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kulana mother evil Hungary

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salat wa salam ala Shadowfell MBA well mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Steven because he and my mother

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my brothers sisters, third question that I was asked was, What to do about birth this?

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So we don't like to celebrate birthdays we do we believe that it is not permissible. And people celebrate

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Milad un Nabi for which there is no evidence, Christians celebrate Christmas which is not even on the right day it is in December whereas according to the records of Christians, and everybody else is Ali salaam was born in July, and so forth. So

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my little child wants or wants her birthday party wants to invite

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his or her friends home.

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Once a gift once a cake,

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everybody else is doing it. Other children are doing it including other relatives in the family that when these cousins are doing it, maybe grandparents live with in the same house joint families and the grandparents say well you know you're being too tough and you're being too rigid in this and that you know, what does it matter Let the child enjoy himself or self

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absorbed so parents are in a dilemma what must we do?

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How can we solve it but it's not. My question is two parts. Firstly, we have to differentiate between what is desirable and undesirable and what is haram

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like Imam Malik Muhammad Ali's to say

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only what Allah has made Haram is haram.

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The other things are things that we

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should do or should not do different different degree of

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seriousness and severity about that but only what Allah has made Haram is haram for example, Allah subhanaw taala said yeah, you are living in harmony in in Alhambra, oh well may sue well and Cebu well Islam will reach some in Malaysia and if I stunning Hola Hola. Hola Surat that made these forces Ravana said

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intoxicants which is alcohol and all forms of toxic forms.

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All forms of gambling, Fortune, Fortune Telling fortune seeking ways to just do things we tattered cards, astrology, all of the stuff.

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And all these good luck charms and whatnot.

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Let's say these are all read so many families shaytan to these four things. And I said these are the worst things from the actions of shatta. So the actions are shaytan

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by themselves are the worst things in the world. And these are the worst of the actions.

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Similarly, Allah's words that I made Lamelo Kinsey with them he made blood and he made the flesh of swine haram made.

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Fornication, haram,

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a loss of that adultery in fornication that made them Hara

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the biggest one of what a thing which is haram, which are haram is schicke in measurecolor Ghoul mana Viva la semana This is the biggest and the most serious and the greatest zulum The greatest oppression that you can do because you're trying to introduce a partner with Allah subhanaw taala. So what Allah has made Haram is haram.

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Other things

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are not haram in the sense for example, if you deliberately do something which is haram, considering it to be halal,

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right, there's a difference. Somebody drinks alcohol, because he's an alcoholic. This is a disease this is a problem. The person is is an addict. And he's indulging in their addiction but he's doing that with a sense of remorse. He wants us to help him to cure him inshallah Allah will cure him.

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His action is wrong, but there is a difference between that person and the person who says I must have my sundown or that far at sunset

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which is my whiskey I must have that and I thought arquivo Allah Tala logger for Rhema is no problem I love it Forgive me there's no problem. There's a big difference between this person and that person. You are this person is Oh see Allah did not say haram where is the word haram in the Quran with regard to alcohol her resume and Alisha unfashionable. Oh Allah should have said this is haram. Haram right.

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Al Hamid Allah say do not drink.

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Drink whiskey and do not end

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and make sure that it is haram. Allah said that why didn't you say in that 11? And so if somebody is arguing this completely insane way, then you have to, you know,

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help them understand

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that there is the distinguished they're trying to do is is, is itself haram, because

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to argue about something which Allah made haram

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but other things and what this is yet another subject. So now Bobby's take, for example, now, the problem with celebrating Mila Willoughby, people somebody asked this question as though aren't you happy the resource or Asana was born Believe me, we need to ask that question to a Muslim is insulting because as a Muslim, how can I be anything other than happy and absolutely deliriously insanely incredibly, amazingly happy so I'm just happy, right? I'm more happy than Roswell nicer Salem was born, then I'm happy that my mother was born and my father was born, that I myself was born, it would have been quite a good thing. As a matter of fact, if I wasn't bothered at all, then

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I wouldn't be in this whole issue of in the handling of this life and whatnot. I wouldn't exist, right?

