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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam. ala VL mursaleen Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Haile he really he was. He was lm de Sleeman. Kaziranga sera

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from abajo

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in the LA Houma la he got the whole saloon either Navy yeah amanu sallu alayhi wasallam muchos Lima Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad Anwar Ali Muhammad kamasan Lita live Rahim Allah Allah, Majid, Allah barakaatuh, Mohammed the wind come about over it my wife in the gamete and Majid

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mite evidence sisters and elders. First and foremost, I remind you and myself to be intensely and immensely grateful to Allah Serrano dolla, dolla dolla who, for giving us Islam for blessing us with Islam, and for giving us Muhammad Rasul Allah salallahu alayhi wa sallam as our leader as our Eman as his last and final messenger, after whom there is no other messenger

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within Salutations, and we send blessings and we send salatu salam, on also the lines, to sell them, and on his entire family, on his wives, our mothers on his children, and on his entire family, his grandchildren, we ask Allah Subhana, Allah geladeira, who, to bless all of them, and we pleased with them and to reward them as only he can reward them geladeira my brother and sister they weren't myself, I knew this is the fourth in the series of hottap on Islam, titled Islam works, why Islam because Islam works, I remind myself, I knew that Islam is the name of a relationship. Islam is the name of our practice, it is not the name of a theory, it is not the name of a philosophy, it's not

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the name of something that we can just learn and forget about. It's a name of learning something a way of life, which we practice and if we practice that, it will lead to great success in this life and in the next life. This is the theme of these series of hotbars. And this is the fourth one on that

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among the life principles that Islam taught us, which have the power to make us winners in this world. And the next is the principle of Shura or consultative decision making, in my business practice, in my practice, as a leadership trainer, in my practice as an expert, and advisor on family businesses, this is something that I even teach in the corporate context, consultative decision making and connected with that is a matrix structure of,

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of management for the organization. That one we will talk about next. July inshallah, today, we stick with the practice of consultative decision making. The reason I'm mentioning the my corporate practice is because to show you and give you whatever evidence is in my power to demonstrate to you that what we learn in Islam, as the principles of Islam, as the Sunnah of our sources, is so beautiful, that it is applicable in today's life in today's world in our context, and if we do that it makes us winners in this life, it makes even those who don't believe in a salsa Salah who do not believe in Islam, if the practice what Russell realized has taught them, then they will benefit in

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this life. As I always say always give this example that it is the nature of sugar to sweeten whatever it is added to.

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It doesn't matter what it is. You put sugar in it, it becomes sweet. There is nothing sweeter than the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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my brothers does I remind you of myself, that the object of any decision the other reason the object, the goal of any decision is not merely to make the decision, but to have it implemented with sincerity and enthusiasm. Why do you take a decision so that it can be carried out? If you are not going to carry it out then a decision has no meaning. If a decision is made by the leader alone, without the participation of his or her followers, the chances are that those followers will not be committed to implementing their decision and when it fails, they will blame the leader. We see this all the time in all kinds of situations, be it in families or corporations or NGOs or different

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societal groupings. We see this happening all the time. Leaders bash on regardless, there is no commitment from the followers.

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Eventually they fail. And people blame the leader and they say this is he is the one who took the wrong decision. Actually.

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It's not that the decision was wrong is because there was no commitment to implementing that decision. This happens especially, and very tragically and very, perhaps paradoxically, when the leader is strong, is powerful, is charismatic, and has a core following who are and which are willing to cheer him along. What he and his followers don't realize is that

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for a decision to succeed,

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the call 100 cooperation of everybody is required, if you choose to ignore people, and if you, especially if people if you choose to ignore people who are silent, then the chances are that the decision will fail, even though it may have been a good decision. Silence, I remind myself a new is not a sign of agreement, it is most often the most reliable sign of disinterest and disagreement. People chose to remain silent instead of voicing their disagreement, but often.

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And they do that, especially with strong leaders, because they don't want to interact with you. They don't want to engage with you. And they don't want to face whatever flak they fear will come from you, if they disagree, so they remain silent.

