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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara freedom ba were mousseline Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah La hottie he was he was I will sell them just even

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from Morocco

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My dear brothers and sisters

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one of our teachers used to say

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used to ask this question used to say that your job

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is that the provider or the means

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is it a sub? Or is it the Musa?

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So what is the answer? It's a means your job is the means the job is not the logic.

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So then he will ask second question he would say how much time do you spend with a job? And how much time do you spend with the one who gives you

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how much time do you spend with the

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And how much time do you spend with them who's up be with us? But

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that's a very important question to reflect on and think about right? And the same thing applies not only to jobs, the applies even more to

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problems and solutions and you have difficulties

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so one day I asked one of my issue I said how do I know

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if I have thought Quran Allah or not?

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So he said, those days under allah smart Allah cured me but those days to get migraines are stricken severe migraines.

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So he asked me he said, When you get a headache, what is the first thought in your mind and spontaneously Azure I reach for the medicine. He said the doctor is on the medicine

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he says I don't tell you don't take medicine or whatever. This is halal. Jeyes Allah has created the medicine table. But where is your taco?

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Because taco Allah has Babu

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right? So we say for example, dye the gamma. Okay.

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Well, I can anatomical

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or Allah.

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Oh Allah. How many German?

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You stay there?

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But where is the trust? Is it on Allah? Is it on the rope?

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Because we always use Oh, no, brother, you must use the you have to tie like, Oh, sure. Please, please, please tie the camel no problem. They all the four legs and neck and everything is right. No problem.

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But where is your? This is not something to answer me. I'm not asking you the question. I'm asking myself the question. It's in our heart Allah knows.

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So when we are in the middle of problems.

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Imagine they're the, you know, they have this TV shows real life shows right to the camera in the house everywhere. So your whole

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life and what you're talking and so on and people is being videotaped. This is actually happening with the last writer unless Mandela is

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recording everything that we do.

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All our thoughts, all our actions, or our speech.

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So if somebody watches if I watch myself

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and if I record all my conversations, you say for 24 hours,

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take any problem, whatever, right? Right now we got one top of the mind, but anywhere

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there's live always or something or the other.

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Take anything. And supposing we record we have this 24 hour recording.

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And you played back.

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Ask yourself, how much of that speech? Are we talking about? Which senator to speak to? Which place to go to which protest to attend which letter to write,

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where to give a donation.

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And then of course, the surah you know, discussions? Whose fault is it?

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All these Arab countries?

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What are they doing?

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And the non Arab countries?

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Do we hear anywhere in that conversation?

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You know what? I need to ask Allah

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rasool Allah,

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I need to ask Allah

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and to ask Allah, I have to be in a state to ask Allah. Just like for Salah. I have to be able

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to Hara is the shirt

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it is the country

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Shouldn't have Sarah there is no

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there's no sir.

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So what is the taharah for the

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halal kill?

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Well hello

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YouTube universal Hala wu tang walla University, Lisa livers forgot

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what follows

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me named

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Ernie Harlan and eating Halal is the short it is the boundary condition of acceptance of DHA. If you are eating haram or doubtful and you know that it's very clear we all know that is believing

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that if you go into the doubt when you go into the Haram

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so question there is no question of eating or earning from a doubtful source for a Muslim because leaving the doubtful the Hadees of Hazzard merely with a bizarrely rodella Anna

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from visa salah. He said, leave the doubtful for that which is not

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he didn't say leave the Haram he said leave the doubtful haram you have to leave you know this. For a Muslim there is no need for somebody to say leave the Haram issue this is I'm a Muslim, why would I do haram but when it comes to doubtful Chetan is there

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leave the doubt for for that which is not doubt

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one of the great older poets, he said well I'll translate for you when I got

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your manga Hall Musa BV as Bob said Mongo damang Now who wants to be there as Bob said my goal may not to some other say Mongo you were lotto Bundy rapid or AppSumo

