Mirza Yawar Baig – Moon sighting is Sunnah, not moon fighting

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam as a source of pride and pride for the Muslim community is discussed, including the use of counting days and the importance of following rules. The use of counting days and the use of logical argument arguments in court proceedings is also emphasized. The importance of following the Sun airline's guidance and not taking on crazy activities is also emphasized, along with the importance of not overwhelm the body and the mind by fasting. The speaker encourages people to follow the rules of their religion and not feel embarrassed by their actions.
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Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Jenna freedom BIA even more saline. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He either he will save you send up to 310 and cathedra from avato My brothers and sisters are hungry, lots of manual that has given us this beautiful McDonald curry We ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill it with higher and baraka for us in every single way as he gelato promised to do for us insha Allah

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it begins with a sighting of the moon sighting of the moon

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unfortunately, this is a source of our annual Moon fighting.

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Please understand, Moon sighting is a sunnah

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to look for the moon is so not to see the moon to look for the moon and see the moon is sunnah it is also a bad it is our act of worship Allah will reward us if we make that effort there is a.we said when you see the new moon

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but Moon fighting

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is haram

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that has not been the beautiful month of Ramadan by indulging in something which is haram which is fighting with each other creating controversy is having all sorts of useless arguments.

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So let me give you the

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the proof that Allah is because we have a religion which is based on the based on evidence let me give you the evidence of Moon sighting.

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And Abdullah evening, they allow

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another sort of law is the law highly he only he was able to send them Zakharova Madonna for Karla law sumo Halophila lat also more Donna only Hillel one two through hat row for in a one ma la comme Falco Douro.

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In the Hadees, which is saying this is a mockery

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narrated Abdullah even an hour probably Allah Allah

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rasool Allah gave a cover.

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Letter sumo do not fast. Unless you see the crescent had until not all halen

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at the Dharawal hailer had to roll hailer until you see the crescent of Ramadan until you see the new more of Ramadan. And he said one hour still and do not make Iftar do not stop fasting, Hatha Thoreau until you see

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in the Arabic language Rahu will see him and that is because I will cover the moon is

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a semantic male in terms of semantic gender in the language. So had that auto until you see it

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which is the crescent of show up and then he said

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find one line icon and if the sky is overcast and if you cannot see the more falcoda Ruler he said act on the estimation meeting called 30 days of Shabbat

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Right? Absolutely. This is a hug of Allah he say Salah is gonna see the moon and start fasting see the moon and start fasting if you cannot see the moon because of cloud or any other reason. Then complete the 30 days of the previous month which is Shabbat. Another and this is inside the body it's so you had this another Hadith which is say Hadith in Sahih Muslim I'd be hurried or the alarm on who under Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call so more li ro at he will ask do little er D for in a woman Mia la come for Atomico are the

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same meaning he said some of the olives or whatever on the land reported that also realize ourselves that fast start fasting on citing it meaning psijic the new moon and break your fast on citing again the new moon but if the sky is cloudy, then complete the number of 30 meaning 30 days of the previous month. So in the case of starting, it is 30 days of Shabbat in the case of complete

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Being of Ramadan it is the 30 days of Ramadan before we go into shower, which is the day of it. Finally, in other Hadith which is recorded in Tirmidhi. And unless I also say, hey,

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America, yes, we are and who are the Alon Omar, he said, Whoever fasts the day concerning which there is doubt has disobeyed, I will cause him some of our Hari Salam that was the cornea of Rasulullah sallallahu Kasi. So he said, Whoever VAs the day concerning which there is no doubt that there is there is doubt, whether fast the day concerning doubt, has disobeyed our classroom. So this is a

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statement by Marvin the acid or the alarm.

