Tazkiyah 05 – Wasting Time and Laziness

Mirza Yawar Baig


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Ghaflah means Heedlessness

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Colombia mousseline, while it was heavy it rained a lot.

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Today in the

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Rio dusky series, I want to remind myself and you

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about two very common problems,

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become a source of, they become a burden and they become

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for us to attain excellence, both in this life and in the Hereafter.

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And that is

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wasting of time, and laziness.

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The two very common things that happen, laziness and wasting of time.

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again, if you go into the reasons for it, obviously, the reason for it is what we talked about earlier, which is

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lack of clarity about Nia lack of clarity about the benefits of actions, which is what makes us lazy, anyone who understand, for example, the benefit of the hatchet will never be lazy, you will always ensure that

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anyone who knows the benefits, or understands the benefit of praying the first Salah in the masjid, we'll never miss for Salah. So one of the reasons for laziness and

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laziness and with regard to other is because we don't realize the value of this. So also it applies to laziness with regard to matters of the dunya. See, as far as a Muslim is concerned, Islam does not propagate and does not teach us to,

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to, you know, ignore the dunya less intelligent this sent us to live in the dunya. And he sent us a method of living in the dunya in such a way that we become winners in the dunya while after Allah did not send us to leave the dunya Islam It is not our topic of the dunya in Islam,

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Islam is the way to live in learning how to live with Zinnia in such a way that you are a winner in that and not just you know, some some somebody who sort of passes by the wayside. So, the key thing now in the dunya also, unless we are prepared to work unless we are prepared to work and work hard and work to a plan, you find that results will not come right now, unless rajala in a foreign mentioned this, where he said Alicia Lille in sunny la masa, he said that for the human being, there is nothing except that which he works for. So the key thing is to ensure that we are working for the right things. But whether whether in the union or the actor, also, if we get the result of what we

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have worked for. In the ACA, there is no magical result, which will come from anywhere, if you didn't do it, it's not there. So also in the dunya. If you work that many people, sometimes I talk to young people, and about career guidance, and they say, you know, I want to for example, somebody comes I want to do an MBA. So I asked him, which college Did you apply to? And they tell me the names of some third rank or fourth ranked colleges, as well as Why didn't you apply to the top ranked colleges? You know, which are many, many? No, no, but you know, we won't get it. So I said, if you decide even before you apply that you will not get it, then you are I'm sure you're right. I

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mean, you know, there's if you believe that you cannot get something Who am I to dispute your belief, right. But the point is that somebody is getting in not just one person, several 1000 people who are getting into the top colleges, of any discipline of any branch of education in the world, colleges are running. And I've never heard of any top college who seats are vacant because no one could get it. Never heard that right. Every top colleges in the world, you know, whether it's the Ivy League colleges in America, whether it's the I Am the nighties in this country or wherever. You never find that, you know, Howard couldn't run the law course this year because they didn't have

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enough students. I mean, have you heard that? Right? Isn't that does that somebody who's getting in right? So why can't that somebody be you?

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That person who's getting is also a human being he also sleeps at night and he also he or she, you know they eat and drink and whatnot. They're not angels or jinn from somewhere. So if they can get in Why can you get it but the key thing is, before you can get in you have to believe that you can get in and then you have to work for that. They didn't get in

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Magic. And you also will not get no magic. If but at the same time, they worked hard and they got in civil, you

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know, rocket science is not some great secret of life. This is absolute reality. If you work hard, if you work to a plan, you will you will succeed, everybody succeeds. It's the people who fail, don't fail, because there is some hidden things, they fail because they didn't do the right things. Sometimes they may not have done the right things, because they didn't know the right things. That's a different matter. But in some other cases, they just didn't do it because they're just too lazy.

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They're just too lazy. We have tech businesses, for example, we have businesses which have been in existence for over 100 years. Right here in this country. In this city, we have businesses which have been in existence for over one century, over 100 years, three, four generations of people, but they are the same old business, the same old, the same old way of working at the same size, they never increase. They never grow. The same great grandfather had the business at a particular level, great grandson also has a bad the business same level. Whereas on this, on the other hand, same business environment, same country, same everything, you find another business in one quarter of

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that time in 25 years, that business has become now worth billions, right? And then the person is, is now being reckoned on a global scale. How?