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he said if you want to ask something as the Creator as the one who creates the ASVAB Musa booboo does bad

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and ask him with edge with humility with humbleness and cry before him with respect with other

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why'd you

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go and beg

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the hydrilla others if you are the slave of the ram

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if you are the abs of the ram Asteron

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so am I Abdullah or Abdullah flus or Abdul sharks for admin Villa

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Abdullah Mara

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where Abdullah Ahmed

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Abdul Allah is not

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so very very clear. We should be very clear that we have to ask

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where is the heart connected now the means we have

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the issue is not whether we do the take the I'm not saying from tomorrow don't go to work no go to work find a job whatnot. But the condition is where is the heart now the way to check that is what do you give precedence to when two things are clashing so if I have my job and I have the time for Salah to withdrawal for Salah do I pray on time or do I

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delay the salah

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I'm not talking missing missing is not a possibility if you if you deliberately Miss Salah you've left Islam you're not talking about that is a good day okay I'll pray now I prayed I got this meeting I'm going to pray I do this I pray a little bit later Later later later

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Dr. Salah I work the

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salah Allah work there

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so the point is similarly everything else right. So if you're earning there is a

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clearly Halal means and there is a doubtful means as I said haram me I'm not talking to her. If you know her you will not do Inshallah, but doubtful. Not sure. What do you do?

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Do you go for the halal and you say doubtful I will not touch or will you say let me go fatwa shopping. go to Walmart. Go to TJ Maxx fatwas, and then you find somebody who will give you a fatwa adenoma

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Please go ahead, no problem.

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Jehovah told me Allah

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then what happens when we go and start with what was one of the you researched very sharp

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allowed or that both? Very easily our he told me you don't really think and

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I also know it but I find somebody

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yeah Korean. So I think what do you seriously think about this

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and that then we wonder why we are asking you how we make dua nothing happens why?

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food is not halal and income is not halal.

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And as I said, where do we turn to do we turn to Allah? or

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So, if you talk about problem and solutions, what do you hear? Seriously do this talk sit with your friends and see any problem

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any problem? Personal problem outside

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political, economic whatever.

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Listen to them.

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There are this question and ask yourself first.

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What about

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We talked about this we should do this we should do that we should do that do that. But did anybody say Roger it Allah? It did anybody say let me look at my life and see where am I disobeying Allah in my life? Is there any disobedience of Allah?

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Because you know, unless Americanism in Allah Allah Duggal, well Lavina or Moses

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did Allah say in the alarm Alladhina Marlena taco with a vegetable No.

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Motoko Masino

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Dakwah what is

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the variant of Allah, the help of Allah comes for the people of Taqwa and the people of ESA.

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So, if I am asking for the help of Allah first I blocked myself am I is somebody who is of the coin is and again, it's not a question of what is the mean thing I know.

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I know anonymous,

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because others can only go by external appearance, no way they can see your face you can see how you dress what you do or what inside my heart, who knows only I know what

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nobody knows.

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So, I remember myself and you let us focus on ourselves

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and let us correct ourselves correct our Akina so that there is no shake character morale, so that we do not indulge in any haram and so that we fulfill all the Friday's the basic minimum and then try to do more than that.

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With Elijah and then we bigger and bigger bigger loss monitor. In addition to that, whatever means no problem.

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But we must ask ALLAH ask Allah sincerely, and with great humility and humbleness.

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And then with and with completely again, that Allah will do because Allah can do and only Allah can do and viola cannot do this is very important, the closer inshallah more toward on this but just to putting a pointer, Allah say honeck I again are rulers and those authority

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that Allah will do and only Allah can do and cannot do both are very important. La ilaha illallah it begins with nothing.

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There is no one worthy of worship

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except Allah. So we have to cancel the where Allah before we go to Allah.

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You cannot take the ruler to Allah, by Allah also they're like No, no, no then also only Allah. Allah

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was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry Murali he was a member of the karma