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Saying that don't fast on a day, whether it's dark, so very, very clear, we have the Hadees of Ross Ross and Salem telling us to see the moon and fast now, those of you who might say, well, you know,

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in those days, they did not have access to any other means. And therefore, it also was an upset to see the whole today we have access to different means, which is that, you know, for example, we can calculate and we know exactly when the new one came in. And so we need not see now this is a completely false argument. Because the

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issue of calculating lunar calendar was not something which is unique to the Muslim faith, the Hindus have had regard a little over 2000 years, the Jewish people have had a lunar calendar for also over 2000 years. So lunar calendars have been have been in existence, and they have calculations for the more for, you know, going forward to 300 years. So it's not a question of lack of calculation. In any case, please understand

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that for something which is a record of Islam for something which is a pillar of Islam, which is the fasting of Ramadan, to begin that and to and that is part of the same record, because it's like saying, I'm praying salah, and it begins with Allahu Akbar is Allahu Akbar, of course, it is not going without Allah Akbar, then the salah does not even begin. So this is the beginning of the salah of the fasting and nd or the fasting. This is something which Allah subhanaw taala has commanded and also on a salaam salaam salah, communicated that command of Allah subhanaw taala to us. So if somebody says, Well, you know, this is the left to people's whims and fancies, and to their

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understanding, this would be completely false. And it indicates was the one lack of knowledge of history, because you don't know that that rural calendar existed even at that time, and secondly, a lack of understanding of Islam and the principles of Islam. So I

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strongly, strongly

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recommend you please don't fall into this trap. Second thing is,

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if you are going to an if you arrive, we are going to take to say he had this,

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to say he had this, concerning the sighting of the boat, recorded in Wuhan a Muslim.

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And we are going to disregard them. And we are going to say well, today I have access to some other things, it's calculations or whatever. And so I'm going to follow that. And believe me,

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you are then opening the door for the complete destruction of Islam. Because if this logic

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that today we have some other means therefore we can disregard a hug of an order or sorrows or Salah if this logic

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is applied, that this can be applied to many other things. And our entire religion will go down the drain.

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Right, please, this is what happened with others don't fall into the same trap, do not fall into the same trap. Our belief we believe in Eman Bilbray.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this as far as the believers are concerned.

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He said Alladhina you may know that bill right. These are the people who have faith in an array, an array is the unperceivable.

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And we have access to that right through the kalam of Allah, as explained, and as thought was by Ross Ross.

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So the teaching of Arizona Salem refers to

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especially in Nevada, especially in acts of worship, it is complete in every aspect.

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For example, we breathe out of Salah in Bovary. How do we pray that

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the waitress was taught us so he said some dough Kumar I, Tony Musa Lee said pray as

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As you have seen me break, he did not say some low gamma

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card Allah or gamma Amar Allah with an equal he did not say pray as Allah ordered you to pray. He said it's a low karma to money as you have seen me breath. This principle applies across the board to all

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the above that all the acts of worship and of course it applies across the board to everything that was ordered but with a special

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emphasis on acts of worship.

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So anyone who discards that disregard that whatever be the reason and says that citing is not necessary we can use calculations Believe me, they are completely and totally wrong. They are going against this he had this of Rasul Allah is Allah is Allah

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and they will answer to Allah subhanaw taala for the deeds

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leave them

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whatever excuse they have, let them have it. As far as we are concerned, we follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu itself. This is not a nice thing to do it is not something which is optional. This is obligatory it is further as to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salam, his sunnah was to cite the war his Helcom is order is amor was to make the effort to say the side the war, and he told us do and his order was Do not start fasting until you sign inside the word, do not stop fasting until you cite the word and therefore to start fasting or stop fasting when the moon has not been cited. This is not from the soul of Islam and the soul of

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of riba as far as deciding issue is concerned.

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Right, so please, let us not destroy our religion, in by all kinds of

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so called logical arguments, these argument arguments are not logical at all, they're completely illogical, because what is logical about disregarding the word or processor?

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That comes the question of should we follow Saudi Arabia? Now, whether it is for Saudi Arabia, or it is a very good or it is France or Australia? Should we follow the siding in some other country? I think about this,

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if you want to follow one of us was asana and he's that site the moon

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he did not say citing in one place compensates for all is equal to or satisfies the need for siding by individual people in Islam.

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The beauty is that the benefit of the EBA is given to everybody.

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So for example

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rasa Salam or for example, if we don't say that the Salah in Makkah is enough for the whole world, the other need Maca is enough for the whole world.