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Like, like Valium was an alternative. He said, The way in which Gohan Na Na Jota meta Kouta Caleta could do that. But fact of the matter is, that

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being happy and converting that happiness into a festival to be celebrated on a particular day, in a particular way, with the expectation of reward from Allah subhanaw taala, there is a huge difference. Happy, absolutely without a doubt, but converting that into a an action which is to be done on the 12th of July well or whatever they will fix. And then you say well, you must do this, you must cook this kind of food, you must pray this Salah animal do this and that and the other and Allah will reward us for that makes it into an action of evil and action of worship. Now we know perfectly well that as far as actions of worship are concerned, anything that does not Allah is

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Allah Islam did not do or tell us to do is haram haram haram in Islam. There is no action of worship, no action, of worship, meaning any action that is done with the intention of pleasing Allah and the expectation of reward from Allah is called an action of worship, whatever it might be.

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Giving, serving your parents is an action of worship because we do that with the intention of Allah subhanaw taala has pleasure of earning his pleasure and Allah will reward us Inshallah, Allah told us to do that, for example, giving charity, action or worship, similarly, vicar of Allah subhanaw taala. I'm sitting here doing this reminder action of worship, ask Allah to reward me and reward all of you for listening to it. The point is that actions of worship cannot be done without the allele without proof without evidence. There is no proven evidence, it did not happen. Nobody on the face of the earth can prove that it happened. That also doesn't Salam celebrated his birthday, on the

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12th or abuna was already celebrated but the at all he said I fast. He said I was born on Monday and I fast on Monday. So that was about the recipes with me. There's a vast difference between that and having a birthday party and having a celebration on a particular day. Every Monday please go ahead and fast. It is one of the best sources of resources also another good this is one of the one of the one of the Sonata with Asana

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related to act or an act of worship which is fasting. A lot of our data set a song really wanna GB the fastest for me and I will reward or handle a piece go ahead 5252 fast in the year 52, Monday's fast every Monday because the NABI Ali salaam was too fast. And of course if somebody wants to give this a very to say that you see he was celebrating his birthday, I would say please excuse me. Don't fool yourself. Don't fool anybody else. He wasn't celebrating anything. He was showing his gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala Alhamdulillah by fasting please go ahead do that. But calling a day Mila the lobby and having a function and having a whole bunch of stuff connected with that this is not from

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Islam. This is something which is prohibited and I will not go there. Please do not do something which then I really said I'm never did. He never told us to do he never got in none of the Sahaba did it. None of the whole of Arashi then did it. Nobody loves the love the profit center more than I will work out the Law No, and he did not do it.

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Nobody loved him more than say the HSE they follow the law. And he she did not do it. Nobody loved him more than Hadiya to Cora Delana. She never did it. Nobody celebrated the birthday of Rosaura Salah on a particular day. Firstly, because they did not know which day it was the day this whole issue of whether it's 12, close or Bilawal is the day he passed away. But it wasn't the day he was born. We don't know the record is not there. And there's a whole long reason why it is not there. I won't go into that now. But the point is that to celebrate his birthday on a particular day, this is something which if you do it becomes a bit of a something which is which being sort of getting the

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pleasure of Allah may Allah protect us we might, we might incur the anger of Allah. It is something we are going against what resources what also lies in Salem, daughters and introducing something into the deen the heavy songs on Salam was absolutely clear. When he said very very clearly. In Asteron Hadith the Kitab Allah will hide howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam was Sharon memori Modasa Hakuna Matata the Buddha, Allah without and Allah Allah Allah has a lot of things enough. He said the best speeches the speech of Allah which is the kingdom of Allah and he said that the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad Sorcerer is there anything

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all evil is what is introduced newly into the religion, all new innovations, all new introductions or new things that are introduced a new thing meaning that which he did not do and which he didn't tell us to do all introduction of those new things into the den

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is that all of this is misguidance or all this misguidance is in the Hellfire there is nothing that can be clearer than that. Right so please do not do that.

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We'll come back to the issue of

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celebrating birthdays therefore for children in the next reminder and I thought let me complete this issue with regard to the villa gonna be issue or Salalah Anna will carry one he was able to get on