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Smilla Morales Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield MBA evil mousseline, Mohammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Haile, he was of yourself. Just leave and Cathedral in cathedra from Abba.

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He introduced himself

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and he began his column

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by saying Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim

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Alhamdulillah Europe Bella me in our Walkman, he

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he began his column by saying in the name of Allah

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or Walkman over he

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the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

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how beneficent How was the

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most compared to what

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Maliki within?

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The owner the King, the decider of the Day of Judgment

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Rabbil Alameen

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all thanks Alhamdulillah

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all thanks all Praise to Allah.

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The rub of the LME,

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the civet of Robo Robo Viet itself is a manifestation of Rahmani Raheem.

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Because the rub is the creator the sustainer the maintainer, the protector the provider

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who takes something which is a che will knock is something which is incomplete, which is small.

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But average stage by stage

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to the maqam of the command

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to completion to perfection.

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That's quality itself is a quality of Rockman

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think about this

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there was a little

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a little stone

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GCM Bucha Concur was a

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very small pebble.

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We got very dirty.

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It got covered with all kinds of stuff.

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And a Cait which feeds on refuse and which feeds on garbage. I thought that maybe it is something to eat it picked it up, flew off with it. And then realized that this thing is no good to it, it dropped from its beak

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and it fell into the ocean

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and it sank to the bottom of the ocean

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and the waves of the ocean

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rubbed it and scrubbed it and moved it from this place to that place and millions of tons of water flowing over it uncounted

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all the dirt gets cleaned off where everything gets smooth and it gets polished. And one day the ocean throws it out

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onto the beach and it is lying there on the sand

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and a ray of the sun touches it

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and you're walking on the beach and you'll see

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that looks like a diamond What is this thing shining like this?

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The word is shining

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it's shining like a diamond.

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Because a ray of the sun touched it

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the glow the brilliance is not of the bevel

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it belongs to the Sun

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Musa is that I mean the.

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I sometimes wonder these things when I read the Quran. Musa is alive in the court of the crown

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and let's run it and I mentioned this fantastic scene.

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And Allah said Carla, if you're on Omar Abu Dhabi

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Don't worry who's Rommel LME.

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Now Musa Islaam Karim Allah

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full of the Jana Allah Allah

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Musa alayhis salam describes Allah subhanaw taala

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in terms which are the terms of his glory and majesty,

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the Rabu Sumbawa, the one or the mama in Houma in contou mukuni

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here's the rub of the heavens and the earth

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and whatever is in between

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and will you be obedient?

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And I sometimes wonder if instead of saying Rob Busaba developed, which is true

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when Ron said, Omar Abdullah Al Amin,

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Musa alayhis salam if you had said who are Emmanuel Rahim

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who are 100

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what may have been the result

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was an enemy of Mussolini salah. He was wrong the Bani Israel

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he was so wealthy Allah gave him so much or whether Allah Allah said that it took

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a group of strong men

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to carry the keys of his treasured houses.

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So Carlin wanted to

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discredit Musa Musa Ali Salaam.

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And Chiron got, he spread this rumor that Musa alayhis salam had an illicit relationship with one woman

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and of course Musa got very angry

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because it was false and garden collected in the old crowd in the in before all the people gather all the people and his any accused was already set up

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and everyone stood up and she accused him and Musa they said I'm stood up and he told her speak the truth in the name of Allah

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and the woman lost her courage

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and she said this is false.

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Musa Salah was innocent

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Musa Islam raised his hand and he said yeah Allah give me power over this man

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What is this man give me the power over this man. Allah said you have power over this man

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Musa has ordered the earth

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he says follow this man

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and God on sank up to his ankles

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don't realize that this is

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this is dangerous this is serious. So he said yeah Musa

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I'm sorry I apologize Have mercy on me whose resolve themselves all of them and

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they are swallowed him up to the up to his knees. He said yeah Musa Have mercy on me.