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Similarly, dissent, actually disagreement expression of disagreement is not necessarily disagreement or opposition or rebellion. But often this is the most reliable sign of commitment. I repeat myself. Silence is not necessarily a sign of agreement. And dissent expression of disagreement is not a sign of rebellion, or rebelliousness, or opposition. Silence most often is a sign of disinterest and disagreement. And dissent most often is the sign that most reliable sign of engagement and interest and potential commitment, only those who are interested in the outcome of whatever it is, are interested enough to speak about.

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Reflecting on our meetings in different contexts, you can see how often we managed to get it wrong, and we ignore the silent and we treat dissenters with suspicion, and worse, we punish them for descending. The Islamic principle of Shura is the safety net, that helps us to avoid these traps, and to build teams of committed people focused on the success of the mission. The sooner the Shura principle is based on three fundamental factors. First, that all people in society are equal in terms of human and civil rights. Number two, that public issues are best decided not just by the involvement of the majority, but by taking into consideration minority concerns and views as well as

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those of majority and number three, that the principles of justice equality and human dignity, which are Islams core principles are best served by using the Shura principle in both personal and public life. Shura is therefore recommended, even at home in what would be considered purely domestic decisions and it is the preferred way in all public decision making. Next Juma inshallah, I will explain to you the method war, how exactly sure is to be done. But this Juma, let us talk about the importance of Shura and why it is important for us to

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keep this in mind

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made all his decisions, in consultation with the Sahaba unless it was a matter in which Allah subhanaw taala had ordained something. It was common among the Sahaba to ask or a surah selon. If a certain advice was from Allah, or from himself, alayhis salam, and also encouraged this and didn't get offended when somebody asked him this question. One of the most famous incidents when De Soto Salah Salem used the Shura was when, in the Battle of mother when they were going towards the field of mother about a day's journey or so. Before reaching Mother rasuna Sara Selim held a council award to review the situation and to decide on a plan of action. His army consisted both of mahadji rune

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and the unsolved the commitment of every single soldier was critical to success, because there were a number of far fewer than the enemy and they were ill equipped

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And also knows that asylum explained to them you will open and frank with them, and he told them that he had received intelligence that the caravan of Abu sufian Ilan, who, at that time he was not there. At the time of at this time he was the head of the operation the head of the enemies of

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the caravan, a hobo soufiane, which they had planned to read, had escaped, and that instead, if they continue towards mother, they will face an army of Quraysh. The alternative was to return to Medina without going to bother at all. There was no Salam was open and frank he was not hiding anything. He was telling them the truth as it was our Casa de la who was the first to speak at this meeting, and he reassured us on some of his support and the support of the Maharaja rune then the next person to speak or who might have now set up

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and he said the same thing he assured me some of his own personal support as well as the support of the mohajir own then I'll make dad been our are the Alonzo he got up and he said yeah Rasul Allah sallallahu Sallam proceed wherever Allah subhanaw taala directs you, for we are with you.

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We will not say as the Bani Israel said to Moses, Ali Salam go You and your rub and fight. We will stay right here. Allah mentioned this is a reminder, call yamasa in lonato Hola, ha, Abaddon, ma da movie ha further hub unta warra. Boca, boca de la in hoonah. Iran, there's a Rosa, we will never enter and you're talking about Jerusalem, which was occupied by the Philistines. And Allah, tala promised them victory and said go and fight and Allah will give you victory. They said no. They said, Oh Rosa, we will never enter that place. As long as those people are there. If it is things work, we're reputed to be warlike and

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tough people. And the bunnies Ryle became cowards, and they said, We are not fighting those people. We are not going there anywhere. We are not going to enter Jerusalem, as long as those people are there. So you go with your app, and you fight the two of you. We are staying right here. Now one of what I love, how disrespectful and how bad is that. And as a result of that was Allah subhanho wa Taala made them to wander in the wilderness for 40 years, until that whole generation was finished until the whole generation perished and died including Musa Israel and himself passed away in that period. And then the new generation was the one who Allah subhanaw taala enabled for them to enter

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Jerusalem. And to and he gave them the father of he opened Jerusalem for them. So I'll make that when amor

