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Some elaborate handling downsides of some answer and dessutom I'd like to catch up. We have the results you will come here to another episode of rock your Ramadan. 2012 day 27.

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So Ramadan is virtually over

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maybe just a couple days left.

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I had a feeling handler yesterday that handle I think yesterday was the night of the 27th at night over the creek. And I was going to the middle of night, Mashallah The sky was so clear,

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with very, very tender, you know, light wind,

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you know, great signs, handed in their hand in the morning, after the first, you know, we went out and I shall live was a very beautiful sky.

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People felt it 100 done, a lot of people beat fit, feed it. So, I hope I hope and we pray that it was laid out. We're not sure nobody can know. Because there's one more odd night left, which is the night of the 29th.

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But I just hope and pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala would make us among those that would witness the night of the power later to come. And again, Allah subhanho wa Taala has really spoken the truth about Ramadan am and deedat very limited days, just like yesterday, we're doing the mod fighting. And today we're gonna do or in a couple days, there'll be another mod fighting for eight. So time goes so fast to Panama. But the question because today I just want to ask you some questions and and then because this, this, this question that I'm going to ask is, are these questions that I'm going to ask now is, in fact, everybody has them in their mind?

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Everybody has this kind of questions. Especially you know, a normal band or when you go for a hedge, you always ask this question, has my work been accepted by Allah?

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Has my a bad been accepted by Allah? Has my hedge been accepted by Allah? So we all ask these questions. You know, my fasting hasn't been accepted. My sadaqa hasn't been accepted. And I know Baba Ali. He used to say kinda was what I saw de la. Yeah, man. Oh, yeah. Everyone that I met somebody you're single, who more than him, you say but who would have

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thought he says the Sahaba they used to do the deed, and then after the deed, they will feel they will have a major concern.

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A major worry, has that deed been accepted by Allah or not?

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So how, Yara

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so has our event have been accepted on a mobile? Has your work been accepted? As your fasting been accepted? You've been accepted? Yes, we made an effort. But we want to know if this effort has been accepted. How have you been saved from from a fire?

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How about your dog hasn't been fulfilled?

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How do we know when there is a way

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there is a way to know I don't know the answer. But there is a way to know if your work has been accepted or not.

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Go back and review the mission of Ramadan

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was the mission of Ramadan

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Hello, Chaka Khan had a look into the head of the goal and the mission of Ramadan. If you have fulfilled the mission of Ramadan, then and hamdulillah you have certainly you know our or you are sitting amongst the winners you have met and fulfill the mission of Armada. So that's a sign of war that Allah Xhosa has accepted. Your Angular a bad every company, every institution before they launched in business. They set some goals they set a mission statement. Write a vision and the mission statement. Ramadan has also a mission. Ramadan has a mission. What is the mission of Ramadan?

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Yeah, you are Latina M and o quotevalet Kumasi

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ministry Vanya bhaji Yeah. You have Latina woman who could you bet on a Kumasi mo kamakoti Valhalla Medina Nene, publico, cameco diva Island Latina public komla aliquam Tata Co. That's the mission or your who believes the yam fasting has been prescribed on you, as it has been prescribed on people before you.

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The mission is that the contractor codes that you may attain piety, righteousness, and Allah says in the matter

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Below minimum with

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a lot except from an attacking the righteous, the pious. So how do I know if I'm a pious, righteous or not? Well, if you come out from Ramadan,

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more pious, the state of Amen, more pious, more righteous than the state that you were in before Ramadan, then and hamdulillah you have fulfilled the mission of

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my book, my book I dig my books yarmuk a book you'll see on my book up on my book, you're in a bag that a man has accepted from you. If like I said, your your piety your level of faith has increased after Ramadan more than the level of piety that you had before Ramadan if you feel that that level has increased and hamdulillah Allah subhana wa tada has accepted from you this is a sign it's just a sign of a sign of acceptance

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excuse me, how do you know

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how do I know well, simple very simple, when when the winner

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you will know in show where

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or maybe a month after show but most likely in show and maybe within you know the half you know 10 to 15 of show what you will find that you will no show what onwards

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Yeah, and the one month of Ramadan was after Ramadan you have shown then you will no

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look at yourself now. And then see yourself few days after Ramadan.

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before Ramadan, you used to be

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quick and getting angry.

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So you went to the school of Ramadan, you went to the Rama ganic school and after Ramadan, that anger has decreased and hamdulillah you're not I mean it's not like you don't get totally angry that you have totally cured your anger. No you get angry from time to time you do but not in the same intensity that was before Hamada so handler that's a good sign that's a sign of of acceptance.

