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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should appeal them via email mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, this leven cathedral sera from Abbado. My brothers and sisters

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talking about continuing the topic on bodies. We spoke about the issue of burgers moreso salad now, therefore if your little child wants to celebrate his birthday or her birthday, and as I explained earlier, there's pressure, social pressure, friends, schools, maybe even family members. What must you do? Again, as I said, begin with a yes. So the child comes to you and says, I want to celebrate my birthday. Say to the child, fantastic idea. Excellent. Let's do it. Right. Let's do that.

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Now, Charlie, Rowley roll over in surprise. Because he's expected you to say no, but you said yes.

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Now, where do you go from there? Very simple. Sit the child down and say okay, we're going to celebrate your birthday now. Tell me

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what you celebrate any celebration.

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What are the celebrations we have in our lives? What celebrations? So you might say well, no, we have celebration of April 5. Okay, fantastic. Excellent.

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What are we celebrating any April 5, okay, we are celebrating having completed 30 days 29 to 30 days of fasting and no more that so we worked for that 2930 days of fasting at the end of that we celebrating with the fifth

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It will other we celebrate is a lover. What are we doing that? What are we doing that we are celebrating the great life of Ibrahim alayhi salam and the sacrifice that he made. And we are doing that to honor him to obey Allah subhanaw taala in that process and we are doing that to remind ourselves that this is the way to go. Excellent. What else do we celebrate? We celebrate graduation like in America they celebrate graduation from age five onwards.

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Not like in Baku in India when you fully believe in sort of woke up to the fact that you graduated when you graduated from got your your bachelor's degree right. So here the graduate right to school, so no problem. So now I am celebrating high school graduation I Hamza am celebrating McCullagh. So what is the celebration for?

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Oh, it's for the fact that I studied hard and I you know I managed to get good and good marks in my exams, or at least minimum I managed to pass. So excellent. So you're graduating, you're celebrating that.

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Therefore basically what you celebrate, you celebrate achievement, right? You did something? You did something you worked for it. You struggled. You worked hard. You did this? Did that invest in something? And you won. So you're celebrating achievement? Is that right? Yes. Okay, fantastic. Now,

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today, you are six years old, you are seven years old, you are 10 years old, you're 20 years old, whatever age and you say I want to celebrate his birthday.

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Shall I do that? I say of course. Absolutely. You must do it.

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But tell me before that. What exactly is a celebrity? Well, I'm celebrating that I am six years old. Oh, wow. Fantastic. Wonderful. What did you do to become six years old?

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What is achievement there? What did you do to become 20 years old? What Pac Man? Oh, I kept I kept breathing for the last 12 months. I didn't stop breathing.

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That's an achievement.

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Isn't it? Fantastic, wonderful achievement that you didn't stop breathing.

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Is that an achievement?

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is growing older achievement?

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Or is growing old something that is inevitable. As long as you don't die, you grow old.

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Now, think about this. When you say I'm now six years old. Last year, I was five years old. I'm not 20. Last year I was 90. What are you really saying? What you're really saying and think about this? Tell them? Let's have this conversation. Tell them what you're really saying is I now have one year less to live.

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Because remember, when we were born, we were born with a finite number. We were born with a number of years that we would be alive.

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We didn't know that. We don't know it even now. Whatever Allah subhanaw taala wrote for us. So for example, if Allah subhanaw taala wrote for me that I will

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Live for 21 years. And now I'm 20

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I am literally one year away from my death. I don't know that last year I was two years away. So I was actually further away from dying last year than I am this year. Is that an achiever? Or is it something to wake up and say, oh my god, I have to face Allah subhanaw taala What am I going to do? Am I ready?

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So ask them, What are you celebrating?

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One year more means one year less to live one year closer to death.

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So what you do is okay, what was do is this, sit down and say hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala gave me one extra year of life. It is not magic, but it was a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. He gave it to me. So what must I do? Number one, I thank Allah hamdulillah Arabella London in Europe, you gave me this one extra year to live.