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another Llano. He said, This is not how we will behave. Rather, we will say go You and your Robin fight and we will fight along with you. By Allah. If you were to take us to be Kulfi mad, we will fight resolutely with you against defenders until you conquered. And so this has embraced him and made Darfur him. But the three who had spoken word armor has grown, who only constituted about 1/3 of the Muslim men. in Medina, as soon as salam wanted the opinion of the Ansel because according to the pledge of Aqaba, they had committed to supporting him sallallahu Sallam and fighting for him within the boundary of Medina and not outside. Now here at Baba, they were not bound by that pledge

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because they were outside the body boundary of Medina. Salam didn't want any surprises. Because

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the Arabs of the time, they didn't have standing armies and they did not understand Central Command. They're skirmished and rated each other, but they did not find sustained campaigns. Unlike the Romans and Persians, the Arab tribes did not obey an army commander. they obeyed their tribal leaders. If the tribal leader ordered them to disengage and leave, they will do that even in the middle of battle or before any battle. That is why it also says I wanted to make sure that he had the full support of everyone before the battle. It was much later on and on a side note, it was much later during the Halawa have said

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that his standing army was created. And Khalid bin Walia or Golan who was the was the first commander to lead a successful campaign hundreds of miles away from Medina in

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in what is today, Iraq. As an interesting aside in history, the question to ask is how someone without any experience of planning, or leading a sustained campaign over distances or hundreds of miles, Khalid bin Khalid was able to do it flawlessly and defeat the greatest army of the time, which was the Eastern Roman Empire. To come back to our story here, so Rosaura Sallam asked for other opinions. His intention was to get the leaders of the Ansel to speak sad. Meanwhile, Ron who the head of aos understood what Ross was, was trying to do. So he asked for permission to speak as soon as uncertain permitted him and he said, Yeah, Rasul Allah sallallahu sallam, we believe in you.

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And we bear witness that you brought with that what you brought is the truth. We give you our firm pledge of obedience, and sacrifice. We will obey you most willingly, in whatever you command us, and by Allah Who sent you with the truth. If you were to ask us to throw ourselves into the sea, we will do that most readily, and not a man of us will stay behind. We are not afraid of an encounter with the enemy. We are experienced in war, and we are trustworthy under command. We hope that Allah subhanho data will show you through our hands, those deeds of bravery, which will please your eyes kindly lead us into battle In the name of Allah. Russell Wilson Center was very pleased with his

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response, and he ordered the army to march march forward into other. This shows us the importance of Shura door as soon as a solemn had the ultimate command, and the Sava would have obeyed Him, no matter what he ordered. He did not presume on this, and he consulted them. In this consultation. He is seeking their counsel was genuine, it was not a sham, he was not pretending. Having made his own decision. First. He had he made up his mind without consultation. One could not fault him for that because he was guided by Allah subhanaw taala directly, yet he consulted his people. Because Shura is not about the leader being right or wrong, but about the followers feeling valued, and trusted.

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genuineness is critical to success. And any pretense of consulting when your mind is already made up, will not only be counterproductive, but which it will destroy all the trust in the leader and the process. When people are sincerely heard and their concerns addressed. They feel committed to the goal, even if the decision is not what they may have wanted, when the Muslims reached but there was another famous incident before the battle, as soon as a wrestler ordered them to camp in a particular area. One of the Sahaba al Shabaab even al mundo, radi Allahu anhu. He asked him he said yeah Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is this word Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered you or is this your

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opinion? Or Solzhenitsyn said this is my opinion. Allahabad even among those who said in that case, I have a different opinion, I suggest that we can, keeping the water source in our control.

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That way, we will be better equipped and resourced and the enemy will not have access to the water. And as soon as he agreed, and he changed his order. The Muslims then camped around one of the wells and they destroyed the other wells

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on the way to on the road to Medina, which they could not have controlled or protected the way they operate. This way. The crash had no access to the water, which played a major role in their defeat the following day, and also the Santa salams openness and treatment of his companions with dignity helped to create an atmosphere of trust, where people felt free to express their opinions, even if those opinions were contrary to his opinion sallallahu Sallam this, this was a major force in building the Brotherhood of faith. The oma Allah subhanho wa Taala considered Shura so important that he revealed Quran about it and last rather than a certain sort of assura when levinas dejavu

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lira beam accommo salata, while I'm wrong, I'm sure by now home with me marzec nahoon behold, Allah said and those who answer the call of their Rob gela gelato meaning they accept Islam, and they establish a salah and who conduct their affairs by mutual consultation and who spend of what we have

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bestowed on them a loss of heritage. I mentioned the practice of Shura as a distinguishing feature of the Muslims. I always marvel at how Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions elements of conduct, along with salah and zakat. This shows us that Islam is not merely a set of prayer rituals, but a complete way of life in which everything we say or do has a potential to benefit us in this life and earn rewards for us in the era.

