Mirza Yawar Baig – Gun rights, Gun Wrongs

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic has caused confusion and negative consequences, including the potential negative impact on society and the importance of protecting human lives. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to act in a civilized society, but also address the negative impact of parenting children who have no parents and the importance of providing guidance and support for children. The speakers also emphasize the need for parents to provide guidance and support for children, but emphasize the importance of letting people say their beliefs and experiences when they hear news about gun violence. The speakers also mention the need for parents to provide guidance and support for children, but emphasize the importance of letting people say their beliefs and experiences when they hear news about gun violence.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi lum BIA Eva mousseline, Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah He while he was Abu Salah doesn't even cathedral cathedra

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my brothers and sisters, it is the purpose of Juma to speak about things which are

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of critical importance

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and which are current

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and to try to understand them, and to try to suggest solutions for problems which

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affect everybody, not only Muslims.

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I have been numb

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and silent.

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Not like me, but I guess I'm also human. And sometimes the pain is too much.

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19 children dead

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and two teachers 21 people dead. Why? What was their crime?

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What did they do

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to deserve to die?

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Should I be thankful? Should you be thankful that none of those who died in Buffalo and you Wildy or in the many instances of mass shootings that happen as regularly as rainfall in America didn't have the name of one of my loved ones in the casualty list? Should I be thankful for this? Or should I see every single one who died as my loved one?

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I choose the second option.

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I believe that is the root of this whole matter.

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We see people as us and them

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that is the root of the whole matter. The Quran is clear as daylight in this

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absolutely clear

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Allah subhanaw taala said very very clearly in sort of my that I will Willa humanists. shaytani R rajim Bismillah will hear Walkman or he mean dilly dally Calcutta buena Allah bunny Esau eel and now Humann cortada enough some be raised enough.

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Money catalana be raised enough see now versa. Ville de vaca namah thought Allen Jeremy

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woman I hear ya vaca on

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Sir Jeremy,

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what are called Luigia to whom Moroso Luna will buy in at his home in

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some mine like I see. In Home bada Lika Ville de la Mussorie foon.

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Allah's route Allah said which means

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because of that we ordained and his reverse tools, something else that was one that I mentioned in surah, two bunnies right before this.

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Because of that we ordained for the children of Israel. The eye is referring to the Jews it is referring to the general of Israel what we know as far as the Quran is concerned, the IR refers to all of humanity. And the children of Israel in this is the one is right or the Muslims of the time. So this ayah refers to us as Muslims,

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that if anyone killed a person, not in retaliation for murder,

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if anyone killed a person, not in retaliation for murder, or and to prevent them from spreading mischief in the land, or as punishment for spreading mischief in the land, it would be as if he killed all of mankind. If a person kill one innocent person, it would be as if we killed all of mankind. And if anyone saved the life, it would be as if he saved the life of all of mankind.

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The word retaliation here refers to

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the judge sentencing a murderer to death after due process of law and is not licensed for vigilante action.

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Killing one innocent person,

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no matter his or her faith, or race or ethnicity, or gender or color or anything else, is equal in Islam, to wiping out of all of mankind

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and saving one life

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is equal to saving the lives of all of mankind.

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What can be clearer than this?

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It doesn't matter if the one killed or saved was a Muslim or anything else. The Quran says person that is human life. That is the most important and the first principle is in Islamic jurisprudence, which takes precedence over everything else. That is what makes what is normally haram which is prohibited halal, which is permissible. If it is necessary to save human life.

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There is no right

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in Islam, which supersedes this lie right to precedes the right to life for everyone, which is the duty of everyone else to guarantee directly or indirectly.

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It was on the basis of this, that at the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic in 2019 Muslim scholars and jurists across the world, advise the shutting of mosques and directed Muslims to pray the Juma Friday congregational prayer in their homes.

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They did this even though the congregational prayer on Friday is mandated in the Quran, and is compulsory and obligatory. They did it based on the potential danger to human life being the primary consideration. They did it because Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Salam himself advised us and he said, In the Hadees, in Muslim Imam Muhammad in say Bukhari and sahih, Muslim,

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he said, sallAllahu sallam, the plague, which is the contagion, which is the pandemic, which is the epidemic, the plague patient,

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or meaning somebody who has it also somebody who doesn't have it, who remains in his home

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with patients, and expectation of reward, knowing that nothing will be falling other than Allah subhanaw taala as decree will attain the reward of a martyr.

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There are many other Hadees referring to this, which all point to the importance of quarantining yourself and protecting others by remaining isolated yourself. My question to Americans is,

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how many more of us die? Before we understand that sanctity of human life must take precedence over everything else in a civilized society does the body can't justify our obsession with guns?

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I believe it is not guns, but something deeper and more malignant. Because guns don't kill people. People kill people.

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The problem is that we have created a society that is based on the worship of the self. Our supreme law is, I like it. So it's good. No matter what it is, as long as I like it, it is good.

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What that thing means to others, how it may affect them. Whether others like what I do or not, is not something that I'm prepared to consider. I don't care in our society, sale and consumption of alcohol, for example, is legal, although according to who the World Health Organization, in the period since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic globally, to today. And these are figures character to April 22 2022 6 million people died from COVID 19, while 17 mil but while 7 million died due to consumption of alcohol, 6 million, because of COVID-19 and 7 million, because of consumption of alcohol, including of course, car crashes, and so on. And we are not counting the

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number of people named and the number of people

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who were, were were disabled and so on, just because somebody else had a good time at a party.

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We worship ourselves to the extent that nobody is allowed to tell us what to do. And that includes God. We have raised desire to the level of a deity that we worship. We tolerate violations of the law if our friends do them, and we scream blue murder when someone else does the same thing.

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In any language, that's called hypocrisy. In our in our language, it is called virtue.

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We have childish notions that criminals are victims of their upbringing and childhood conditioning, and whatnot, especially if those criminals belong to a favored group.

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They must not be blamed

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blame their childhood, blame their parents blame their circumstances, blame God blame anyone but then they must be handled gently ask you, what about this poor child who decided to murder?

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What about those poor people who got murdered because of this poor child, and all his conditioning and whatnot, whatnot? What was their fourth? While the parents of dead children, the husbands, wives, children and parents of innocent victims of Buffalo, and Uvalde, and countless other places are trying to get to grapple with a demolished world. We stand around and we send our thoughts and prayers to them.

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To minute's silence, please, we are sending our thoughts and prayers to them.

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How send thoughts and prayers how FedEx USPS?

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What is the meaning of sending thoughts and prayers?

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If you can send them, send them to the lawmakers? Send them to those who are in the picture in these pictures which are with that with various articles, holding up science supporting unfettered gun ownership, where an adolescent who is not considered old enough to buy beer is sold a long rifle without a thought.

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Send those thoughts to them if you think that they do any good, seriously, people, the solution to mass shootings is not more guns.

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It is not having armed security guards is not teachers toting guns is not single entry and exit doors. What next? Children with guns in their backpacks.

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It's time to wake up. It is time to wake up. This is not about mental health. America is not an outlier in mental illness. It's an outlier in permitting adolescence, to buy and carry deadly weapons without restrictions.

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It's an outlier in the way it shows how much respect it has for the lives of its own children. No other country except Brazil, comes close. Let me just ask, How are how are all the countries in Europe and Asia and the Middle East and Africa and other parts of of continental America? How is it their schools which do not have bulletproof windows and Rambo at the door? What is it that they are doing right? And what are we doing wrong? It's not a mystery. If only we open our eyes

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I'm putting here a link to

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an article which talks about gun laws in America. And it's from Giffords Law Center to prevent violence. I quote from this from this article. In most states, people can legally buy assault style weapons before they can drink a beer. Federal law stipulates that gun stores and other licensed dealers may not sell a handgun to anyone under the age of 21. But they can sell long guns that is rifles and shotguns. To anyone who is at least 18.

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In our society, it is natural for children to grow up with one parent, no parent, cognitively or emotionally impaired parents or absent parents. It is common for a child to step off the school bus, let himself into his home, feed and entertain himself until his parent or parents show up. We call them latchkey kids, is that child happy about the situation? We don't know. And we don't care. Until in his adolescence, he walks into a gun store buys an automatic or semi automatic weapon, more ammo than a soldier carries in battle and blows out the lives of dozens of children like himself. That is exactly what happened in Uvalde.

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But in our society, it is not nice to criticize this kind of parenting.

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Our children go to schools where discipline is a bad word, which is supposed to negatively impact the the the self esteem of children. What is self esteem, except in most cases, an inflated sense of self importance and inflated ego? What is the position of humility in our society and culture? Another bad word? Another relic of our past? Of course, we weren't mentioned that in that past which we want to forget. There were no mass shootings.

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We were We are compelled to accept behavior in schools, which we know is disruptive. If not

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outright destructive to learning, but we dare not speak out against it. We have created a fantasy world in which we seem to believe that there is no cost to bad behavior. Most kids today spend most of their free time in the virtual world and have issues adapting to society and the real world. They are unable to accept rejection, failure or criticism, and often react violently. Guess what? Life has rejection. Life has failure. Life has criticism. And success in life means to be able to deal with those in a positive way.

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But we never teach it. And we never and our children never learned

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poor parenting, or no parenting. And the lack of correcting bad habits at home and school has raised a whole generation of egoistic, self centered kids who feel the world revolves around them.

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We have forgotten that the world runs by laws created by its creator. Some we call the laws of physics, others are laws of behavior, which are equally implacable and impartial. All laws have consequences. Ignoring the law merely means that you will not be prepared to protect yourself from its consequences.

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This is something that we must do as a society, we live by the principles. That discipline is good. Self esteem is the result of effort, not the natural consequence of being alive. We must support each other by helping one another to overcome weaknesses and problems, not by pretending that they don't exist, much less by normalizing them.

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We must punish violations because we respect those who obey the law and are entitled to its protection more than those who break the law and claim immunity from its consequences. We must throw away the field good theories. This includes doing away with extravagant praise for ordinary good behavior, or good effort, saying, Wow, geez, that is awesome. Is not awesome?

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If ordering work is labeled as awesome. What's the motivation to do more or better?

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Yes, discipline sucks. Suck it up.

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You want to know if you will succeed in life or not? See, if you make your bed when you wake up in the morning, that is a better indicator of your potential to succeed in life than any psychometric tests, that gives you results that look good on paper. It may hurt to tell your family and friends the truth about their behavior, and let them pay the price. But it will hurt a lot more. And a lot more people will be hurt if they never learn.

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As I speak, I'm reminded of what a psychiatrist friend told me. He said to me, I have in my waiting room, people who are highly suicidal, addicted to substance abuse. They openly talk about wanting to kill others. They're pathologically depressed. Now tell me something. If you were speaking to a psychiatrist, and he and he said this to you, would you be surprised? Neither was I, until he told me that those people are seven and eight year old children.

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This is the result of our parenting. This is the society that we have created, and which we continue to support and remain silent about in the name of freedom. Freedom, from what freedom for whom, freedom to do what it seems so futile, to try and convince people about something which is so self evident and obvious. We have a major parenting problem people understand this please. We have a major parenting problem. Children need attention, they need love, they need caring, they need discipline, they need values, they need morals, they need boundaries. Children need

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parents, who can be role models for them. For all of these things, children needs parents, children need parents they can look up to not look down on is that happening?

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How can we make it happen?

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Think about the how can we make it happen?

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I speak about this with hope. Because to despair. Is is haram in Islam it is private. Despite a scuffle despair is denying the Mercy of Allah.

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I am quoting again, from data statistics which I will put in the description

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In this video, there was 693 mass shootings. Think about this in the year 2021, which is last year, mass shootings are described as

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were more than four people, four people or more died is called a mass shooting in the United States of America, in the year 2021. There were 693 mass shootings.

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And guess what? I checked, the number of days in 2021 was still 365.

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Do the math 693 shootings, mass shootings in 365 days, and we're not counting anything in which less than four people died? There were those also.

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In 2021, last year, 21,000 21,000 people died in the United States, because of gun violence. Does this body count justify whatever so called right? We think we are upholding

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the signs that people are holding up which I've seen, I don't want to be a victim. My need by guns to protect myself and so on, are ludicrous to say the least victims? Who is the real victim?

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The one the child who died? Or the one who shot that chain? Who is the real victim?

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In a society where our taxes pay for law enforcement, why must we carry guns to defend ourselves?

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I'm not against gun ownership, believe me. Just as I am not against car ownership, I am against the unfettered ownership of something that has the potential to destroy the lives of others in the hands of someone who's not capable of handling it.

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If a mature, mentally stable person, without a criminal record, trained to handle a weapon, wants to own a gun for hunting of a smaller or a small arm for personal safety, because of the special circumstances that he or she may be living in. By all means, let them do so. But what is the justification for an automatic military style assault rifle, being sold to someone who's mentally unstable or sick, has a criminal record, and is highly likely to use that weapon to kill others only because we will not accept background or medical checks.

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Seriously, I wonder if any of those people holding up those signs also held the body of their little child?

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Dead from a bullet in the heart shot by someone like themselves? Who believed in the unfettered right to bear arms?

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What more can I see?

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect the children in this country in America. ask Allah to protect the children everywhere in the world. ask Allah to protect the innocent people. Ask Allah subhanaw taala give us the sense to understand what is good for us and what is not good for us. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us a sense to get out and over politics in this matter. My brothers and sisters, my friends and listeners This is not about politics. This is about life. It's about human life. It's about your life and my life. It is about the lives of your children and my children. If we don't take notice of this, if we do not do this, then be prepared one day to hold the body of

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your own child in your hand shot by somebody because you did not take action to stop the unfettered ownership and use of

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weapons of destruction.

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ask Allah to give us the sense to understand this and the courage to stand up for the truth and the ability to do it and bring about changes for which we will be happy and for which the world will be happy. For Salah Hassan Abdul Karim Allah Allah He was IBM parameter gamma Rahimi

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