Omar Suleiman – But You Want Something Else From Allah

Omar Suleiman
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Dear brothers and sisters, I want to actually start off with a picture that will come back to insha Allah Tala in a few minutes, I want you to think about two people clearly calling upon different gods take a Muslim and take anyone calling upon someone other than Allah subhanho wa taala. Now the obvious issue that we would point out is obviously the Schoodic is the idea of calling upon other than Allah subhanaw taala and the importance of calling upon one God. But I want you to ask yourself,

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if you were to peek at the wish list of the believer versus the disbeliever if you were to look at the wish list and what that person was supplicating to their deity for the Muslim calling upon Allah subhana wa Tada and whoever it may be calling upon whatever it is, that is worshipped other than Allah subhana wa Tada, would there be a difference in what is being asked for does the Darat list look different for a believer and a disbeliever does the want look different between those two And subhanAllah this is something that you know, I want us to come back to but it comes from an area and I'll move to this iron shell and I want you to keep that picture in your head because it'll make

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sense inshallah time the next few minutes. When Allah subhanaw taala says in certain Isa, when I tell you no Flippity light and calm, do not weaken in your pursuits and you're fighting back against the enemy, as you pursue your enemies. This is coming in the capacity of the Battle of Ufford. Allah subhanaw taala says inter Kuno tet lamona, for in the home yet lamona cannot attack the moon. If you are hurting, they too are hurting, just like you're hurting, you feel pain, they feel pain, meaning when there's a battle going on, you mourn your casualties, they mourn their casualties to a person that does not understand what the battle is all about maybe a bedwin that just comes in and peeks in

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and sees this battle taking place. It just looks like two armies fighting. We've seen armies fight before. We've seen people fight over the silliest of things. We've seen people go to war over animals and silly notions of tribalism. We've seen it all before, right? So I might think, as I come out, and I look and I see these two parties at war, right, that this is just another one of those skirmishes, they have their casualties, you have yours, you go home, they go home, another battle for another day.

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To Quraysh that's all it was. You embarrassed us in bed, if we kicked you out of McCain, you embarrassed us in bed with a smaller army, you made us look bad. And so we're coming after you and erode. And we want to make sure that this time, we're able to raise our heads and pride that we want. So Allah saying, Look, you both struggle in battle. You're going to have losses, they're going to have losses, you will have injuries, they will have injuries, you will cry over your loved ones, they will cry over their loved ones. But Allah says the differences what what we're doing I mean, Ilahi Mata yo John, but you want something different from Allah, don't you?

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What you hope for from your Lord is different from what they hope for. You have a loftier pursuit than their pursuit, you have a greater goal than their goal. What can Allah even Hakima and Allah is all knowing, and all wise, such a powerful, small part of an IRA. You want something different from Allah than what they want? Meaning what the on the exterior, it's two armies that are fighting.

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But at the end of the day, what are they fighting for? They are small minded people with such small goals. They want to be able to go back home and boast in Makkah for some time. Say we showed those bandits, we showed those people that dared to depart from the ways of our forefathers they want the battles and the prizes and the praise and the poetry that comes with being victorious in battle, but set small goals, so small minded, that they were willing to sacrifice their fathers, their mothers, their spouses, their children, they actually were trying to kill their children. Right? Why? So we can go back to Mecca, and we can be the victors. We get some spoils from battle. And we get some

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victories and we get this praise. And Allah says, But you're different from them, aren't you? Total Judah mean Allah, He matter you're doing. You want something from Allah, that they don't really want and they don't care for it. And that was the immediate response of the prophets. I seldom when Abu Sufyan starts to call out and starts to recite the poetry of the days of ignorance and the statements of victory and the models and it's so profound. Atlanta filled General catla confer now

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you people are celebrating. Our dead are in paradise, your debtor in the fire. You're celebrating. And you think you won for us because what we seek from

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Allah subhana wa Tada. There is no such thing as loss. Because so long as we're striving for Him, we trust him with the reward. So, for us, yes, there's going to be sadness, there's going to be pain, that's human. People are going to cry over their loved ones the prophets lie, Selim is going to cry over Hemsedal, the Allahu Anhu more than anyone else's uncle. But at the end of the day, we don't feel like losers here. Because Atlanta for general Kotla comfort, not what we seek from Allah is very different from what you people seek from Allah subhanaw taala small minded people with small pursuits, well, pilot will mclubbe They're both weak, the secret and that which is sought after are

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so small. And Allah is saying you seek something different, as a community, as individuals, when you call upon your Lord, when you act for your Lord, you have a different goal altogether, a different motivation. And that's very hard for a mind that is restricted to worldly dimensions and worldly pursuits to really understand they don't get it because even their generosity in Christ, they had some very generous people. They weren't really seeking any type of reward. They didn't even believe in a hereafter. They wanted the praise that came with being generous people. They always had a hidden agenda. There was always something about their good deed, right? So when I'm working on the

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Allah, tada, and he goes, and he starts freeing the slaves, they used to free slaves to but they freed slaves only for the praise of it. And if they could get something out of that slave, they could get something out of him. You know, that one right there, that one, I have a connection or I owe him something or he's gonna give me something or a particular skill set or whatever it may be. There was something about why they were doing this.

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And when I look back at all the law on who goes in the freeze Bilad and kebab and Andreevna for Hagar and lubaina and the neara and above, okay, hon kebabs rotten, these people

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don't like what's going on here. There's got to be something else. He can't just be doing this because he wants something from Allah. They don't get it. They don't understand what I'm doing. I mean, Allah He, Nah, you're doing you want something from Allah that they don't understand. So as father takes them to the side, it was generally viewed as a noble thing to free the slaves at the time. But again, there was always something about it, right? You wanted the praise of it. You wanted something else with it? And he says, Yeah, Bonia Oh, my son, he's talking to Abubaker you know, people usually free others that can offer them some benefit.

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You're free and people who don't have any money, no tribe behind them, no people behind them. You're not going to get anything out of these people. And his answer was, yeah, it'd be in Nila RGBHV him Mandela. Panel a perfect answer, said my father. I'm seeking with their freedom. What is with Allah? I'm not seeking this one. So for Yoruba and he will be pleased all the Allah Tada and he will be pleased because he was sincere in his pursuit of Allah subhanaw taala. So what does this have to do with our do Atlas? Let's come back to that. Allah tells us in the Quran for either pubblicato Mina SICA comfort could Allah GeekyCon that shed that the Quran Allah mentions when you finish your

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rituals in hajj, then remember Allah the way that you would remember your father's and even more. Now someone would probably read this verse and think about us familiarity. But in fact Subhanallah when people go to hedge now, right, they're all prepared for drought, right? All the lectures before the day of autofire about drought, what are you going to ask Allah for? How are you going to ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada May Allah accept all of our heads do as for ourselves and for Allah Amin, but you're being drained with drought right drilled with doo, doo, doo, doo. This is how you make drought. You know what they used to do in the time of Quraysh they would perform acts of generosity

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in the Hajj of Julian had to the days of ignorance. And then after the Hajj, they'd compete who fed more people who freed more people who took care of more orphans mashallah great things so you want to give drink to the poor you want to give food and but they would recite that my father did this and my father did this and my father did this. So Allah says, Now when you finish your hedge, now that you've moved away from the hedge of Julia mentioned Allah, I'm not your father's anymore. Stop that. This is about Allah your hedges about Allah. Now it's not about the performance of a tribe or an individual. Then Allah says, Femina, Nassima yaku Rob Benner Tina for dunya one Allahu filosofia

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team and Kolak there are people that when they ask their Lord, all they asked for are things of this world. There is nothing in there supplication for the hereafter. It's always asking a lot for material things and let me tell you something, I believe that one of the main reasons people get so frustrated when they're doing it is because their eyes are so worldly and they're they're always about something that they want immediate and in the now and so when it doesn't happen. You get upset you get bitter.

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But if you're John's are framed

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with what you really want from a

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Law more than anything else, a law response will mean homea Kulu. Rob Donna Tina for junior Hassan will ask you roti Hasina Joaquina other Banagher some of them say, Oh our Lord, give us the best of this life

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and the best of the hereafter and protect us from the punishment of a knock protect us from the punishment of the fire.

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You see, Allah did not say stop asking for dunya stop asking for worldly things. Allah said, adjust the proportion of your asked to your priorities.

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Adjust the proportion of your asking Allah to your priorities in this life. And I asked you to think about yourself as you're making drought is it along with yourself gentlemen? And then when you start asking Allah after you made the droughts for the hereafter, when you start asking Allah for something worldly and material, suddenly you get emotional and you get driven and you get into it, suddenly your drought becomes sincere.

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But the other thing you know, last night's Ramadan along with the government to habitat for California alone in the California habitat, and then Oh Allah, give me this and give me that Noah give me the spouse and oh Allah give me this job and Allah take care of this and Allah take care of that.

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The most precious thing you could have asked Allah for was forgiveness, the greatest prize that Allah can give you a normal bond and the prophets my son was not saying this to someone that really had to worry from our perspective, as I said, of the Allah on asking the prophets I seldom what are we doing the last 10 nights if we think later to others here, the main thing, ask Allah for forgiveness, the day of alpha, the prize of the day of alpha is forgiveness.

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And doesn't mean don't ask Allah for this world. That means how proportionate is your job, to your priority. Now panela notice that Allah azza wa jal responded to people who only make dua for dunya. And they don't care for Africa. Because you rarely find people on the other end.