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In another place, Allah subhanaw taala revealed and

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an even more comprehensive if in incircle, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said for be mad I met him in Allah He lint Allah home wallow conda false one volleys one kalbi, Alon fabu do mean how far for one home was ferula home while shower we're home Phil amor, for either assumpta photowalk Allah in Allah ha, you're born with our qilu with our Killeen. Allah said and by His mercy, by the mercy of Allah, you dealt with them gently, and had you been severe and harsh hearted, they would have broken away from about you, they would have left you so pass over their faults, ignore their faults, and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala has forgiveness for them and can sell them in the affairs. Then when you

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have taken our decision. Put your trust in Allah subhana wa Taala certainly, Allah loves those who put their trust in Him. There are many lessons about Shura and leadership in this I wish are well worth reflecting on. We may never be called upon to take the momentous decisions that Rasulullah saw doesn't have to take, but it doesn't hurt to learn something and to learn to do something well, and who is a better teacher than Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla sister that was Robert Allah praised Rasul Allah, Allah salams, kind and accommodating nature, and said that this was a special blessing on him from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that had he been severe and harsh, his companions would not

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have stayed with him, they would have run away, Allah subhanaw taala advised Masuda salam to forgive the forms of his followers and to make dua for them and to conserve them in matters which affect them. So, three things to learn. First, the leader must be patient and kind and listen to people. Number two,

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it is understood that not everyone will be tactful and communicate properly. So the leader must be prepared, prepared to forgive his followers if they say or do something inappropriate. Not only that, but almost rather reinforced it by advising Rasul Allah is our solemn to make dua and to seek

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to to to seek forgiveness for his followers. And then the

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thing about and the third one is Allah subhanaw taala, advised also Salaam to seek the opinion of his followers in whatever matter was under consideration. Now reflect on this rasulillah salam Salam received Rahim from Allah subhanho wa Taala. He received direct revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And his Sahaba had complete and total faith in him. If there was someone who did not need to consult anyone. It was Rasul Allah as a seller. Yet Allah ran out and I advised him to make sure with the Sahaba apart from the fact that this was also teach us because we don't even need Miro receiver he So for us, this becomes even more important. Apart from that. This shows that Shura is

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not so much about the leaders capability because there was no one more capable and they will never be anyone as capable as Mohamed Salah Salah but it is more about winning the followers commitment, the most capable leader would be rendered null and void if his followers deserted. Shura is as much a guarantee as you can get against this eventuality of followers deserted you. Finally, Allah subhanaw taala advised that this consultation must have a timeframe cannot be open all the time. And that once a mat has been decided, then the decision must not be changed no wishy washy descent that in decision making. Once a decision is made, it must not be changed and that we must put our faith

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and trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala when I say should not be changed does not mean that if you now get critical information which shows you that the decision was wrong, that you stick with the wrong decision. No, you take a decision

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Take into consideration all information, take the best decision possible, and then stick to that. If you get some new information which you never had in the first place, which shows you that the decision is wrong and by all means change it, but unless it is something as critical as that stick to the decision, don't keep changing back and forth. That is very, very important. decisiveness is a leadership quality. That consultation does not dilute, but actually reinforces decisiveness by trusting Allah subhanaw taala is the essence of our code. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to be pleased with you, and to never to be displeased and ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to make our decisions through this consultative process of Shura and to make this a means of drawing us close to each other and of keeping our hearts close to each other. inshallah, next Java, we will look at the method of doing this what is the method of surah we will look at the issues of active listening for example, we will look at the power of consultative decision making when it is applied in the structure of a matrix rather than a pyramid pyramidal structure of reporting relationships and management in an organization was Salahuddin Abdul Karim Ali he was savaged by Bill Murray

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Meanwhile, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato