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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Shara freedom bi even more serene

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman, Kathira and cathedra.

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My brothers and sisters, we are on the eighth of the Hatha

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talking about the leadership style of Rasul Allah He salona Haile, he while he was at the center.

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And today I want to talk about

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that very critical aspect

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of his life and he salaam, and that is the focus on excellence and being extraordinary. Why extraordinary, because good enough, never is.

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As we work towards a great goal, you will often become restless, irritated, and impatient and inclined to take shortcuts and cut corners, all for the excellent reason that you want to see the project up and started as soon as possible.

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But in this urgency, there will be the tendency to accept compromises.

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I want to warn you, of the biggest danger to success, the C word compromise, because to compromise is to die or death without honor.

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Those who have the courage to work for a great goal, understand that possible and impossible are terms that define your own standpoints.

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How you see yourself they point to who you are not to the goal at all.

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Soaring at 30,000 feet is possible for an eagle or for a man in a flying machine.

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It's not possible or impossible in itself.

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All it needs is for you to ask, How can I do it not can it be done.

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Differentiation creates brand brand identity defines identity identity enables influence. Influence inspires followers and loyalty and the opportunity to change society. Without differentiation. You are a grain of rice in a sec.

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Excellence is an expression of self respect. So as mediocrity, we strive for excellence, not because somebody is watching, or because we are playing to the gallery. But because excellence is about us. How we see ourselves, what we think of ourselves, how we choose to define ourselves. We define ourselves, and the world accepts that definition, and treats us accordingly. So think before we will define yourself. There's a famous quote

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of Henry Henry Ford,

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who said, if you say you can succeed or fail, I believe.

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Excellence requires sustained heroic effort. Often in the face of great discouragement.

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Only those who rebel in the effort can accept

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the adrenaline drives them. Paradoxically, they are goal focused, but take pleasure from the difficulty of reaching the goal. For them, the journey is the destination. Because the excitement is only in the chase and ends with the catch.

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Mount Everest is a worthy goal to strive for because its dimensions are measured in height, the same distance or level ground wouldn't be worth talking about.

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It's the difficulty which adds value to the goal.

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If you think success is difficult, try failure.

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To accept mediocrity is to accept failure at the start.

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Mediocrity ensures that your failure is permanent.

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That drunk is called compromise.

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I know that there are mediocre people in the world.

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And there are more mediocre people than those who achieve excellence. But ask yourself Who would you rather be?

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Who would you like to emulate?

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Who do you choose as your role model?

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That is why Tim was Dan Shaheed

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the Muslim ruler in in Mysore. He said one day in the life of a tiger is worth more than 100 years in the life of a jackal

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Ask yourself which life you would like to live. For in the end, both both die.

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Compromise is to attitude what cancer is to the body.

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The body doesn't fight cancer, because because it accepts it.

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And it does not recognize the threat.

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It accepts cancer cells because they're its own cells until they get it.

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Only those who hate mediocrity can excel, not dislike, not be irritated, nothing mild. But those who pathologically hate mediocrity, those who cannot stock it at any cost. Those who are repelled by it and find it disgusting and abhorrent and a hand hateful

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and do anything to get out of it. Compromise like cancer destroys from within. But unlike cancer, it is infectious.

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mediocre people

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infect others and make them mediocre.

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Excellence takes effort.

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Few MAKE IT failure is painful. Nobody likes it.

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mediocrity is the narcotic, which makes destruction seem acceptable. So people settle for less than what they can be.

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They get distracted by others. And they are mediocre efforts. They make excuses as if they can change reality.

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They imagine that if they can find others who will agree with them, then the yard their mediocrity will be acceptable.

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It will be to other mediocre people.

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But to those focused on excellence, who look not at others, but at their own potential. And beyond it. mediocrity is despicable. No matter what guy is it comes in.

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And to tell you the truth, the mediocre ones also recognize this in the dead of the night, when they are alone with themselves that their efforts don't even begin to approach the boundaries of what could have been if only they had not compromised.

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Failure is not the enemy of excellence. mediocrity is

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failure is painful, and drives effort. Nobody willingly fails or remains in failure.

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But mediocrity is anesthetized failure.

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It is fatal. Because the victim does nothing to counter it, because he can't feel the pain.

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I remind myself about a basic principle that I have always followed in my own life.

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It's better to fail trying to achieve an extraordinary goal than to settle for a compromise. Why extraordinary? Because good enough, never is.

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The important thing for us to remember, is never to compromise.

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No matter how frustrating it seems, as I always say when weighing things in back into balance. It is only the last few grains which tipped the balance. Until then you don't see any difference. You don't see any change. There are two fundamental laws. One, the balance will not tip until the last few grains fall into the band. Number two, the last few grains always tip the balance.

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Both laws are equally true.

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Remember that if we compromise for anything less than what we dreamed up, then in the evening of our days, we too will be forced to look back on our lives and say if only we had not sold our dreams so cheaply.

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Allah's Ratan Tata della DeLallo sent us Muslims to change the world to move from a Doggy Dog rat race to a system which is based on compassion, responsibility, investment in the welfare of everyone, with the awareness that we are answerable to Allah subhanaw taala from whom nothing is hidden, unless $100 have gone to her alma encourager to the nurse less than a Morona Wilma roofie Worthen Hona. Moon Karim,

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Allah say you Muslims are the best of people ever raised up for the man for the benefit of mankind. You enjoy and our motto of everything which is good and which Islam permits and or has ordained and you forbid almanzar which is whatever Islam has forbidden and you believe in Allah. We did not come to adjust to a haram system. We came to change it. This is something which we seem to forget

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Allah is around data centers Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to learn from.

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And he charged us with teaching others. Allah did not send us to learn from others and imitate them, especially in opposition to the Divine system that he sent with his messenger someone on.

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Social change happens when a small group of dedicated people who believe in their system, live it, practice it with confidence and differentiate on that basis.

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They do that assertively not aggressively, but don't compromise or change their system to suit the majority culture.

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The British colonized the work, the British never wore turbans, Shema eagles, Michelisz sherwanis, or any of the gorgeous and beautiful clothing of Asia, Middle East or Africa. So the world started wearing pants and shirts and ties, perhaps

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let us look at some of the options that are that are available, or that were available to a seller. When he started preaching his message.

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I can think of three one, he could have accepted the kingship of courage and then made changes

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to he could have addressed social evils and become a social reformer first and activist to get some local traction on support. And then you go to presented his theological message. And three, he could have compromised, accepted the status quo, and then try to gradually bring about change. But he didn't choose any of those options. Instead, he did what all Ambia Allah masala have always done, he proclaimed his message directly in so many words. And clearly, this is one of the many proofs of divine guidance. And the best example of our call on Allah. Because who other than the one who is being directed Allah can do what he did sonamarg.

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This unwillingness to compromise the message of Islam is a theme in his entire life. He didn't accept the Islam of Buddha cave of dive when they came to him with the condition that they would accept Islam and pray but will not pay zakat, even though he needed their support very badly at the time. Some people advised him to soften his stance and said that he should accept this love of months of HIV and that they would pay zakat. In due course, NASA refused.

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He refused to change his stance, and he said that the one who separates the Salah from those aka is not a Muslim.

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It was based on this ruling that our workers in the fatherland who declared war on those who refused to pay zakat after as soon as someone passed away. When he was asked how he could declare war on Muslims. He quoted the ruling of a civilized Salah who said that the one who refuse to pay zakat was not a Muslim.

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The greatest damage to a cause is done by those who perhaps in a well meaning way, softened stances regarding principles. I'm not saying we should not reflect so we should be flexible. But we should be clear about what we are being flexible about. There is no flexibility with regard to the pillars. There is no flexibility with regard to the principles of Islam.

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Because when that happens, the clarity of differentiation is lost and the message loses significance.

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The stance of complete integrity stands out in the Tao of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in that he was not willing to compromise his message, water it down, dilute it in any way to please anyone.

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This is the one of the many proofs of the divine nature

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of the message, which naturally Muhammad SAW SLM being the bearer of the message felt and knew that he had no authority to change.

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There was huge moral and psychological pressure on him to accept at least in part, the religion of his polytheistic family and tribesmen and to go easy on them and their traditions and customs. He refused. They tried every means of persuasion.

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As we know, they offered him gold and women and power and authority. They offered to make him the king they threatened him with death. They even told him that they would be willing to worship His God one day if he would agree to worship their gods on the other day. They told him that they would stop opposing him if he would stop saying that polytheism and idol worship was wrong.

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Finally, when is Uncle Daddy What given him his protection asked him directly. He is an ally son, replied My uncle. Even if the put the sun in my right hand

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The moon in my left hand, I will not give up this message that I have been charged with.

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Allah subhanaw taala ordered as well as elements follows He said, Yeah you are rasuluh believer by own Zilla la Kamiya robic by Laval pharma by love Buddy Sana wala who Yasim Similkameen a nurse in Allah Allah you had the common caffeine. Allah said O Messenger, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam proclaim the message, which has been sent down to you from Europe.

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And if you do not, then you have not conveyed his message. Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect you from mankind. Very Allah does not guide people who refuse to believe.

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Before I go further, let me reflect on what we do today in the name of all sorts of apologetic stances in Islam where we are willing to bend over backwards, watered down the message, allow all sorts of innovations into it and do anything but speak clearly and directly.

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Just ask yourself, if Rasul Allah is all of them were alive today, and took the stance that he took in Makkah, how many of us would be willing to stand by him? Today we are even afraid to follow the sunnah to will and to be recognized as follows. What a shame. May Allah help us the lesson my brothers and sisters, for a leader, the most critical thing is to differentiate from the REST based on his message, if the leader compromises his message, for the sake of popularity, material gain followership or anything else, the uniqueness of the message will be lost, and it will lose its value as a clear standard on which to model all actions.

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This is naturally not easy to do, as there are a lot of societal and other pressures to confirm existing norms and values and customs. To stand out as different especially when this means to go directly against the existing system is not easy. But it is an essential criteria that distinguishes the leader for people follow the leader, his identity, the goal he is leading towards and what the followers will gain because of following him.

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They must understand this.

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All of these must be clear, unambiguous and inspiring. A flag is a symbol only when it is flying high. Not when it's drying on a clothesline.

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It's critical for the leader not to be seduced with a promise of followership and never to change or dilute or modify the message to suit anyone in the desire to get Converse. The message distinguishes the leader, if he compromises that message, then he has lost everything. This is the biggest argument in favor of differentiation and against assimilation and losing one's identity identity that I can place before. Someone who does not have the confidence to differentiate and is content with being one sheep in a flock is completely unfit to be a leader.

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Being a leader means to take a hard stance sometimes and to get used to feeling lonely.

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The Tiger walks alone.

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Sheep have lots of company. The choice is ours.

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Robin aphylla Uber worker for NASA yet in auto finance.

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Robin attina Macedonia has Sanatana villa in

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Salalah. Alana will carry him while he was

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salam ala kumara