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You used to harm your friends, your wife, your husband

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and then you found yourself after Ramadan that the handler

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you don't harm people as much by tank or by hand and handler that's a good sign.

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You used it and Norma done maybe no more than you had maybe if you had met if you have not sought

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after Ramadan. Maybe you don't read the Quran in the same intensity or frequency as he used to do in Ramadan. But you still find yourself reading the Quran after Ramadan not in the same frequency. You know what the yoga mat you have a file cabinet you had or to have met you had you know Andromeda, but you still find yourself doing in origin and you know in Armada and handed in that that's a good sign.

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You use the bow Mashallah, all the Salawat in Armada,

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especially in Asia, you know, a mother, or even as possible and you know, because my dad maybe used to pray at home and have breakfast, bringing the fast at home. And then you find yourself after Ramadan, still adhering to the Fazal and Asia and the silhouette in the llama in the masjid and have done that that's an amazing sign. That's an amazing sign of acceptance.

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You used to smoke and then you find yourself that you have quit smoking after Ramadan. And handed in my book, it's a great sign that the last candidate has accepted

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the sin so on So

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you find yourself that you have quit that sin after Ramadan, you see is the total number in medicine, amazing sign of acceptance.

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On the other hand, Ramadan goes and then you fall into a major sin. Like after you fall into a major sin.

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That's a desert.

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That's a very dangerous

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then from the sense of acceptance that Allah subhanho wa Taala will facilitate and a good day to you a good some good action. Right after you get a bite of Ramadan. Right after Ramadan Allah Subhana Allah would facilitate some good deeds for you. Like you would join this benefit benefit didn't work and then you know, maybe looking after the orphans or something, or maybe you've measured they had some project and then you find yourself, you know, participating in that project. I'm assigning a good work

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that's a

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that's a good sign of acceptance.

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Everybody would be witnessing on themselves you can witness you are witness against or on yourself

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your other witness

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Allah subhana wa tada says this whatsoever a number 20 because she thought you know, he was telling his friends his people, he says easy this guy's easy enough to run my bank I can easily get them. You see them now but after Ramadan Piece of cake, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in sort of server 121 after that some data What are considered data so avana who factor better Whoo hoo factor over 11 It can mean a movie.

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And he police confirmed confirmed to them his his assumption so they followed him except a theme for it from the mini

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please confirm his assumption

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of the of the woman who said oh look at the Nigerian guy. He is look at him classic with everything.

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Don't let him fool you.

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Don't let the schadenfreude is gonna laugh he's gonna crack up. Don't let him fool you. Yes, he will sin. Yes, we're not we're human beings. We're not infallible, we will commit sin. But as soon as you come into sin some Han Allah, you will find yourself steady. I tell them quick and has been making Toba you will find yourself doing many good deeds masa was about to learn because he went to the rabbinic school.

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But you will change like I said,

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you will change myself.

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Man how long it will become so hard for you now to get into, you know how long transactions before it was easy. We didn't even care. But now your difference?

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You won't go into these transactions anymore? Or before you even go Yeah, it would be you'd be you know, asking is this harder is this before you didn't ask before you didn't care. But now you find yourself more aware more conscious.

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Allah subhana wa tada says,

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in slot machine 192 whatever the guru can let you know, the past there have been bad the call was in an katha. And don't be like she who and twisted her spun thread after it was strong. Don't be like she who and twisted her her spun thread

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after it was strong. Which means, you know, like she was no threading, or she was knitting. And for one month, let's say for 30 days, she's been working on this thread, you know, knitting knitting in it. And then she makes you know, this beautiful thing, you know, and after 30 days, there was this knot, and then she just opened up that and then she destroys everything she made for the past 30 days.

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Everything is gone. And that says Don't be like that. Don't be like that woman. Don't be like, you know, it's an analogy. It's an example. But Allah is giving you just like you're working on a document. For instance, you're writing this beautiful document, you know, for one month, Word document or the project or the code like you know, you're it presently working on a gold, you know, you type in the code, amazing work that you're doing for one month, but you didn't save your work.

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And then after 30 days,

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a virus or something happens, you didn't save your work. Everything you've worked on, you've lost

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won't be like that.

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So I'm going to give you an Shardlow data, an easy prescription, easy prescription on how to maybe remain in the state of steadfastness. But I would not do that now. I'll do that tomorrow. Insha Allah who data maybe just to help us out into how to maybe keep on you know, this uplifting amen insha Allah to Allah until tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan, I say salaam aleikum