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Once again, it's no magic once again, you can talk you know, you can say anything you want, but the reality of life is that people take right decisions, and people work very hard. And so other people don't want to work hard, they want to be lazy. And so obviously the results are there. Now, along with this also comes the issue of wasting time obviously if you are lazy you waste time

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and wasting time again. This is Dr. Very easy, Allah save me from laziness. Lavinia is becoming a cousin, he's arola I seek your protection from laziness. Obviously, there was never Lee, but that laziness is such a evil is such an evil that Nebuchadnezzar actually asked protection from neighbor from laziness, along with the house becoming a castle. So therefore, it is something that we must we must guard ourselves against. laziness is also something that is progressive, you know, you are lazy today. Tomorrow, you get bored, lazy and more lazy and more lazy, doesn't work backwards is not that tomorrow, you become less lazy later, if you allow yourself to become lazy, then you get into a sort

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of rat of slot, which is never ending, you'll become lazier and lazier. And then that sedentary lifestyle also shows you start getting fatter and fatter. And the heavier you get, the more difficult it is to move. And so therefore you were even less. And this is a you know, progressive,

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progressive thing which ends, the ending is not good. So it is very important to get out of this now how to do that. two very important things. Number one, is regular physical exercise very, very important that you must do some aerobic, I'm not lifting weights, I'm talking about actually running, walking, swimming, horse riding whatever some aerobic exercise must absolutely be done every day and do it for what 30 to 45 minutes every single day, that's very important to do that. You don't have to exert yourself and you know, down the track, which can, you can do it in a reasonable manner. But Move, move, get up and move if you if you're not going to get up and move,

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then it is very detrimental. So this physical exercise is good for the digestion, and it's good for all sorts of things. And most importantly, it releases adrenaline into the bloodstream, which gives you energy by itself. So therefore, that's one thing which must be absolutely essential. Cycling, running, walking, swimming or sweating, whatever. But aerobic access. Second very important thing is to structure a time.

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There must be a timetable, which must be followed. It's not just a matter of writing timetables and filling up diaries. It's a question of actually following that. So structure your time. And how do you structure your time, very simple. Use what I call a cost benefit analysis,

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or investment benefit analysis, whatever we want to call it. Take the amount of time that is spent on a particular activity and look at how does this time benefit me. And the benefit is in relation to your life goal. So you have to write a life goal for yourself. This is my life goal. And this activity benefits me How does this activity benefit me? So if you went for a walk for an hour, every in the morning, or evening, whatever, you say, well, this activity did benefit me Yes, because it gives her helps to improve my health and so on. Excellent. So I must do this activity. Some other thing you do. You know, sitting in front of the television, watching some stuff will only get you

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depressed. I mean, that's the kind of news we get all the time. So we spent one hour there and I spent one hour in front of the front of the television watching this. What did I gain did I learn anything new

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Did I get some idea which is beneficial for me? Was it Allah subhanaw taala? or What was it? Right? And you find that? Well, it is nothing, it's just a complete waste of one hour, I sat in front of the television for one hour, it's a total waste of 60 minutes. So therefore, this activity I will not do in future, I don't turn the TV on whatever is happening in the world, let it happen. I can't change it anyway. So what's the point in watching it and getting depressed? Right? So the point is, I'm just giving you examples. Now, the key thing is to look at our own daily activities, I advise people sometimes to make a time log is actually log your time is given in the morning, the time you

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wake up to the time you sleep, what were you doing every half hour luggage, you know, actually make a list of it and say, every half of this, I was doing this, this, this, this. And if you forget anything in between, then just leave it blank. Because obviously, if you if you read something, and you forgot that a couple of hours later, obviously, it wasn't very important, because if it was important, you would have remembered. So therefore just keep that make the time log. And then you say in this time log, these are the activities. Now how are these activities beneficial, put them on that matrix of cost benefit. And then you say this is the cost of the activity, meaning the amount

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of time spent or whatever, if it was an activity, which also required you to spend some money in it, maybe you drove somewhere to someplace. So it's a cost of gas and so on. So you put that thing and you say this is the cost of the activity, what benefit did I get and you find was the benefit worth worthwhile not worthwhile? That's for you to see. I'm not trying to impose some standard on you. I'm just saying there is for you to see because end of the day, it is your life. And Allah subhanaw taala seromas Karla Zara, Zara, Zara Zara, Zara, you will be shown even unto the atoms weight of a good that you did, or even unto the atoms weight of it, of some evil that you did. So, therefore, it

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is very much in our interest to measure our activities, and to ensure that we only do that which is beneficial. And we do not do that, which is not beneficial. So laziness and wasting of time are two very major evils that come in the way of our spiritual and our material development. They for example, if you want to memorize Quran, some time you have to take out every Muslim,

