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The speakers discuss the importance of differentiation as role models for the world, giving people the opportunity to make an impact, and forgetting rights. They stress the importance of building trust and respect, and not hesitant to encourage dissent. The speakers also emphasize the need to show respect and commitment to oneself in order to convince others of their actions.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Hema hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Steven Catherine casita farmajo my brothers and sisters, I want to remind you and myself about a very critical aspects of our life, which is, what is our role in this world? What is our role as Muslims in this life? My submission to you is that our role as Muslims is to become role models for the world.

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To become role models, we need to differentiate

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because people salute a flag on the flagpole. If the flag is washed and it is drying with the rest of the laundry on the clothesline, nobody salutes it.

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To lead, you must differentiate, why differentiate, because differentiate creates brand, brand creates loyalty and loyalty enables influence, differentiate, the differentiation creates brand, brand inspires loyalty, and loyalty enables influence. Without brand. You and I are great grain of rice in a sec. We are still rice, but you're one grain in a sec. You make no difference to anybody. No one knows you exist. And no one knows when you're gone.

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So what is our bread?

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That's a question that I asked myself what is our brand

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rather than sisters.

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The message

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of Islam for all time

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has already been the same which is

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to spread goodness all around us and to stand up against evil

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regardless of who does it

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and that's right that I mentioned is an operand. He said that he sent us in order to become or to be beneficial for everybody else rather a zip code or Amati. Reject Lynas, Allah said you are the best of people. And you have been selected for the benefit of people to do what Tamura will Murphy what and how 911 curry was able

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to enjoy and good to forbid evil, and to have faith in a loss rather than this is what we were sent to do, to spread goodness, and to stand up against evil as a mark of our faith. So our brand is to be beneficial to all those around us, irrespective of who they are. We are not meant to be beneficial to the Muslims alone, we are said to be beneficial to everyone on the face of this planet.

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But what do you think our constituents would say?

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If we were to do a survey? And if we were to ask our constituents who are our constituents, the rest of the world?

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If we were to ask them

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one question, and that question is, if you wake up tomorrow morning, and there are no Muslims.

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First Response.

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Fantastic. My prayers are answered. Brilliant. Second response. It's a terrible first response.

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Fantastic. My prayers are answered, brilliant. Second response. It's a terrible thing.

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It is really bad. I mean, these are good people. We have the gun.

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I want them back.

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Third response.

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You are a nice person. I like you.

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God bless you.

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But you know, Muslims, which response Do you think we are likely to get?

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And therefore, the question is, what will we answer Allah subhanaw taala when we meet him,

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did we fulfill the purpose for which he sent us? Or did we fail?

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My brothers and sisters we live today at a fork in history at a fork in time of history. Two roads, we are at the fourth

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forking times in history are characterized by termites.

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The reason for the turmoil can be many things, revolutions, wars, natural calamities, diseases, widespread epidemics.

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But because of that, might

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the foundations of the structures of society get shaken

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and thus, for a short period of time,

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it is given into the hands of the ordinary person. It is given into the hands of ordinary people to change the path of destiny.

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I believe that today we are living in such times

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the question

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Do we know what to do?

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merican sisters in the life of every person comes a time when they have a unique opportunity to make an impact when there is a window of opportunity, and this window of opportunity comes to every person, they have this unique opportunity to make an impact. Those who succeed are the ones who anticipate on contribution.

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entitlement will follow.

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entitlement comes with territory control, are we ready?

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We need to do two things. Number one, focus on contribution.

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entitlement will follow.

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entitlement comes with territory, contribution, defiance, tells you to focus on contribution.

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Number two, forget rights rights only what are duties. So forget rights, focus on duties. Two things

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focus on contribution and about rights, focus on duties, because we will not be questioned about our rights, we will be questioned about our duties.

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We will not be questioned about our rights only about our duties. So forget rights, focus on duties to things

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focus on contribution and successful organizations.

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In our case, as far as Islam is concerned, if we choose to see success as an organization,

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one is a unified ideology, one ideology in which everybody believes and two is trusted leadership. So unified ideology and trusted leadership. These are the two requirements of successful organizations.

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In our case, as far as Islam is concerned, if we choose to see Islam as an organization

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and in this case, yourselves

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what is our ideology? Our ideology is very simple. La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, we are those who do not worship anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala. And we believe that Mohammed Salah is

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the Prophet of Allah subhanaw taala and is his last and final messenger after whom there is no other method. This is our ideology, whether we are Sunni, or Shia, or barelvi, or Deobandi, or whether we are Maliki or Hanafi or Chaffee or unbeli. Whether we are zedi or whatever we are a body. We are believed in this one ideology, which is Lyla heilala, who

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we do have our differences. We have several differences. But the key thing is to focus on the uniting factor, not on the differences. And what's the uniting factor, La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah,

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so who is a Muslim?

