Contentment is the greatest wealth

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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam right I should have filled up even more saline. Muhammad Rasool Allah is a highly, highly he was I have used

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the Stephen cathedra and cathedra Hornburg

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in a hadith a Muslim, narrated by Abdullah in our in the last of your lawn.

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He said that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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successful is the one who enters Islam

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and is provided with Halal sustenance which is sufficient for his needs.

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And Allah subhanaw taala makes him content with that which he has bestowed upon him.

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I will repeat this

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narrated by Abdullah live now meridionalis Allahu Allah

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who said that Rasul Allah is Allah Allah it is seldom said

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successful is the one who enters the fold of Islam

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and is provided with Halal sustenance which is sufficient for his needs. And Allah subhanaw taala makes him content with that

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content with what he has bestowed upon him.

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I thought we were talking about the issue of

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sustenance and ambition yesterday

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so I want to talk about this today.

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how do you become content?

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No, it is a one of these teaching stories interesting reading story there was

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there was a king and this king had

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somebody who worked for him this court

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and this man was always very happy

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very happy

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so the game one is set to set which was

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why this man so happy

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you know I'm the king I worked on the whole place everything countries by

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where I worked so many worries and this and that. This one was just so happy.

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So what is no problem? I will

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change that.

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I will change it.

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So the kings are how can we change this? I don't know.

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So what he did was that night, he took

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a container a port

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and in this party port 99 gold coins 99 is good. And he left his container outside his man's door

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In the morning the man opened the door he sees this pot of gold literally he's got a pot of gold coins.

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So he brought it inside the house and he counted them there are 99

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the man said where is the one?

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There is one missing?

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Because how can there be 99 coins I mean if somebody is giving me something you leave me 100 coins so one coin is missing.

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So he started searching now he searched here and there and everywhere and we got the whole family involved. Everybody's searching the whole house and garden and whatnot right? And they can't find is one coin,

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or coin is not there.

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There were only 99 coins.

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And all the while that pot with 99 coins is sitting there in the corner. Nobody's looking at this pot. They're searching for the one gold coin which is supposed to be missing.

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Now there's a big, big, big lesson in this. This is for the story. You know teaching story is not is not a true story but a huge lesson for us to think about ourselves.

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What happens to a lot of us elaborate shallow that's the reason why he was focused on this. What happens to a lot of us is Allah has given us

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bounty after bounty after bounty.

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Right? We don't think of any of them.

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We become conscious of the one thing we don't have.

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Now, in English, there is a saying they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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The crying baby gets the milk. So it's very true. I mean, it's true also, that's fine. If the wheel is squeaking you have to put the but don't ignore the wheel which is not speaking in the corporate world in management, consulting and especially in performance management. One of the things which I've always thought

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Evil is focused on the employee who is the high performer.

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Usually the high performer gets ignored. The reward for good work is more work.

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Right? This happens everywhere. reward for good work is more work. Nobody will even bother to say just like Allah said thank you for the work they just give you borrow because

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something good is when it will get done. It will get done. Yes, but that man is doing a great job. Somebody must show some gratitude. Somebody must say thank you, somebody must do something about that. No. But you focus on the troublemaker, the one who is giving you all kinds of trouble and he's you know, maybe he's a union leader or is creating some ruckus that person is the one who gets back some attention.

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Same thing in life.

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And Allah Allah, Allah knows the meaning of what he what he reveals when I was running to resent Lane Jakob domeless didn't know

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my understanding of desire. Allah said if you are thankful for my gifts from my anamod I will increase them my understanding of Zion increase of course as Allah wishes he will increase but the increase is also in the enjoyment that comes with sugar.

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Right if you are thankful the thing if you eat food and you are thankful it tastes better.

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You have your friends, your family, your spouses, your children, you are thankful your relationship with them becomes better.

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Right, everything right is you sit in your car and you sell hamdulillah Allah has given me such a nice car doesn't break down anywhere it doesn't go anywhere. I mean, I've driven cars which use go up an incline those days the technology was like that it was you go up and if you if you're doing a hill climb halfway you have to stop because the radiator water boils. So you stop the car open the bonnet and wait for the if you put cold water is engineered to crack.

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So you wait for the whole thing to cold out. So they used to have air conditioning in the car and you cannot run the air conditioning if the car is going uphill. Because engine cannot take the take the pressure or both. Right? Today we sit in these guys and everything is like magic.

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So the point is, how grateful are we? How much of sugar? Do we make travel smarter? And remember the 99 cutting? Don't focus on the one coin which is not the look at the 999 coins which one coin I'm not even interested? What will I do?

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If I get one coin

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or hamdulillah maybe there is a pain in the body doesn't matter the rest of the world is working. Even though pain is not debilitating, it's not incapacitating. Right, and we're still walking as still you know doing every single thing that we used to do and hamdulillah very nice.

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So if we each of us if we focus on what Allah has given us and focus on the good stuff, by all means, whatever it is, you know, there is something painful, take care of it, do your take your medicine go to the doctor what not but what is good Alhamdulillah

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in Allah is focus on that good

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and consciously thank Allah for it by name specifically Alhamdulillah Rob, you gave me hearing which is perfect.

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You gave me the ability of listening to a very, very beautiful language and one of the very one of the great Sufi scholars

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who was a Khalifa of Osama bin Laden also, he wrote his very beautiful NASM Jaga G lagana ki duniya. And here

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Ibaraki Jha Hi Tamasha Anna here where the worker is. So the very good waiter that this dunya is not the place to love.

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And to get engaged in this is a place to take lesson from a breath. This is not a Tamasha This is not not entertainment, is a place to learn lessons from and that's a very good way. Now I'm thinking whether I'll Hamdulillah I know although and I know enough to be able to enjoy the poetry which is absolutely unbelievable, so beautiful. But if I didn't know the language, I wouldn't be I wouldn't enjoy it right? So as a Hamdulillah, Allah gave me the ability to do that. So the point is thinking and being conscious of what Allah has given us, and thanking Allah for that.

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This enhances the enjoyment this increases the blessing. And this is the meaning of contentment. And also as a result of said contentment is the greatest wealth that I can give you greatest wealth. It's not the amount of things greatest wealth is contentment because I

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No people are very wealthy mashallah hamdulillah but

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constantly worried what will happen tomorrow market will collapse and this will happen and that will happen if there is a war what will happen? Putin is saying you will have a nuclear war nearly lie your inner energy

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so you can't sleep in peace because of your wealth your wealth is a wall bar is a is a motherboard on your head. For what?

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So please let us out let us be San Carlos where there is a hamdulillah if Allah has given more hamdulillah very nice which Aguilar for that if Allah give us less Alhamdulillah Allah did Ronnie with give me the problem of that more or handle every situation Alhamdulillah Allah Cooley had this was the state of Rasul Allah.

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And he said this there is another beautiful how this is how good is the situation of the Muslim, that if he has plenty, he thanks Allah and Allah blesses him and if he does not have plenty if he has shortage, then he has Sabah and Allah and Allah subhanaw taala wardrobes are both stubborn Shiva Hamdulillah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us among disobedient and jaggery We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us blessing in what He has given us, and to make that a source of blessing for us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and never to be displeased. Or Sal Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah he will