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this is a this is just fooling yourself because you're not wanting to become a habit you have, if you want to become a habit, you have to spend some time, there is no secret formula for that. You have to sit down and you have to memorize. And May Allah forgive me for using the word but it's very boring, because the same thing repeating over and over and over. But you have to say I maybe it is boring, but for every is every half every letter that I have residing, Allah has given me 10 has an ad. Every letter not every word every letter Allah is giving, which are Hashanah. So now obviously, immediately, it's not boring anymore, it is a usually beneficial activity, which I'm doing. Right

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then you don't need. That's the reason why most teachers have a stick, because they don't teach the children the benefit of, of memorizing. So they try to force them, right by beating them. So because a poor kid gets bored, and he doesn't want to repeat it again and again. So then you think that the solution is to beat him that's not the solution. The solution is to help you to understand the value of what he's doing. And therefore we have to take some time out. And we have to use that time productively. Right. The

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people say life is short. And we will say there's not enough time all of this is rubbish. Life is very long. Life actually 24 hours is a lot of time, believe me, it's a hell of a lot of time. It's not a shortage of data use or time. And life is very long as that's why I say life is too long to live it stupidly, you don't want to believe you don't want to have a very long and stupid life. Right? So one must live intelligently. And how do you live intelligently by maximizing the benefit of that time we find around us while we are complaining there is no time we find other people who are usually productive. They also have the same 24 hours. But in that 24 hours, they are doing all

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that we do plus 10 times more. How do you do that? Just by structuring the time, structuring your time, multitasking and multitasking again, sometimes multi multi tasking can be taken to a ridiculous level where you do a lot of things equally badly. That's not the meaning of multitasking. Multitasking can make sense only if you are doing more than one thing and doing all those things to a level of excellence. Now, how do you do that? You do that by leveraging each thing. For example, one way of multitasking is if you are traveling from point A to point B and you are not driving, if you are sitting in the car or sitting in a bus on a train, you don't let that time waste you read

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something in that time you read some

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beneficial book or you do some Corolla, or something that is useful.

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multitasking, the transportation is being taken care of. plus you're reading, you're waiting in the airport that many people complain, you have to go two hours early hamdulillah very nice. You go two hours early, you sit peacefully in the lounge, you have a cup of tea or whatever it is, and you do one or two hours of Zika, which otherwise you would not have done it.

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Some digger, don't watch a nonsense television program is happening in the lunch No, you sit and do your own stuff, right? Maybe you write some notes or do or emails or whatever, but do something which is beneficial. So now that is multitasking, which is useful for you. So anytime that is, there were you can do more than one thing in that particular time. But multitasking is not you know, on one on one in one hand, and computer, the other and whatever else and you walk around, and

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at the end of the day, nothing is done to a level of excellence, ie everything is done equally badly. That doesn't make sense. So multitasking. But however done properly. multitasking is a very good tool. And it's something that one that we must use, the key thing is to structure your time to structure the time ensure that you are not that time doesn't just go away. Time should not just go away, we must know if we have what we have spent, we must know every word be able to account for every minute of our lives. This is how I spend my time, even if it ended badly know what you did. Because if you did it badly, and you know what you did the next time inshallah that's the obvious

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logical thing that any intelligent person will do, you will not repeat that. But if you didn't even know what you did, there, obviously it is going to get repeated and repeated and repeated. And then one day the clock stops. One day the clock stops right. So let us not do that. Let us ensure that we do not waste time, we have already lived our lives. At least I know that I have lived my life to an age which I'm not going to get back the number of years that I already lived. So whatever is left is will be less than what I've already completed.

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Illa Masha Allah Allah knows best, but I am now 57. So I'm not going to do another seven years, obviously. So now therefore, a major major part of my life is already over. So what I've got is a minor part of Milan that that minor part at least I need to structure and I need to make it productive, if I want to get some benefit out of it otherwise, like just like the major part of my life got spent, and shall at least some of it was spent usefully. But I but you know, on can't say that for the whole thing. The same thing will happen to the rest of it, unless we do something to change that. And therefore I remind myself and you let us not waste even one minute, let us make

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sure that every minute of our life is accounted for and that we are doing something which is beneficial for ourselves. Because at the end of the day, we are talking about ourselves, you're not talking about the rest of the world, we're talking about our own selves, if my life is productive and beneficial, that benefits me, not anybody else. And therefore it is ensure that we do the best for ourselves. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to was Baraka in our time Baraka in our actions, activities. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with that was Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was happy. I mean, erotica.