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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim on

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the Sleeman Gosselin ocean

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No, my son How old are you?

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How many years?

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Four years, four years old Masha Allah Masha Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala give you fill your heart with his North. And may Allah subhanaw taala reveal his color in your heart

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and make you among the earlier of Allah insha Allah may Allah accept every dollar that you make it

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and then add to that from his generosity and grace in shall see I mean,

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I mean

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I mean Masha.

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Allah is Allah Salam once.

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The reason I called Little Brother No, and he is four years old, mashallah

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is because a group of people once came to Rasulullah sallallahu.

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And with them was a little boy, I don't know if that little boy was four years old or what but he was a small boy.

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And they asked him they said, Yeah, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam when is the Day of Judgment?

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When is your Milaca

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Rasulillah Salam looked at them. Then he looked at the little boy and he said If Allah subhana wa Tala della Dorado gives this boy a long life. Every one of you would have reached the day of judgment before his time comes.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give our little brother Nora, a long and healthy life of good work with Eman and Yaquina muscle tension.

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The message for me a new reminder for me and you is that

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our day of judgment is a day when we meet barber mouths

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when the angel of death comes and that is why in the

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the technical language of Islam in the history of the Sharia. This is called gamma to sohara said the small gamma

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and that is the reason why it is necessary to prepare for that.

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Because this is the only surety we have

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everything else is unsure

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how long we will live we don't know whether it will be with good health or not. We don't know We ask Allah subhana data for good health all the way to the end inshallah. We do not know whether we will have money or not wealth or not poverty, strength weakness, we ask Allah to save us from all kinds of tests.

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We do not even know whether we will die with iman or not. May Allah protect us from that. We just had the Hadith where a Surah Surah Salam said that they will be among you people who will do deeds of the people of Jana right to the end and when there is only an arm's length between them and Janna, they will turn and they will do deeds of the people of the hellfire and they will work

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and also there will be people who will do deeds of the Hellfire all the way to the end until there is a arm's length between them and the fire and then they will turn and they will do deeds of Jana and they will go to John now this is not arbitrary This is not a lost battle is not catching all of somebody who's lived a good life all his life and just throws him into the hellfire. No, this is because of the disease of the heart. This is something in the heart there is some problem in the heart.

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One way of understanding it in our modern context is for example you take you buy a new computer right you buy a new laptop or a new computer perfectly fine, everything is good. And you are doing your normal work on that and now we'll work what do we use Microsoft

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Office or some things are you using spreadsheets using word processors and stuff.

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Maybe you're watching a video or two. And then one day you decide that you're going to make some films or something like this or you're going to put some artificial intelligence. So basically you are now putting load on that machine you're putting load on the on the processor and you're making it do things which it never did before and it collapses.

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So we see what happened to it nothing happened to it. There was a fault in the in the processor there was a weakness in the processor and didn't show up because nothing happened. But the moment you put the load on it then the the the problem shows up.

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And it breaks out and that is where that is why we have to keep watching our hearts all the time.

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We have to be aware of our heart we have to be aware of what is in it. Now Allah subhanaw taala told us he told us what is the secret?

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And what is the secret what must we do? God Robin Allah Who so musta come this is the formula. This is a formula of success. We ask Allah for this channel, called Robin Allah

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Oh, so Mustafa, say Robbie Allah, Allah is by Rob. What does it mean? It means that Allah subhanaw taala I accept and acknowledge that Allah subhanaw taala is my Creator, my Sustainer my protector, I am under his rule

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and accepting means what?

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Accepting means then I follow that there is not it's not an intellectual thing to say oh this is what it means no it means if I'm saying that Allah is by Rob then I am making myself obedient to myRA.

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So must Carmo it is not sufficient only to zero Bula.

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So must acabo have is the rabbit on that and stand firm on that and be steadfast on that and that is why yesterday I mentioned Allah subhanaw taala taught us to ask for certain Muslim the spirit of is determined

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the straight path the path of steadfastness or being firm on the thing. So must accom

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if you do that what happens?

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What happens is at the time when we are dying when there is a time that is a time when everybody is afraid.