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the Muslim is the one from who stun and hand, people are safe. And the believer is the one who is trusted with the lives and wealth of the people. And this is in Solon as I think about this restaurant didn't say the Muslim is the one who worships all night and he fasts all day and he makes Hajj every every year and he makes Amara every month and he reads you know 10 Jews of foreign a day no

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nationalism didn't even talk about the worship of the Muslim at all. This doesn't mean worship is not important. This is like when you're boarding a plane and asked if I asked you how was the flight you will talk to me about the service you won't say it landed safely landed safely is understood if you didn't even land safely with crash then what what are we talking about? So as far as the worship is concerned, Laila hi Lola masala we dealt with that already, which is we worship only Allah subhanaw taala we do not commit shirk, we don't join partners with him. And Mohammed Salah Salem is a loss of anodyne messenger the last and final of them there is no one after him. This is our basic

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fundamental belief all of us.

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So when we have a saying now who is a Muslim, Muslim is talking about the impact of the Muslim on the world. Remember where I began? I said, What is our brand? This is Mohammed Salah selam explaining to us the elements of our brand, and what are the elements of our brand, number one element

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that everybody is safe from us. Muslim Salama means safety. Islam means submission to Allah Subhana Allah. So therefore, the Muslim is the one from whom everyone is safe from his tongue and from his hand. And, and he is the one and she is the one who is trusted with the lives and wealth of

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a person from whom everyone is safe. And a person who is trustworthy

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has an ambassador to lolly. He said, If you would be pleased to be safe in our talking about himself, and ourselves as Muslims, he says, as Muslims if you wish to be safe, and if you wish for your religion to be safe for you,

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then restrain your hands from harming the lives of people restrain your tongues from harming their honor. And restrain your stomach from consuming their wealth.

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And this is from the book makari one o'clock.

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Again, as obviously is not saying out allele, he's not saying worship all night and so on. So he say, ensure that you do not cause any harm to anybody. This is our brand. Now brothers sisters, think about that. If we are successfully able to protect this brand, by living it by embodying it,

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what do you think will be the position of Muslims in the world?

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We come to the second part, trusted leadership. There are two interesting things that need to be done.

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And both of these

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and to put it politely are our weaknesses.

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If you want to build trust and leadership, then we need to encourage dissent, not shut down and courage, not even accept, encourage, encourage dissent. And secondly, encourage consultation

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because leaders seek accountability.

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A lot around that I mentioned this and others around the reservoir don't seem to be heavily lately Jameel what

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was Guru amatola he is quantum either for Allah verbena Porto Rico for us. batum mania Mati he Juana Welcome to my IRA Chava 40 min and Nari for unhas akumina. Casa de Cuba Yun Allahu la comida de la la,

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la la la comme des todo Dune, Allah subhanaw taala said, Where does the movie hamdulillah he gemi Allah,

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Allah citizen of the land and run and hold fast, all of you together to the rope of Allah subhanaw taala which is the column of Allah which is this deep, and do not be divided amongst yourselves, do not be divided. And remember that Allah subhanaw taala has favor on you, for you are enemies one to the other. But he joined your hearts together, so that by His grace, you became brothers in Islam, brothers in faith, and you were on the brink of a bit of fire

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and he saved you from it. Thus, Allah Subhana Allah makes his ayat is science clear to you, that you may be grateful.

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Abandoned sisters, please notice Allah subhanaw taala did not say

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Allah said

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law firm Rasul Allah did not say that the telephone rod doesn't move we have Elijah meow. Why not the farakka Allah did not say Allah.

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Allah said Do not be divided. He did not say do not differ. He did not say do not have a difference of opinion.

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Please understand, difference of opinion, is not opposition is still a fair i maharlika than a difference of opinion is not opposition. This is unfortunately how we we tend to see it. We have this great need to convince somebody effectively all that we do is if we are forceful enough. We shut them down. We don't convince them because conviction is a matter of the heart. All that happens is that they stop arguing because you have all fired them. This does not mean they are convinced this does not mean they agree with you. It just means that you shut them up. What did you achieve?

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Nothing. Zero.

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We just made an enemy.

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difference of opinion is not

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opposition. Healthy consultation means to not only accept, but encourage dissent because remember, only dissent

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strengthens decision.

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You'll get strength by working out against

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against resistance. working against resistance builds strengths. working against resistance, will strength. That's why only dissent strengthens decisions. groupthink is littered groupthink sabotages the decision

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to encourage dissent.

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dissent is the soul of innovation.

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In the name in the words of Bernard Shaw, he said all progress begins with the dissatisfied man. All pilgrims progress begins with the rebel.

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cultures that enforce obedience and May Allah forgive us. Ours is what? cultures that enforce obedience, kill innovation.

