down even more. be cheerful and sincere. And always have a genuine smile,

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right? You're not trying to fool people. But at the same time, there's always a positive or a negative aspect to something. Look at the positive aspects. Be honest, be clear, be straight in your statements. Don't beat about the bush and ensure that your language is free from all prejudice. Make sure that I'm not talking about just being politically correct. I'm saying genuinely, genuinely do not have prejudice. Do not have stereotypes. Do not be racist in your language. Do not be

00:33:13 --> 00:33:54

you know, misogynistic, and so on so forth. Make sure that your language is polite, extremely polite, dignified. No, that's that's if you if you are used to using curse words and so on, remember, it didn't come out on the member. That's very, very embarrassing. So clean your tongue anyway. Right. And always, always tie back your core message and action points. Don't just leave things in there. You are there for a purpose. Specifically, I'm here to tell you about this. This is what I want you to do that should be very clear. Bring it back. Now, don'ts never speak without prepare. If you are not prepared, don't give the make sure that you are prepared. Number two, never

00:33:54 --> 00:34:32

attacked people from the member never play politics the member is not a political platform. And no matter what justification you have, do not talk about somebody from the member. You want to say something to somebody go to them talk to them not from the member number three never speak about controversial issues the member is not the place for that. If there is a controversial virtual issue you need to discuss it discuss in in private with the person concerned not from November. Number four. never speak without a deli never speak something never say something without the evidence for it. And number five never give fatwas and never say in my opinion, you and your opinion are

00:34:32 --> 00:34:59

completely and totally worthless. They have no standing in the in the deen there are only two things. One is the home of Allah is the word of Allah and the second one is the teaching of Russell Russell Salah, which is this one. There's no third thing whoever anyone says is comes from these two things. That is why we listen to somebody because they are speaking about the word of Allah our award the word or rubbish or some other than that for someone to simply say this is what

00:35:00 --> 00:35:08

for answers, in my opinion, therefore law, whatever that will show that right. So please know in my opinion, and don't start with a member and give fatwas

00:35:09 --> 00:35:49

It is very, very dangerous and it is completely it is something that you must never do. Finally, last thing before I close remember that the Jaguar is the most powerful platform to promote change, it is for the purpose of our will maroof and I Anil Mancha to promote good and to forbid evil, it was bring hearts together, it must unite people it must promote goodwill, it must promote good behavior good o'clock, it must rejuvenate us to face another week, it must not be the opposite only of that the Juma must not be used in order to

00:35:51 --> 00:36:27

to fanned the flame for something or for something negative. Remember my brothers, you and I will be questioned by Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, if we do not follow these rules, because these are this is the, as I told you, this is the house of Allah, and this is the member of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and we make sure that we do not violate that in any way whatsoever. ask Allah subhanaw taala to help you to be pleased with you, to give you the words which reached the hearts of people to guard your tongue from saying something which does not benefit.

00:36:28 --> 00:36:32

Ask a lot as well as valterra to give you dignity and to keep you

00:36:34 --> 00:36:45

in that position where he is always pleased with you. Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was I remember our together our Iman was Allah Allah Kumara Hata la barakato

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