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The Gambia feared that time forget about anybody else. There is nobody in the world who can say that at that time when molekule mouth is in front of me I will not be afraid everybody will be afraid it Allah Masha Allah except the one who Allah subhanaw taala supports

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because it is completely unknown we don't know nobody knows once the door opens what is behind this door we don't know. All we know is that and life will start which has no end. That is not the end of anything that is the opening of something that is that is the beginning of something

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so what will happen Cara Robin Allah with Mr. Cabo Santa Ana Zoo Allah him will Malaika

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Allah will send me like on them what when they say Allah that's awful well at that hazard why? Because you will be Jannetty let Egon don't do I do.

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He will have no fear.

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Have no sadness.

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We have come to give you Bashar of Jannah

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the word is not even dead yet he's he's in that state of Nazar life is still there. He still has some consciousness. Allah is already sending Butcher of general way. You are okay.

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You are okay. Why? Because God Robin Allahu Masako.

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He spent his life he said Allah Mara. And he stood firm on that.

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And there is nobody who is more faithful to his slaves than

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the one who was faithful to Allah. Allah subhanaw taala will never leave him

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will never abandon him

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Hola, the hovel. Willa doesn't have no fear. Fear is for the future. Well, I have no no sadness. Allah has forgiven you. While I was Euro Belgian that illogical

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and here is the Bashar of Jana. Allah has promised to Ghana and we have come with a good news.

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Now to do that is what I remind myself

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to stand firm.

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That's why if you look at the kind of tests that the Emilia mussalam went through, you know, we have we have got used to listening to stories and telling stories. How many times have we listened to the story of Rasulullah salaam journey to dive

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I'm writing another book on Sierra. And today we're writing that section on the journey of diversity in myself. So easy for me to write this.

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Did anybody throw stones at me at any time?

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Did anybody throw stones at you?

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Somebody throw stones at you. You got you got cut, you got to do a bleeding is a true anybody.

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And it's not just a matter of throwing a stone. Here is the enemy of Allah. He know he is he knows his true. He knows he knows that he's on the truth. He Allah subhanaw taala gave him this job. And who is Allah, Allah is the one without whose will nothing can happen. Not a leaf can fall from a tree, not a drop of rain can fall from the sky, without the will of Allah.

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There is no end to the power of Allah Subhan Allah. And Allah gave him this job. And Allah said, take this message to the people. And as soon as a seller is doing that job, he's not doing anything else. He's doing that exact job.

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Then what happens?

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He gets insulted. He gets reviled. He gets

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abused he gets the he gets people throw stones at him he's bleeding he's hurt.

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So there is physical and there is mental and there is spiritual all forms of trial and all forms of of injury.

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What must he be feeling

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not just a matter of physical pain internally to his IP to his year came to his own resolve

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what was it more what must have been happening inside is that we have in this

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week it is I can't even conceptualize what happened. But

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the result is what

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result is resolved resilience. Result is even more firmness

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he's not saying this. I think this is all wrong. I'm I'm giving up and going home. No.

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He says I will keep working Yara Tada. I will keep working until you are pleased.

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I don't care if the people's

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accepted or don't I don't care if the people like me or don't like me, I don't care if there is, if I'm popular or unpopular. I don't care if I'm pressed or not pressed. I will keep working until you are pressed.

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This is the meaning of is to come call Robin Allah who must accommo

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the Tafseer of this idea.

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Bill Amel.

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Is the life of Muhammad salallahu alayhi salam many incidents but one of the one of the strongest incidents is the incident of five

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here's the meaning of that. You want to know what that means? Look at what look what happened in time. called Robert Allah who must accommo see what happened in that dive is the sea Bill Amman

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of the Quran

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala general who we thank Allah for giving us the man because this didn't come because of our effort does Allah give us

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and then we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us firm on this and never allow us to deviate. We ask Allah to save us from all forms of temptation and all forms of of shaitaan yet that seems to take us away from him. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us firm on the beauty of religion to give us and to take us in a state when we are in obedience to Him.

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When He is pleased with us, masala Hara will carry Murali he was happy Bangor Africa