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Great workup of Salah give sadaqa. And thank Allah The second thing to do

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is to take stock and say, What did I use this one year for? What did I do in this one year? What are my achievements in this one year? What did I do in this one year, which I should have done? So alhamdulillah? I thank Allah for that. What did I do in this one year, which I should not have done it? May Allah protect us from that? And if that is the case, then I must make is that far and doba? Because

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if I don't do that, then it is a big problem. As far as as far as I'm concerned, it can be a big issue, right? So am I ready for that? So take a piece of literally sit with a piece of paper and a pen and write down. This is what I should have, how many Salas did I miss? Did I pray? Or my fives on us? On time? Did I delay Salah because of this or that? Did I pray those Salas in the masjid when I could have done that? I can understand that you could not go to the mercy of some reason Abdullah ALLAH given there's, there's flexibility there. But there's no flexibility missing.

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How was I? My parents? How was I with my my friends? How was it? How was I with my children? How did I do if I'm in business? How did I do my business? In any kind of work that I did? Was I true to my job? Did I truly on my salary? Or was I sitting around and playing video games that I should have been doing something else? Right? I have I have, I took a video of this guy in the gym. He's a student, he's being paid by the by the by the college to just be in the gym. And he's got nothing to do there. He just sits in a desk there. He sits there.

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And the whole day, he sits with his laptop, and he plays video games. Now I'm thinking mathematically, as I was looking at it, I'm thinking myself, here's the guy who's got at least two opportunities to use this time better. First opportunity is that he can use the gym, it's free for everybody is free for him. You can use this time to work out, I'm not saying has to work or eight hours a day easily. Therefore, you know, I think about four hours. So he doesn't have to work for four hours. But he can certainly work hard for one hours a day, which improves his body's improves his health. Second opportunity is to use a laptop to learn something useful to do something better

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than to just play a video game and to waste his life and sell his dive down the drain. But here is a man who chooses to do that. I'm sure if you talk to him, he will see it later on in life. If that is his attitude, he's not going anywhere. That guy's a failure from from from today. So going forward, when he fails, if you ask him as Oh, well, you know, what can I do? I know

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you had the opportunity you chose to blow it, you chose to squander it. Now think about that. This is one year that I am I want to celebrate, but

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what is it that I could have done? Which were which could be which would have been better than what I did?

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What is it that I could have done that I didn't do at all?

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What is it that I did, which I should not have done and then sit with that make sit with a pen and paper sit with a pen and paper, make this balance sheet your debits and your credits and then balance that and say now therefore for these debits what must I do? I was give charity I will make his default I was asked last month on his part and I must change my life. The credits are humbled I thank Allah subhanaw taala for it right? At the end of all of this. You still want to have a cake. Go ahead eat the cake. I want no problem with that. But do all of this first. Do all of this first fine final point. As far as the origin of the country is concerned if you were living in a society

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where you know the other children was on or having

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people Oh

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We're having some friends over they, they have they have a cake and and so on and they have dinner and you know, give some gifts. Go ahead, go ahead. No, no, no, no we do that with reason don't don't hire

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Sadiq Khan out of functional horror or hotel and five star hotel or whatnot or any star hotel and have this great big function and you know all kinds of disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala

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you know song and dance and stuff don't

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invite a few good friends home. Praise alone time. Sit there with them. Give them some Russia. You do it your children do it.

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Let them do that. And then please eat some biryani instead of the cake right? I mean it was good some good food and Happy Birthday no problem and gifts hamdulillah no problem give give a gift. give gifts for other reasons not just not just about this

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encouraged us to extend gift somebody's giving gifts. But do this as far as the body is concerned start with yes yes of course we have birthday. Now let's see what the bird is for what are we celebrating? Take his thank Allah subhanaw taala what we have done wrong we pay for it we recorded all this. Then the body inshallah was Allah and Allah will carry Murali he was named after going on