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It is not for us, we have to call our own and guarding the land is a battle for us.

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Nowadays, you have these

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you have these machines, you know the which which called the oven at the at the right time. So, if you have if you have certain machine in your house and the machine has gone in there that you cannot take that other as oven forsa.

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He does not eat and that was ALLAH is called by a human being

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in that place.

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So should you follow Saudi Arabia? Now the best thing for that? The best answer that I can give you for that is an answer, given my

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choice. And we'll say mean,

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early May Allah subhanaw taala, fill us government node and grant him the highest station that in Jannah.

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He made a very he get he gives his answer. They asked him,

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Why are Muslims not united in their fasting? You know, I don't understand fasting on the same day and ending in the same day. He said, first of all, this is geographically and scientifically impossible, because the wound is not cited on the same day in all the places. What does it mean? He says, don't follow one particular place. Then he said, Follow the sighting in your country. He said, Because he said how what time do you press a little further you don't press another Fajr in your country. If I'm living in America, I don't pray Salat al Fajr in America at the time it is being prayed in Makkah.

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I pray for them at the time of father in my country. Right. I have resolved at the time of the war in my grandparents is already being bred in Makkah at that time. So therefore, I will pray even though it might be night in my country no.

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So he said, you follow the sun meaning the sun determines the hours of the

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The, the hours of the day is because of the movement of the sun. So he said the Sun determines

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the hours of the day.

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And so you pray at the time of prayer in your place. He said in the same way the moon determines the days of the month, the robots

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so you fast when it is time to fast in your country,

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meaning you do your own bone sighting and you fast that this does not very beautiful explanation. I mean, the the sun, the movement of the Earth around the Sun is what determines

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ours and the in the other case, it is the moon, which determines the days so just as we don't have this argument, we don't say why why we break at this time it is time for for answer in Makkah know, we say it is not a question of Makkah, if I'm in luck, I will read that. If I'm in Iceland, I will pray at the time in Iceland, if I'm in Australia, I will pray in the time Australia.

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So also, I will start a start, stop stop fasting at the time, on the day in my country, when Moon is sighted in that part of the world. Now this does not mean that you have to see the moon directly above your house, or in your village No,

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at least in that geographical location.

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So if you take the whole American, you know, continent that this is one location, or you take the whole of the Middle East and all of that that's another location you take your office, another location Australia, another location so

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but you can't take a moon sighting in Australia and say this is good for all the work though.

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So please let us let us not change our religion for the sake of convenience.

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The religion it is a sign of love to do something which may not be convenient, out of love for the one we love. And in this case it is Allah subhanho data.

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So take the siding in your part of the world. And if it is not recited, there's absolutely no problem. Absolutely no problem.

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There is no obligation on you that you must fast on the same day as people are fasting in Saudi Arabia. If they have seen the moon they will fast no problem. Nobody has forced you to fast even though you have not seen the moon.

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And don't say the month has really matters not being a month has begun for you at this time. Because for them at another time. There is no problem with that.

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And NASA it was an executive right if you don't see the moon complete 30 days to complete 30 days Alhamdulillah

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in law mother in law that that will mean one extra day of fasting when I study of the doors of Jana remaining open one extra day of our fourth being equal to 70 and nothing will be equal to four and so on as long as what what objection can ever you have to that.

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So my brother's sister, let us run destroy our own faith

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making all these false

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interpretations of ignorance and then compounding it by having arguments and conflicts with our brothers and sisters know

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that the hearts beat together let's Let's love one another.

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When you say beat together, it does not mean fast on the same day beat together means stop arguing. Stop having stop raising all kinds of useless and pointless conflicts.

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So I've given you

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three are these two directly related to the sighting and one related to fasting on a day which is doubtful. And I've given you

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the fatwa from chefs I will say me, especially because people talk about fasting about following Saudi Arabia. And this was a specific question about following Saudi Arabia that he was asked and may Allah bless him, he answered it and I will put that these things in the description of this video. Please take a look now last Mantella grant us that we learned this D correctly and that we follow this Dean correctly. Once again I was encouraged to all of you are settled on and we'll carry while he was able to go

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