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Tila Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi lambier Eva mursaleen Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Haile who is early he was of you Salah just live in Cathedral cathedral

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last round that answer the Poconos

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our item when it Takada Illa, who Hawa

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for under the Cornwall in Wakita.

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And those around that I said, Have you my Rasool my heavy My Messenger Have you seen those who have taken their desires as the ILA see, the word which is used ILA how Howard, who is the god, the designers?

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Allah is not saying they given to their desires, they succumb to their desires, they give it more importance, no,

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the worship the desire,

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their god is desire.

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Illa who their their ILA is however, is their desires. And then Allah Subhana Allah gives Rasul Allah is Allah seldom Helcom but the HongKong

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because of who is giving to whom

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is phrase like a question.

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But it's actually a haka. It's actually a command, analyzing, are you going to intercede for them? Are you going to make suffrage for them? Are you going to lead for them? What does it mean?

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It means don't do that. Right? The command is, are you going to do that? On on on mobile?

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Don't do that. So come on. So Allah is saying the one who has taken for his ILA for he as his God, the One who has taken his own desire.

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Not only is that person coveting shirt, but that person Allah has banned the nabi alayhi. Salam from interceding from asking forgiveness for that person.

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Imagine the seriousness of the thing, it's not a simple thing. Now, what is the meaning of taking your desire as God?

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Because desire also is created by Allah subhanaw taala. Right, Allah did not create us with our desires.

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So it's important to understand this it's a it's not as if no desire by itself is something evil.

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So obviously, as you know very clearly, there are two kinds of desires, desire for God and desire for evil. So does that feel good? After all is good?

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I want to pray I want to read I want to read Quran I want to study Islam, I want to do good, I want to give charity I want to help people, right? I want to behave well my manners to be good, I will not use profanity, I will not use my desire I must not when all of this good I want to be good to my family, to my friends and I want to smile at people and shake hands and be good. Every good desire is also designed into hamdulillah is good. No problem with that.

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But what about the opposite?

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What about desires which are haram? What about desires which are evil?

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Now you might say well you know does it happen of course towards Allah subhanaw taala introduce of Allah mentioned is clearly

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in the NAFSA the Amara Tong be su De La Mer Hemara

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usually Salah was saying were really and truly without a doubt my enough's my enough is translated as different industries heart is desire it is even breathing it's your your your your existence itself, meaning myself in handcuffs and he's not he's not saying unless he's in an offseason, the inner is there is an emphasis it truly and surely there is no doubt about this. Myself takes me towards evil.

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Amara Gumby su

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takes me towards evil Illa Mara Mara be except for the one on who Allah subhanaw taala has mercy and we ask Allah for mercy inshallah.

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So, the nature of the human being is to that it takes him towards evil that the nature of desire of the will be takes him towards the will of course, on top of that we have shaida who aids and abets that and he makes it happen and so on.

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So, the thing is, therefore, what must be do.

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Therefore, what we need to do is to make sure that is the reason why lost data centers the

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Furqan what is the fourth one? It is a criterion what is the meaning of criterion it remains a system based on which you take a decision

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right. So, what is the criterion for being able to lead Salah must be accurate and valid

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must have a brain should not be crazy and should be should have attained maturity.

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So, there is a there is a criteria similarly, for many what is the criterion for joining a university and doing a Master's course criterion is I should have done a bachelor's course without a bachelor's degree I cannot enter a master's program I get on into a postgraduate program and I don't have a graduation so, the five criteria so, what is the Allah's rather than ascend the Gita was a criterion to judge between good and evil.

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What is the what is the criterion criterion is does it please Allah subhanho wa Taala very simple, very simple.

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My action my speech, does it please Allah subhanaw taala will Allah be happy? Will Allah be pleased with what I'm going to do?