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Who's that is Roger swallow the man

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and he sang to his waist.

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He said you have also have mercy on me Musa is Rumson swallow the man

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had gotten went up down up to his neck hole his head sticking out of the earth. He said yeah who's Have mercy on me. Who's that is that I'm so Allah man.

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And God who went into the palace

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said yeah Musa.

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He always asked to for mercy

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even though I gave you the power or the man

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if he had asked me once, yeah, Allah saved me. I would have saved him.

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If he had asked me only once Yeah, Allah have mercy on me.

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I would have saved him

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there was a drought.

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Severe drought.

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People are suffering people are dying animals were dying. Musa alayhis salam brought all the people out to make Salah to miss this ca.

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And Musa is the prayer and Musa Salah was making do and nothing is happening. Nothing is happening.

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was the result of that era have mercy on us unless there is one man among you? Who is an evil man. He has been evading me has been disobeying me for all his life. As long

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On Aziz among you, I will not send rain.

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So, it was that easy arouse you said Allah subhanaw taala says such and such,

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whoever it is leave the place

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leave us go away

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because of you all the suffering of everybody

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the man realize this is now he's in trouble.

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He may or do I said Yara forgive me. He said yeah Allah forgive me. He said yeah Allah All this time I did whatever I did. You saved me. You protected me nobody knows. You Allah don't expose me now. What will happen if I get up and go?

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How will I show my face to anybody?

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Now this is a private conversation happening between this man and his Rob della della Lu suddenly the rain starts.

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That that is torrential rain and everybody is plugged your water

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people were told Musa is Salam Surya Allah

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what happened?

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What happened? You told me there is a man who is so evil and so on as long as he is among us you will not send rain but nothing happened I called out I said leave the place nobody loved the place or at least not really.

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Unless we had that as it was

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when you announced and you called out and you told people to leave that man made Toba he made so far and I forgive him.

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So I said to the rain

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was that is that is that 100

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And then was that is that um you know human beings? Was that is that is that Jana? Who was it?

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Who was that man?

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Who was the man?

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Allah's mountainous area was

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when he did all that he will in life. He did not expose him.

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Now anyway, stop I will tell you now when he made Toba you want me to tell you who it is no

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that's gonna delay the level

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to make this among the one make us among those people make us that person about who we said that a man will be brought before Allah subhanaw taala on the day of judgment.

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And Allah subhanaw taala will remind him and he will say on so and so do you did this? The one with the Yarra? Yes, I did it.

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What is he going to do? He's going to he's going to do Allah so He will say no to Allah.

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And then Allah will say on this day you did this? And he will say, Yes, I did this. And then Allah, Allah will tell him on this day you did this. And this long list of sins and transgressions. Allah subhanaw taala will remind that person one by one by one another man will keep on saying he will accept he has to accept

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and the man was era

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I did all of these things I admit.

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But in the world in the dunya when I was doing all of this you protected me you covered me up. You are also thar you covered me up and you did not let anyone see any of this.

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But today or the day of judgment before all of these people and they are my own people, my my children, grandchildren, whoever parents before everyone now I have been exposed.

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Allah subhana wa say to the man turn around and look.

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The man will turn around and there will be a curtain.

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There is a good

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admirer of jelajah who will say to him, nobody knows.

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This is only between you and me.

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I covered you with the dunya I protected you in the dunya

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and I protect you now.

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Now I forgive you go into Jana.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us that person

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I ask Allah subhanaw taala to Baker's that pebble which falls into the ocean and is polished and cleaned. And then the rest of the sun falls on it and it shines like a diamond on the beach.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to be make some of those who will receive his special mercy

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not because we deserve it but because this will show how merciful our habitual is

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asking us to open our hearts to his

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to his hub to his habit

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and fill our hearts with His love.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala with pleased with us and to keep us in a state where he's pleased with us and to take us in a state and at a time when he's pleased with us. was another Halloween

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Karim Allah Allah He was a member of Africa