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We're all traditional cultures, including ours. We do not like dissent. We kill dissent in infancy.

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So what is the thing that we need to learn? We need to learn to disagree without being disagreeable. This is the key skill that we need to learn to disagree without being disagreeable.

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The second thing to do

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to build trust and leadership is consultation.

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Because why consult is because to consult denotes that you respect the individual. We only ask people we respect for advice. So therefore, consultation denotes respect. And it denotes trust. In this context, it was around a data set for Bhima rahmati minella. He didn't allow 101 Lb lunch to mean how far for an whom was the federal law whom was shot we're home Phil amor. For either our Santa for de Vaca lalala. In the law, ha you have bull Mata Ki D. Allah subhanaw taala said with me.

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And by the mercy of Allah Ramanathan, Allah is mentioned in this document, Moses Allah, he said, by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. You dealt with them gently, by the mercy of Allah, you have a soft heart, by the mercy of Allah, you treat people with dignity and respect, and with love and affection. So by the mercy of Allah, and by the mercy of Allah, you dealt with them gently.

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And had you been severe and harsh hearted, you would have driven them away

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and they would have broken away from you.

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So ignore their faults, pass over their faults, ignore their faults. And see can ask Allah subhanho wa Taala forgiveness for them

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and consult them in the matters.

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Then when you have taken a decision,

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put your trust in Allah Subhana Allah and stand firm on that decision. Because Allah loves those. The motto kilo, Allah loves those who put their trust in Him.

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Unless it was the fellow or Shabbir, whom Phil. Allah said seek forgiveness for them and seek their opinion. Consult with them make much water with them. However the sisters I'm sure you must have thought about design. That here is the Prophet sallallahu Heusen who is the only one who is receiving way he's talking to Allah, Allah is talking to him, he can get answers to any questions he wants. He can get decisions, he can get the best of decisions, you can get the best of advice, because there is no advice that is superior to the advice of our last. Why is then Allah asking him to consult people? Why is Allah asking him to consult his his companions, who in terms of rank, are

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way beneath him?

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He has no one who equals the province of Milan is 11. Right? So allies asking him to consult in our modern terminology, his subordinates and even among the subordinates, not even somebody close to him somebody who were down below why.

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It's not about the advice. Although people can give good advice.

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The rank of a person doesn't determine what kind of advice that they give you.

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It is to build trust, it is to show respect it is to show his the fact that he values them. It is to prove to them that the proper selection of values. And then remember Allah said a very important thing Allah subhanaw taala said, pass over their weaknesses. Don't focus on their weaknesses don't don't need

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Stick with them. Don't find fault with them, pass over their weaknesses and seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala for them, what is a greater blessing than the daughter of Rasulullah sallallahu for your forgiveness, Allah is giving them this Allah saying, give them this Nam, give them your top, seek forgiveness for them

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and shove it home Phil.

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seek their opinion, not a sham, I will not pretend to seek not seek their opinion, genuinely ask them for their advice. There are many instances in the Sierra were also Lhasa Salaam followed this instruction of Allah subhanho wa Taala to a level of excellence, I don't have the time to go into those details. Now. inshallah, when we meet again, we will talk about that beautiful instances of very important decisions, where as soon as I took the advisors aside, there are also cases where as soon as the result of did not take the advice of the son when he knew what what was to be done. And he pushed through that. Again, as I said, we don't have the time here. But the lesson is important,

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which is the importance of seeking advice. So number one, encourage dissent. Because dissent shows commitment. dissent shows that you have intelligent people around you who can think and have a difference of opinion, and dissent.

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Encouraging dissent, throws up lots of new ideas and lots of innovation becomes possible. Number two, consult with the people to demonstrate your own commitment to demonstrate your affection for them, to demonstrate your respect for them, and to demonstrate the fact that you genuinely value them. These two qualities produce great leaders, these two qualities, produce strong organizations.

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Very important our sisters, forgive, forgive, forgive, because we need to be forgiven. Well, I, we need to forgive, I need to I need forgiveness. So I need to forgive. You need forgiveness. So you need to forgive, never carry grudges, it's like carrying a live coal in your hand, it will only burn you. It doesn't do anything to to talk to somebody else. So forgive, because we need the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala we need the forgiveness of people. So let us learn to forgive a final point I want to make before I close success is where opportunity meets preparedness. Success is where opportunity meets preparedness.

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In order to prepare, we must have three things, passion,

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expertise, and a reward, return.

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I want to end by giving you a gift by sharing with you my motto in life. And my motto in life is I will not allow what is not in my control to prevent me from doing what is in my control. I will not allow what is not in my control to prevent me from doing what is in my control is that

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it is a pleasure to be here. And I hope to be in touch with you. Thank you very much. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.