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Now, three possibly possibility if I'm asking a question three possibilities number one possibility what Yes, Allah will be pleased. I know this hamdulillah do it. No problem. Second one, Allah will not be I want to say for example, I want to batok somebody right. Now will Allah be pleased? No, we know this is no big mystery. I don't have to go and ask for a fatwa from some Sheikh. No Backbiting is haram. You know, this is Allah does not real is not real. I don't do it. If I know Allah is pleased, I will do it. If I know Allah is not priest, I will not do it, then there is something in between, which is I'm not sure. I want to say something, do something. But Will Allah be pleased or

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not? Then what should I do? Stop, don't do it. Clarify, then do it.

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Don't do it work River, if I'm not sure don't do it.

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So basically, very simple.

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To understand likes, and in terms of now, again, see the most evil was

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that we sort of said, if a person makes the intention, or has a desire to do something good. Allah subhanaw taala causes one has to be written in his account. He has not done anything. For example, I Supposing I say, I'm gonna go from here, I'm going to give some clarity. Before I leave the module, I'm going to drop $1 in the donation box, I'm still sitting here I've not done anything, right, just the desire, Allah subhanaw taala causes one good deed one has to be written in the account. Then when the person does the deed, he has the intention, he goes and does the deed, then Allah subhanaw taala causes from 10, to several 100, to be ready to be written for that person for doing that good

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We talking about desires. On the contrary, a person has the desire to do something wrong. He's thinking now when I go from here, I will do this.

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Nothing happens to him.

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His account the screen,

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until he fulfills that desire, just having the desire is not a sin.

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See the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala even no matter how haram, I don't want to make a long list of robberies or whatever it is right, no matter how bad it is, as long as you have not spoken and as long as you have not done, you are safe.

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You are safe, I'm safe.

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But if you do if you speak, depending on what it was, if you speak that, or if you do that, then Allah subhanaw taala causes one Ceja one bad deed to be written for that person.

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Not 10 not 100 not sooner, no one wants to one.

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And then if the person makes no one is the foreigners rather forgive.

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Now, even before that, the person has a desire to do something wrong. So nothing has happened.

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Then the person immediately remembers it's no no, no, this this desire itself is wrong. Why? Why am I thinking like this? I should not be thinking like this. So he changed his mind. Now you're sitting in front of me, I don't even know what's happening in your heart but in your heart, you thought something evil, then you change your mind. Allah subhanaw taala causes the good deed to return.

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So how to see the mercy of Allah's mercy.

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He did nothing. It just in his mind, he just changed his mind. That's it. Nobody knows except ALLAH SubhanA. Allah subhanaw taala causes one good deed to be written in the account of that verse. And then if the person does the evil deed, there is one evil deed written if you make this the one October event that is wiped off

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remind myself I knew that we live in this world for a very, very short time.

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and out of that short time, a long time has already passed.

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Right? Depending on whoever when

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I'm 67 I am certainly not going to live farther six or seven years right. So, whatever is left is less than what I already lived and more than likely, much much, much less that hamdulillah

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Now, why is pilot

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wise pilot

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and there is no guarantee of

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your soul so this but you are young so is you have more? No, no, there is no young and old.

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We have seen it in our own community, in our own families in our own lives.

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Young and old has no relation to the lifespan of a person whatever Allah sent, that's it.

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So I remind myself when you let us take advantage of the Mercy of Allah, the little arrow do what is right do what we know is to be right what is not right, don't do it. And what is doubtful stay away from it clarified then if it is good, and then no problem. It is not good. Stop it. But don't deal with doubtful things and definitely do not do something which we know to be wrong. We know enough and more. We don't need any great you know, Chef or Mufti to come and tell us we know in our life, we know what is right. We know what is wrong, there is no believe it there is no such great mysteries. Maybe if there is a question you were asked, but for all of us most of the time we know

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exactly what what is happening.

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So let us not fool ourselves. Let us do what we know to be right. And let us stay away from what is not right. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive our shortcomings and our mistakes. Robina Fulfiller has ruined our coffee Rama sejati No. Tofana Malala Robina has alumna Susana Willem de fille and

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Cassidy. Robin Artina. for dunya has an auto villa. The organizer will not was Allah Allah Allah Bukhari Marathi he was a board member altogether