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You're rarely going to find someone who spends too much of their time making graphs for the future. And if they do, then that could represent another problem that can represent, you know, a poor assumption of Allah subhanaw taala because your Lord is generous, your Lord is merciful. He loves to give you first aloo ask Allahu Akbar, Allah is more. ask Allah for the worldly things. ask Allah for the halal ask Allah for these things. It's okay. You have a lord that loves when you ask. So adjust your proportion. And then ask Allah don't say I'm such a sinful servant. I'm not even going to bother asking Allah for worldly things. I'm just going to ask him for things of the Hereafter

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instead, because that's all I care about. That sounds like you could be coming from a noble place, right? It's kind of I came across this hadith.

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And I saw the Allahu Tada and he says that the prophets lie, some visited one of those Sahaba.

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And he said, This man was dying. I mean, he was so sick. They really described him he was it was like a bird that was dying. I mean, he was crumbled in his bed about to die.

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And the prophets lie Selim went to visit him, and he said, Hello, quantitative rubbishy, were you making your app for anything?

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Are you asking Allah subhanaw taala for anything I mean,

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as you were in the situation,

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he said I used to say,

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Allah Allah my quantum or activity behavioral accurate, for I did Hooli for dunya

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he said, Oh Allah, whatever you were going to punish me within the hereafter hasten it for me in this dunya

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punish me in this dunya let me get it over with let me go through the pain and the suffering in this world. And don't punish me in the hereafter.

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The prophets I some some that's what used to make do half for help. Quinta Ted, it will be shade that was you're doing all these all this time? Oh, Allah torture me in this life. So that I don't suffer in the next life. The Prophet Seisen said Subhan Allah Allah to tickle. You're not going to be able to handle that. This isn't what you're supposed to be doing. No, you don't ask Allah. It could be coming from a noble place. This is coming from a sincere place a lovely Allah on who may Allah be pleased with him but you don't ask Allah punish me now so that you don't punish me then that's not the type of Lord that you're asking. So the Prophet size M says that say instead Robin

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attina. for dunya has an elephant Aphrodite has some. Well, Canada but not all our Lord grant us the best of this life and the best of the Hereafter, and protect us from the punishment of the fire. Again, proportionality. proportionality. When you make dua to Allah, exert yourself the most when you ask for the things of the Hereafter. And ask Allah for the highest of this life and the next ask Allah for the dose of Allah, for the highest level of alpha dose, ask Allah subhanaw taala for these things, and there is no such thing as a direct that's made in vain, so long as your pursuit is right and that's why the believer does not become bitter and dejected when they're due. Because they know

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that they have an understanding that their Lord that if my heart was not answered in the way I wanted it to for this dunya then Allah stored it for the greater goal. That was all

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present and my dear, which was salvation in the hereafter.

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To June Amina Llahi Mata your June what you want from God is different. Your wish list should be at the top or at the top of that wish list should be Allah grant us and for the dose of Allah, Allah protect us and your brothers and sisters has no one and Allah subhanaw taala having a good expectation of Allah part of that is that you have a practical responsibility to every portion of that year for dunya has an Allah grant us the welfare of this dunya the best of this life then pursue dunya with hella pursue this life with only Hello things with Phil arkeologi Hassan and in the hereafter has an a pursuit without non pursuit with good deeds, put your good deeds towards what

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you're asking Allah for what Dinard up and up and protect us from the punishment of the fire. Then protect yourself from the disobedience of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allah. Tina for dunya Asana, what will add Hirata Hassan Joaquina Raghava not llama Amin aku aliados tequila you can recite Mr. Amin Cristoforo hola for rockin.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Juan Ernie he was talking to you on Manuela

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Allah Hamato bene Tina for dunya Hassan Hirata Hassan Joaquina Lebanon love Madonna Tina Fey Jr has on what Phil Filati Hassan alakina Davina Allah Robin, Tina for junior Hassan

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Filati Hassan working on another na Allah. Mina Mina will mostly meanwhile Muslim out here in a market in the Kissimmee on Caribbean Mooji Buddha what Alma fiddly Wally Deena or Abraham Homer came out of bonus era Robin habila and as well as you know the reality now Kurata Aryan * subpoena Imam, Allah monster f1 and Mr. Rafina FEMA sciatica Laduma viremia Allah Ehrlichia Vani Mina Bill Vardaman Allah, Allah Khiladi Mina Bizzarrini lighting was originally one and then being inserted mean rather low Melania middle Blondie sandwich into CORBA 100 fascia it wouldn't want to carry what about the Endocrinol come to the Coronavirus Corolla has got to come watch guru who Annina is it

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local? What are the crew Allahu Akbar? Allah Yeah, no, not us in our own welcome

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